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  1. Ok, my Omega came in this afternoon and I'm very pleased. Just like everyone has said and I figured it is built like a tank, just like the SB, but lighter and a little bit smaller. It may be due to the tapering but it feels significantly smaller when held. The switch is great, I love that it is 100% user serviceable. This is one hell of a PV, and I feel fairly certain (knocking on wood) this thing will still be working 10 years from now which was my primary concern when purchasing another PV. Lately I've been having a bad luck streak with my mods and even attys, so I'm hoping my shiny new Omeg
  2. Ok, I'll give this one a shot. Most people on this forum will recommend you start with a 510 or a variation of that basic model. A very popular one is the Janty / Joye eGo. Manual switch battery, long battery life, it's a very highly regarded variation of the 510. Here is a link to one from a VT certified supplier... /joye-ego-black.html This kit is basically 2 fully functioning units, so when one goes down (usually the atomizers last about 1 month if you take care of them) you have a back-up while you order replacement parts. You will want to order some juice as well, can't really rec
  3. There are other mods out there that have a PT option, but seriously the Mods built by Chad and sold on AltSmoke.com (SB, BB, Omega) are the highest build quality I've seen in any PV so far. If you're ready to buy a mod I can't recommend the SB enough, I'm assuming my Omega will be the same.
  4. Yeah they absolutely make atomizers with higher resistance ratings for HV devices. I personally like my atomizer right around 3.5ohms for 5-6V, I've personally had the best luck with the BE112s (801 style) and I have purchased some HV attys from East Mall (4.5ohm) but they seem to burn out faster than my stock BE112s. I have BE112s that have lasted multiple months at high voltage with no problems at all.
  5. Yeah, I've ordered direct from Best E-Cig twice now, just about 1 week door to door provided you don't have customs problems. $15 to ship though, so be sure to order enough to make it worth your shipping costs.
  6. Really glad you're enjoying the BE112s, still my go to atty. I decided to check out the Omega myself, ordered it late last night so it won't ship until tomorrow, but I figured as much when I placed the order. 100% user serviceable had me sold. Seems like the spring in the switch is the weakest point, and will be cheap and easy to replace if ever needed. As far as size goes, is it pretty much the same size as the SB? That's how it looks form the pictures. The size is not a deal breaker at all for me, but it's my only complaint of the SB.
  7. My Indulgence went down on me a couple of weeks ago, and with my Joker still away for warranty repair I needed a new PV, so since my wife's Silver Bullet is by far the most dependable and well built of all the PV's I've used I decided I'd just head on back to AltSmoke.com and pick one up for myself. I'll be the first to say the Silver Bullet is definitely on the large side for me, it doesn't fit very comfortably in my pockets and it's an attention grabber when used in public, still when it comes to a PV I think will be working 2 years down the road there's only one choice in my opinion and tha
  8. More details please... how was the taste unpleasant? what are you using to measure? etc...
  9. You don't have to clean your attys, as many before me have said they are meant to be somewhat disposable. I clean my attys periodically (usually when I'm changing the flavor I use with it), but cleaning an atty can sometimes be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Many people will suggest you just blow them out with some compressed air (careful about the air duster cans, they contain a bittering agent to discourage inhalation abuse) or some will say they wash theirs out with hot water. I use a combination of the 2 techniques personally, generally blowing them out works fine, but every now a
  10. Ok guys, what you're looking at here is like the Cadillac of vaporizers. But these are not intended for e-juice. These are generally used for a "Herbal" vape. I will say these things rock at vaporizing plant matter, but I have no idea how well it would work for e-juice.
  11. Dissolving them in Everclear is my preferred method. If you really saturate the alcohol with the crystals a little will go a very long way.
  12. Measure the resistance between the positive and negative connections.
  13. A strong menthol juice is pretty comparable to Vicks in my opinion. I'm pretty sure most of those asthma inhalers use Albuterol which is a prescription medication, so unless you're a pharmacist I don't see you being able to acquire it.
  14. Better to flood than run dry I always say, unless you have automatic batteries that is.
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