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    Amazing cotton

    Just starting using COTN myself, extremely easy to use, little to no break in. Makes wicking coils quick and easy. You might also check Eightvape, thinks it only $4.99 for a pouch.
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    Amazing cotton

    Hey Bebop, there is nothing wrong with that at all. Everybody has their own preferences, this just happens to be mine. Yeah I heard the premium was good stuff, I haven't used it personally. I don't always try new things, but every once in a while I find something good...lol
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    Pre-Made Coils

    sounds interesting, shen..... I dont use my RDA very often, mostly because it's just a deal when I want to change flavors and stuff but I wouldn't mind having a stash of premade for special occasions
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    Amazing cotton

    I have tons of cotton bacon and I've always liked it (minus the break in) but I'd be willing to try something new. I just bought a couple bags of cotton bacon premium but I dont know if it's any better.....
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    Amazing cotton

    You are quite welcone Cany, glad I could help.
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    Amazing cotton

    Thanks shen Ive been looking for a new cotton too try
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    You're in good hands with @Bebop giving you sound advice. He's good at troubleshooting issues. Hey, would you turn off the caps lock, though? You're among friends. No need to shout. Thank you.
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    Bump! Got my geekvape aegis legend the other day. I might pick up the 100 watt version as a back up.
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    Best b uild for lower wattage?

    I found this one to give very good results https://youtu.be/9QwOcppIfZE

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