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  3. Need help with my Shortfills

    I'm really not sure but I'll let it steep for a few days and see if that's the problem. Thanks tho
  4. Might be too much nic content to be sub ohming
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  6. Need help with my Shortfills

    It's an alien baby beast with a 0.15 sub ohm V8 coil which is premade. Yes I primed the same way I prime all my coils.
  7. What kind of tank are you using this on? What resistance coil? Is it a premade coil or an RDA? If it's premade, did you prime the coil/wick before vaping?
  8. Need help with my Shortfills

    It's a 9mg nic shot to get 3mg liquid which is 70/30 and the liquid is 80/20. Flavor ratio I'm not sure
  9. I finally got tired of paying 15.00 or more for a small bottle of juice, and bought the materials to make my go-to vape, Midnight Rider. I'm making 100 ml bottles, and am using 20 ml of flavoring, 3 mg of NicSelect nicotine @ 100mg/ml solution, and then topping off the 100 ml bottle with organic VG. My question is, do I have the ratio right to have my juice at a 3% nicotine level?
  10. What mg of nicotine are you using? Also, what's the PG/VG and flavor ratio?
  11. Today I bought a shake and vape from my local shop and I really need help because I must have not shaken it right or something, all I can taste from the juice is nicotine and I never usually buy shortfills so I never know how to do it. Any advice to fix this?
  12. Vaporesso GT coils.

    I didnt even know they started making mesh coils. I wonder how they perform.
  13. Bad coils or krummy batteries?

    Hey Kerk. What type of atomizer are you using? If you're making the coils build a bit higher. Do the batteries act the same with different atomizers? Do the batteries drain as quickly in a different mod? If the drain is slower with a different tank or in a different mod it is the hardware if not batteries.
  14. Foo Punch

    A work in progress ,tweeks are encouraged, toying with the idea of a smidge of TFA coconut but pretty good as is : 70/30 30 mil bottle: 3 mil Fuji Apple TFA 2 mil Green Apple loranne 1 mil loranne cherry 2 mil Capella juicy orange .5 mil blackberry TFA .5 kiwi double Cappella 1 mil watermelon Candy TFA 1 mil strawberry ripe TFA 1 mil cranberry TFA 1 mil liquid organic stevia..... maybe some lime + coconut. We shall see.Love it so far though.I really like TFA flavorings. Vape on ,if anybody has improvement ideas,please speak up.
  15. Ive noticed some batts last longer than others no matter what the age
  16. Probably batts, just hard to believe that the whole batch was bad........900 mah acting like 400 mah, in less than a month. They are so bad that it takes 5 of them to vape for 2 hours. LOL Thankfully I've pulled some of my throwaways out of retirement. They are working better than the new ones. Hanging on until the next order (different vendor) arrive.
  17. What Tam said when my batts get low My vape sux fresh batts and Im good too go
  18. Chris M Dunster on Facebook

    At the very least I hope they can nail him for theft across state lines.
  19. My vote would go to the batteries. Bad batteries can also affect how your coils act.
  20. Can bad new coils drain your batteries? Got some new batts and they sure run down real fast, even with new coils. Been using same size batts for a few years, so pretty used to how much life I should get......but the coils could be the problem too, as they are not hitting that great on my USB pass-through either. It's like the software, and the hardware, pointing fingers at each other saying 'he did it'.
  21. Chris M Dunster on Facebook

    He has been reported to U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Vermont State Troopers for Fraud/Scam/Petty Theft.
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  23. Throat and Lungs sore

    First, I would like to say to you that, if you are not a smoker, I would not recommend anyone to start vaping. While we believe that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes, there are no long term studies to show it is totally safe. Why did you want to start vaping in the first place? You never said what you are using to vape the 0 nic eliquid. Eliquid in general tends to have a dehydrating effect. We always recommend increasing your intake of plain water - not juice or soda or coffee or tea - just plain water. If I were you, I would look for something different to start and leave vaping to those who are trying to get off cigarettes. Just my opinion.
  24. I am new to vaping, I started today. I am currently using the Glas Basix Blueberry Cake Liquid with 0mg of nicotine. I dont know if it is normal to feel this way. Incase anyone asks i have never been a smoker before.
  25. This is the best I can find: Coil Specifications: GT Coil Family GT 2 0.4 Ohm Clapton Style 40 to 80W 55 to 65W Recommended Range GT 4 0.15 ohm Clapton Style 30 to 70W 45 to 80W Recommended Range GT 6 0.2 ohm Clapton Style 40 to 100W 70 to 90W Recommended Range GT8 0.15 ohm Quadruple Vertical Coils Clapton Style 50 to 110W 60 to 80W Recommended Range GT CCELL 0.3 ohm Clapton Style 15 to 40W GT CCELL 2 0.3 ohm 35 to 40W GT Mesh 0.18 ohm 50 to 85W GT 2 is one coil, 4 is two coils, 6 is 3 coils, and 8 is four coils. All vertical and all K1 as far as I know. The C Cells are ceramic. And of course the mesh is just that. I have only tried the GT8 and the mesh. I prefer the mesh for flavor out of the two.
  26. Hey everyone. I've been looking everywhere and can't get decent information. Can someone please break down and explain to me the difference between all the Vaporesso gt coils and what each one would be best for? Thank you.
  27. smacksy is it a juice hog? I gotta try squonking one day
  28. It's not for everyone but I really like it, I've just about completely switched over to squonking. You get the flavor of dripping but without the hassle.
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