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  2. I know this is an old post but for anyone re visiting with the same problem, the other answers people have given are 100% true however id like to add my own 2 cents here... So the coil here says 15-60w so that means you can vape from 15 to a realistic 50w because pushing to the max60 will burn your coil still and increase a dry hit chance (you will know when this happens as it's really harsh and you cough) of course "vaping 101" also prime your cotton on the coils with ejuice but don't flood them then fill the tank and let it sit for a minute to absorb all liquid, now the coil also says OCC... Now there's many coil types you can get from ssocc (stainless steel) which is what I use at 0.5 ohm coils all the way up to ceramic coils and Clapton coils to nichrome to kanthal coils and they will change the flavour, some people say it makes the biggest difference to flavour others will say it doesn't make a difference by much... It's all down to you so try different coils to see what fits you best... However before buying say a ceramic coil your best doing a bit of research behind them to see if they are the coil best for you, and generally take apart and clean your tank out, I personally do it every 10 refills especially if using a mix of different juices for each refill or I'm vaping a darker juice than the colour of an energy drink type colour... This should help the flavour and even a couple other problems you may notice like spitback from your drip tip Also nicotine levels! If your flavour is bad or harsher than you like and your on 12 - 18mg try dropping as low as a 3 - 6mg... All this information should help give you the best flavour from these types of tanks!
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  4. I was having the four-blinking-light issue too. According to the manual it’s a short-circuit problem. I’d had some juice spillage issues and guess some got into the power port. I used a combination of blowing into the port, setting it in front of a fan for a few hours, and finally using a hairdryer on it (all very comical and pathetically novice on my part). I was going to do the old trick of submerging it in rice overnight to get the moisture out, but luckily it fired right up for me after a few hours of me occasionally doing the three steps I listed above. Lesson learned: don’t let it get wet!
  5. Hey just baught a joytech ultex t80 cubis max. And put my 18650 battery in it and hit it twice, the mod and battery got hot and idk why? I just got it any tips?
  6. Hi All . Just New come here wanna discuss and find more interesting items about heat not burn device
  7. looks like it screws in to the atomizer. make sure your atomizer is seated properly and the glass is seated properly.....that's about all I can think of off hand
  8. I was in my room the other day and I went to screw the top cap back on to my smok vape pen 22 and it won’t screw back on any tips at all would be very appreciated
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  10. E-juices are the main part of vaping, which is useful to quit traditional smoking. E-juices are available in many flavors, you can choose according to your taste and need. You can also refill your vaping tank with new e-juice. But many people told us that sometimes they wake up at night in order to refill their tank, but suddenly they realize that they have only the last drop left. In addition to this, many consumers demonstrate that adding a bit of water into e-liquid can also give you the same feeling and taste. In order to clarify this, you need to read this article, in which we are going to tell some important things and about is water harmful to e-juices. Can water is responsible to ruin the e-juices? Actually, only some drops of water cannot ruin your e-juice but if you are going to add more water then it can be. In addition, e-juice is already a liquid which is made of 4 more important ingredients such as as-: Vegetable glycerin Nicotine Propylene Glycol Flavoring So, after knowing these ingredients there is no need to add water because e-liquid is already a water solvent. Moreover, according to the vape store, you can simply add water to your e-liquid only then when you need to stretch it out. Or you find that the flavor is too strong. So, do not even try to add water unnecessarily. What does happen if I add water to e-liquids? If you add more water to your e-liquid then it will surely ruin your e-juice. Then you cannot able to enjoy the vaping because it might turn into useless. And do not even try to add a drop of water when you left with only a little amount of e-juice. It can completely ruin your e-juice which further do not give you any taste. Can I add water to high VG e-liquids? Yes, you can add water to high VG e-liquid but first talk to the owner of a vape shop. And VG is thicker than PG, and you can add some drops of water into it, but up to some extent. Because otherwise, it may be burned out, and you are unable to enjoy any taste. You must always add a Flavor Boost You should avoid adding water into your vape juice because it will ruin your e-juice. If you find that you are left with only some drops then you can add flavor boost after adding the few drops of water into your e-juice. In this, you are able to enjoy the e-juice flavor which gives you the right feeling. In addition, if you really want to add water drops into your e-juice then you can go with distilled water instead of tap water. Because tap water contains so many impurities which can ruin your e-juice and also harm you. You can also get help from us if you are still in doubt, additionally, we are here in order to serve you the best service. Please Provide me Revert on this Piece that I have written i am thinking about starting a blog for vape safety protocols.
  11. this device is pretty complicated for a noob. but I hope this helps. the short answer is you have to hold down the button for 10 seconds before you take a hit OR, hit the button twice rapidly then wait 10 seconds and the flash, then hold the button while you take a hit. hope this helps:
  12. I started vaping about a year ago. I used the mod to help me quit dipping snuff. I dipped for more than 10 years. I smoked before that. Everything had been going good, no side effects with the juice I was using and have since starting using again. I think I have an allergy to PG. I am using a 75vg/25pg and it's not too bad, but if the PG level is much higher that 25, It makes my stomach and throat hurt like crazy. It also makes my muscles hurt. I try to drink plenty of water when I vape, but sometimes it doesn't matter how much I drink
  13. Okay! So, I normally by the Keep it 100 brand juices just because I really like all of their products.. however, I bought pink burst for the first time the other day and was worried. Keep it 100 normally has clear e-liquids and this one was like oranges colored. A friend of mine bought the same bottle the next day, and it was clear. Recently after vaping it, I’ve been super sick with like stomach aches and like a turning stomach. Could the color of this relate with how I’ve been feeling?? (ps, there could be another reason why I’m not feeling well but just want to know if this could be adding to it or making it worse)
  14. Personally i own the smok baby mag, with the m2 0.25ohm coil, i run it at 35 watts and love the cloud and flavor it gives me, it would be the one i would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good setup.
  15. Tried JUUL and didn't like it, too expensive to keep buying pods and way too much nicotine in the eliquid they use. Vape it too much at one go and you'll probably get dizzy from getting too much nicotine in your system. The same goes for the anxiety - too much nicotine or nicotine overload. I prefer the pod system that allows you to fill your own with eliquids of my choice... in a much lower nic level than the 35 mg in the JUUL pods. This is just my experience since I'm not a medical professional nor do I play one on TV. 😄
  16. Hey there, Just a quick question. I actually started using a JUUL to quit dipping about 5 months ago and haven’t gone back since. However, About 3 month ago now I had a vertigo incident which then lead to a feeling of extreme anxiety and I have not been able to shake it since. I’ve read a few things on reddit about the JUUL causing this anxiety and want to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar? thanks in advance!
  17. Well, seeing this, the Indian health organization is carrying out the necessary steps for making sure that consumption of cigarettes is well-controlled. This is surprising that Indian officials are of the opinion that banning or putting a restriction on E-Cigarettes will bring out good results. It is by the safest and best way of making sure that habit of smoking “Traditional Cigarette” is taken care of. Please read more details here : Is it right to curb swelling of “Tobacco Smokers ? Thanks
  18. I have a Yocan UNI and I can turn it on and preheat and adjust the strength. After the preheat, do i hold the button down for a few seconds and hit it or hold it down while i pull it in? i cant remember what i did the few times i have managed to get a full lungful. and it's late and im frustrated. thanks. -chip
  19. The wick is what soaks up the juice then the coil heats it into vapor
  20. India has become a promising market for the sale of E-Cigarettes in large numbers. The representative of Reuters had transmitted the news of the JUUL Labs Inc (American Electronic Cigarette Company) having a keen interest in launching the product by 2019. Please visit more details here : JUUL Debuts in Indian Vaping Market Thanks
  21. I tried the great youtube to pull the pushpin up a bit. Still not firing, just heating up so it's hot to the touch, and I have to listen for the crackle. any other ideas?
  22. CBD juice is a good choice. try from Worldvaping.com
  23. I had the same issue. Always locked the battery to charge it and it was always green. I just got it today so I thought it was an issue with the charger because when I bought it I didnt lock it and drove to work with it plugged into my car for about 30 mins. So I managed to use it for about 5 hits when I got to work thinking everything was fine. At work it wouldnt work anymore but the light was on so I figured it was working but it wasnt. In my head the battery was dead but when I plugged it back in (with it locked) the light stayed green, and I couldn't get it to work the rest of the night tonight. I just got home and was messing around with it and finally plugged it in unlocked and the light turned red and it finally started charging. So yes, some models I believe are set up to where you have to have it unlocked to charge!!!! I wish the company would tell you this when you buy it...... kinda seems like they are losing money on returns because of it. Dumb business strategy
  24. Hey! Hoping everyone is having a good holiday. I'm 5+ years tobacco free and feeling good about that! I never thought I'd ever kick that nasty habit but thanks to vaping I did.
  25. Hi, long time no see! Hope life's been treating you well. As of May 10th, it's been 7 years for me. Can't believe it's been that long.
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