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    Today I learned that the +side of a battery looks different than the - side Now I aint gotta fumble the battery around looking for that little +- sign
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    On either coast a firearm will have people sitting in corners playing with yoyos and petting ponies. Anywhere in the center states you're pretty much ok.
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    It's a great day to vape! Got four rigs in rotation and flavors are all tasting wonderful. A short four months ago and I chuckled at others with multiple mods going thinking "no way", lol. The doghouse (vape cave) looks like a MOAB went off in it, but that's cool. Don't mind un-cluttering. Got three songs to learn today, one of which I have been wanting to tackle for over 20 years. Gonna fire up the DYI lab and restock. Think I'll make up a few little 10ml drip bottles for Easter presents. Basically a play day today. I'm thinkin sweats all day. Got a gallon of VG coming in as well. Another "no way" just a while ago. High of 64 today in south east Michigan so I might even fire up the grill. Hoping it's a great day for all!!!
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    And you don't know iet yet, but you're getting an extra rebuildable (We get samples sometimes from vendors and I'll at random toss them in shipping bags on the way out)
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    I think I saw an order come for you. I'll have to make it extra special tomorrow. I have little, if any drawing skills. Perhaps a really nice smiley face
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    Happy holiday all. I'll be in beautiful Halfmoon Bay all day Sunday with family, doing the beach thing - prolly looking at 70s. It's going to be fun and relaxing in a much needed way.
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    Hi Folks, The VT Store is open and back to business as usual again. The support system is a bit backed up but shouldn't take long to get caught up with everything. We have new stock arriving throughout next week which should replenish some missing items in the store. Thanks!
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    Welcome! You are correct, the tank is getting warm because of the heat generated by the heating of the coil at high watts... think of the heat of a 100W light-bulb, and you're going hotter than that... in a very confined space... As for batteries getting warm, yes they do that as they produce power (discharge). I do not know the brand "Avatar", and probably would not trust them to be true 20A batteries. If it were me, I would invest in a QUALITY pair of Samsung 25R (green wrapper) or LG batteries (HE2, HG2). The ones I mentioned are TRUE 20A batteries and larger capacity (2500mAh or 3000mAh). I regularly use (and trust) these batteries and never have them get warm on me, even when pushing a single battery over 60W... or dual batteries over 120W.
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    You could check out the Vapor Talk store, they may not have the lowest prices on the net, but they have great customer service. An added bonus to buying stuff from the V/T store is if something is not right you can complain to Chris, and he'll make it right.
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    Hi Folks, Just a quick notice that the Vapor Talk Store will close April 10th - April 15th. Every year around my birthday when I take time off, I extend the vacation time to everyone in the company. So, we'll be closed for a short period of time while I blissfully forget responsibility for a few days Because all of us will leave during this time email and phone support will be unavailable. We'll continue to ship orders through Sunday.
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    Welcome! You are in luck. This one of the friendliest forums I've stumbled into. Lots of folks here with a lot of great experience. Quick note, I'm not one of those folks. I just started one month earlier than you. But like every enthusiastic newbee, I still like to share what I think I know, lol. Regardless, great choice and again welcome!
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    Give me a minute to pick my jaw up from the floor. It immediately dropped upon learning @Tamis pulling the trigger on a Baby Beast. The only coils I've used are the T8 (.15 ohm) and the Q2 (.4 ohm version that comes pre-installed). Both coils provide a nice balance between flavor and vapor. The T8 coil has a slightly tighter draw than the Q2 and as a result, it is easier to mimic the MTL style you prefer. And yes, even though it is a sub ohm tank and is meant for DTL hits, it is possible to MTL with this tank.
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    (Reference: Mark is a carpenter)
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    Please tell us @Christopher didn't resort to There was an old man from Nantucket Whose drip tip was so long he could...ummm...yeah, you get the picture.
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    Well I broke down and bought a rebuildable tank. Rip Trippers Pharaoh and some premade coils and cotton. Wish me luck :D
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    Look what I got today.
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    First off you're confusing "battery" with "mod". The battery is the round cylindrical thing that goes inside a mod, which, for you is the cuboid mini -- except the battery is non-removable in your case. Just to make sure I've got it right, your entire mod fell into the glass of water. Is this correct? If so, I would remove the battery out of the cuboid mini, open everything up and set out to air dry for several days -- just to be on the safe side. Since this is an electronic device I wouldn't want to try to fire it up until I was absolutely sure everything was dry first. And... I should look up the device in question before I go offering advice. The cuboid mini has a built-in 2400 mAh battery so there's nothing to remove other than the tank. I would still recommend you let it sit out to dry for a day or three before trying to fire it up again. In case this is your only mod, this would be where I make a strong recommendation that you get a back up. We always recommend having lots of back ups just for these types of situations. Things happen and you don't want to be without a device, a tank, an extra charger, some more coils, extra juice, etc. Get back ups. And back ups of your back ups. You can never have too many when things start to go wrong.
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    Picked up an iStick Power Nano kit from the VT store a week or so ago for my wife, as she thinks even the iStick 40 is too big for her hands. The Nano is about as big around, and about 75% as tall. Only the top 1/3 of the tank and drip tip make it taller than the bare iStick 40, it's pretty compact. I filled it with my favorite 70vg/30pg juice (gotta try it before I turn it over to the missus), and used the factory installed .75 ohm coil. I started out at 10 watts and over several tanks settled in at 14 watts. Good flavor and a decent cloud, but not enough to obscure the TV while chain vaping it. No dry hits, the juice holes in the coil are quite large. The airflow is in my opinion a bit on the restrictive side for DL even wide open, but it is possible. Think somewhere between the full open and mid setting of the subtank mini. I haven't messed with any of the different settings, just used it in watt mode. The battery lasts through 3 tanks give or take with the .75 ohm coil at 14 watts. I haven't tried the .3 ohm coil that comes in the package sealed in it's own blister pack, and probably won't for a while, the missus has discovered the Nano and refuses to give it back. Overall it's a good little unit. In wattage mode it just plain works and so far has no little quirks. Also as far as I can see it works exactly like the full size 80 watt iPower.
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    Attached image is the color scheme I purchased (mod only!) - cyan/gray.
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    This may seem like a pointless post, but I want to share my little victory with the only folks I know will understand. Been fighting with a strawberry home brew for awhile. I am starting to get a feel for what each flavor will do in a mix. I dare say I have found Strawberry Cream recipe that is exactly what I was looking for. Now that is impossible buying commercial juices. Don't mistake me, some are very good. But I had a taste in my mind and I hit it. For me, this is when vaping becomes exquisite!
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    The puppy graduated... he knew all the commands. The SO still needs work.
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    Happy Easter to one and all! It's a quiet weekend for us here. We are finally moving in to the new homestead next week, the fences are finished, the sheds are up and we're almost completely packed. We're taking a quiet day to reflect on how grateful we are and enjoy our local friends before we move to parts unknown. It's been quite a journey.
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    Happy Easter, everyone! In sunny Southern Colorado our high today was a balmy 84 degrees. Tomorrow and Sunday we expect low 70s like @VapeMama. We could use some rain around here to help fight the extreme fire danger warnings we have. My SO and I are planning a nice, quiet weekend for just the three of us (adding in our fuzzy kid) for a nice change of pace.
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    My wife and I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. It's good up to about a grand. I usually try to show her the stuff but she has no idea what she is looking at. She likes the smell of vaping and that is the extent of her interest. So, it's good and disappointing at the same time. So I tell the cats.
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    The Russian 91% is a good RBA, although these days mentioning anything Russian might not be a good thing. lol
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    Pick your poison! Har har! Sorry couldn't help myself...... I love this hobby!
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    A trick I use to get resistance right is after my coils are installed I put the atty on a dedicated ohmmeter.. I then touch the posts and legs with a small screwdriver looking for any fluctuations in ohms indicating a possible lose post screw or damage to the legs...usually a simple tightening down the right post screw fixes the problem.. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Just bought... a bunch o'stuff from the VT store including a Smok Baby Beast and a 5-pack of coils, some more Triton coils, an Aerotank and coils along with a few others that will remain nameless until I get them shipped out to friends as gifts. Don't want to spoil the fun.
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    HolyBa****BaAndyba!!! Got my Pharaoh today too. Put in a .27Ω build using 2x24 - 32 SS spaced clapton on a 4mm rod. What a cloud machine!!!! The flavor is there too! This thing is killer! Dripping it will take a little practice I'm sure. Or filling the juice well. Whichever terminology one likes best. All I can say is wow!
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    Leakage is actually an issue that can arise with any tank, not just the "Beast" line. Atmospheric conditions, drastic altitude changes, VG/PG ratio, coil priming method...all of these can lead to leaking. I have Baby Beasts and Cloud Beasts in my daily rotation and, with the exception of the occasional extra warm day or trip to the mountains, I don't have any leaking issues with any of my tanks. They both have their advantages and disadvantages over each other. The Cloud Beast has a larger capacity, but the Baby Beast is slightly more convenient due to its more compact size. They are both workhorses and I really wouldn't rate one better than the other.
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    After the first year and a half or so I moved away from fruit juices because it seemed like they were all too "sharp" with regard to the flavor. I would add some vanilla or a creamy creme brule to cut the citrus, which is really weird because in my day to day, I love sharp citrus. Mojito was a long time favorite that I still go back to every so often, but I add a little something to smooth it out. My ADV for the past three or more years is an flavor that tastes like the Almond Joy candy bar. I never would have guessed that this flavor would have a hold on me this long. My vaping tastes (pun intended) is so different than my food/drink preferences. Vaping's weird that way.
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    I'm the exact opposite from @Bebop. I tend to stick to fruit based flavors as my ADV's and occasionally mix it up with the coffee flavors and "dessert" flavors. To this day, more than 2 years after I started vaping, one of my favorite ADV's is the very first one I ever tried and is from a local shop - Lemon & menthol. I do get "vaper's tongue" though, no matter how hydrated I stay. When that happens, I will typically switch from berry to citrus or vice versa for a few days or I'll vape something pastry or dessert flavored for a couple of days and that will usually take care of it. Other than that, I have never been able to find a single juice that is my "be all, end all". Not even that very first juice I tried. In this case, the only thing I can think of is that, while your taste buds are working again, it's possible you may be confusing the heck out of them with all of the different flavors you're throwing at them.
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    Never try a new ejuice after eating garlic bread!!!
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    Thanks for the poem and extra goodies!!!
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    Brass Goon. Shown on matchy matchy Alien. Single coil fused clapton SS. Vaping Ogre Ooze home brew. Ok, crazy day at shop is effecting me.
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    I've cleaned drop-in coils using pure-grain alcohol such as Everclear, moonshine, or Vodka over 100 Proof. The higher and purer the alcohol content the better, though. Let them soak overnight, repeat as necessary, then air-dry for another overnight period, and they are rejuvenated, but not quite good-as-new. This is mostly to remove flavor from wicks, but it will do a decent job cleaning the coil of crud. Seriously though, with the coils I use being so cheap (and rebuildable), I don't even bother cleaning them anymore... I just grab another and toss the old one into the "rebuild later" pile.
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    @Walt - I am complete opposite lol My mixes are delicately spooned into ancient handmade carafes and lightly paddled by just the dangling toes of cherubs who's feet have been bathed in holy water, and all in a relaxing stone chamber with Zamfir playfully mouthing his pan flute. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little. Still I like paddling my mixes lightly in a high ball glass with a butter knife then transfer to a warm bath. They emerge 10 minutes later fully integrated and once cooled, ready to vape. They seem to be slightly more flavorful after a week but I'm not sure beyond that .....
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    If I had a dollar every time I heard this. We should change our slogan from "Excellence in Vaping" to "We also have a store"
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    It's ok Cany. My daughter called me all excited. She was 35 at that time. "I get the second hand!" She said. "I always thought it was the third one. It counts the seconds!" I was speechless. Sent from my iPad using The Vapor Talk mobile app
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    These are the product of my rebuild Thursday this week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    "Explosion proof" I would hope so!!!!!
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    Or make sure you vape with your off-hand and leave your gun hand free at all times.
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    *issues battle cry* LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!!
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    A Blessed Easter Holiday to all! Here in NE Ohio we are expecting low 70's for the weekend, though a little rain is predicted also. A rather quiet weekend for us, hubby and I both work (that's what you get when you are in healthcare!).
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    Thanks! As you may be able to tell, I'm partial to Smok. Loved the TFV8, saw the GPriv and had to have it, wanted the tfv12 but couldn't justify it so I just ordered stuff for my TFV8, but then I saw the TF-RBTA for $10... and I wanted a vape with true side airflow... and the same seller had the TFV12 RBA Edition which then brought my order to free shipping... And Bam I'm buying tons of stuff. Amazing how that works lol I feel like the rotation of those 3 Smok tanks on the Smok GPriv (black w/red) are gonna be SWEET. And with the new tank's stock coils, plus the new TF series coil heads for the 8 AND the staple staggered fused Clapton coils... Excited to say the least Glad I already own a Bazillion different types of juice... Cuz it's gonna get Vaped! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Can't wait to see your one year anniversary post, @Edna!
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    Congratulations to you both. Couples quitting analogues together is awesome Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Congrats, Walt! I'm looking forward to your one year post... it comes very quickly.
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    Dito per @Tam. I've been learning about how different flavors react at different wattage. I'm starting to "tune in" all of my flavors. Having said that, I got some of that green apple myself and it is some potent stuff. To me it smells a lot like airplane glue in the bottle, lol. It's been on the shelf for a week or so now. I'll try it again today and see if it has calmed down a bit yet.

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