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  4. Trying Killer Kustard for the first time. And Always go to have a tobacco flavor with me.
  5. Vaporesso Swag

    After using the kit for a few weeks I am fairly impressed. I it's small enough to carry around without being to cumbersome and still delivers on vapor production. The flavor on the tank is consistently delicious and indeed seems to perform best in between "best" ranges show on the coils. All in all the combo is a solid kit that I have been enjoyin What are your guys first impressions of the Swag?
  6. I love it, zero issues so far. Aside from the tank, i got only a day out of the installed coil. I have yet to replace it with the spare that came with the kit, but then again I am not into tanks anymore. Awesome Thanks
  7. Wismec predator 228?

    Mine never recovered. It's landfill. Glad it will tide you over to the next mod!
  8. Wismec predator 228?

    My fire bar made a recovery! How often does that happen?? The pin is still a pain in the rear end, but it will hold out until payday, and new mod! What a relief that was. I don't know how I feel about the whole fire bar deal. I think I liked the button better. Well I tried the fad, I guess that makes me old, lol!
  9. Merlin mini rta

    I got it figured out. I was making sure I wasn't going to hurt the tank...silly I guess when that is what it is built for 😂😂😂. Everything is running just fine. Thank you ! This thing is a bit of a bugger to wick!
  10. Merlin mini rta

    Not sure I fully understand but yes you can go to a lower resistance and yes having the coil directly over the airflow makes a huge difference. You want the air to come up, circle around the coil and carry the vaper with it up through the chimney. The height of the coil above the airflow is kinda atty dependent. They seem to all have a "sweet spot". In general it's best to keep the coil pretty close to the airflow.
  11. Wismec predator 228?

    It's a shame. They are sharp looking mods and feel good in the hand. I really enjoyed the "firing bar" feel. I went to an Aspire Speeder for a fire bar and it performs a lot better. Better mod all around.
  12. Wismec predator 228?

    Well, I suppose they have not improved, we are both having to push our 510 pins down! And my switch does the opposite,fires too long if I'm not very careful. We will be going back to the aspire archon that had way better battery life and no issues! He had one, I didn't but I tried his and liked it alot. His survived a year of dropping and construction work!
  13. Merlin mini rta

    I meant lower resistance,my coil is directly over the airflow. I've got a .70 ohm build running at 40 watts. No plug. Pretty good. Does the coil over the airflow make a difference? My question I guess was would it hurt anything? I didn't know about just having two feeding slots for the juice. I am running a 60/40 artemis clone I made and I like it. It is the single coil deck. Not the two post.Ot has interchangeable decks that screw in.
  14. Steeping time

    In my experience, some fruit mixes that start out smelling perfumy need to sit for a bit to let it settle down. Most creams, like @VapeMama said, need to sit awhile as do many of the bakery flavors.
  15. I love it, zero issues so far. Aside from the tank, i got only a day out of the installed coil. I have yet to replace it with the spare that came with the kit, but then again I am not into tanks anymore.
  16. Steeping time

    I find that my fruit mixes with 1-2 fruits tend to be more shake and vape than mixes that have 3-4 flavors in them. Most of those I sit on the shelf and shake every day or 2 for about a week. My mixes that have creams in them also need more time to "meld" the flavors. Usually not ready for about a week to 10 days.
  17. Steeping time

    Is there an average steeping time that most liquid would benefit from? Some liquid seems ready ready rock and roll immediately after mixing and other stuff that I have tried seems to need a week or so to sit.
  18. Not all pods use the nic salts, it depends on the brand. Some of the newer pods like the GhoStick have a 1.0 ohm coil and you can refill the pods with the juice of your choice. Same goes for Smok's Infinix, it has a 1.4 ohm coil inside the pods so you'll want to use a 50PG/50VG juice at a "normal" nic level such as a 12 mg or 18 mg depending on what you prefer instead of going the lower nic (3 mg or 6 mg) like you would in a sub-ohm set up.
  19. Joytech eGo A10

    Even though this is an old video, the premise is the same and might help you with your issue.
  20. Joytech eGo A10

    Sounds like a short make sure coil is tight and there is no juice between the coil and firing pin
  21. I just bought this today, and I’m fairly new to vaping, as I’m trying to stop smoking. I used it right after I bought it and it worked like a dream. I charged it, and when I got to work it no longer functions. When I press the button all it does is flash until I let off. Please help.
  22. Let us know how you like the Mod I was looking into it
  23. Got a package yesterday, an Rx Gen3 dual kit. The tank is the Gnome King tank, the mod runs dual 18650 and does temp control and 230 watts.
  24. Earlier
  25. Merlin mini rta

    yeah, Walt's right. it won't work well at all. air flow over the coil is a really important factor when it comes to flavor. you would just be adding lots of air that isn't passing by the coil so you are effectively reducing your flavor by as much as 75%. the air is just going to find the path of least resistance and that is straight through the open air port to the mouthpiece. no bueno.
  26. Older thread that may help
  27. i'm new at vaping and i just got a Joytech Mega twist one day i was using it and when i started to use it again he started blinking so i was trying ti put it to charge and it didnt want to charge i don't know why the battery flashes on and off please help
  28. I have juice I mixed over 2 yrs old its still vapes fine
  29. What flavor you vaping on?

    Dragon's tear by ecblend. Good creamy flavor.
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