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  2. What's on top of the clams, @cany? Even though it looks like sand, I know that's not what it really is, lol.
  3. Got my Halo yesterday, LOVE IT!!! Been vaping in TC and have had no probs!! Actually, my 3mg nic flavor I had that gave me a headache in my smok setup doesn't give me a headache in my Halo [emoji3] I think using TC has everything to do with it tho, lol. Don't think I'll ever vape in wattage mode again [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. @Compenstine he got me started and helped me a lot If it wasnt for him I would of not tried DIY...... That being said I doo all my mixing here Eliquid recipies
  6. New build i came up with last night. 26/36 dual core fused clapton paralleled with 24g 8/9 wrap on 3mm coming in at 0.25 ohms in the 30mm temple. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks @Tam. It is all as it should be. Time for a new direction. Regardless, vaping is still great!
  8. Sorry to hear that things didn't go so well, Walt.
  9. I have learned so much from Wayne at diy or die Vaping. He pulls no punches. Great videos podcast website and Facebook. I joined for $3 a month or $30 a year. Worth it. Sent from my iPhone using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  10. Oh my friend, I'm afraid this era is over. Our newest clown made one hell of a mess tonight. I dumped the band. With the addition of the last two folks we went from a very tight band to a garage band. Weakest link thing. It has been getting embarrassing. Tonight we played to a few relatives and a couple of member friends. It has been a steady decline over the last year. All good. Our repertoire was getting real stale anyway. Same 70 or so songs they had when I joined three years ago. Borrrring!
  11. Last week
  12. Plane tickets for all your groupies at VT. 😜 Looking forward to more vids
  13. Thank you Tam! We need it. We have two new members that have only been with us for a year. Sometimes things get a little shaky. I hate having things thrown at me.
  14. Money in bank for debit card to draw from: ? Seriously, though, I wish you the best gigging night ever, @Walt!
  15. New venue. Big stink. Ipad charging: Check Bass cleaned up: Check Logo shirt in dryer: Check Black everything: Check Set list on ipad: Check Now for the important stuff! SX mini with single coil Ammit: Check! Alien with dual coil Ammit; Check! Templar on charger: Check! Extra batteries charged: Check! Gorilla bottles filled: Check! Debit card in wallet: Check! (They have the best pizza in Ann Arbor)
  16. Have I mentioned yet that I like this mod? I opened up the SXi software a built a nice sloping ramp up curve over the first two seconds. This thing just keeps getting better and better. I know, shut up Walt, we get it.
  17. I have to say, going on 3 weeks with this thing now and it is awesome! I have juices that I never really cared for, this thing really brings the flavor out in everything I put in it. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  18. Bought from EightVape: *Gold TFV12 standard to use with my 2nd RBA deck from my RBA edition ($19). I'll find a friend to take the coils off my hands. *TFV8 RBA-16 deck ($7). Awesome Goon style deck. Should give new life to my TFV8. *300mls 6mg juice ($24) Free shipping (over $50) and cheap juice via sale + 30% off coupon. Watermelon flavor is super cheap ($3.50 for 60ml) Bought from *Joyetech Cuboid 200 ($18.75 with 50% off coupon) + $5 shipping ($23.75 total). Psyched to pair it with ArcticFox and my smaller atomizers. Bought from Om Vapors *120ml juice "Nirvana" 9 nic ($10 w/code) *120ml juice "Serene" 9 nic ($8) $5 shipping ($23 total) Given that I just sold my GPriv for $45, not a bad exchange. Juice was needed, other items I wanted and were priced right. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  19. Just upgraded the firmware. The menu said "ah hung gong fuey gooey, you do bobo bozo!" Went and found another
  20. I saw $150 a while back I think, maybe it was on sale at the time. Either way, its a surprisingly good deal!
  21. $200.00 everywhere I have looked on line.
  22. 50 at a B&M? Yeah I probably would have bought it too and suffered the wrath of my wife later. Don't those normally retail online for around $150?
  23. Glad to be of service!
  24. I agree wholeheartedly. I was indifferent to NPR before, now, well...after they let that be published...lets just say, theyre now on my $-hit list.
  25. That's why I nearly fell over when I found it for fifty bucks. New in a box at a local B&M. Could not pass that up.
  26. Oh hell ya. Somebody decided to flip their semi this morning and I got caught in the bowl movement of gapers. Thinking all the time, I could smoke again for this much fun. The fumes where horrendous. Not a good time to be able to smell. I won't comment on NPR. I feel too good today to start a political **** storm.
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