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  2. WOW its great too see you guys on again
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  4. Vapemodcentral

    Vape Related Question

    I like the article it had good accurate information. I quit smoking with vape after 20 years. I know my health has improved, but the vape explosions and such are what scares me and gets me mad when I read the reports about them. Every time I read about a vape related explosion they never disclose useful details, that could help keep other vapers safe. In comparison, laptops have 18650 batteries inside. When there was a problem with them catching fire and there was a danger to people, they immediately recalled those computers and found defective batteries to be the issue. It just seems when there is a vape related explosion the user is at fault and nothing is done.
  5. Vapemodcentral

    My GF is starting to Vape to Quit Smoking

    There is no filter, just atomizer with coils inside and typically cotton for the wick. 6 is probably the nicotine level and is a good starting point. I have found most starter kits even for beginners discouraging in the fact that they usually suck. Sounds to me like the PG/VG mix could possibly be wrong for that device and she burnt the coil, or wick. For that type of lower powered device you would want the lowest possible VG mix and also, Tam is correct some flavors or even brands can be harsher than others, when vaping at certain watts through curtain coils. Sometimes mixing a new flavor into rotation without changing the coil, especially if its a different PG/VG mix could lead to some adverse affects or flavors. For some more info on different types of E-liquid you might check out this blog post e-liquid-nic-salts-what-is-this-stuff? Sometimes vaping can be tricky, and there are so many brands flooding the market, If you purchase the e-liquid at a vape shop be sure to tell them the device your vaping with and they should guide you in the right direction. If she is serious about quitting smoking with vape then this article is a good place to start: secrets-to-quit-smoking-cigarettes-with-vape-inside I really want people to quit smoking with vape cause its fun, my opinion is that device and or coil set up might not be the best.
  6. I followed all of the steps to this, but neither of my coils that were provided in the box fire. Battery is at 100%. Pins were pushed forward. Any other suggestions?
  7. Last week
  8. Hey Bebop, glad to hear from you, and glad you're doing well! Speaking of "outdated knowledge", lol... a new vape store opened up near my physical therapy office, so we stopped in there the other day to check it out (and see if they had any Kanger SSOCC coils). I was amazed at the cases full of "POD systems" and these tiny little AIO or stick devices. I was totally lost on all the new devices, especially the POD systems! The other extreme was all the 200+W devices and massive tanks! Where is all the mid-range stuff? Where's all the Ohm-plus coils for those of us that prefer 1.2-1.8 Ohm vapes?? It seems the proprietor was missing out on a whole group of vapers by only catering to "stealth-vape"/beginner and extreme cloud-chasers. All of his stuff was insanely priced too. POD kits which I'd seen online for $19.99 were "starting" at $50, coils were $4-7 each, depending on type/mfg, tanks (like the SMOK TFV8 Baby V2, which I just bought for $19) was $45, and an Alien kit was $100!! I did purchase a box of Kanger SSOCC 1.2 Ohm coils while I was there (since I was there)... $21.50 plus tax!! When I bought all those coils two years ago (online), they were about a buck a coil.... not $4.50 each! After that purchase, I was terrified to ask about his juice prices, lol. The SMOK Mag 225 kit I just bought was $45 online... coupled with the Baby V2 tank and three boxes of coils, I spent less than $100. I can't imagine paying that much up-charge anymore... even if it is to keep the local shop in business. I mean I'm all for supporting your local business, but not by sending their kids to college while mine starve, lol. As for liking the new SMOK Mag kit... meh... it's okay. It is quite different than the Kanger top-tanks I've gotten use to over the past few years. The airflow is fully open, like taking a breath through a 1" PVC pipe, but the flavor is quite good. One thing I don't like is that sometimes the tank "whistles" when you're not drawing hard enough, and this thing guzzles juice... been through 2 tanks already (16ml) in the past 24 hours. The mod is HEAVY, and reminds me of the old Innokin VTR unit, which could double as a weapon . Battery life is okay - two tankfuls and still have 40% battery life, using some of my older, paired LG HE2. I've got some LG HG2 on order, so hopefully they will perform better, being newer and 3000mAh, too?
  9. Hey Earthling. good to hear from you. hope your recovery is smooth and complete. Sorry to hear about that. I'm a rare poster these days myself. The wife and I have settled in to a 3mg groove. we have a stockpile of unopened gear, cotton and coil wire and are set for years to come. I've been making my own juice now for the better part of a couple of years and so life is good. I've kind of gotten put of the "mod game" so I'm quickly falling behind but that's ok with me. We still support vaping and promote it whenever. occasionally I drop in here to embarrass myself with my outdated knowledge, lol and keep up with old friends. It's been pretty quiet lately but still in the game. Best wishes from sunny California.
  10. I only have 1 painted mod with all the paint left on it, with the exception of the bottom. It's a old Kbox 50w non TC. I used a sonic cleaner to clean 1 of my black top tank minis, and most of the paint came off, and they are solid SS under the paint. Wasn't very hard to remove the rest of the paint. I cleaned a old black subtank mini with a sonic cleaner, and none of the paint came off, tells me the old paint jobs are much better than the new paint jobs.
  11. Wow, I find it hard to leave gear in "unopened boxes", lol... although I do have a couple of toptank minis, one nano, and a coupe of Kayfuns and Russians still in boxes. I do love my Top kits! My two Platinum units are my go-to daily-drivers, mostly because the paint on the white/red/black ones tend to wear off over time, so I tend to use the colorful ones when I'm out and about (less likely to sit and hold it like I do when watching TV). I hear what you are saying about Kanthal and coil-killing juices. My wife's juice is a coil killer (lots of cinnamon) and she will only use Kanthal coils because they are the only thing that lasts more than 2-weeks... she can usually get about 6 weeks on a 1.2 Ohm Kanthal coil. My juices are not has hard on coils, and I can get at least a month, sometimes two on a 316L coil (using Wattage mode)... less if I use them in TC, and TC is much more demanding of the batteries, which is why I mostly use Wattage mode these days... consistent vape, batteries last longer, and coils last longer. I'm waiting for the mailman so I can test out the new Smok unit... but I'm sure my Platinum Toptank will still be used daily. Yes, you are correct about the Chinese not caring about lead in their brass... they have no environmental restrictions, and Chinese brass is LOADED with lead. Anytime I see plating coming off any of my gear or coil-heads... they hit the trash fast! That is one reason I have always loved Kanger (SS) tanks... they are solid SS, not plated or painted brass, like some of the other brands I've tried before, and I'm pretty sure even their painted ones are still SS, not painted brass? Plated brass tanks have always made me think twice about using them.... Horizon comes to mind, and Kanger did have a cheaper line of tanks once, which were chrome plated over brass... they didn't sell well because of it, and I certainly didn't buy any of them . I bought an all Copper RDA once... it is still in the box. I just can't bring myself to use it. I like my one brain cell, too .
  12. I don't think I will be ordering anything soon. I just looked at my stash, and I have 1 Kanger 160w box mod, 2 75w toptank mini kits (1 black, 1 platinum) 3 toptank mini tanks, and 2 nano tanks, all in unopened boxes. That's not counting the 7 box mods and 4 subvods that I'm currently using. I think I may have over bought in the past. As long as 18650 batteries are available I'm set for life. When I use TC I always use a RBA with a SS coil, but for the subvods I use occ coils, I also use occ coils in the minis when I vape coil killing juices, seems like Kanthal in watt mode works best for coil killing juice. The only time I toss a occ coil is when the plating comes off and exposes the brass. Most brass except medical grade brass contains lead, and I don't think the Chinese use medical grade brass to make coils. (I have to protect the 1 brain cell that I have left)
  13. Thanks, Rich! Yeah, I've had bikes fall before too (without my leg under them) with only minor damage, or none... this was the first time I was caught under one, and it wasn't even running, lol... I was just moving it to the barn for winter storage. My wife was at work (she's an RN), and she took the news quite well... although it reinforced her theory that she can't leave me without adult supervision for too long, lol... Yeah, the worst part of the day wasn't breaking my leg, it was explaining to my wife how I was an idiot... and having an expensive pair of boots shredded by an ER doctor, eager to use scissors.... I've rebuilt several of the horizontal-coil OCC... they are actually quite easy to do, but the problem is when you're out and about and change the coil... the wife tends to toss the old one, rather than save it for rebuild. I have about 40-50 shells waiting for rebuild, and I've been using the RBA deck, too. I'd say we have another couple years, minimum left with the supply we have... but... I thought I'd give SMOK a try, just in case our Kanger equipment starts running thin (coils, tanks, glass, etc.), as accidents do happen, and you can't rebuild those coil heads more than a few times before o-rings and insulators start to give out. Have you tried the new TFV8 V2 baby or TFV12 Prince? Mine will be here tomorrow, and I can't wait to try something "new"! It's been about two years since I bought any new vaping equipment, so this is like Christmas and Birthday rolled into one
  14. Aanya Alberto

    Hey am new to vaping wanted some advice

    I bought the smok alien. It is a high-performance vape with the baby beast. I recommend this mod for newbies and advanced vapors.
  15. Welcome back. I can understand the keeping your hands busy habit, I use a 2mg mix with about half of my flavors the other flavors I use 0 nic. Know how it feels to have a bike fall over on you, happened to me this summer. But my leg wasn't under it when it fell over, only had to replace 1 mirror, and tweak the forward control rear brake a little. I have been rebuilding the kanger occ coils I use in my subtanks, and nano tanks, I still have a lot of unopened occ coils left.
  16. Hey everyone... been a long time since I checked-in with everyone. It's been a crazy past couple of years, but I had a little free time to swing by, say "hi", and give everyone an update, vaping and personal-life I've basically been nicotine free for over a year, but I still keep some 2mg juice handy (just in case, lol). I still vape during my leisure time and a little at work, just because I like the flavors, my wife still vapes, and it keeps my hands busy. After 30-yrs of smoking, and only 5 years off analogs (yes, my 5-yr anniversary is coming up at the end of March... and it seems like a lifetime since I held a traditional cigar or cigarette), my hands still need "something" to do. My wife is finally down to 9mg, and has been holding there for about a year... she's not ready to go down any further, but I think the next batch of juice I mix for her will be 8mg.... It is how I got her down from 18mg... I slowly put less and less nicotine in her mixes and she didn't really notice until we hit 12mg and she had a stressful week Now, she pays attention to when I mix her juices, lol. If you remember, a couple years ago, I bought 200+ OCC and SSOCC coils for my Kanger subtanks (stockpiling for the FDA ban of vaping equipment)... well, those are almost gone. I had some duds in the mix and both of us have been using them for more than 2 years. She still has her Nautilus, but finding coils (affordable) for it has been hard lately (online and locally). Same goes for the SSOCC coils for our Kanger tanks... finding 316L versions is like looking for dinosaurs in the Nevada desert... you might find them, but they are probably fakes. Because of that, I've recently purchased a Smok Mag Kit (right-handed version) with V12 Prince tank and TFV8 v2 Baby Beast for a spare... as a trial-run of the newer Smok equipment. Coils are plentiful and relatively cheap (as compared to Kanger, when you can find them). I've had an original Baby Beast when they first came out, but I was never too happy with the flavor, the coils drained juice as well as batteries, and they just never "fit" my needs as well as the Subtank/Toptank mini have. For the past few months, I've actually been building my coils on the RDA deck for the mini, which preserves what few disposable coils (maybe 50-60) we have left, for the wife. If the new Smok tanks are better, maybe I'll get the wife switched-over to a sub-ohm system before her favorite Kanger 1.2 Ohm coils go the way of the Dodo? Either that, or I'll have to go back to rebuilding the OCC coils to suit her tastes.... although she did have her eye on a VooPoo Rex TC (look really similar to the Kanger subtank mini kits) at the local shop that recently opened... hmmm... might have to get her one of those to try it out? Of all the mods we own, the only ones still working are the two Cloupor Mini and two Mini-plus (75WTC version), as well as all six of the Kanger 75WTC top-box mini mods (two Platinum, two white, one red, one black). All 3 of my Wismec mods, my SnowWolf, and her favorite Sigelei 50W box have died or become unreliable... as well as a host of other mods from Asmodus, GeekVape, Aspire, Innokin, Joytech, eLeaf, etc. which we've tossed over the past couple of years. Interestingly enough... the VaporTalk Templar AIO I picked up on sale almost 2 years ago is still going strong, holds charge and coils last for months (but I only use it when mowing or when I need something "portable" and "small")! So, anyway, I'm hoping the new Smok Mag mod and tanks hold up as well as the Kangers have over the years.... BTW, I'm actually using a Platinum Top-box Mini kit right now, with RDA build @ 0.25 Ohm 316L SS, and vaping my own blend of Sweet-tart and Gummy-bears with zero Nic! As for personal life... same job... got divorced over 2 years ago, re-married a wonderful, smart, loving, caring woman 16 months ago... moved to a new city 90-min from where I use to live and now live on a small farm. I'm really loving tending livestock and all the fresh eggs from chickens and ducks! My Son-in-law was medically discharged from the Army back in September, so my daughter and grand-daughter now live only an hour away instead of 8 hours! So, now I get to see them FAR more often. I broke (shattered) my right leg (Tibia and Fibula) back on Nov 29th and had to have extensive surgery to fix it... I now have a Titanium rod in my right leg, which runs from knee to ankle. How I broke it... I was walking my antique motorcycle (the one in my profile pic) from the garage to the barn (with help from my son)... he was on the left, I was on the right... my foot slipped in the mud and the bike fell over on my leg as I was trying to stand... 500lb bike won! I'm still not fully recovered/healed, but at least now I can walk with a cane or crutch. I'm still not able to drive (at least until March), which sucks... since we bought a very gently-used F150 XLT 4X4 Supercab (for me) only 10 days before I broke my leg.... at least the wife is getting to enjoy it, lol... she LOVES a big, loud V8 TRUCK. Not much else to say... I hope everyone else is doing well. From reading posts I can see a few of the old crew is still around, as well as some new faces. It does seem the forum has seen a huge decline, which is unfortunate but ups and downs are expected as people move on to other things. I know the Vaportalk Store has fully taken a new approach to only the most basic systems (AIO, pods, cig-a-like)... but hey @Christopher, any time you want to go back to selling coils, tanks and more "advanced" systems... let me know... I'm sure many of us can send some business your direction. With more and more of my go-to online shops closing up, it is getting harder and harder to find reliable, and affordable vaping gear or accessories!
  17. There can be infinite problems especially with the quality of vapes one uses and hence its very necessary that one selects the best quality of vape pens and other accessories to fulfill his leisure. I recommend you to try out the products of (spammy link removed) since I recently had a very good experience with them.
  18. Earlier
  19. I googled "vape pen 22 blinks 4 times" and got a link that let to a page that said this: If LED light blinks as below,then it is working great. 1. 8 seconds protection:the LED light will blink 5 times when the power button is held for longer than 8 seconds,and the battery will automatically shut down the output. 2. Resistance protection:when the atomizer resistance is lower than 0.1 ohm or higher than 2.5 ohms,the LED light will blink 4 times and the battery will automatically shut down the output. 3. Low voltage protection:when battery capacity is lower than 3. 3V,the LED light will blink 15 times and the battery will automatically shut down the output. If LED light blinks as below,then it is malfunctional. 1.LED light keeps blinking. 2.LED light keeps lighting. Solutions: Please try to use coil or tank which resistance is between 0.1 ohm and 2.5 ohms.
  20. Unscrew the bottom of the tank like you are replacing the coil. Look up into the tube, the piece you pictured should go up in the tube with the small part up. The coil (atomizer) will butt up against the larger end of the piece, just like it is sitting in your last pic.
  21. Is it possible to take a picture or just basic drawing where exactly? Inside the wind pipe or ...... ? So i can try to place it again thanks in advance
  22. Squid

    Smok V8

    It's possible that the drop broke the coil in the atomizer or possibly something internal in the battery when you dropped it. As Tam said first thing to do is change the atomizer.
  23. Sunnylilfox

    Joytech AIO not firing up.

    Another thing that can help that I have discovered with this forum. Because I have tried all these steps I eventually got curious and consecutively pressed a small pin into the bottom "reset button" a few times (probably like 10 times) this fixed my problem and I was able to hit my vape again. I hope this helps the next person because it honestly helped me and I wasn't expecting it to work but it did so now I'm happily using my vape again.
  24. Tam

    Smok V8

    I googled, "smok v8 stick blinks 4 times" and got a link to this information: 1. 8 seconds protection:the LED light will blink 5 times when the power button is held for longer than 8 seconds,and the battery will automatically shut down the output. 2. Resistance protection:when the atomizer resistance is lower than 0.1 ohm or higher than 2.5 ohms,the LED light will blink 4 times and the battery will automatically shut down the output. 3. Low voltage protection:when battery capacity is lower than 3. 3V,the LED light will blink 15 times and the battery will automatically shut down the output. If LED light blinks as below,then it is malfunctioning. 1.LED light keeps blinking. 2.LED light keeps lighting. Solutions: Please try to use coil or tank which resistance is between 0.1 ohm and 2.5 ohms. This means that the coil in your tank is too low in resistance and needs to be changed.
  25. Serious question here. I have a smok v8 stick with an internal battery. It fell yesterday about 3 feet into carpet and now it won’t turn on, and when I plug it into to charge the tiny battery light just blinks. It will turn off if plugged in, but doesn’t fire and blinks 4 times. Is my battery bad??
  26. It looks to be the seal that goes at the top of the atomizer. I opened mine up,and that is what it looks like to me.
  27. Here is a clearer picture and size
  28. I have recently bought the Vape Pen 22 and have not used for some 15 odd days and now when I am trying to use it the battery is blinking for 4 times and when I charged it for almost 3-4 hours I am still facing the same problem. Vape Pen 22 battery is blinking 4 times
  29. JFord

    Problem with vape

    I had one of the Smok pens do the same sort of thing to me. At first I thought it was the coil, cause it worked at first. but then it started doing it with the new coil. So anyway, I contacted the store and was able to send it back for a replacement. I opted for store credit and I was going to get the Species by Smok, but I saw the Sigelei Sobra for like $20 cheaper and great reviews. There are a bunch of kits in your price range, just check out some reviews first; Xlum, Armour Pro, Vaporesso Swag or Revenger, Eleaf Lexicon and oh this one seems interesting - Innokin Plexar
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