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  3. Turkey!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  4. Turkey!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, @VapeMama and everyone in the US who celebrate! Happy Thursday to those outside the US. This year I'm thankful for so many things, but one that stands out is our Vapor Talk family. Thank you for making this year fun.
  5. Turkey!

    Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to spend the afternoon/evening with my dear residents at work who have no family/no place to go/unable to go. I'm thankful for each of them and thankful for all of you! For those of you from places other than the USA, I wish you a wonderful day as well.
  6. Hello. I'm Alex and I'm new here. I want you to share what the best fruit juice e-juice brand you've ever used. So far I'm trying to quit smoking using Cush Man from Nasty Juice. Delicious taste and fragrant aromas such as real mangoes attracted me to use this product for 2 months to quit smoking. I want you to share other brands you have or are using comparable Cush Man from Nasty Juice. Help me to live healthier without smoking.
  7. First Squonk / MECH (dun-dun-daaaah)

    Cheers man that's pretty much what I was asking for- ideas not a tutorial. I generally run 316l fused claptons on my regulated mods but they usually hit about .18 area - might just start off with some 24g Kanthal parallels or even twisted pair for duals in the Athena and a single ni80 fused clapton in the dead rabbit. Confident the parallels will hit around the .28- .3 mark and the single fused around .3 Anyways my vape mail didn't hit me today so got another day to think it over :/ Cheers lads
  8. First Squonk / MECH (dun-dun-daaaah)

    Walt is right on. I can just tell you what I do. I stick with Clapton's or fused Clapton's. I build to .28 to .35. I use a ohm meter to build on like the coil master 521 and if not sure I will check the build on a regulated mod to be sure. I will be hunting for a dead rabbit on Black Friday. What I do works for me on a series mod. Duel coil. As long as you hit the right ohms you will be ok. More ohms is better till you learn. Have fun
  9. First Squonk / MECH (dun-dun-daaaah)

    Wow, nothing like jumpin right in there head first! .25Ω is probably pretty close to what you will need. I don't know what all you've done in regard to building and mechs so I don't know where to start. I don't want to jot down a lot of rhetoric you already know. .25Ω on a dual coils makes each coil .5Ω. A single battery delivering the full 4.2V will deliver 8.2 amps to each coil or in other words, each coil will dissipate a little over 34 watts. That's not too bad of a match up as long as you don't go too insane with the coil i.e. too exotic and bulky. There are those who would say you are on the line pulling over 16A from that battery, but I personally don't see a problem with it. Just use common sense and keep track of how warm the battery gets. You don't need to be afraid of the things, just check and double check your resistance with the atty fully assembled. Keep the mod clean. If the mod starts heating up anywhere, inspect that area of the mod for dirt, carbon build up etc. That heat will be pointing out a high resistance joint. My favorite flavor builds remain to be a two core parallel Clapton. I was surprised to see a recent youtube video that confirms that build per "wind tunnel" tests. The air really hugs that configuration of coil if it is hitting the coil from the side. Contrary to popular practice, the video indicates a direct hit on the coil rather than underneath. Obviously nothing beats just trying different things on a particular atty. Hope this gives you confidence. I really sense you have the situation in hand.
  10. Last week
  11. Hey guys- decided it's time to look into the squonk and mech world - so I have a Geekvape Athena arriving later today- what should my first build be? Not really overly phased by blowing huge clouds (seems like somewhat of a pissing contest tbh) more after flavour. It comes with the Athena RDA and although the build deck would allow me to fit a single coil in the guts the airflow would be off as you can't rotate it away from the coils (or where it thinks the coils should be). Also have a Dead Rabbit I can load up a bigger single coil if I want to (have some pre made SS and N80 fused clapton wire) if that's going to be my best bet... And yeah- reason it's taken me so long to check it out is they do scare the **** out of me. So safety paramount. Will aim my build around the .25+ mark as I have a couple of different batteries I want to put thru it. I've bought one (d'oh thought I had ordered 2 but seems not...) VTC5A as from what I've gathered it seems to be one of the safer batteries around but also have a few 25r's that I might have to swap out here and there while my lonely Sony is on charge... Until she gets a couple of friends that is Any ideas guys? Sorry for such a long post but baby steps all the way with this Betsie. [emoji106]🤞
  12. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    Yeah that sounds about right. I usually use anywhere from 20 to 30% of combined flavorings. Maybe try a little less peanut butter and also use some vanilla and/or something creamy sweet along with some marshmallow.
  13. Hi All, I came across this thread when looking for solution for the LOW RES problem on the NX75/EVO75. I started suffering from it after I had dropped my mod by accident. I'm posting my solution here in the hope that it may help others. In my case, it was a large surface mount chip in the center of the back of the PCB that had come loose on one point. (I'm guessing it's some kind of regulator, it's the biggest package on the board) After soldering it back in place the mod worked like before. You could also wedge it in place by putting a small piece of paper behind it, if you can't solder it. Looking at the size of the solder joint, that chip should not have come loose. I blame bad solder work. You will need a T5 Torx screwdriver to open the modbox. Best of luck.
  14. Diy box mod cost?

    The next set
  15. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    Yikes! Hope all is well. And yes, you probably should. You're a keeper with all the good recipes!
  16. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    Funny you came up with a neat little rap. I came up with a few lines of fire last nigh. But quite random. I did just get out of hospital and heavily medicated straight back I to night shift... "Have the seen the new movie, starring Whoopie Goldberg and Bruce Lee, I think it was called "excuse me", 2 hours of them both sneezing profusely" Yeah I should probably lay off the medication while operating heavy machinery...
  17. Alright @cany! I thought for sure it was toast.
  18. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    Ok, that works out to about 20% Peanut butter and 10% marshmallow. I guess I could give that a go. Sounds a bit heavy on the flavoring but what the heck. Worst it could be is 15ml of draino.
  19. Glad I figured it would after I tried it I wasnt sure at first
  20. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    I would take a 30ml bottle and dump 2 drams of Lorann's peanut butter and on dram of marshmallow straight in. Sometimes I would use a better marshmallow and peanut butter flavoring but the guy down the street sells those dram size bottles of Lorann and that works fine. Then I would add enough nicotine(pg base) to suit my needs. Then top off the bottle with vg and a little pg sometimes. I know that's not an exact recipe with all the % thrown in but that's how I make that one. I am only accurate with the nicotine ensuring that I hit my target mg. Sometimes I will use more or less vg and sometimes I will use more or less and other brands of flavoring. Almost always comes out good. Hard to mess it up.
  21. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    My mother always made fuffernutter cookies. She seemed to think they were a German thing. Sounds good regardless. If you would like to share the recipe I'm sure nobody would mind. Hint...hint.
  22. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    I used to make an apple pie juice from a recipe I got from kitsune years ago. I'm gonna look up a few different recipes for that and use my own judgement. Apple pie is one of the few flavors I like. My own favorite is fluffernutter -- peanut butter, marshmallow. (It's a New England thing).
  23. Check this out. It's a budget Lost Vape. Could be a hell of a deal.
  24. cany got it right. That is what I did. A small flat screwdriver down the airflow and I backed it out. I did turn it too tight and wore off the catch that allows it to grab and open so now I always have to use the screwdriver but it still works fine. Not a big deal. I like the Templar a lot but not a fan of child proof caps.
  25. The VooPoo's are build like tanks. A friend got a VooPoo Alpha One. Nice unit.
  26. Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    That's hilarious. I love it! The smurf cakes are fantastic!!!! Workin on my first 120ml batch right now. I screwed up the other day and left my vapin "day bag" at home. Bought a little commercial juice to get through the day. Yuck! How did I ever vape before dyi? I've come to realize with friends like you I'm spoiled. We're pumpin out some premium vapes dude! We be da elite! Ya Dat wat we be! You don't be vapin till ya vape like me! Grampa Walt's vape rap. Move over Rip Tripper!
  27. Looks like the boys at worked liked the tweaks Walt my man. I did end up adding 1.5% Vanilla Custard and inadvertently bought Vanilla Bean Gelato instead of ice cream so slight sub there. But that bottle was full at the start of the night. That's 2 * 30mls sold and 2 "can I pinch a tank" and now I need to make more again. Think I need to whip up bigger batches. And a little shout out to you for the help with the recipe. How did u go with Smurf Cakes?
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