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    That's a worry you simply don't need. I doubt you would flag a positive, but who needs the worry? If your friend can afford drugs, your friend can afford a vape.
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    This is a great live session between the Vaping Biker and Mouch. Fabulous information!!!!!
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    I received this Mod set up from Health cabin and Id like too give you all my review/thoughts on it Right off the batt when I took it out of the shipping envelope I was impressed at how good it was wrapped up It could of fallen out of the truck and bounced around on the highway and still been untouched.. This setup comes in a few different cool color combos I wanted the Blue one and Im glad I got it it looks awesome (got a lot of compliments on it) In the box pretty much the standard contents manuals,usb cable,spare glass/orings etc the tank comes with a Proc1 coil 0.4ohm pre installed and 40-80W and a second ProC4 50-110 W coil. This is a 228W mod that runs on 2 18650 batts and it has all the Temp control options SS NI etc and has the option for an analog or digital clock display It also has a puff counter and option for preheat settings and probably a few more other things Im still trying too figure out Th display screen is huge and very easy too see and you have the option of what you want too set as your screen Ok Ive been vaping it on and off for a week now I started with my batts at 3/4 charged after 250 puffs I had too charge them not too bad. Im using the ProC1 col at 56w and the flavor/cloud is awesome. I havent tried any of the TC settings as Im not that tech savy and Im still trying to learn but in straight up Watt mode Im diggin it . The procore tank is new too me its a MTL tank for sure and uses the same coils as the baby beast which is a plus for me I like tanks that can use other coils. It doesent use a standard 510 drip tip that pushes in this one actually pushes over (see pic) The mod feels great in the hand and has the option of two fire buttons one is on the side the other is the tap pad located at the top of the mod on the screen side. Whats different about this mod is there no protruding buttons the fire button on the side sits flush with the mod. Ive seen a few reviews where others do not like the fire button n the touch pad as it is very sensitive and can fire if put in a pocket/bag etc (you have the option too lock this fire button as well as the up and down adjustments also touch pad) I happen to like using the touch pad to fire it just feels right too me as I hold it. Another thing this Mod has is pressure sensors located on either side of the Mod you basically tap/squeeze the mod in your hand to bring up certain menus with in the Mod Pretty cool feature takes a bit of getting used too to get the hang of it All in all this is a pretty cool mod setup with lots of cool features. I would highly recommend it especially for those of you that like cool tecky features and like I said its great used in regular Watt mode.. this is my review for you guys I hope it makes sense If I figure out more things it does I will update it here Heres a few pics the touch screen for the fire button is the space above the display and the adjustment pad is just under the screen the main fire button is up top too the left
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    I just received a Templar AIO kit by Vapor Talk in the mail yesterday. Since setting it up I have been vaping on it exclusively. Here are my first impressions. Packaging: Very nice box art. It is definitely representative of the Vapor Talk brand. If I hadn’t already seen photos of the device I would have been tearing into the box in anticipation of checking out the contents. Instead, I tore into the box in anticipation of actually getting my hands on what was inside. The contents: It’s no frills. You get the mod, 2 coils, the standard USB charging cable and a manual that is easier to understand than most I have seen. The mod: Very simple to set up and operate. The hinged cover for the charging port (located on the bottom of the device) easily swings out of the way and has a magnet to keep it in place when the cover is in the ‘closed’ position. The top comes off easily, even with the child proof design. I had no trouble screwing a coil on and filling the reservoir/tank couldn’t have been simpler. The appearance is sleek, fits well in my hand and appears to be constructed well. There do appear to be a couple of minor differences and/or omissions between the manual and the device. The manual says the charging light will flash 4 times to indicate a successful connection. I connected the device to 6 different ports with two different charging cables and each time I got a solid red light. This was after the initial “charging” because the fact the light didn’t flash 4 times was actually brought to my attention after the fact. The device also must have been mostly charged because the charging light went from red to green in a matter of minutes. The other omission I noticed from the manual is the battery mAh rating. It isn’t listed in the manual but is listed on the VT website – 1000 mAh. Operation: Charge it, 5 clicks to turn on, press the fire button, inhale and enjoy. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Experience: Overall it will serve as a very capable backup for me. I have been using it exclusively for close to 24 hours as of this writing and other than the fact that I might need to step up the nicotine it has served its purpose. I normally vape 3mg between .1 and .2 ohms, so going to .5 ohm just isn’t giving me the same “hit” I’m used to. I have done everything from short 1-2 second drags to longer 8-10 second drags. Casual hits every few minutes to chain vaping. The tank does get warm when chain vaping. I will admit that I was actually hoping it would serve as a nice little stealth vaping device, but with .5 ohm coils and the way I do DTL hits, that just isn’t going to happen for me. It might be a little stealthier if I up my PG, as the juice I have in it right now is a 10/90 PG/VG ratio, but even if I switch to a 50/50 or even a 60/40 I think I’m going to be producing quite a bit of vapor simply based on the way I vape. The airflow does not appear to be adjustable. That’s fine and doesn’t take away from the operation of the device; it’s just tighter than my personal preference. Appears to vaporize the liquid and utilize the battery very efficiently. I am still on the original 2ml of liquid I put in the tank, though I’m definitely getting toward the bottom end of that. By comparison, I would have easily gone through 6-9ml of liquid with one of my normal setups with the amount of vaping I have done and I would have easily drained 2 2500 mAh batteries, though I have no idea how close to drained the battery is. At 1000 mAh I would have though I'd have had to charge it a couple of times by now, but I'm still on the original charge.
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    Hi my beloved vapor peeps. My participation has dropped off considerably. I apologize. I still manage to drive by a couple times per week, not always posting but definitely checking in on you guys. I'm still going strong, vaping away, making my own juice, rarely trying anything new these days. Still actively promoting vaping to others in need. Very much an advocate. And I especially love checking in to the goings on around here. Always entertaining haha I've just been busy. Travelling. I'm moving next week (not far, but a move is a move!). And I've been involved in a pretty big music project that's got my attention for many hours a week and I only have so many on-line hours to spend. I'm redoing my whole home work station. Plus it's summer and when my teaching schedule lightens I'm all about getting busy on my own stuff. I'm expanding my business. I've never worked harder in my life but I love it, it's just time consuming!! I love you all and hope you're doing well. I will always appreciate Vaportalk and what it has done for me and I thank each and every one of you, and those long gone, for your contributions and insight and advice. I'll be around. I promise to stop in now and again. This is no farewell. Rock on Vaportalk!🎶🔊🎶 Mike
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    That's not unusual. Drama always fuels conversation. It's probably why Vapor Talk, at least compared to many other forums, is usually a little "quieter." Over the years, we always quickly shut down those types of posts. Debate of course is always fine but the rule is always "attack the topic and not the poster."
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    Thank You :D Actually we are going to start auto posting "interesting" topics to Facebook and Twitter as a way to drum up more conversation within the forum. We have a ton of followers that hang out more on social media that on the forum so this helps draw them back into the forum.
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    I'm not holding my breath.......... http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_CONGRESS_VAPING?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT
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    Hey gang... I've not been posting much lately, but I've been keeping up with the posts of others... I've been a bit busy helping my daughter get things ready for her first child to arrive... my first grandbaby! Her husband is in the Army, and due to the nature of his MOS and current deployment, he may not make it home in time for the birth... but we are hopeful!! She called tonight around 6:30 and said she was on her way to the hospital because she wasn't sure if her water broke I always figured that was something that was kinda obvious, lol... but what do I know? I'm just her dad... Anyway... She finally called again around 9pm and said it was confirmed... her water has broken and little Lara will be here soon... well... probably another 12-20 hours... if she follows the norm for first births, anyway. I'll update as we progress, if I get a chance... and post some pics as soon as I can!
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    Hi Folks, We work hard to keep the forum running the latest software and features as the internet grows and trends change. Here are some new features and improvements that will be coming to the forum in the coming weeks I thought I'd share Content promotion and engagement - The forum has busy period and slow periods. Not everyone checks here daily. We have over 7,000 twitter followers and a few thousand on Facebook. Hot topics will soon start trending through our social media accounts. This will help bring in older users that haven't been here in some time while drawing in new users that "lurk" and encourage them to post. This keeps the community buzzing which benefits everyone. While not a direct feature, nobody wants to hang around a slow forum. Clubs - You've helped some newbies, you've had your questions answered, now your bored. Perhaps your interested in bike riding, hiking or pushing the limits of mod building. Clubs are a new way of supporting sub-communities. Start your own club and moderate and manage the way you feel is best. There is an even greater advantage to this as you'll no longer have to request a new "sub forum." Instead you can simply start your own! You may not like the forums general rules so you can run your area as you wish. You can optionally mark the club private and require a password for more sensitive topics. Reactions - This is a small change. Sometimes a post doesn't warrant a reply. So you like "like" it as a way to acknowledge you at least read what someone wrote. Reactions offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see.(Think funny, love, sad, angry etc) Some other improvements will include: club promotion, better social sharing, great control over the way content is shown (fluid, grid, reddit style etc), better upload interface, download topics, faster social sign in, gallery lightbox navigation, sub navigation on topic view pages (allowing you to quickly jump between sub forums without having to go back to the homepage), recommended replies (autofil) and suggested topics (to help prevent repeat posts when a newbie asks a question that's been answered a hundred times). Additionally search will be improved, profiles will be extended, search members bette, Favorite subforums will be colored coded and much more. These features will start rolling out slowly over the next week or so
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    Ask and ye shall receive! Sent from my SM-G950U using The Vapor Talk mobile app
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    Here she is all cleaned up and happy
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    If I had a dollar for every email, forum, store or web typo I make, I'd be a millionaire
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    This is a mock-up I done in Photoshop but it would make a cool shirt.
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    Ok, so I've read endless chatter about these things so I tried one. I'm pretty impressed. It might mute the flavor just a sliver in comparison to say the Serpent SMM but I haven't vaped it much yet. It is quite the performer especially considering it is top airflow. Put a quick and dirty 7 wrap, SS26, 3.5mm coil set in it and vaping on TC. Good fog, good flavor, easy build. Not much to complain about. Looks perdy matchy matchy sexy on the mini to boot.
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    And mine as well. Not only does Christopher own up if he makes a mistake, he goes out of his way to make it right. Lifetime customer here (from almost the beginning).
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    Excellence in customer service is the way the Vapor Talk store rolls. That's why the VT store gets my repeat business.
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    I was bored today and the paint on one of my first mech was coming off. I kept thinking about what to do with it and it came to me out of the blue! I used to be into RC car and very truck competition and I had a bunch of decals so I went digging. The decals they use are of real good quality and relatively inexpensive. Here's what I came up with. Sent from a galaxy far far away
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    Forgot to add the tank has a flip top that is great for easy fast filling Just slide the top section back and flip it back
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    I had to share this as I find it so awesome. Google's voice technology varies it's output depending on the accent that is used.
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    Hi Folks, We're happy to announce that Vapor Talk Branded products now ship free of charge, no minimum. Your cart must contain only Vapor Talk Branded products in order to qualify for the free shipping option. (U.S. Residents Only) Thanks,
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    This is the one I've been waiting for- my first delve into drippers. My (clone) Apocalypto RDA. Loving it already. Dual 3mm ID fused claptons - sitting pretty at about 60w. Blowing Juicewhore Mohito clouds and my own vanilla. Also got some prebuilt coils to have a play with some different builds I have no idea how to make yet lol and a pack of cotton bacon. Happy days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally got my hands on one! Ijoy Captain Pd270 mod, and i must say I am in love. It runs up to 234 watts, has temp control and is stable down to 0.05 ohms. It runs the new 20700 batteries, but also comes with an adapter for 18650. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    I'm the same as Bebop right now, not spending as much time here as I was. In my case I'm spending more time riding down the road on my bike, and less time on the internet. Been thinking about a road trip, and if I do I may not have room for a laptop. So if you don't hear from me for awhile you will know what I'm doing. When the snow starts falling again I will spend more time here on VT, but until then I'll try to check in every day to see what is happening.
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    Ive been using a Cuboid tap for about a month now Im diggin it it has all the bells/whistles
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    Each 100mL bottle I buy lasts about a week to a week and a half. I filled my tank right up about an hour ago, vaped about half a mL, then topped it up again. The flavor (juicy fruit ) was delicious for about 2 pulls then died out. There is generally a slight taste, so I'm pretty sure it really is just the mix I have. Next time I plan on getting 50/50 or something like that Also @Tam, not sure if you remember but you also helped me last year when I was clueless about buying a mod lol Still using this iPower but the battery is a bit weak these days so I'm sure you'll be seeing another thread from me looking for mod suggestions!
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    @WaltI was going to say I done it on purpose I can't edit my post or I would change it but here is one with the correct spelling.
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    I had to laugh. I'm the same way. I doubt anything could embarrass me any more. What comes to mind is "yup, I did that" followed by "probably not the first or last time".
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    You didn't mention how long you vape the one juice without switching. You're right, it could very well be the dreaded "vaper's tongue". I find when that happens to me and I want to continue to vape the same juice, brushing the tongue, drinking more water, and not vaping for a little while fixes the issue. If I want to vape right away, I just go sniff some coffee grounds (just inhale the aroma of the ground coffee, don't sniff it into your nose) and that also helps to "cleanse the palate." Of course, PG is the flavor carrier so more PG in the juice might help. Likewise, with max VG, your wick might not be able to get sufficiently soaked with the juice before you vape again. If you want, you can put a couple or three or four drops of distilled water right into your tank to thin it out.
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    Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but promise is misspelled. Sorry if I missed something making the misspell purposeful.
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    This is actually an awesome shirt. If you make em, I'd love to put them up in the store Edit: I just realized you do graphic design. I get overwhelmed sometimes. Perhaps you could help design some shirts for VT?
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    This is great! And then you'd need a t-shirt for ladies that says, "Yeah, right." With a set of rolling eyeballs on it.
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    Hey SdMaker, I attempted to give you a call which went straight to voicemail. It does appear that when the order was filled, the default 1oz was selected rather than the weighed in amount. (A first!). Please accept our apologies for the embarrassing mistake. I've gone ahead and refunded your entire order which should make up for the cost at the post office. It's on the house
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    If you are anything like me you will find that over time your collection of vaping stuff will seem to magically grow by leaps and bounds. Especially if you start to DIY your own juice. And your patience with sorting through jumbled mess in a shoe box will quickly wear thin. With this in mind I came up with a no frills design that anyone can make cheaply (under $10) and very quickly but will allow you to expand as needed. Here Is what we are making. One for Juice bottles and One for Atomizers. First step is deciding where you are going to place it. Whether in a cabinet, cubbie hole, a desk or table top then measure and write down height,width, and length. Now we drive to Home Depot for the 2 types of wood needed. I already had the materials at home left over from other projects so I just made both. You can do the same or just one or the other. First the juice bottle one. You need a 2"x2"x8 foot board (although they actually measure 1 1/2" wide not sure why?) Cost is around $2 Now you decide if you want Home Depot to cut your wood to size which they will they just won't guarantee precision cuts. Based off of the measurements you took before, If your shelves are going to be less than 36" long then you need 3 of each size if more than 36" then you need 4 of each 2" 4" 6" 8" If more than 4 shelves high than go up on each piece by 2" This will form your bases. Next look for this cart somewhere in the lumber section. Look at the 1 1/2" size pieces (poplar is the cheapest) and grab the amount for the number of shelves you plan to make in either the precut sizes or have them cut down to the size needed by Home Depot. For my 2 units I used (1) 2x2x8 and (4) 1/4x1 1/2x48 hobby boards. The bottle space was 34" long so I needed 3 bases up to 8" high and 4 shelf's 34" long. I used (3) of the remaining 14" hobby boards on the atomizer shelf and cut (2) 6" high bases leaving me with a 10" piece of 2x2x8. Once back home find a flat place to work and grab any type of glue and start assembling the bases. Starting with the largest 2x2 piece lay it on it's side add glue to one side of next smaller size and stack it on top like so. While glue is still wet adjust the pieces so cut edge and sides line up as even as possible. Continue on until all bases are glued. Allow glue to dry for a few minutes. Place bases with cut edge down where you planned for with 3rd one in the middle or 3rd & 4th evenly spaced for longer shelf's. Then place hobby boards on other cut edge like so For the atomizer one there is an extra step. Grab a pencil, ruler, and some atomizers. Lay them like so. This will help you get a feel for how many will fit on your shelf and what spacing is needed between them. Then make 3/4 of an inch mark on both edges of shelf and using another shelf as straight edge draw a line down the center. Now transfer your spacing marks to that line. Now grab a drill and a bit that is slightly larger than your 510 connector on the bottom of the Atomizer (I used 9/32) and drill at your marks you can either drill all the way through or stop right before test with an atomizer to make sure base lays flat against shelf. Do the same for other shelves. Once you are done with that I recommend you glue shelves to bases. And were done! As I said at first no frills but very useful. Now you get to decide what else you could use this shelf for or maybe sand and stain or paint them. After finding more attys (I swear they are reproducing by themselves) I added a couple of more shelves And here is one way that I decided to finish it. As for me after looking at the first picture I really need to get my bottle labels under control and now I know exactly where to place them on the bottle for optimum viewing. Thanks for reading. As always all comments, critiques, and or questions are much appreciated.
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    I played PacMan once at a Pizza place. I think it was 1977. PacMan got eaten. I quit playing PackMan.
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    Thanks for the nice comments very much appreciated. @mattythornton as for the level of my vape collection. Mrs. long gone and have been vaping since 2011. So watch out it tends to sneak up on you. You may one day find out it has turned into a hobby.
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    Here is what I made to control my collection of Atties, Driptips, and spare parts. I Thought I had already posted my how to build the base for this but apparently not so will remedy that soon. This is one way of finishing it off.
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    My two cents: if you aren't using, you should be ok; encourage the friend to get their own vape set up. Sent from my XT1565 using The Vapor Talk mobile app
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    Say hello to my little friend [emoji41] Finally found a 28mm tank (RDTA) to fit my Hades Mod. Rightfully named "Sherman Tank". This thing is a beast! Sent from a galaxy far far away
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    I find this topic interesting. Especially about PG and nicotine. I've often had an O ring fail and got a bit, ok sometimes more than a bit of eliquid in my mouth and out of politeness, swallowed it. So far the only ramifications of that is hiccups. They occur about two minutes after swallowing. I drink a bit more than usual of what I'm currently drinking, water, coffee, beer to dilute it and the hiccups pass in about three minutes from onset. That's it. Of course individuals are all different, but swallowing liquid is more likely to cause absorption than dripping it on your skin. I haven't croaked, kicked the bucket, dropped dead, bought the farm, etc. so far. (unless you listen to the US Social Security Admin. but that's a different story. The reason PG interests me is because here in Malaysia I've had so many many people accuse me of vaping engine coolant and are surprised when I tell them that this is Propylene Glycol, not Ethylene Glycol. Ethylene Glycol being the antifreezing agent in engine coolant. So many ignorant people spouting off on what they think they know. Now, for fun, I had a duck for a pet when I was young, and no, the other kids didn't call me "duck boy", they called me much worse, but that's not the point of this. I used to use Veggie Glycerine to keep the duck's water from freezing. Recommended by the vet. I could by it very inexpensively at either a pharmacy or the vet's in 1 litre bottles. Hard to remember so long ago, but that duck lived much longer than most domesticated birds (of course wasn't used for Christmas dinner) without any noticeable health consequences.
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    Best customer service have ever gotten whs From Christopher and VT
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    I use stainless. 316L is the most common. Heats and cools a little slower than Kanthal. Obviously a lot less resistance which is the challenge using it. My Alien does pretty good with SS. Puts out a very nice vape in TC. I'm sure the Skhook would do the same.
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    It can be "Dude-ette" to my friends.
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    I use 'hot rice' for speed steeping. I fill a small to medium mixing bowl with uncooked rice and heat it in the microwave for a minute (yes 1 minute), Then push my bottle or bottles down in the rice up to the cap and cover with a dish towel for approximately 1-2 hours or until the rice is cool. I find it cuts off about 2 days steeping time with this method.
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    DJlsb Vapes, Mike Vapes and Rip Trippers are three good reviewers who review a lot of tanks. To start with both the Serpent mini and the Ammit are 22mm single coil RTA's and both are real nice tanks. Take a look at those to start with.
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    My first choice for vendors for sure. And if you are into a pen style can't beat the Templar.

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