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    Trying Killer Kustard for the first time. And Always go to have a tobacco flavor with me.
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    Wismec predator 228?

    My fire bar made a recovery! How often does that happen?? The pin is still a pain in the rear end, but it will hold out until payday, and new mod! What a relief that was. I don't know how I feel about the whole fire bar deal. I think I liked the button better. Well I tried the fad, I guess that makes me old, lol!
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    Merlin mini rta

    I got it figured out. I was making sure I wasn't going to hurt the tank...silly I guess when that is what it is built for 😂😂😂. Everything is running just fine. Thank you ! This thing is a bit of a bugger to wick!
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    Let us know how you like the Mod I was looking into it
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    Got a package yesterday, an Rx Gen3 dual kit. The tank is the Gnome King tank, the mod runs dual 18650 and does temp control and 230 watts.
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    tank getting warm while vape

    The act of vaping is driven by heat. When you vape the cartomiser (your type of "tank") is going to get warm. How warm depends on the Ohms of the coil, the voltage of the battery, and how long and how often you drag on it. If you are chain vaping, it will get quite warm. My tank, a Melo3 gets quite warm on my way home from work while I take many long hits during the 40 minute ride home.
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    Dry, sore, swollen mouth

    You didn't mention what you vape, if you use a refillable tank your supplier may have changed the juice that you use, you may have a allergy to some chemicals that are used for flavoring. You could try a different supplier or maybe just a different flavor. Or it may have nothing to do with vaping.
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    You learned quickly so it was a pleasure to "larn" ya.
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    I'm working on it......
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    We don't know if he's trying to create a whole new type of mod...
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    Just curious... what does this have to do with vaping?
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    First of all, we don't kick people off the forum just because we assume they're underaged. If you don't understand their question - no matter how much it might not make sense to you - that's on you. I understood it perfectly well. Everyone is welcome here. Even you.
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    Nicotine levels

    Just bit the bullet. 30ml of 50mg salt nic Alchemist should arrive in a few days
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    Bump! Blue raspberry by TFA, hawiian limeade by flavor west, green apple by Loranne, Lemonade by Loranne, 250 mil 100mg PG nic, Merlin mini rta on the way! I'm ready for summer, winter has been here tooooo long!
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    What flavor you vaping on?

    Peach lime (mtl) Skittle -aide in the rta!

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