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    Vaping side effects

    There are still studies being done on whether there are long-term side effects from vaping. The vast majority of what you are going to find in relation to any side effects are all considered anecdotal by scientific standards. From personal experience, the only side effects I have experienced are: easier time breathing, lack of craving analogs, healthy weight loss (because I can exercise without running out of breath), and I smell better. Those are just a few of the longer-term side effects I have experienced from vaping. There were some short-term side effects when I first started, such as coughing when I inhaled vapor. But it's a different substance than cigarette smoke and what ex-smoker didn't cough the first few times they inhaled cigarette smoke? As far as Juul, I don't know enough about the product to give an opinion. However, I wouldn't say it's any better or any worse than anything I use. In my opinion, it is one option among many to help a person quick smoking. Personal disclaimer - I DON'T recommend vaping if you never smoked. I think it should be used as a tool to quit or cut back on nicotine use from traditional tobacco, not as a way to get nicotine if you never used traditional tobacco.
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    Happy Halloween!!!!

    Belated Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I'll try to answer as best as I can and my answers/recommendations are based on United States information. The only mac compatible software for updating firmware that comes to mind is eScribe, which is used for updating the firmware on DNA chipsets. Something comparable (actually much better, in my opinion) to the smok alien 220w you have been using is any mod using a DNA 250 chip. As far as your specific requirements: escribe (Currently with US and International versions for mac, but again, for DNA chipsets only) Maybe not under $100, but you can find the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C for about $120. It can't jumpstart a car, operate a spaceship or function as a PS4 controller, but it is an excellent mod. Since it's just a mod, you can use just about any tank you can get your hands on. It uses 3x18650 rechargeable batteries. The Triade is solidly built. Mine is going on 3 years old and I've never had an issue with it so I've never had to take it apart. That being said, it does appear to be fairly easy to disassemble/reassemble.
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    e Liquid does not contain THC. I'm not sure how it showed up "not as THC but as Cannabis." When you test for something, you generally need some kind of marker. In the case of Cannabis, they use THC, unless things have drastically changed over the years. In any case, your employer is primarily looking to ensure you are not high on the job and able to perform your duties safely. The only exception to this may be if you are using CBD liquid rather than normal e liquid (this is speculation as it's not something we use or sell). This link will give you a bit more background on CBD products: https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-culture/cbd-consumption-cause-me-to-fail-a-drug-test If you are failing your drug test, you're going to need to look into what else is in your diet or perhaps even your surroundings. False positives, while they do happen are unlikely. If you have a good employer and this job is important to you, sit down with your boss. Explain the situation and your concerns. Request that a hair test is done over a urine test. If you really are drug free, as stated, this will allow you to be re-tested while putting the concerns of longevity to rest with your employer as hair tests can go back 6 months or more. You may even wish to bring your e liquid depending on your career. If they're a good company, I'd imagine it's much cheaper for them to investigate and properly asses the situation rather than end up slapped with a wrongful termination lawsuit.
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    Vaping regular e-liquid shouldn't be a problem unless they're also looking into nicotine use. If you haven't had any weed in the past 30 days or more, haven't used anything with CBD or any other component of marijuana, you should have been fine.
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    That juice should have nothing to do with you failing a drug test
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    Nice score shen
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    Build advice

    1st piece of advise using a mech mod, read, learn and understand Ohms Law so you don't become a statistic. That IMHO is the 1st step in using a mech.

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