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  2. I'm relatively new to vaping, picked up a Joyetech Exceed about a month ago. I left it untouched for a day, and now it won't power on. I've had it plugged in to charge for several hours now, tried holding down the power button, pressing it several times... nothing. It's not lighting up, the coil's not firing... just dead. Anyone had a similar issue? Suggestions on how to get it going again?
  3. What have you mixed today?

    Mixed mango,papay and passion fruit with some baverian cream just .05% of whipped cream and super sweet. I need to play with the persentages a little.
  4. Burn throat

    Thank you both I'm going to give it a shot and see how it works out
  5. Burn throat

    Yes, the harshness could change from flavor to flavor. An apple pie flavor would be less harsh, a strawberry and cream would be less harsh, any of the bakery flavors like pancakes, birthday cake, pies, banana bread, etc. They would all be smoother with a low PG eliquid. Anything with a cream base would also be more mellow. That said, anything with high citrus (like lemon), menthol, mint, cinnamon (candy-like not the bakery cinnamon), would be harsher to vape. Like Cany said, lower your watts. Try something like 10 watts and vape. If that doesn't give you the flavor and vapor you like, turn it up just a little and try again. Keep doing this a few watts at a time until you get a slight burnt taste or a harsh vape. Turn it down a little until it gets better for you. Each juice has its own "sweet spot" where everything is juuuust right. This is how you find it.
  6. What have you mixed today?

    Orange limeade, strawberry lime,and skittles. If anyone wants recipes just drop a note, recently mixed raspberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade too....and a can't king sour batch clone I found and tweaked...it's pretty good!
  7. Last week
  8. Burn throat

    Yes lower the watts and give it a shot
  9. Burn throat

    This would change from flavor to flavor right? Because I have other ones that are fine Even at 85?
  10. Burn throat

    The acidity in the lemon flavor can also make a juice "harsh" when vaped.
  11. Burn throat

    Maybe your Watts are too high for that mix
  12. Burn throat

    I usually get 70/30 or 80/20 (vg/pg) but I got a new one from candy shop sweet and sour it's blueberries lemon swirl that's still 80/20 that just gives me a burn in my throat anyone else have a problem with this company or suggestions to help
  13. How Long Should I Vape?

    Oh and making juice and coils is not hard at all.
  14. How Long Should I Vape?

    I have no plans to stop vapeing. I will cross the 4year mark in May. I started at 32 mg then quickly to 18mg now I am at 3mg because I like the throut hit. The way the world See's vaping we all need to know how to take care of our own. I make my coils juice and mods. I still like to get new gear too. If it all stop's I will be covered. To quit vaping it will have to come like smoking. When your tired if it you stop. I wish all good luck in your vaping adventure.
  15. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    Is that the issue? Just a crappy tip? Ok. You sell those things at all? That looks pretty sick.
  16. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    I have been making drip tips for that very reason. The stock tips get to hot. Her is one of my tips.
  17. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    I guess. This was all a lot though from Smok... so... It should all work normally. Must be missing something in the settings. I' just too inexperienced to what.
  18. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    Ok, get a bigger/longer drip tip?
  19. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    The problem isn't flavor or cloud... it' the mouth piece (drip tip) burning my damn lips.
  20. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    The routine I use is to start low and work up. Say maybe 45W and vape, 50W and vape. You will feel the set-up hit a high point and then start dropping off in terms of flavor. Go back to the high point or sweet spot.
  21. Hello all, I'm new here and if this is the wrong spot, my bad. I just bought the Smok Alien 220w and it came with the single coil and the 4 coil heads. I put the 4 coil head in along with some juice in the tank and primed the coils. It vapes fine, tastes great and get a good cloud... my issue is the settings. I am not to sure how to properly change the settings to the most ideal spot. I've tried a few things via YouTube but every option thus far makes the mouth piece way to hot to get a good haul off of. Any suggestions folks? Thanks in advance! Vape On! Gus
  22. How Long Should I Vape?

    ...still vaping.
  23. Productive day

    Holy Crap! You're a machine today. Let's see, I've been up for about an hour and a half and I've stared at the PC monitor a lot. I did build one TC coil and tested a Cylon. I found out it runs about 40°F hot. Also discovered another battery bit the dust. 100% Sag right off the charger. Probably time to replace that one, lol.
  24. Productive day

    Looking good
  25. Productive day

    Pretty pleased with today’s chapter of my vape chronicles. Woke to one of my 3 incoming Vapemails, mixed up a few brews, re-wicked all my rdas and done a much overdue cleanse of the cloud cupboard. $11 worth of stackable storage to sort out my juices into heavy rotation, weekly swap outs and desperate measures and clean up all my concentrates. Keep it cloudy all you cool cats [emoji41][emoji100][emoji111]️
  26. I use Western tobacco flavoring in my mixes I like it a lot
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