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    Emergency coil construction

    remove cotton gently burn off old coil and clean (Heating, then rapid dip in cold water) rewick should buy you a week
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    The vision spinner was one of my favorite batteries, it was my go to device for a long time.
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    Like you, @Bebop, I started with the eGo batteries, but the latest and greatest at the time was an eGo-T. Shortly after I got my first kit the eGo-C pass through came out and I upgraded. Then the Vision Spinner came out (very like an eGo Twist but with a slightly bigger capacity battery), and the rest is history of an empty bank account.
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    long live the ego-C! That was my ticket off the cigs so long ago. simple and effective. ah, those were the days.....
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    It is a great little stealth vape for sure, but for someone like me who likes to chain vape. The battery tends to go quickly, but I also run it on it's highest settings (40 watts in Power mode) other than that it is a decent little box. They do however have a newer more powerful box called the Mega-Volt which does 80w, TC and has a bigger battery. It really depends on what you are looking for. Thank you Sir
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    How is that mine Im looking for something smaller too use
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    Got this in the mail last week, Council of Vapor Mini-Volt kit with tank. And of course the flava monsta Royal Hunter Mini rda. Got it all for under $30.
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    Walt do Smoant NaBoo Review

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    Emergency coil construction

    I believe the .9 measurement was probably wrong. To get .9 ohms using 22g 304 you would need to do 30 wraps using a 3mm id even using a 5mm id you would need 20 wraps. (that is according to steam) If you checked the resistance using a multimeter you would have to subtract the resistance of the leads, which can vary depending on the quality, and the length of the leads. If nothing else use the wire out of a twisty tie, just strip the plastic off of it.(seen that in another post)
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    Emergency coil construction

    very interesting. I see now it's a vertical coil. but why can't you just pull out the cotton and then stuff some more in there? I know, easier said than done but it might be a fun project.... it's probably a press fit top on that coil so would be tough to get to.....
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    Please be patient as I try to explain my situation lol 😅 I've been vaping for a few years but never really looked into much of the mechanics/modes of the actual mod considering TC. I just pick a wattage I like and keep it there. Recently got a new mod (Wismec RX230). I use the V8-T8 Smok coils with the TFV8 cloud beast tank. I like to keep her at 125w. And go through a coil 3-4 weeks it seems. I feel like I have been vaping wrong this whole time by not paying attention to the TCR, and not getting the best out of my set up by not adjusting the TCR modes. Or am I just over thinking things and trying to make it complicated?
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    This is insane

    DAMN! Watch ""Controlled" explosion of a UltraFire 18650 batte…" on YouTube http://youtu.be/ZTzEHsJVZhA
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    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    Looks like @Bebop is doing a great job of getting you through this. Just as a couple of side notes: 1. Smok coils often are flaky. We get a lot of problems here with them. 2. Sometimes a mod will not read a new coil. One thing you can try is to fire the mod with no coil a few times and see if it indicates no atomizer. This may help it read a new coil when you put it on. 35 Watts into a .4 Ohm coil causes the mod to put out about 3.74 Volts. If the mod doesn't read the new coil and puts that 3.74 volts into a .15 ohm coil it will be developing about 93 Watts.
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    This is insane

    Did you discuss what went wrong? To low a build or stitch or wrong type of battery? Be safe
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    This is insane

    Yes, I agree.
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    This is insane

    It's quite scaring. Btw good to see it, thanks for sharing!

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