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    I'm so sorry to hear this! Good luck to you in the future. I wish you nothing but the best.
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    Boy I wish we could Unfortunately, due to regulations in California we are simply unable to ship or sell our product lines.
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    Hi, everyone!!!

    Hey everyone! hope you all doing fine! I'm a newbie of Vaportalk really loved this Forum ! I do admit my knowledge is limited to what I know and like, but I have vaped for maybe 3 or so years now! Absolutely love my first vape tank(BTW, <removed spammy link> This guide help me make a decision quickly before buying vape ); being disabled really pushed me into quitting my long habit of smoking and into using e-cigarettes. Not to sound lazy, but it helps to get my fix without having to get out of bed, especially cause I tend to vape all day, since I am bedridden a lot of the time due to my chronic illnesses, lol. (I am one super anxiety and pain ridden girl, so smoking has always helped me calm down and also helps me keep my breathing calm.. It also helps calm down when my chronic pain gets bad! So many perks to quitting cigarettes!)
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