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    Walt is right on. I can just tell you what I do. I stick with Clapton's or fused Clapton's. I build to .28 to .35. I use a ohm meter to build on like the coil master 521 and if not sure I will check the build on a regulated mod to be sure. I will be hunting for a dead rabbit on Black Friday. What I do works for me on a series mod. Duel coil. As long as you hit the right ohms you will be ok. More ohms is better till you learn. Have fun
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    Grampa Walt's Apple Pie

    That's hilarious. I love it! The smurf cakes are fantastic!!!! Workin on my first 120ml batch right now. I screwed up the other day and left my vapin "day bag" at home. Bought a little commercial juice to get through the day. Yuck! How did I ever vape before dyi? I've come to realize with friends like you I'm spoiled. We're pumpin out some premium vapes dude! We be da elite! Ya Dat wat we be! You don't be vapin till ya vape like me! Grampa Walt's vape rap. Move over Rip Tripper!
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    Strawberry kiwi cottoncandy.yum.
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    Hey All!

    @Tam thanks so much. Life's great on the farm , lots of homegrown veggies, eggs and milk. It's a lot of work but my daughter and I are loving every minute of it.
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    Defending vaping over smoking

    Congratulations on the move to the Vaping world. I was a two or three cigar a day smoker for 20+ years, I mean those big freaking Churchill’s. Gave them up almost cold turkey and went to Vaping about 8 years ago and haven’t looked back. I’m 62, mix my own liquid, build my own coils and enjoy playing around with the new stuff hitting the market. Get a kick when someone walks over after seeing clouds pouring over my head and asking what the heck is that.
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    Bump when you get something in vape mail.

    Check this little bugger out! It's about the size of a lipstick tube. 20700 hybrid mech pipe bomb. Great for collecting finger prints.
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    Starting a new mod company. Calling it Last Vape.
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    Intro..... new here and to vaping

    Welcome to the Hotel California! Mwa hahahahaha. No, seriously, It's a great place. Welcome aboard.
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    Let's talk coils...

    I've tried a few more exotic coils and like yourself been underwhelmed. Could be just me. I don't look for a huge amount of fog. I concentrate more on flavor. The other thing that becomes cumbersome for me is the sheer girth of some of the builds in conjunction with the small resistances they yield. For awhile now I stock 30, 28, 26, 24, and 36 gauge simple wire in Stainless and Kanthal. I either use simple wire or 2 wire parallel wraped in 36 and get results that I am very pleased with. All depends on how much space I have and how much resistance I want. I also vape everything from tight MTL to wide open two coil buckets. I build for everything from mech mods to a four battery car jumper. With just these few wires I can cover everything nicely.
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    Oh my gawd!!! That was it .Holy crap. WHY do they do that ??? It literally cut me off.why would anybody want it to,do that ??? And why don't they tell us ???? Omg I was full on panic mode haha My husbands asleep and not using his thats,the only reason I didn't flip!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
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    Have not. Looks good and simple. I actually have all the ingredients on hand!!! Might mix up 15ml yet tonight. Got all my stuff sitting out. Thanks! You're alright. Keep em commin!!!!
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    I have come to believe the cinnamon is a flavor that hits different people very differently. A friend gave me a huge bottle of juice that is a peach cobbler. He simply said try it and throw it out if you don't like it. All he could taste was cinnamon. The stuff tastes great to me. I get plenty of peach. Another beatitude of DYI.
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    Glad you like it and glad you dropped by! I don't think this one is quite a "Govad"; close though. Still diggin the apple pie! My favorite desert!!!!
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    Steelerz 542

    Giving vaping another chance.

    When I quit lights 6 months ago I felt my blood pressure drop immediately
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    6 months cigarette free!!!!

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    I hit a snag. Any suggestions?

    Snagged one! Onward and upward! I'll let you know again when it comes in, lol.
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    My juice tastes like rubbing alcohol???

    What flavor are you vaping? Also, what's the PG/VG ratio? Like @Walt said, the bad taste could also be coming from the fact that you have a bad cold, have vaper's tongue, and bad taste buds. Make sure you're drinking lots of water (not soda/pop, coffee, tea or juice -- just water). Vaping dehydrates you and the "vaper's tongue" you mentioned is basically dehydration.
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    My juice tastes like rubbing alcohol???

    Might not be primed enough let it sit so the coil gets soaked enough
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    What have you mixed today?

    Some Carmel cappuccino!! It's cold outside!!
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    What did I learn about vaping today......

    Haven't posted in this thread in a long while. It has always been one of my favorite threads. Kinda like a log of the vaping journey. Today I learned that I keep learning. I pulled out an atty that I haven't used in a very long time. I remember it as a "fair" atty. Pulled it apart and re-wicked it. Noticed as I pulled the old wick out that the coil placement was really not in the best place and that there was a lot of cotton stuck in there. Long story short I now have a great atty. Been suckin on the thing all day. Had no idea how good it was, lol. I love this hobby.
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    Forgot to add a couple of arrivals lately. 500 ft. of 30 gauge wire from Temco on that great sale Compenstine shared with us and three more custom HH.357 Cisco Hybrid Spec atomizers at 2.0 ohm, black, short barrel. I'm amassing a pile of these for easy rotation to be cleaned.
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    Yes just got mine in yesterday think I need to steep it but good out of the mail
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    Tell me more about Nicoticket and cream Brulee. Is it sweet?
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    Got my MVP. Wasn't stalking the mail carrier, and the dog didn't alert us to her presence - probably because he was stalking the turkey being cooked, and then eaten, but it had to have come before 6 pm, despite leaving the Post office an hour late, because while we were eating, right by the window the mailbox is closest to, didn't hear the mailbox close, much less a Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping Box hit the inside of the mailbox. Incidentally, I now know if I ever have to mail a device or something back to anyone, I can use a LOT less bubble wrap. It was in this $5.00 shipping box, so plenty of room around it, and it was just in a sort of envelope of bubble wrap, not bubble wrap stuffed into every corner of the package, like I've done twice now. Think I'm gonna see if my mom can/will take me and get me three packages of coils down in East Alton. Like I said, most of the coils I have in tanks right now are recycled, and even though most of them are higher ohms, I don't know how good they all are, and I want to get brand new coils in these tanks.
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    Placed the Order on the 8th, It shipped on the 12th (Delay posted on my invoice said that it would ship the 15th) and received it today. 13 days from the day I placed the order, 4 days to process order 9 days shipping time. Total 13 days
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    how long did it take for you to get your fast tech order?
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    Today got my Mad Murdock's Pluid and Mellow Melange. And one more package from fast tech due at my mail box tomorrow.
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    EC Blends' chocolate malt is amazing...
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    How do I move it down? I can't seem to get it to lower. I'm such a mech noob GOSH (Napoleon Dynamite voice).
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    Vape mail. Whee! From Discount Vapers: 10 -- 5-pack 1.8 ohm Kangor Pro Tank coils 4 -- Anyvape Davide minis From Litecigusa: 4 -- extra long stainless steel drip tips
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    ...or the Red Bull
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    But you must also have the Coffee juice. Breakfast isn't complete without the coffee.
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    ...and by the way, just vaped the Bacon flavored juice from Vaper God. Sorry, but 'bacon' was not what I tasted. Reminded me of the outside garden area at Home Depot. Over by the lawn fertilizer. Thumbs down on this one. Clearing the air now with Red Oak 'Silverthorn' by Johnson Creek. Much better
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    No Dunkin' Donuts in my little town but we have lots of red bulls...brown bulls, light brown cows... Living out here in Colorado, ranchers have lots of livestock. Lol.
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    Well, not all of us have Dunkin Doughnuts just around the corner, so Red Bull it is.....until I can caffeinate my ejuice
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    They're worth every penny, but good luck finding one. Those who lucked out in getting one, don't part with them. (Minus a Flipper here or there, which is rare, cuz when anybody's caught flipping one, they are banned from all future lists, & the best, of course, is yet to be).
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    Yes, they are limited. He's also made a nice RDA called the Gota, & is in the process of making a surprise one. I don't know if he will go unlimited, he is not a manufacturer, just a super creative, talented, OCD about craftsmanship, backyard hobbyist. If I had riches, I'd set him up with a shop & not bat an eye. That's a good buy on those tanks!
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    Does finding something you thought you lost count? You know that KPT mini 2 that I thought I lost? I found it in the depths of (hell) my purse today. I didn't think to look in my purse on that day that I misplaced it, because everything was either in my jacket, or in my bag.
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    I got a Smoktech Slim ViVi Nova tank, my first real accessory to my "710 pen". I can't believe how different the hits are compared to the small, single coil funnel type cart that came with my rig.
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    Been out all day and what was waiting for me in my Vape Mail?... My replacement SID Whooo Hooo
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    Consume mass quantities. LOL Does finding an E cig count? I was in a local gas station last week and found an Ego CE4 clone on the floor. I turned it in to the manager thinking someone would return for it. They said if no one clamed it after a week I could keep it. It had been a week so I asked about it today and it was still there... it is now mine.
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    USPS could get some great pointers from you, Proetus.
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    Wow, how are all these people getting coils from Proteus?
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    5 packs of coils from Proetus, and beakers, graduated cylinders, and droppers.
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    30ml Vape Dudes: Coffee @ 70/30 11mg 50ml Vape Dudes: Mocha Java Drizzle @ 70/30 6mg I hadn't received the usual two emails from them and had ran out of both the above. Strange as they have been outstanding on dependability. Then Shablam! The doorbell rings and I'm fully stocked!!
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    30ml of RYguy4 30ml of Coffee con Leche 5ml of Warm apple pie from http://electrolightsdirect.com/electro-liquids.html
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    I got 7 15ml testers for free from us vapor company since they have a contract with a local b&m not to sell to anyone in my state but them.
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    This past week I got in 3 packs of 1.8ohm KPT coils, a 5 pack of KPT2 replacement glass to have on hand, and 2 packs of 2.2ohm T3S coils for the wifey. Should get 30ml Endless Summer from Fuzion and the (5) 5 packs of KPT coils I was lucky enough to see Proteus post in classifieds this week sometime.

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