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    Drug Talk

    Hey Vapor Talkers, Over the course of the last few years we've had to warn various members who join the forum, to suppress the discussion of illegal drugs. As no surprise, the subject brought up most often is whether or not you can vape marijuana with your e cigarette. More specifically the question is asked, how can THC be extracted for use in an e cigarette. We absolutely forbid this type of discussion and when it's mentioned the response is usually that - we're suppressing free speech, we're an example of how this country is going down hill or my favorite "Nazi's". Current and future members, believe me, we're far from Nazi's. Let me break everything down so everyone has a better understanding of why this rule is in place. Why do you suppress discussion of drugs, specifically marijuana, mary jane, Buddha, weed, etc Various entities in the government have been looking for anything they can, to discredit this industry for quite some time. Members and vapers have fought long and hard to keep e cigarettes legal. While some of you may be new to the vaping game, it's been a long a grueling road to keep e cigarettes legal. Suppliers have lost THOUSANDS of dollars in shipments seized coming into the county. There is no refund, there is no insurance. When the FDA snags your product, that's it. It's gone. Suppliers have spent thousands of dollars fighting the Food and Drug Administration to ensure electronic cigarettes are not banned. Just last year we were very close to losing our right to vape. I'm sure we can all agree that if people start using ecigs in conjunction with THC (which is already being done under the radar) The FDA or Mainstream media will happily spin this faster than you can pick up those THC drops. If we don't have the public's support we don't have an industry. It's nothing personal, but we're here to protect e cigarettes and vaping first and foremost before anything else. So, you're against people using marijuana No, not at all. While I personally don't agree with drug use, we have no bias, concern or interest in what you do with your own body. I have no doubt we have many members here on the forum that smoke a little something to ease the stress of daily life. Our concern is simply we protecting the e-cigarette industry. But it's legal in my state... While it may be legal in your state (California for example) that is only at a state level. You need to understand that our servers are not located in California. Either way it's irrelevant, if not solely for the fact that our hosting company forbids any type of drug talk. Legal or not. We could ultimately lose our dedicated servers over a someone curious about THC in e cigarettes. Frankly, I like my hosting company and don't plan to move the server. There are plenty of forums online that can more than likely help you figure out a way to do whatever it is you plan to do. I really want to know how to smoke weed out of my e cigarette There are PLENTY of other forums that discuss this type of activity. THIS forum, isn't the place for it. Again we're here to protect e cigarettes and vaping first and foremost before anything else. ok fine, but can it be done? Yes. THC e liquid is available at a few dispensaries around the country for medicinal purposes. No we don't have a list, no we won't help you find some. I have my right to free speech and you have no right to stop me I agree! The 1st amendment is incredibly important. However, you are on a privately run forum. That's it folks. I'm not here to be the bad guy. I'm simply protecting myself, my company and the future of vaping. I appreciate everyones understanding, I love my members and this community. I hope this gives you a better understanding about where I'm coming from. Happy vaping!
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    Jargon For Noobs

    Sometime the vets on the forums tend to use terms and slag for some of the most common items, methods and hardware for vaping. This is not the ultimate guide but should make some of the terms a little clearer. (I hope)... Basic Jargon Vapor - Vapor is the substance exhaled when using an electronic cigarette which may look similar to cigarette smoke. Vaping - The act of using an Electronic Cigarette (as opposed to "smoking", as the device creates a vapor rather than smoke). Vape - Used often in place of the word smoke. I vape, I'm vaping. Batt - Battery. Atty - Electronic component that turns the eJuice into vapor. Cartridge or Cart - The part of a three piece electronic cigarette which contains the liquid. These come blank (with no liquid), or prefilled. Cartomizer or Carto - The part of a two piece electronic cigarette which contains the liquid. These come blank (with no liquid), or prefilled. Analog - Traditional tobacco cigarette. DIY - Do It Yourself. Dripping - To place a few drops of liquid directly onto the atomizer instead of using a cartridge. Drip Tip or DT - A special attachment used to make it easier to drip eliquid directly onto the atomizer. Mod - Modified (custom built) e-cigarette. TH - Throat Hit a strong feeling in the back of the throat when vaping. Primer Puff - A short, quick mouth inhale on the electronic cigarette similar to the action when smoking a pipe or cigar. This heats up the atomizer before a full draw. PV or Personal Vaporiser - An electronic cigarette. Some prefer to use this term as the word 'cigarette' has a lot of negative connotations associated with it that do not apply to PVs. PCC - Personal Charging Case / Portable Charger Case. Passthrough or PT - A USB adapter for the Electronic Cigarette which screws onto the atomizer like a battery, but draws power from a USB port. E-Liquid / E-Juice E-Liquid / E-Juice - A Flavored or unflavored liquid for use in an electronic cigarette, usually (but not always) containing nicotine. VG - Vegetable Glycerin PG - Propylene Glycol PEG - Propylethylene Glycol PGA - Pure Grain Alcohol NPG - Not containing Propylene Glycol. Sometimes used as a synonym to Vegetable Glycerin. Nic - Nicotine Cartridge Related Filler - The clump of fibers that hold the liquid in the cartridge. Stuffing - Another term for filler. BFM - Blue Foam Mod. (cart filler material) Dripping - To place a few drops of liquid directly onto the atomizer instead of using a cartridge. Dry Smoking - Same thing as dripping, referring to the fact that the cartridge us usually not filled, therefore dry. Tailpiping - Vaping directly from the atomizer without using a mouthpiece/cartridge. Drip Tip or DT A special attachment used to make it easier to drip eliquid directly onto the atomizer. Topping Up/Off - To add a few drops of liquid to a partially used cartridge to prolong its use. Measurements LR - Low Resistance HV - High Voltage (typically a 5 or 6 volt ecigarette) IMR - A battery with lower internal resistance and a high discharge rate, good for high drain applications like ecigarettes. in - inch (also abbreviated ") (1 inch = 25.4 mm) mm - millimeter (1 mm = 0.039 inch) cm - centimeter (1 cm = 0.394 inch) oz - ounce (1 fluid oz = 29.5 ml) ml - milliliter (1 ml = 0.034 fluid ounce) cc - cubic centimeter (1 cc = 1 ml) mg - milligram (often used as measure of nicotine per ml of eliquid) mA - milliamp (often used as a measure of available power) mAh - milliamp hour (often used as a measure of battery capacity/duration Forum Phrases PM - Private Message Troll - Somebody who makes a statement with the intention of annoying or angering other posters. This person usually ends up banned.
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    Noobie Guide To Vaping

    (Please only post questions OR additional noobie info in here to keep this thread clean. ie: no thank you, good post, etc, posts) This is to help you play catch up on what the veterans know. Basic ecig Parts A.) Cartridge - holds the ejuice and is also a mouth piece. this part can be replaced with a drip tip and is what most do B.) Atomizer - has an element that heats up the ejuice and as you pull air threw it vapor is produced. * sub B section - you can also use cartomizers, they are atomizers with filler to hold juice and are a tad shorter in size. C.) battery - these will be 3.7v Lithium Ion batteries, they supply the power to the atomizer. they come in auto (activated by suction) or manual (activated by button) Common Ecigs What's the best ecig This is more dependent on how you vape and your needs for vapor, throat/lung hit, battery life needs and other factors. Most people will advise the ego/tornado/riva as they all have a nice battery life and are built good (ego being the favorite of the three) this is the ego mega and regular batteries with manual buttons Ecig Model Numbers These are based on the atomizer they use when one says 510 kit, they generally are referring to the cigarette shaped ecig. like the first picture of this post. Why we tell you not to get cigarette shaped ecigs A cigarette shaped battery runs $12 for a normal manual 510 9hrs at $20 (ego battery) 540mins 45mins (510 kit battery) 540 ÷ 45 = 12 12 (batteries) x $12 = $144 so for mAh (Milliamp hours), it is a lot less expensive to buy a larger battery. this will also keep you from having to buy more batteries. explained after next set of math. 510 kit batteries needed for 9hrs 9hrs (540mins) ÷ (45min run time + 2hr charge time = 165mins) = 3.272727273 batteries needed to run 9hrs on 510 kit 3 x $12 = $36 - 1 ego battery = $20 = $16 saved. that is initial cost only!! 45min x 2 is what you have ready to go after your first needs charged (90mins). your first battery is going to take 2hrs to charge so by the time you run out the other two the first is done charging. so just to keep going you would need at bare minimum you want two 510 chargers, this means more $$. why you ask? at night when you don't have a single battery to use, you will only be able to charge 1 while you sleep. it would be more ideal to have 3 or one of the larger chargers that do more than one and have no less than 10 batteries ready to go. on top of this when you go out you will have a pocket full of batteries, making this not a very portable device to bring with you. other than that you have to recharge more often and the more you charge the more you replace. batteries have an # of recharges before they start failing to keep their charge. now you may say by logic that you are only charging once on those small batteries in that 9hr time, so there isn't an issue on life, BUT, the smaller the battery the less times you can charge it before the failing starts. also consider that you have 3 batteries that will fail First Order When you get an ecig make sure that you have spares of everything. the atomizers, cartomizers, batteries, and juice are all going to need purchased at some point again. Your first cart should consist of NO LESS than, 5 atomizers, 2 packs of cartomizers (5 in a pack), your kit, 2 extra batteries (i would advise mega batteries), 1 extra charger, and a nice amount of juice. the last thing you want is to have to wait on something you didn't buy enough of to come in. if one thing is missing you will go right back to smoking, nobody wants that. Mods and Why Mods are usually over looked or not even known to noobies of the ecig world. these devices can be anywhere from 3.7v to 8.4v. the point is that some people need one of two things, longer battery life with less cost and/or an aggressive throat hit. as a newbie i wouldn't advise a mod above 3.7v that doesn't have the option to go as low as 4.2v if it is not a variable voltage you are stuck on that till you get something lower if you don't like it. i say 4.2v because any 3.7v battery charges UP TO 4.2v. most people love vaping that initial fresh charged battery. voltage drops after usage to as low as 2.9v Mods will use batteries like these these are all 3.7v batteries with a much longer charge life vs a kit ecig. you can find almost all of these batteries from US suppliers for $5 each. a 3.7v mod using the largest battery (18650) can last you 4+ days @ $8 for the battery. some mods can last up to 4+ days before needing to be recharged. I'm not going to go into mods or pictures of mods. you can do that on your own, also watch youtube videos about the mods before thinking its large. the standard ones people use are silver bullet mako tekk mod (prone to cracking at the top unless you find someone that knows how to make them correctly) some sort of wetbox (check reviews of these missys wetbox fails quite often due to her under rated buttons and cost $15 to fix) (there are a crazy amount of mods out there, this is just a small list of the most talked about) Abbreviations General Noob - Beginner OP - Original Post(er) Analog - Regular Cigarette Mod - Homemade device or a Moderator. Pull - The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth TH - Throat Hit (The tingling sensation in the back of your throat) Vapor - the "smoke" emitted from an e-cigarette Vape, Vaping - The use of an e-cigarette (similar to the term "smoking" when referring to an analog) Topping off - Adding drops of e-liquid to your current cartridge. Dripping - Vaping by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer instead of using a cartridge. Dipping - Sticking the bridge of the atomizer in e-liquid. E-Cigarette E-cig or E-cigarette - Electronic Cigarette PV - Personal Vaporizer Atty - Atomizer Cart - Cartridge Bat - Battery Filler - The fiber found inside your cartridge that holds your e-liquid PCC - Personal Charging Case SD - ScrewDriver JS - Janty Stick PT - Passthrough or passthrough battery 2-piece/Disposable - 2 part e-cigarette. The Battery and a "cartomizer". Cartomizer - An atomizer built into the cartridge, marketed as disposable (you throw it away when the e-liquid is used up). 3-piece - 3 part e-cigarette. Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge. Cutoff - Refers to how long the battery will activate the atomizer before shutting down (safety measure to protect the atomizer). E-Liquid E-juice, e-liquid, juice - the liquid nicotine that you fill your cartridges with. DIY - Do it yourself (homemade e-liquid mixture) PG - Propylene Glycol VG - Vegetable Glycerin(Glycerine = glycerin = vegetable glycerin(e) = glycerol) PEG - Polylethylene Glycol Suppliers VT - Vaportalk VG - Vaporgalaxy VB - Vaporbomb ENS - electronicstix JC - Johnson Creek PS - PureSmoker TW - Totally Wicked EST - E-smokeytreats JS - JantyStick SD - ScrewDriver GG - The GG! Miscellaneous FDA - Food and Drug Administration ECA - Electronic Cigarette Association NRT - Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch, gum, e-cig) PH - Public Health BP - Big Pharmaceutical Companies BT - Big Tobacco Companies ALF - American Legacy Foundation 'Anti's - Anti-smoking people who do not acknowledge that vaping is a viable alternative to smoking analogs. RYO - Roll your own (tobacco) Universal Forum Lingo AFAIK - As Far As I Know BTW - By The Way DOA - Dead On Arrival (didn't work from the moment I got it) FWIW- For What It's Worth FYI - For Your Information IDK - I Don't Know IIRC - If I Recall/Remember Correctly IMO or IMHO - In My Opinion or In My Humble Opinion (some mean 'H' to be Honest) IOW - In Other Words JK or JJ - Just Kidding or Just Joking JS - Just Saying OMG or OMFG - Oh My God and it's adult extension PITA - Pain In The *** PWN - Own or "dominate" ROTFLOL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud ROTFLMFAO - ^ Adult Extension of above SOL - (can't be helped or fixed) (SP?) - Used when unsure of the spelling of the previous word TIA - Thanks In Advance TMI - Too Much Information (too personal) TOS - Terms Of Service ("the rules") TROLL - A person that posts in a forum/thread with the sole intention of provoking an argument (can sometimes also imply a "spy") TY - Thank You WOOT - Exclamation, as in Hooray! (Sometimes: Want One Of Those) WTF - Same As below WTH - What/Where/Who The Hell YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (your experience may differ from mine)
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    Diy-How To Basics

    Hopefully Last but not least...... Supplies: 1.Empty dropper bottles- 3ml, 5ml, 10ml sizes are great for mixing. 2. Pipette or syringe with blunt needle. Personally, I prefer using a syringe for mixing--More accurate. 3. paper towel or rag for handling any spills or messes 4. Labels are good for identifying your new mixes. If using paper labels I have found that applying scotch tape over the label keeps the label legible. 5. mixing calculator helps with acheiving the correct nicotine strength. There are other calculators out there, but I like Todd Muellers: http://www.todmuller.com/ejuice/ejuice.php . I usually put my flavor at 30 - 40%. I like lots of flavor. Mixing -can be simple (combining premixed liquids to create a new flavor) or more complicated, mixing from scratch. Or somewhere in between. 1. Always start your mixing or experimentation with small amounts. Its much easier to throw out a small amount of liquid if it turns out bad. The 3ml bottles are great for experimenting. 2. Its a good idea to keep track of what and how much you have added to your mix--just in case you want to make more. **It is easy enough to mix 2 or more premixed liquids together to get a new flavor. This is easiest if you are using the same nicotine strength. i.e.- Tobacco 18mg/Watermelon 18mg/menthol 18mg/pina colada 18mg. The amounts would depend on taste. Start with 5 drops of each in a 3ml bottle, shake and vape--can adjust the flavor as you want by adding more of one of the flavors. with the menthol--using just 1-2 drops/3ml will give a nice cool throat hit without tasting like menthol. ** Can use PG/VG or both to cut a higher strength liquid. i.e.- 24mg premixed liquid 1ml can be mixed with 1ml PG or VG to make 12mg/ml liquid. If cutting a premixed flavor, keep in mind, it will also decrease the flavor. If you don’t want the flavor loss you can cut with 0 nicotine strength in the same or a different flavor. You can also use flavorings to boost the flavor. use the calculator to determine how much PG/VG to use to achieve the desired strength. Just put 0 in the water and flavor boxes. ** Adding Flavoring to premixed liquids This is actually one of the easiest forms of mixing and is a great place to start the DIY journey. We all have flavors we don’t really care for, but by adding flavoring you can create a flavor you like. Keep in mind--when adding flavoring it will dilute the nicotine strength of the premixed liquid. one way around this is to get some unflavored higher nicotine liquid- i.e. 36mg that can be added to your mix to keep the nicotine strength at your desired level. My preferred nicotine level is 12mg/ml--so I will use that dose for mixing examples. i.e.-- cappuccino 36mg/ml, 1.7ml + FlavourArt apple pie flavoring 1.5ml + VG 1.8ml for a total of 5ml 12mg/ml. This is where the calculator comes in handy. Just put in the numbers, hit enter and the calculations are done for you. This is where having a syringe is helpful. However if you are using drops, I have found that 30 drops of PG = 1ml and 20 drops of VG = 1ml. You can use more than one flavoring: cappuccino 1.7ml + apple pie flavoring 1ml + Vanilla 1ml + VG 1.3 ml = 5ml 12mg/ml Don’t be afraid to mix more than one flavor. When cooking, most dishes require more than one flavor to get the right taste. ** mixing from scratch You will need PG and/or VG Unflavored Nicotine liquid ( I usually use 36mg/ml) Flavorings of choice i.e. Easy Watermelon 12mg/ml 3 ml PG or VG 1 ml Lorann Watermelon flavoring 2 drops Menthol flavoring (Flavourart) 2 ml 36mg/ml Unflavored liquid i.e. using multiple flavors: Apple Pie (6ml) 18mg/ml 3 ml 36/mg unflavored 1 ml FlavourArt(FA) Apple Pie 6 drops (Flavourart) Irish Cream 2 drops (FA) perique black (tobacco) 3 drops (FA) menthol .5ml PG .5ml VG 3 drops hazelnut 6 drops vanilla ** Misc Notes Tobacco Flavorings are very, very strong--a little goes a very long way. A couple drops to 5ml will give a nice background flavor. If using more, add a drop or 2 at a time to taste. Lorann flavorings are very concentrated. You would use less Lorann than you would with other flavorings. Avoid flavorings with oils or sugars--both can damage your atomizer. If you find your mix needs to be sweeter there are a couple of options: 1. Loranns cotton candy or Marshmallow flavorings are great for adding sweetness. 2. DIY flavor shack carrys Eythol Malto which is a sweetener. 3. I actually prefer the Lorann--overall sweeter tasting. 4. I add a few drops of Menthol to all my mixes-adds a cool throat hit and enhances the flavor. Just a little does not taste like menthol. If you like menthol, just add more. 5. always start mixing with small amounts and keep track of what and how much. 6. For taste testing--dripping works best. Mixing is a lot of trial and error in the beginning. Add flavoring a little at a time until you find the balance you like will help keep waste to a minimum. I am hoping others will be able to add their tips and ideas. the above is just my own opinion and my own experience. If all or part of this is confusing please let me know-writing documents is not my strong suit !!!! Merry Mixing
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    Diy-How To Basics

    DIY Tips and Info I know this is a lot of information, but I hope it helps those looking at trying their hand at DIY. Keep in mind, This is just my own experience. PG- Propylene Glycol : It is a colorless, nearly odorless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste, http://en.wikipedia....ropylene_glycol VG-Vegetable Glycerin(Glycerol): In foods and beverages, glycerol serves as a humectant, solvent and sweetener, and may help preserve foods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycerol PG and/or VG are both used as the base of the E-Liquid. PG/VG can be purchased from most E-Liquid suppliers with or without Nicotine. Unflavored PG or VG with Nicotine can be purchased for the purpose of mixing your own liquids and can be purchased is many strengths. PG/VG without Nicotine is necessary for mixing your own liquids. Glycerin can also be purchased from most pharmacies-over the counter. Humco is one brand of Pharmacy Grade (USP) glycerin. It is sold as a skin protectant. It is a clear, slightly thick liquid and has a sweet taste to it. There is also a Food grade VG- Wiltons- sold at Craft stores in the baking sections. Can sometimes be found at Walmart in the craft section. The information will have to be put into a couple posts--The server doesn't like the long version....
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    Today I learned that the +side of a battery looks different than the - side Now I aint gotta fumble the battery around looking for that little +- sign
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    Why We Choose To Vape....

    Hello to all you vapers out there.... I'm a nurse who has been smoking for WAY too long. And for quite some time now I've been looking to quit smoking. It's gonna kill me if I don't. But I have to admit that nothin' beats a smoke after a stressful day at work. And a cigarette would sure come in handy during a long, boring flight or a road trip. Like a number of people here, I've tried several different ways to quit, and found one thing in common with all of the most popular quiting aides on the market today. The patch, the gum, inhalers, and Chantix are all forms of "nicotine replacement therapy". Doctors, pharmacuetical companies, and even the FDA agree that the best way to quit the smoking habit is to breifly replace our means of consuming nicotine, and then slowly reduce our dependency until we have effectly weaned our bodies from it. These different forms of "nicotine replacement" are much safer for us than smoking tobacco. The patch is a transdermal system of delivering nicotine through the skin. The gum is a way of comsuming nicotine orally. And although Chantix does not contain nicotine, it does contain chemicals that affect our brains in the same way in oder to trick the brain into thinking that its still getting nicotine. The FDA is focused on stopping the terrible effects of tobacco use in our country. And the organization is determined to do whatever it takes to stop the deadly spread of it's use among our young people, as well. Thats a good thing! I'm glad that they are concerned for the safety and health of our population. For decades, the FDA has regulated manufactures and industries in order to keep us safe. I would hate to think of where we would be without the FDA. I certainly don't want my new grand child growing up to use tobacco. The question is, do we really need another "nicotine replacement therapy"? Aren't the products on the american market today enough? Why should we endorse another means of nicotine addiction? That is what I think the FDA is trying to say to vapers. By using this product, that hasn't been studied by the FDA, are we improving our health? Or are we causing more problems for ourselves? Is it helping us to quit using tobacco? Or are we just switching our means of consumption? And by using these products, are we saying to our young people that smoking is finally safe? Will these products cause our young people to one day use tobacco in order to consume nicotine? Let us look at the quit smoking aides we have in place right now that are approved by the FDA. These therapys have all been tested in laboratories over several years. They have all been proven to help the smoker control his/her cravings for nicotine in the hopes that the individual's willpower can keep them from using tobacco. All of these therapys have a way of delivering a safe amout of nicotine without the possiblity of overdose, if taken as prescribed. These therapys, while effectively controling nicotine addiction, have not addressed the other habit forming behaviors of smoking tobacco. They do not do anything for the feeling I get while driving to work. The behavioral need I have to do something with my hands. Almost every person who smokes will testify that there is a certain ceremony involved with smoking tobacco. A calming and relaxing feeling that acompanys the act of smoking. Tests show that smokers tend to have a higher level of concentration while smoking. And the act also has the ability to divert our attention in times of stress. I know that nothing calms me down better than a smoke break during stressful days at work. Some people might say that it's the nicotine that you need to calm your nerves, but I don't hear too many people say, "Man, I could really use some gum right now". There are also reports done by the army that show that cigarettes played a crucial part in WWII and other wars. Many a soldier who didn't smoke before combat came home with a pack of fags in his pocket. Yes, these are all examples of the feeling we get from using nicotine, but those behaviors become ingrained in us over years of smoking and are very difficult to change, even with the use of "NRTs". After reviewing dozens of personal profiles in this forum, I have noticed one common connection between us all. 100% of the profiles I've looked at claim to be ex-smokers. Very few of us are still using tobacco, and those of us who are, are doing so much less than we used to. Vaping is continuously proving to me to be one of, if not the most effective "nicotine replacement therapys" introduced so far. Certainly the most attractive, anyway. I believe that we are on the precipus of something truly revolutionary. Our actions and our endorsment of this product could save millions of lives. It may very well be bigger than any other human rights issue to date. And I am very excited about it. But it also scares me a little. What we do and how we respond to critisism may effect future generations of americans for years to come. I understand that the following statements my cause concern for some of our forum citizens and for many of our suppliers of this product, but I can't help but think of how beneficial this product is for quiting tobacco. And, as a responsible person, who cares about the health and safety of our communities, and our children's future, I believe that vaping should be focused on quiting not only the terrible habit of smoking tobacco, but also the weaning of nicotine dependency and the use of any nicotine products all together. The reason you choose to vape is your own. I'm not here to tell anyone that what they're doing is wrong. I believe that if you choose to vape for the rest of your life it would be a HUGE improvement to your health when compaired to tobacco products. But I also feel that nicotine is bad too. And should be considered harmful. That being said, I feel that vaping is most likely the greatest way to stop the abuse of tobacco. I haven't heard a single report of someone claiming that vaping has caused them more harm than good, to say nothing of the effects of second-hand smoke. I have searched the web and can't find a single instance of any negative affects from vaping. The only concern than I can find, or think of, in reference to any harm caused by vaping is that of the liquid we use to refill our ecigs. Most of the liquid out there contains nicotine. Nicotine is a toxin and a stimulant. It is classified as an alkaloid. It was used as an insecticide, but because it is also extremely poisonous to man and animal in concetrated doses, it was stopped being used in this manner. Who stopped it's use as an insecticide? The FDA. These nicotine liquids can be extremely harmful if taken in large quantities. My greatest fear is that we will soon hear about a toddler who drank eliquid and died from it. Such an instance could cause this movement of ours to be outlawed. I believe that these eliquids are what the FDA will focus it's attention on, if they haven't already. What manufactures are putting in this liquid is what will become the focus of attention. What is the nicotine content of this liquid and how do the manufactures guard against harmful ingredients? How is it being labeled? Is it being packaged in child-proof containers? These issues I think will cause our vaping communities the most greif as the popularity of this product grows. It's not the 4' tall glass water bong thats so illegal. It's what we put in it. If we encourage our suppliers to step up and help solve some of these potential problems, than we can show the FDA, and the world, that we, as concerned consumers, are not only advocates for vaping, but also aware of it's risks. The auto industry invented the seatbelt for use in cars because we, as consumers, demanded it! And our government listened, eventually making seatbelts and other safety features a requirement. There is nothing wrong with our government making safety requirements nessesary for these products, as well. I just pray that the FDA recognizes the potential this product has in saving lives, too.
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    A Noobie’S Guide To Batteries

    A Noobie's Guide to Batteries While in the chat room one night, someone was asking if there was a guide for batteries. He was hearing all these battery numbers in the conversation, and not familiar enough to follow along. I decided to write this guide to help familiarize the noobs to all the batteries we use for mods. All of the batteries we use are either 3.7volts or 3.0volts. There is however a 5volt battery used in the Mako Maksi, but it's not one of the popular batteries you frequently hear about, so I'll just concentrate this discussion on the 3 and 3.7volt varieties. The 3.0volt batteries are primarily used in pairs for a total of 6.0volts for 6volt vaping, and single battery mods are 3.7volts. The 3.7volt batteries are usually only paired if the mod has a voltage regulator (adjustable or fixed) for consistency in voltage throughout battery life and load conditions. Now that you have a little background on how the batteries are used, let's try to make sense out of the numbering system. The first 2 digits of the battery number indicate the dimension measuring across the battery. So a 10440 measures 10mm across, a 14500 measures 14mm across, and so forth, and the last 3 digits make reference to the length. For example the last 3 digits in a 14500 battery would suggest that the length would be 50.0mm long, but that would be for the unprotected version of the battery. The overcharge/overdischarge protection circuit will add between 2 and 3 mm to the length of the battery, so a 14500 is really 52.5mm long. Aside from the physical size of the battery, there is something referred to as mah (milliamp hour) rating. This is a capacity rating of the battery, and indicates the amount of energy the battery can store. In other words, how long it will last between charges (more mah, more charge life). Physical size will affect mah ratings, and therefore smaller size batteries will typically have lower mah ratings. Some batteries are available in more than 1 mah rating. Below is a listing of the more commonly used batteries in e-cigarette mods. **This is not meant to be a complete list, so please don't shoot me of you know of a battery I didn't list.**
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    Co-worker is now new vaper!

    Now that I'm back in an office (not working from home), I have had LOTS of opportunities to talk to even more people about vaping! One of my co-workers had tried vaping a while back, and basically started out with an over-priced eGo from a smoke-shop... no support, no knowledge, and obviously gave it up rather quickly... She was asking about what I used, and what would be good for her to get started again. She wasn't really wanting to spend another $100 and get nothing out of it, so I set her up with one of my iStick 20W and a KPT2 as a loaner. I went with her on lunch today and helped her pick out a juice at the local vape shop, which fortunately was only a couple blocks from the office. I showed her how to adjust the Voltage / Wattage, disassemble the tank, fill the tank, change the coils, etc., and I also gave her a handful of coils I had re-built @ 2.2 Ohm (which are perfect for the iSticks!). Well, she just sent me an email, asking if I would sell her the iStick and tank, because she doesn't want to give them back She's hooked! She also wants me to go back with her tomorrow, so she can buy another battery and more tanks/coils/juice. I told her the blue iStick and KPT2 would be my gift to her, and I had a silver one I'd sell her for what I paid for it (from the VT store), to save her some $ over retail.... So, I guess tomorrow we'll be off to the vape shop again for more juice and additional tank shopping, lol. I think I'm nearly as excited as she is
  10. 9 points

    half & half

    It's okay Jason... I hear there's a 12-step program just for us... 12 steps to this vape store... 12 steps to the next vape store... 12 steps to the computer...
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    New Supplier Restrictions

    Vapor Talkers, It has come to our attention from numerous members that suppliers are spamming the forum. Some more creatively than others. The amount of reports we've been receiving via the PM and support system over the last few months has grown out of control. Since our conception in 2008 we've always allowed suppliers to post on our forum, though we have our own online store. It's highly irregular for a company to allow competitors to post on their own company forums. After all, it's unlikely that you'd see Nike allowing Adidas representatives posting in their forums. (Respectfully) However, we'd hoped that we could allow interaction from other vendors along with us, befitting the industry as a whole. With the above said, our primary focus is on our members first. When the user experience is ruined we take it seriously. As such, we have decided to remove posting rights for suppliers across the forum. We apologize that a few suppliers/vendors have ruined it for the entire supplier community. We no longer wish to drain our resources constantly removing posts and warning vendors only to receive tongue in cheek responses. This is a private forum and your presence here is a privilege not a right and our members daily viewing pleasure comes first. We have created a new "Supplier Classifieds" area. Vendors who wish to post in this area may do so by upgrading their accounts using the "upgrade" link in the forums main menu. (Viewable only to those in the supplier group) Suppliers that have obtained VIP status over the years (contributing more than 500 useful posts) will retain their posting rights. Should you run into any issues and find yourself unable to post, please contact us via the support system and we'll adjust your group permissions. Suppliers that have been with us for a long length of time who wish to appeal this may contact us via the support system. You must have over 200 posts to be considered. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. To our members, we apologize for the amount of spam and irregular comments that have come into the forum over the last few months. We want you to know we take your feedback seriously. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today! Thank You Updated: 9/22/2016 New - Suppliers who wish to advertise on the forum can contact me directly or see the following link: https://www.vaportalk.com/us/product/vapor-talk-forum-banner-advertising/
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    Let me go ahead and ease your mind friend. For any microorganism to grow certain conditions must be met: Temperature and humidity must be high, typically over 85% but ideally over 90%; food must also be present; this food should be in the form of simple sugars. This is one major reason plants store the food for their seeds in the form of starches! And finally, access to water is needed to fuel the fermentation process of breaking down the sugars for food. Propylene glycol has a magical effect of preventing mold growth. It is used in humidifiers for this very purpose. Along with its emulsifing properties and very low toxicity, PG, even when mixed with water, keeps humidity levels at 70%. It also prevents water uptake by these microorganisms therefore preventing germination of the spore itself. Indeed, PG is a truely magical substance! Also, if the carto is made of inorganic material as opposed to, say, cotton, that will inhibit mold growth as well. Hope that makes you feel better! * Maybe this thread should be moved to the "concerns" forum?
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    This is insane

    DAMN! Watch ""Controlled" explosion of a UltraFire 18650 batte…" on YouTube http://youtu.be/ZTzEHsJVZhA
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    Time Flies... 5 year vaperversary

    Even after year of trying everything that was available, I was never able to stop smoking. One day, five years ago, I saw a co-worker outside sucking on what looked like a pen (eGo T 650 mAh) and exhaling plumes of what looked like smoke but smelled so much better. I stopped and starting asking questions. That night after work I stopped by the B&M and bought myself my first vape gear: an eGo-T 650 mAh battery, two CE4 tanks with 1.5 ohm coils with a 5-pack back up, an AC adapter, a charging cable, and three bottles of juice. Back then, it cost a total of $165.00 A few days later I went back and discovered that eGo had a new battery out -- a 650 passthrough! And Kanger put out a new tank -- a T2 with top coils/short wick. I started vaping and collecting more back ups, more juices, never really looking back. The six packs of smokes I had in the fridge remained there for another two years until I finally threw them away. The first six months or so, I'd tempt fate and would light up just to see if I still liked it or not. The answer would be... not. Haven't looked back since. Around the first six month mark, I was playing on the internet and discovered a different vape forum. It was too big, the people weren't very patient with "noobs", nor were they very kind or friendly so I continued looking around. Hey! Check out this new place I found! It's called Vapor Talk. The people were very friendly, very knowledgeable, and I felt welcomed here. It's where I call 'home' now. The people are wonderful, they are all about helping new vapers with their questions no matter how many times they answer the same thing. They enjoy derailing threads, but that only makes the conversation more interesting and the subject comes back around... eventually. Yes, we do periodically get some bad apples here, but it's rare and they usually get tired of our slower pace and go away. The good ones stay. Eventually, I was asked to become an admin here, and it was a scary thing, and I'm still learning. This long-winded thing is my way of saying a BIG THANK YOU! to @Christopher for starting this forum, to my fellow admins and mods, and to all the wonderful members here (both old and new), who make the forum a place to hang my hat. These days, after all this time, I no longer have any doubts that I'll ever go back to smoking. Vaper Talk has played a huge part in helping with this. Happy 5-year vaperversary to me!
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    I don't know what kind of study you're doing, and I'm not clicking the link to find out about a few subjective or bias questions which will likely lead to zero conclusions (other than "vaping is bad", which is the go-to for the medical/dental community). As a former researcher, I can tell you the only honest study you can do, will take at least 500 test subjects and 10-20 years to conduct properly. You'll need 100 each of non-smokers/non-vapers for control group...100 each current smokers, former smokers who don't vape or use any other nicotine diversion, former smokers who vape, and non-smokers who vape. You'll have to also eliminate/mitigate environmental factors, excessive drinkers, caffeine addicts, and those who consume sugar (drinks/candy), or any other known oral-health damage causing factors. I'd wish you luck on your endeavor, but we both know you're probably not going to be investigating this thoroughly (long-term) or seriously... because next semester you'll have a new pet-project to complete for your indoctrination officials (a.k.a professors)... rather than learning real dentistry.... Sorry for the cynicism, but I've been around long enough in the medical field to know smoke-and-mirrors faux-research attempts when I see it....
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    Just a suggestion (and a little fun)? ... 0 - Noobie 5 - V|T Member 50 - Contributing Member 150 - Super Poster 250 - Mega Poster 350 - Insane Poster 500 - VIP Member 1000 - VIP Respected Member 2000 - VIP Vaping Veteran 3000 - VIP Vaping Ninja 4000 - VIP Vaping Master 5000 - VIP Vaping Encyclopedia 6000 - VIP Vaping Library of Knowledge 7000 - VIP Vaping Guru 8000 - VIP Vaping God 10000 - Has No Social Life
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    Actually it is not exactly your right to vape where you want. It is most definitely illegal to vape on about every US airline and I am seeing "No E-Cig" signs popping up everywhere. People that think they can vape anywher without ramifications willl continue to cause restrictions to be enhanced. I vape everywhere I can but if in question I ask. I do not have a bigger pet peeve, other than maybe cloud contests, than vapers especially subohm cloud blowers thinking they can fog up everywhere they go. In restaurants I excuse myself to the bathroom if I need a few draws unless it is openly allowed. I vape all day and low my employees to do the same at the businesses I run, in my car, home and almost anywher outside regardless but in stores, restaurants and other indoor public places I try to be discreet. A modicum of discretion will go a long way to help instead of hurt our cause.
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    2 Years Down

    Okay, this will be my last public pat myself on the back. I've long long since passed the point of knowing I'll never smoke a ciggy again. Been a great ride in no small part due to the guidance and commraderie found here at VT. I want Christopher and all the guys that put VT here and keep it running to know that I deeply appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you. It is no small thing. I was basically killing myself and now here I stand trying to imagine what a pile Of 15,000 cigarettes would look like - the ones I would have smoked if I hadn't started vaping. So, yeah, I'll pat myself on the back today. But it's really a gesture and acknowledgment to those that had the genius to create the greatest smoking cessation product ever and to those who blazed the trail before me and created a path out of that death trap and especially those that keep the trail wide open for the next guy. Cheers!
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    I found this image while i was surfing the net trying to find good pairings with my 3.7v and 5v ecigs. Hopefully it can help someone else as well
  20. 8 points

    I did it!

    Made it to the 1 year mark! Today it is one year that I started vaping and got off the stinkies! Just had to share! Thank you all for the help, support and friendship! I have learned so much from all of you and have a acquired several new "tools" to help me make this a success. The first year in over 30 years I haven't smoked. Here's to year 2!!
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    Electronics 101

    It's time for electronics 101, and how it applies to PVs. Current flow (measured in amps) is the movement of electrons through a conductor. These electrons are sent out by the power source (volts) to act as the workers, and resistance (measured in ohms) is in the path of current flow and will slow the electrons (workers) down. Power (measured in watts) is the measurement of work being performed in the circuit, and will always manifest itself in the form of heat (doesn't that sound like heating up an atomizer to you?). Of course too much heat (power/watts) will pop the atty. Now for the math, and I promise it's not that complicated: A physicist by the name of George Simon Ohm discovered that there is a tight relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. This relationship can be described and predicted by mathematics, which has become known as "Ohm's Law". The basic statement of this relationship is that voltage and current are directly proportional (when we increase voltage, current will increase as well), and that current and resistance are inversely proportional (when we increase resistance, current will decrease). Voltage = current multiplied by resistance Current = voltage divided by resistance Resistance = voltage divided by current Power = voltage multiplied by current Now let's apply Ohm's Law to a PV: A 3.7v device with a standard atty; Voltage 3.7v divided by an atty that is 3ohms = 1.23amps The heat produced by this is determined by the power in watts which is 3.7v multiplied by 1.23amps = 4.563watts We know this works, and we can use these numbers to compare the performance of the other combinations. A 3.7v device with a LR atty; 3.7v / 1.5ohms = 2.46amps 3.7v * 2.46amps = 9.126watts (remember, this is the heat) A 5v device with a standard atty; 5v / 3ohms = 1.66amps 5v * 1.66amps = 8.33watts (remember, this is the heat) A 5v device with a LR atty; 5v / 1.5ohms = 3.33amps 5v * 3.33amps = 16.66watts (remember, this is the heat.....POP) A 6v device with a standard atty; 6v / 3ohms = 2amps 6v * 2amps = 12watts (remember, this is the heat...on the bourder of POP) A 6v device with a HV atty; 6v / 4.3ohms = 1.395amps 6v * 1.395amps = 8.372watts (remember, this is the heat....is this really any better than a standard atty at 5v?) My ohm values for the attys are approximate, but you get the picture. This really answers all the questions "will this work with this?", "will that work with that?". I also think that anyone dabbling in making their own mods should understand these basics when choosing components that will work well together, and avoid injury.
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    This is insane

    I'm going to sticky this topic with a title change because as has already been said, battery safety is a serious issue. One I think some of the newcomers don't take seriously enough. Great video.
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    Joke of the Day :)

    A husband, tired of his wife asking him how she looks, buys her a full-length mirror. This does little to help, as now she just stands in front of the mirror, looking at herself, asking him how she looks. One day, fresh out of the shower, she is yet again in front of the mirror, now complaining that her breasts are too small. Uncharacteristically, the husband comes up with a suggestion. “If you want your breasts to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between your breasts for a few seconds.” Willing to try anything, the wife fetches a piece of toilet paper, and stands in front of the mirror, rubbing it between her breasts. “How long will this take?” she asks. “They’ll grow larger over a period of years,” he replies. ... The wife stops. “Why do you think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts everyday will make my breasts grow over the years?” she asks. The husband shrugs, “Why not, it worked for your ass, didn’t it?”
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    This weekend I and the other Den Leaders for my sons Cub Scout Pack took them "cave camping". It was a very cool trip but a couple of the parents were smokers and had asked if they could bring their "Nicorette" gum in with them. They asked since gum was expressedly forbidden so I told them I wasnt sure. Well as soon as we got into the cave the tour guide says "No Tobacco, No gum, No firearms, No open flame, etc.... One of the parents asked about nicorette and he said absolutely not. I pulled the tour guide over to the side and asked him about vaping and explained it to him. He said that wouldn't be a problem. Since I always over pack I brought 4 fully charged Ego batteries and 4 full tanks of 24mg (just in case I was gonna have to sneak) I talked to the parents that smoked and set them each up with a battery and full tank to use for the trip and all 3 of them say they are going today to buy the starter kits. I sent them links and such but am sure they will just go to the B&M which is fine, their money. I was just proud to have led the way on hopefully a much healthier life for them and it all happened in a cave almost 2 miles below the earths surface! Incidentally, even with 70pg liquids the vapor production is immense in 100% humidity lol.
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    I will wake and vape, knowing today marks 6 MONTHS tobacco free! ***Pats self on back***
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    Ok bored a work again but I thought I would chronicle where I started, mistakes I made, and where I am now hopefully to help at least one other person not go through some of the pains I did. It all started for me during the University of Tennessee Spring Game weekend. Arian Foster, former UT player and current Houston Texan of the NFL came into town for the weekend. I had hosted a party for him and many other former and current NFL players that went to UT. Just like in any other event, I tried to think of who else were smokers so I could have company by the firepit and only thought of one friend that owns a local radio station. My wife and I were like, cool, at least there will be one. Well when everyone arrived and were drinking, playing cornhole, beer pong, all the things people do at a party...I decided I wanted a smoke and asked my friend if he wanted to have one with me. He said he had quit. WHATTTT? My wife and I are the only smokers? How can this be. He explained to me he had done it with E-cigs. Now he had bought an Njoy King and nursed it only treating his withdrawals when they got the worst they could get. After 2 Njoys he was done, and as of this day he has not touched anything else. Well I thought, I am not gonna do that. We went on and had a great party. The next day, the day of the game, I went with my friends and former players to where they spoke to the team. My wife set up our tailgate and then we all came out there. Of course Arian and others got mobbed so we went into the stadium early to hang out on the field and see other people in the UT Football family. I realized I was about to have to go 4-5 hours without a smoke and panicked. What would I do? I was getting crap from a lot of my friends since they couldnt understand my angst about going 4-5 hours without a smoke. I was pretty drunk so I made it through and on my way home said......I may try this e-cig thing. The next day, I went and bought 2 NJoy kings and started my journey. I said I was done with cigarettes, and from that day I have not had another one. I did however quickly realize the NJoys were gonna get expensive! $6.99 each plus tax and going through 2 a day. I had no idea what was available, so we visited the Cigar Store in our local mall and bought 2 starter kits, one for the wife and I, of something called "Topaz". They were $89.99 each and had 2 of the little V2 style cigarette looking automatic batteries and cigarette filter looking cartomizers. WOW these were a step up from the NJoy but I realized how expensive it was gonna be. $24.99 for an extra battery, $8.99 per cartomizer, tiny crappy disposable clearos were $15.99 and 10ml of liquid was $20. Not good. Being myself I started searching online and learned about the Ego style batteries. I somehow stumbled upon VapeDudes and bought my wife and I the $38.99 starter kit without very high hopes. After all, how could a $38 kit be better than an $89 kit? Once it arrived I was THRILLED (and pissed at the cigar shop in the mall) with the quality of the hit. I wasnt super fond of the first round of flavors, but Strawberry Fields was in there and we knew right away we liked that. Then we found Spearmint, that led to the Candy Cane. I found a great Tobacco flavor at Sweet-Vapes because, like every other noob, I felt like I HAD TO HAVE a good tobacco. About the same time, I found VaporTalk and then the education started. I learned about VV and found out I had to have that so I ordered some Vision Spinner 1300mah batteries. Then I moved from the CE4 disposables to the Kanger T2s really by accident, thinking they were the same thing. Then I wanted to try BCCs and the T3S was awesome and like most others, at this point, my switch to all glass is complete with Davides and KPT2. I really dug into VaporTalk. What a great resource, people that have been there and done that....got the TShirt. I listened, didn't argue even when I felt I was right, and learned. I know now how to handle almost any situation. I have tried 63 liquids of which only 3 are flavors I like. I am a juice snob I guess. I have now switched to glass tanks mainly but still have plenty of my trusty T2s and T3Ss on standby. Long story short (too late lol), there are some GREAT people on here that will give GREAT advice if you are willing to take it. Just like in anything else, people tend to go from knowing nothing to knowing everything in not a lot of time lol, so remember to keep an open mind. If I can do it, after 27 years of a pack and a half to 2 packs a day, then so can you. This was my first attempt to quit. I do not like to fail, its not an option. I wanted to make sure I was ready to quit when I did because failure was not an option. Probably the most important thing I have learned in this time is this, and if you only pay attention to one thing, pay attention to this: EVERYTHING WITH VAPING IS SUBJECTIVE!. Reviews are only a general guideline, and what I love you may hate and what you love may taste like hell to me. Same with batteries, mods, hardware, clearos, tanks, dripping, or any of the other things VaporTalk has opened my eyes to. I celebrate 4 months analog free as of today, and was bored at work, so decided to share my story in the hopes 4 months from now someone else might say that helped them reach a milestone of some sort. I feel such a debt of gratitude to those on here that helped me. You know who you are.
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    Okay...let's See The Goods!

    Here is my current collection I pretty much rotate thru them all regularly. With the exception of the Twists They were all made by me. (WARNING DO NOT LOOK IF WOOD OFFENDS YOU!) From Left to Right A 4 AAA battery box with okr/t3 regulator. A cut down DCT tank with CE2 carto. Dual 10440 batts A 3.7 v wood mod. Boge F16 carto tank. Single 18350 or 16340 batt. A VV Bottom feeder with okr/t3 regulator. A homemade atomizer 1.8 ohm. Dual 18350 batts. A VV wood column mod with okr/t3 regulator. A cut down DCT tank with CE2. Dual 1044o batts. A VV Top feeder with Madvapes regulator. A Phoenix RBA with Clear tube. Dual 18350 batts. A Puck variant. With a Mini Nova. 4 AAA NiMH batts. A Silver Joye Ego Twist 1100 with CE4+. A Black Joye Ego Twist 1100 with CE3 3m/l tank and screw on pen cap. A VV Big Wood Mod with Madvapes regulator & passthru connector. Vivi nova w/cotton wick. Dual 18650 batts. A VV Wood mod with okr/t6 regulator. Smoktech R tank w/cotton wick. Dual 18650 batts. A VV Dyed Wood mod with okr/t6 regulator. Vivi nova w/cotton wick. Dual 14500 batts. A stealth Wood mod. CE2 clearomizer. Single 10440 batt. A Puck variant. With a Chid/Griffen rebuildable with SS mesh. 4 AAA NiMH batts. A 2 AAA Battery box with tact switch and mosfet. A single 10440 batt. Center left Screw on Voltage display with extra leads to check batteries coming off charger. Center Right Ohmmeter. Made from Madvapes display board using push button to activate instead of slider switch. 2 AAA NiMH batts. Had some others that I've sold or given away but this is what I right now but always planning more. This is an overview of my juice and equipment shelves Here is the closeups I much prefer glass for holding my ready to vape or not as the case may be. Various bits and pieces that tend to accumulate. I keep my PG/VG in 2 each blue jars, My Nic in Amber jars, and Premixed in a Amber jar. These are 9 oz. short wide mouth glass jars Seem to work better for me easier to siphon out liquid and less chance of tipping over. Here are some of my flavors for DIY Can you tell I like Wizard Labs. Some more flavors including VZ super concentrated and lorann's plus other brands. Also syringes, pipettes, and plastic boxs for everything else. A couple of projects that I so far have not had time to do are make a stand for PV's. and a small wood cabinet to hold all vaping supplies. Hopefully soon. What do you folks think? Kinda OCD right. Thanks for looking all comments and or critiques are appreciated.
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    Dripping set-up

    Nope. Somehow it loses something without the cool lights and sound effects.
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    Lets See Your Vaping "toys"

    Here are some of the wood mods I have made. From Left to Right A variable voltage dual 18650's A 3.7 volt with a 16340 A variable voltage dual 10440's My Stealth mod with a 10440 My big box with variable voltage dual 18650's and a pass thru function Another 3.7 volt 16340 And a Top Feeder with variable voltage and dual 18350's Not Pictured are A Puck variant, 2 1000mah ego's, and 2 1000mah twists. Lately I find myself reaching for the far left one the most running with a Smoktek R tank but who knows what the future might bring.
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    Well...I done went and did it. A video review of the TFV8 Baby Beast.
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    Yep. I could easily go the next couple of years without having to buy any liquid, coils or batteries. 8 regulated mods, 4 mech mods, 13 tanks, 7 RDA's, 40 18650 batteries, 4 26650 batteries, plenty of coils for each of the tanks, 3000+ feet of wire in various gauges, enough Cotton Bacon that I think I should be considered a business partner, over a gallon (total) in store bought liquid and enough PG, VG, nic base and flavorings to make another 2+ gallons; and my stash pales in comparison to many.
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    Black Friday

    Hey Folks, Historically we've never done Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc but we will this year. I will start the BF sales Wednesday Evening and let them run through until Saturday A Black Friday page will be published by Wednesday afternoon around 6PM PST +-
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    Evod flashing button

    Cesar, you leaving is your choice, not ours. That being said, and without taking this whole debacle into consideration (which I don't actually fault you for), I don't think I'm the only person you have rubbed the wrong way in these forums almost from the day you joined. For me it was never about your grammar. I can easily overlook that. For me it was the way you continuously and consistently stated your opinion on various topics in a manner that made it sound like it was your way or the highway, like your opinion is the only correct opinion. You never have seemed to grasp the concept that every vaper is unique. Each of us has our own preferences in APV's or unregulated devices, each of us has our own preferences in tanks or RBA's, each of us has our own preferences in how much airflow we like, each of us has our own preferences in how warm or how cool we like our vaping experience to be, each of us has our own preferences in nicotine strength, each of us has our own preferences in flavors, each of us has our own preferences in PG/VG ratio. Basically, each of us has our own "sweet spot", another concept you have never seemed to grasp, (if you have, it hasn't been apparent). Speaking only for myself, I think many of your posts would have been better received if you simply added these four simple words to them: "my personal preference is...". Good luck on those other forums. If you think this one is full of "idiots" and the others aren't, you're in for a big surprise.
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    Three years ago today...

    Well, it's been three years ago today since I bought my very first eGo-C pass-through and CE4 tank with a bottle of Orange Cream, Blueberry, and Vanilla juices in 40/60, 24 mg. It took me five days from then to start vaping full-time. After all the times I've tried to quit smoking, I can't believe it was this easy and fun. Discovered Vapor Talk about six months later and met a bunch of great people who have made this journey lots of fun! The folks here have also made sure that my bank account is never too full at any one time too. Sharing information, getting and giving recommendations, spending other people's money... it's all been quite an adventure. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this journey with me so far.
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    67,216 analogs avoided

    As some of you know, I have been away from VT for awhile--life got in the way. I Just looked at my signature/banner and was amazed by the numbers. I just had to share it....shout it from the roof tops ! 2,240 days without a cigarette,15,123 dollars saved and 67,216 cigarettes not smoked. I think it's the 67,216 that floored me the most. no wonder I feel so much better !!!! VT has been an invaluable, amazing, incredible, stupendous part of my journey for the last 6 years. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate all of our members. Past, present and future.
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    Co-worker tracked me down today!

    Apparently, I'm known as the "authority" on vaping at work A co-worker tracked me down today and told me he was ready to make the switch to vaping (per his doctor's recommendation), before he ended up with the stroke or heart-attack his doctor is predicting for him in the next 5-years, and he heard I was the guy to talk to (which was news to me, since I don't have a sign on the back of my chair, lol). Anyway, he said he had $200 to spend, TODAY, and wanted to get started. He knew prices were going to be better online, and he'd get more bang for his buck that way. He had tried with a basic eGo and Ce4 years ago, and gave up on it quickly because of the poor life of the clone batteries and he didn't care for the hot vape of a top-coil. Sooo... we went shopping (and educating) I talked him into buying an iStick 50W (but he bought two), and he also bought two AnyVape Davides and two AeroTank V2's... and of course a 5-pack each of single and dual-coils for the tanks. All together, he still didn't spend all of his $200... barely broke $150. After work, I took him across the street to the local vape-shop and helped him pick out some juices (he bought 4 bottles (and a sampler-pack)... and the guy behind the counter gave him a KPT3 mini and EVOD twist (clean, used equipment they keep for those in need) so he would have something to use until his vape-mail arrived (hopefully on Monday). I wish more doctors would recommend vaping to their smokers... but at least his doctor has some common-sense and suggested vaping as an alternative (to save his life).
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    Introducing Vapor Talk Points!

    We are offering a number of ways to earn rewards in the Vapor Talk Store: Earn 5 points for every $1 spent Bonus 250 points for new customers Earn 10 points for every written product review 50 points = $1 Additionally we are back logging 3 months of your previous purchases! Customers who have placed orders with the Vapor Talk store since Oct 1 2014 will earn back points. (Please allow 72 hours from the data of this post for your back points to kick in) There is no action required on your part, simply purchase your favorite products and start earning. More information can be found on our rewards page: http://www.vaportalk.com/rewards/
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    Quitting smoking

    The way to quit smoking by substituting vaping is simple... but it's in this order... Willpower High enough level of nicotine level to help stave off cravings Willpower Good tasting juice (fruits, candy, bakery... all good things to get you away smoking) Willpower Reliable tank and battery (at least two of each so you can switch flavors and have one charging while you use the other) Willpower A good support-group, like the fine folks on this forum!! PS, don't feel bad if you don't quit tomorrow... it's not an Olympic event, not a race, and there are no penalty points for having to have a few smokes as you get into vaping... everyone is different!
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    Today's mail contained an Aspire CF 18650 mod, a Kanger Subtank, two Sony VTC4 18650 batteries, and an Efest Soda charger...all from Triangle Vape. Here's the setup... ...and here's how it performs with the stock .4Ω dual coil RBA setup.
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    What about my teeth?

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    Just realized.....I can laugh again.

    While watching an unseen before episode of Rules of Engagement, and likely the funniest one I ever saw, it dawned on me that I was laughing hard without coughing. Hip hip hooray!
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    New to the Vape Community

    Hi all! I just got into vaping when an old friend of mine actually bought me an ego-c for my 30th bday (which just passed on Friday). When I posted on Twitter that I wanted to quit smoking analogs (cold turkey) when I turned 30, he went online and purchased me a kit from ConstantVapor.com. I got my kit June 11th, and have been analog free since then. When my BF smokes analogs around me, the smell of it makes me want to gag. I honestly can't believe I used to smoke cigarettes for so long! BF is actually thinking of getting a kit for himself, since I started, just so that we can vape together. To be honest, vaping has been the best decision for my health that I've made in a long time.
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    Best Ry4?

    Yeah, it did seem a little odd, but in their defense, I did ask them if they wanted me to send it back once they told me they'd ship out a replacement. To be honest, I kinda figured they'd say, "Nah...it's our bad...just keep it". Surely they won't resell it. It sort of creeps me out now that I think about a juice vendor taking returns. *ATTENTION JUICE VENDORS* In the future, if you send the wrong product to a customer, it's probably a good idea to just write it off and fast-ship the right product to them. *THAT IS ALL*
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    being able to use it around my asthmatic 5 year old son without feeling guilty. saving easily $100 a month when compared to cigs (and yes that's including the price of all the hardware, and i have alot lol) being able to run several miles at the gym without hacking a lung up not smelling like an ashtray knowing i'm not putting carcinogens into my body or the air around me actually knowing the $1.00 i spent on air fresheners for my car wasn't a waste not having to roll my window down in the rain while driving to "smoke" not having to stand outside during the middle of winter and freeze my *** off for nicotine think that about sums it up.
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    Interview With My Daughter

    interview with my Daughter Makayla lol
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    Spent all nite testing this out. I am crossing my fingers that this will help those that are struggling. This example uses 510 fittings but would probably work for other models as well just adjust your supplies according to your model. What you will need -other than your e-cig (PV) of course: working 510 standard resistance atty (not tested on LR'S) * drip tip * blue foam filler - your only going to need a tiny square of this - you want it cut to about the size of the opening on your atty (or M&M candy) only square- no need to make it round * your juice of choice * pair of tweezers Directions: * attach the atty to your PV * using the tweezers gently place the square of blue foam directly down on to the bridge(the peice that sticks up) of the atty. * squeeze 3-4 drops of liquid onto the blue foam * pop on your drip tip - and vape TIPS: 1. be gentle on the first draw or two- this way you can avoid taking any liquid into your mouth if you put a little too much on the filler, likewise if it was not enough you can avoid a huge harsh hit if the atty is too dry. 2. to re fill simply place 2-3 thru your drip tip which will work down to the blue foam whenever you start to loose flavor Notes: Awesome flavor and vapor production, hits much more consistently than DD without the foam, better flavor then using carts, chance of flooding the atty greatly reduced. The foam does not burn or stick to the atty after doing this method all night. Flavor changes are simple - use the tweezers to take out the foam -squeeze with a napkin, tissue , or paper towel, replace and do the same process with your new flavor. ***** I sincerly hope this helps someone - if the method your using now is working well no reason to try this, but if your struggling please give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.
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    Need An Ego Cone

    I have a black cone just collecting dust if you are interested. free to a good home. Just PM me if you still need one. happy to send it out to you. unfortunately, I only have the one. being broke sucks.
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    Fda Very Bad News

    I guess we should stop eating too! Recently, Prozac was found in shrimp, lead & copper in very high levels are found in drinking water thanks to the chloramines that are water districts add to our water, which our foods are processed with too, making them toxic as well. There has been a complaint filed against numerous food processing plants, including baby foods. Even bottled water has been tainting, so there are toxins everywhere. The FDA is far from consumer protection. They approve dangerous medical devices that harm/kill people, allow extremely dangerous food additives/synthetic foods, don't require food companies to even label weather our meats are irradiated, colored with potentially deadly allergens in the form dyes, and the steroids in our chickens have totally gotten out of control, Yet the FDA allows the to get away with it, thus many of us can feel anxious, heart racing, or in some situations, stop breathing from being exposed to even the fumes from a kitchen where they are cooking such foods. Thus I have to carry an EpiPen with me everywhere I go, and read labels of everything I eat & even then, I have to avoid certain foods, as the additives not listed can be a huge problem. Diet foods & drinks often contain Olestra (usually in chips & crackers) & the diet drinks that contain aspartame are FAR worse than the alleged cancer-causing saccharine. Aspartame (which is made with wood alcohol and amino acid isolates, phenylalanine and aspartic acid) has been associated with a whole lot worse health problems, many long-term neurological effects, brain damage, and so on (see http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_brain_damage.htm ) & a host of other problems. See http://www.sweetpoison.com/aspartame-side-effects.html for a mind-boggling list, and there are more! Yet!!! It is perfectly OK with the FDA to market drinks & foods containing aspartame & it seems the company that created aspartame won the "your product is worse than ours" war, likely with better attorneys & highly questionable research. (My opinion & that of many researchers world-wide.) I will use saccharine, but not aspartame. IMHO, it is a deadly, slow-acting neurotoxin, but it's perfectly OK to market it to children as a healthier food, even though research indicates the contrary, the FDA proposed a ban on saccharine in 1977, created a huge scare that it caused cancer, again IMHO due to highly questionable research by their competitors & now we have aspartame in just about every diet drink in America. Watching out for our health? Not for many years IMHO. While I agree with full disclosure labeling, it is difficult to resolve the issues of unequal treatment by different companies & industries with the FDA, other than to say it takes a lot of money to get the "right research data" to support your position to get a product approved, even if it is FAR safer than another product. Research statistics can be skewed to show what you want it to show, which sadly is done more often than not. eCigs are no exception! ONE bad batch of eJuice, a scientist with a negative view on a product & you can loose. In other countries, eCigs or vapor devices are as a way to take certain vitamins & herbs to improve health. Sure, over-doing anything can be harmful or deadly. As with ANYTHING, even water - too much can cause death, but we can't ban water now can we? THe FDA ban of ephedra sinica is no different. Did people abuse it & die? It seems so, although I think it was more than likely the chemical version or the extract, ephedrine, that was the culprit. Mix that with a LOT of alcohol & yes, you can have a heart attack. Use it properly & you can treat if not cure asthma & if given corticosteroids it is one of the few things, in small quantities, that can deactivate them & help flush them out of your system should one have an allergic &/or adverse reaction to the corticosteroids. Most doctors will tell you there is, "No known antidote" to an adverse or allergic reaction to corticosteroids. Some will tell you that you, "can't have an allergic reaction, as cortisol is made by your body naturally!" When a medical professional tries to tell you this, you might refer them to the PDR or "Physician's Desk Reference", as that statement is simply not true! Here's a list of adverse reactions to corticosteroids, which are FDA approved... The following adverse reactions have been reported with corticosteroids, drugs which doctors will tell you there is no antidote for, as I said before. Does this list look like anything that should EVER be used, other than in extreme, life-threatening, emergencies? I think not, but the FDA approves their use & the misconceptions by medical professionals are astounding!) Allergic reactions Allergic or hypersensitivity reactions, anaphylactoid reaction, anaphylaxis, angioedema. Cardiovascular Bradycardia, cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac enlargement, circulatory collapse, congestive heart failure, fat embolism, hypertension, hypertrophic cardiomyopthy in premature infants, myocardial rupture following recent mycocardial infarction (see WARNINGS), pulmonary edema, syncope, tachycardia, thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis, vasculitis. Dermatologic Acne, allergic dermatitis, cutaneous and subcutaneous atrophy, dry scaly skin, ecchymoses and petechiae, edema, erythema, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, impaired wound healing, increase sweating, rash, sterile abscess, striae, suppressed reactions to skin tests, thin fragile skin, thinning scalp hair, urticaria. Endocrine Decreased carbohydrate and glucose tolerance, development of cushingoid state, glycosuria, hirsutism, hypertrichosis, increased requirements for insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents in diabetes, manifestations of latent diabetes mellitus, menstrual irregularities, secondary adrenocortical and pituitary unresponsiveness (particularly in times of stress, as in trauma, surgery, or illness), suppression of growth in pediatric patients. Fluid and electrolyte disturbances Congestive heart failure in susceptible patients, Fluid retention, hypokalemic alkalosis, potassium loss, sodium retention. Gastrointestinal Abdominal distention, bowel/bladder dysfunction (after intrathecal administration), elevation in serum liver enzymes levels (usually reversible upon discontinuation), hepatomegaly, increased appetite, nausea, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer with possible subsequent perforation and hemorrhage, perforation of the small and large intestine (particularly in patients with inflammatory bowel disease), ulcerative esophagitis. Metabolic Negative nitrogen balance due to protein catabolism. Musculoskeletal Aseptic necrosis of femoral and humeral heads, calcinosis (following intra-articular or intra-lesional use), Charcot-like arthropathy, loss of muscle mass, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, pathologic fracture of long bones, postinjection flare (following intra-articular use), steroid myopathy, tendon rupture, vertebral compression fractures. Neurologic/Psychiatric Convulsions, depression, emotional instability, euphoria, headache, increased intracranial pressure with papilledema (pseudotumor cerebri) usually following discontinuation of treatment, insomnia, mood swings, neuritis, neuropathy, paresthesia, personality changes, psychic disorders, vertigo. Ophthalmic Exophthalmoses, glaucoma, increased intraocular pressure, posterior subcapsular cataracts. Other Abnormal fat deposits, decreased resistance to infection, hiccups, increased or decreased motility and number of spermatozoa, injection site infections following non-sterile administration (see WARNINGS), malaise, moon face, weight gain. The following adverse reactions have been reported with the following routes of administration Intrathecal/Epidural Arachnoiditis, bowel/bladder dysfunction, headache, meningitis, parapareisis/paraplegia, seizures, sensory disturbances. Intranasal Allergic reactions, rhinitis, temporary/permanent visual impairment including blindness. Ophthalmic Increased intraocular pressure, infection, ocular and periocular inflammation including allergic reactions, residue or slough at injection site, temporary/permanent visual impairment including blindness. Miscellaneous injection sites (scalp, tonsillar fauces, sphenopalatine ganglion): Blindness. ==== These reactions can occur from even topical use, as in lotions, yet are more likely from injections. Does this sound like the FDA is looking out for our best interests? I think not! I do believe the labs where eCig products are made, in general, do their best to be sure their products are not contaminated. If approved as a "medical device" by the FDA, there will be no accountability or liability, as per current laws (started 200 that were put into place by the Bush administration. YES! The FDA is seriously behind other countries & responds to hype from those wanting to be heard. My hope is that the FDA will drop this "Medical Device" nonsense, so this does not occur with eCigs as it hsa with medical devices.. Excerpt from : http://biotech.law.lsu.edu/ieee/ieee25.htm Medical Device Regulation Prior to 1976 there was little federal regulation of medical devices. The FDA could bring a court action to have a dangerous device removed from the market. These actions were based on the FDA's authority to embargo adulterated or misbranded products. While these concepts were well understood for drugs, the courts took them to mean that only the proven dangerous devices, or those that were openly fraudulent could be removed from the market. Even when the courts were willing to act, these proceedings took many years, with the device freely available until the final appeals were over. (It took more than 20 years to remove the orgone accumulator from the market.) To escape regulation, the manufacturer need only modify the device and it could start selling it again, forcing the FDA to begin a new court proceeding. Furthermore, from: http://www.naturalnews.com/022713.html , about one such case (and there are tens of thousands) - state courts cannot even hold a manufacturer responsible! that "federal law prohibits suing device manufacturers in state courts if the device was approved as safe by the FDA. The decision is expected to have ramifications for a large number of pending lawsuits against manufacturers of devices such as breast implants, defibrillators, artificial heart pumps and valves, drug-coated stents, spinal cord stimulators, and prosthetic hips and knees. Because there is no federal law that allows consumers to sue medical device manufacturers for damages, state courts have become a common venue for such suits. (MY NOTE: This is no longer the case, as state courts hands are also tied with the 'no liability' loophole & the quality of medical devices, as such, IMHO has declined significantly!) The legal reasoning behind the court's decision centered on the wording of the 1976 Medical Device Amendments law. The law, which set in place an FDA pre-approval process for medical devices, explicitly prohibited states from putting in place "any requirement" that is "different from, or in addition to" FDA requirements. In an 8-1 majority, the court ruled that allowing citizens to sue device companies in state courts amounts to "a requirement" that undermines the FDA approval process. Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that the FDA may approve devices "that present great risks if they nonetheless offer great benefits in light of available alternatives." In other words, there is no requirement that devices actually achieve any reasonable level of safety for all patients. To receive FDA approval and be immunized from lawsuits, medical devices merely have to keep alive slightly more people than they kill." Does this sound like a caring or concerned FDA? One county in one state had over 6,000 claims against Medtronic for making faulty pace maker & spinal cord stim, or "SCS" units. The judge 's response is that his hands were tied by the 'no liability' clause, that with that many claims, it was certainly not the doctors at fault (although you have to wonder about kick-backs to implant these devices & no mandatory reporting of funds changing hands will be in effect until 2013 (& I with medical corporations, universities & so on, the money your doctor may get for prescribing a certain amount of medication to x amount of patients for a trip, etc. is unlikely to be found anywhere. eCigs, if they become classified as, "Medical Devices" will likely follow suit, with NO checks & balances! One need go no further than Google and search, "medical device lawsuit dismissed" to find a multitude of these very types of lawsuits that have been dismissed. IF eCigs get the "medical device" green light, I'd be FAR more concerned about the safety of our eCigs & eJuice NOT being as safe! The FDA, if they are REALLY looking out for public safety, would leave eCigs alone, just as they are! I've never had a problem with mine & have had confidence that the companies making our eCigs have integrity. f the FDA succeeds in classifying eCigs as a "drug delivery system medical device", it could strip away that integrity and protection as it has with other medical devices. ALL those people in the dismissed SCS 'medical device' cases were left with the costs of removing the devices (or burying their loved ones who died as a result), without any confidence that there was any other device that might be better. Two other companies make similar devices, yet with really no guaranty that another device would be any better. eCigs, or personal vaporizers, are NOT medical devices! Classification of them being as such could be hazardous to our health! Altmed
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    The Low Down

    General Questions: How long have electronic cigarettes been around? They've been gaining popularity over the last few years, not sure when they actually hit the market. How safe is the vapor? (How easy is it to overdose on nicotine?) Vapor is pretty safe, using an e-juice 24mg strength or less makes it fairly difficult to really over do it and make yourself sick. That's not to say you couldn't do it, but you'd have to really be chain vaping and then you have no one to blame but yourself. Why does Firefox think vapor is not spelled correctly?! (well that one is a little off topic :/) My Firefox is cool with it How long have you been vaping? Been analog free for over 70 days now, but I had tried the e-cig before that, I just didn't by any spare atomizers, when my only one burned out I went back to analogs for a little bit, now I'm back on track, and I have plenty of spare atomizers at all times. Did you start vaping to quit smoking, or for just a "safer" switch? I started vaping because I did want to quit smoking, and it worked well. now that I have made the initial investment I'm not in a hurry to quit. It's much less expensive, less damaging to my health, and I enjoy it immensely. Did it work? Hells yes. How long did it take you to quit? Took me maybe 24 hours, but took my wife a couple weeks to totally quit. A buddy of mine just quit after 2 days with his first e-cig ever. Can you give a good reason too start using an electronic cigarette other than health reasons? You'll save money, smell better, and you can use them indoors (most places). Choice and Price: In your experience, have you actually saved money by switching? Definitely, and the savings continue to get better after you make the initial investment. Compared to cartons of cigarettes, what was your start-up cost? You can get a good 510 starter kit for around $50, plus some extra juice, you're lookin' at about $80-$100 What is the difference between a 510 and a pen-style? (Man I hope that's not the same thing) They are just 2 different models of atomizers, 510 is more compact. Is there a comparison chart for all the brands and/or models? ??? You'll find 510s and 801 penstyles are favorites here. Usage: On average, how long does a bottle of juice last you? When I'm at home using my 5V passthrough all day I can go through 3ml in a day. At 3.7V maybe 1.5ml-2ml On average, how long does a battery last before you have to buy a new one? The manual batteries tend to hold up longer, but I'd recommend buying a mod unit that uses cheaper batteries. On average, how long does a vaporizer last before you have to buy a new one? Most atomizers should last around 1 month, anything after that is a bonus in my mind. But with good care they can last much longer than 1 month. Compared to smoking a normal cigarette, do you have to reload (rejuice) your e-cig? If so, how many times? When direct dripping I'd say it's pretty close to about 1/2-1 cig every time I add 3 drops, with a cartridge you get more time between fills. Compared to smoking a normal cigarette, is smoking an e-cig as satisfying? For me it's more satisfying in many ways, but there is an adjustment phase. Once the juice is loaded into the cartridges how long does it take to evaporate before it's unusable? Left open to the air I wouldn't leave it more than 24 hrs, but I really don't know, i prefer to direct drip myself and fill cartridges (if I'm using one) right before I use it. Those are just my opinions and experiences, so keep asking around and you'll find all the answers you need. Welcome to the forum.

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