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  2. Steam engine question

    Good choice IMHO. I guess it's interesting. If you change materials it remains the same. It only changes with gauge of wire. Smaller wire gauges produce more heat per area of wire. But it takes more length of smaller gauges of wire to match the the area of larger wire. How to take this into consideration while building a coil is beyond level of interest. I'm fine with winding up what I have at hand and seeing if I like the vape.
  3. Steam engine question

    Thanks Noclue what that means Im gonna ignore heat flux lol
  4. Steam engine question

  5. Steam engine question

    In steam engine what does heat flux mean??
  6. Upgrade to version 1.6 Changelog: - Smokeless counter" has been completely replaced with a new section "Expenses". Now you can track your expenses with visual diagrams.
  7. I'm experiencing the same issue with my Smok G-priv. I'm sure we all get some juice on our mods, and nicotine is the culprit. Nicotine has some sort of paint removal quality, and it's almost impossible to avoid having a minor spill every now and then. It does beg the question that if nicotine does this to paint, what's it doing to my lungs? Anyway, a great deal of manufacturers unfortunately aren't producing finishes that can stand up to this. Unless you have a pure copper or brass mod, you're likely to experience this problem. Luckily, it's a purely aesthetic issue and will not affect the functionality of your device. Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  8. Yesterday
  9. Glad to be of help. I love wraps and use them all the time on my iPower 80W.
  10. Vk red and white

    Oh hey, Welcome to VT BTW. As I'm sure you already noticed, It's a great place.
  11. Vk red and white

    That was the impression that I got, I just wasn't sure. I was hoping I could get at least a little more exhale vapor. I don't want too much because I use it at work and if they saw what I've seen from some people, they would tell me to go outside just to use it
  12. Vk red and white

    The most common juice sold is around a 50/50 mix, which doesn't give as much vapor as a higher VG juice. From what I hear a baby beast can handle a 80% VG or better mix.
  13. Vk red and white

    OK I definitely will. Thanks walt
  14. Vk red and white

    Lol. That's funny. Yeah I don't want to have too much smoke, but I don't have hardly any. I am gonna check into another type of fluid and see if that does the trick. I run my MOD at 55 watts Good choice. If a higher VG juice doesn't do it, look into higher performance coils. If I remember right the baby beast has a few options.
  15. Steam engine question

    Some stoves use SS heating elements, and it doesn't bother them when they turn black, they work for years that way. I have replaced the pipes on my bike with SS pipes, and they haven't turned black, but they are probably a different SS alloy, and they don't get as hot as a heating coil.
  16. Vk red and white

    Lol. That's funny. Yeah I don't want to have too much smoke, but I don't have hardly any. I am gonna check into another type of fluid and see if that does the trick. I run my MOD at 55 watts
  17. Vk red and white

    I have a v8 baby beast smok tank. I think it's just my eliquid. I am gonna try some other juice and see. Thank you for the advice I will look for 70/30. Mine doesn't show what it is
  18. Vk red and white

    I've got a couple of friends that are into the cloud chasing thing. One built up some crazy 8 coil RTA monstrosity. He hits it with a couple hundred watts. The build is down at point one something. He looks like a friggin locomotive, lol. He used some kind of exotic clapton coils. Watching his tank go down is like watching a toilet flush.
  19. Vk red and white

    High VG content will usually give more vapor, but that depends on the tank you have, and what coils you use. Some coils have a problem wicking high VG juice, I use a 70VG 30PG mix and get thick enough clouds for me, some people use 80-85% VG.
  20. Steam engine question

    Yup, it does that, lol. When the black starts flaking off I replace it unless I already have because I want to try something different. I've brushed a couple of them with a mini wire brush but can't get all the way around of course. I'm not into the dry burn cleaning method.
  21. Steam engine question

    There is one thing I don't like about using SS 316, after it gets hot it turns black, but it still works the same as when its bright and shiny. I guess its just me liking it to stay new looking. Even after running it through the sonic cleaner it still stays black.
  22. Vk red and white

    I don't get much vapor on exhale with my eliquid .what do i need to look for to get the plumes?
  23. Steam engine question

    Cool Im gonna try that I love TC
  24. Steam engine question

    When I rebuild a Subtank mini RBA I use 6 wraps of 28g SS 316, and get about .7 ohm coils, so far that has worked the best for me using TC.
  25. SMOK V8T8 Coil Wire Type

    All metal reacts somewhat similar. TC is really just temperature guessing anyway so I guess and tested settings on my gx350 running my tfv8. I set the mod 2 stainless steel even though I know it's Kanthal and run my t8v8 coil at 110 Watts in TC mode with wire size of .0009 and temperature of 400 to 500 Degrees setting This works beautifully and I get huge clouds and the coils last for a month or two no problem which is way longer than if you just try a wattage mode.
  26. Steam engine question

    Thank you Sir
  27. Steam engine question

    You will probably get about 1 ohm, the legs are shorter on the RBA deck.
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