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  3. Yasmeen Caitlin

    Best tasting tobacco e liquids

    i'm vaping this bronze tobacco from Nasty Juice! its sooo freaking good
  4. Tam

    5Gvape Peace (MTL) RDA

    As this forum is mainly English speakers, you might want to repost this in English to get someone to reply.
  5. 5Gvape Peace(MTL)RDA黑色和SS 2颜色准备就绪👏👏👏 特点: 1。甲板上有一个2.5ml的隐藏式储水箱 2.它有大云和好味道 3.Peace RDA不仅是RDA,还有RDTA和MTL RDA 4.它有BF针和24mm装饰环 请联系我订购或更多详情❤️❤️❤️
  6. Last week
  7. Can you give us some details on what this tasted like?
  8. Hey everyone! I was so disappointed to hear that I can't buy V2 Sahara anymore due to them closing. Anyone else have this? Have you found anything similar? I used to smoke Marlboro Lights and the Sahara liquid was perfect! TIA and happy vaping!
  9. Not having the same kind of mod and tank you're using I can't give you any advice other than what I was able to Google: If your SMOK mod has a screen and it is all black, the most likely cause is that you have inadvertently entered ‘stealth mode’. This is easily rectified. If you are not in stealth mode then you may need to update the firmware or the screen may have been damaged. Deactivate stealth mode - You may have inadvertently entered stealth mode. You can deactivate stealth mode by pressing the fire button three times in quick succession. Update firmware - You can update the firmware for most advanced SMOK mods by plugging the mod into your PC and selecting the right upgrade tool from this list on SMOK’s website. Contact SMOK - If you are unsure how to update firmware or if you think your screen is broken, contact SMOK for support. Remember that your mod may still be under warranty. Might give these things a try?
  10. Mod is a smok majesty. Don't know what other info someone might need because I've never had to troubleshoot one of these things before. I was driving when it happened, so i don't know what the mod was doing or what the screen said. It was at about 50% battery, I hit it, nothing happened. I looked at the screen, it was blank. I thought I accidentally turned it off. Clicked it to turn it back on and got nothing. Thought maybe the battery died. Brought it home and plugged it in. The screen "lights up" but there is no display, just a blank screen. It slowly gets brighter, then blinks off. Slowly gets brighter, then blinks off. I popped the batteries out and put them back in again. I left it on the charger for about an hour. Still the same issue. The screen is blank, just a lit-up black screen that blinks off. It also blinks off when you hit the trigger. Screen behaves this way only when plugged in, whether the batteries are in it or not. Can't really afford a new mod at the moment, can someone help me get this thing working again?
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  12. BakednVaped

    Cloudy build

    Clapton with parallel fuse quad core
  13. Squid

    Mud Tires

    Never tried Nitto, but I got a set of General Grabber X3's on my 08 F250 this past spring. I am quite impressed. I use the truck for hauling firewood, usually out of areas that you need 4X4 to get in and out of. They perform great in muddy soft conditions, and are actually fairly quiet on the road. http://generaltire.com/tires/light-trucksuv/grabber-x3
  14. Moving this post to a more appropriate area for CBD topics.
  15. Hello, recently CBD oil become more and more popular and be legal, i saw a few people start use different pod device for CBD oil, like Juul, Breeze 2 and others. What's pod device you're using now for CBD oil? pls leave your comments!
  16. Tam


    Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  17. Adversarious1

    Vaping side effects

    There are still studies being done on whether there are long-term side effects from vaping. The vast majority of what you are going to find in relation to any side effects are all considered anecdotal by scientific standards. From personal experience, the only side effects I have experienced are: easier time breathing, lack of craving analogs, healthy weight loss (because I can exercise without running out of breath), and I smell better. Those are just a few of the longer-term side effects I have experienced from vaping. There were some short-term side effects when I first started, such as coughing when I inhaled vapor. But it's a different substance than cigarette smoke and what ex-smoker didn't cough the first few times they inhaled cigarette smoke? As far as Juul, I don't know enough about the product to give an opinion. However, I wouldn't say it's any better or any worse than anything I use. In my opinion, it is one option among many to help a person quick smoking. Personal disclaimer - I DON'T recommend vaping if you never smoked. I think it should be used as a tool to quit or cut back on nicotine use from traditional tobacco, not as a way to get nicotine if you never used traditional tobacco.
  18. Adversarious1


    Welcome to VT, Yasmeen.
  19. Adversarious1

    Hi guys, Newbee

    Welcome to VT, Connie.
  20. kaka2901


    Hi :)
  21. Falcon89

    Mud Tires

    I am looking for a set of mud tires for my 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. Is anyone here familiar with Nitto Tires? I am currently checking out their Mud Grappler tires. Is it worth the price?
  22. Yasmeen Caitlin


    Hello guys! I'm Yasmeen and newbie 😉
  23. Hi Guys, Is the government banning vape industry in Canada, because I am looking to start a small vape startup, focusing exclusively on recreational and party going crowd. I wanted to create fruit flavored and mint flavored vape, that is true to it taste. In fact, I am trying to perfect my flavors, as we speak. It is a long process from now, and it might take at least a couple of months before I could introduce a test sample. During my extensive research, I found a (spammy link deleted) in Ontario, who's services includes product development, packaging and delivery services, just like an outsourcing service provider. I am looking at using their services, for my initial trials, and if all goes well, I might take their services for my market ready products. But my concern is that, I have never outsourced my service before. Can somebody help me guys. Any opinion on this regards, would be useful. Do you think I should do my flavor development in-house.
  24. Connie975

    Vaping side effects

    Hi Guys, Does vaping have any side effects, that I need to know about. My buddy always uses Juul, and I don't know if it OK for him.
  25. Connie975

    Hi guys, Newbee

    Hi guys, I am Connie, Nice to meet you.
  26. Hi Guys, I was told my friends, that vaping products are going to be banned, in Canada. Is it true.
  27. Lloydnator123

    E liquid question

    Okay so can I use the e liquid that I have in my sourin air for my Smok 22? It’s 50 nic.
  28. 555 Tobacco from Element is a nice tobacco flavor with some almond, vanilla, and walnut notes. They also have another flavor called hazelnut tobacco which might also work for you.
  29. Adversarious1

    CDC Finally debunks toxin myths

    E-liquids can contain nicotine, but the nicotine is an additive and does not occur naturally in the other ingredients typically included in e-liquids, such as vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, distilled water and/or sweetener.
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