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    • Don't forget to make back ups of the recipes you like, too! 
    • Thanks Tam, I did try googling a couple of the recipes I had gotten from that site, but nothing came up. I'm going to check out the link you posted. I just liked to browse and get ideas, that's all. Oh well, now I have to try and get creative on my own!
    • https://www.cbsnews.com/video/public-health-expert-worries-e-cigarette-panic-is-ruining-single-biggest-public-health-opportunity-in-120-years/?utm_campaign=CBS Story (NJnJHt)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=VaporAuthority Website Subscriptions&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJlZHdhcmRwZmFsaXNAZ21haWwuY29tIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiTjJlVms0In0%3D This link will take you to an interview with so much common sense it'll make your head spin. That's your one and only warning before clicking on the link.  😄 Public health expert on e-cigarette panic Researchers are working hard to determine the cause of more than 500 reported cases of lung illness affecting e-cigarette users. But even before this outbreak, e-cigarettes divided the medical community. Public Health England describes e-cigarettes as "at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes" – a claim New York University professor David Abrams agrees with. Abrams tells "CBS This Morning" Tony Dokoupil why he's concerned about what the current panic about e-cigarette safety could mean for public health.Sept 20, 2019
    • You might be able to find the specific recipe if you put it into google. Found this one that someone posted on a different site: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/index.php/flavorbase/657800 It's called Flamingomade (Kritikal Mass). Hopefully, others have saved their favorite recipes and posted, too. It's sad when useful sites just disappear. Sorry it happened to one you used.  😞
    • Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the EOS II 180W TC Box Mod from Ultroner. The EOS II 180W TC Box Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Linky from Sacowin who are the marketing company for Cool Vapor, DJV, SXK and Ultroner . Introduction The EOS II is one of the last projects between Ultroner and Asmodus and brings together 2 things i particularly like. I love Ultroner designed and manufactured Products as they actually produce products with high quality stabwood finishes that i can afford. I also love Asmodus touchscreen devices so here we have the best of both worlds for me, an Ultroner Stabwood mod powered by the Asmodus GX-180UTC chipset featuring an IPS colour Capacitive touchscreen. This gorgeous lightweight device accommodates dual 18650 batteries giving 180W max power and is full of all the bells and whistles features we tend to get from an Asmodus chipset, so let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: Ultroner EOS II mod Velvet carry bag Wood buffering tool User manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The EOS II came in the usual flip open sturdy cardboard box with viewing window that most Ultroner Devices are packaged. Due to the nature of stabwood all devices are unique but you do have the choice of Black, Blue, Green or Purple as the most prominent colour but as i found out this is no guarantee as the one i received is labelled Blue yet it has a lot of Green, Purple and of course Brown of the Wood but barely any Blue, after saying that no complaints as the device looks gorgeous. The EOS II has a stabwood body comprising of both sides and the very ergonomic curved spine on a Black Aluminium frame which makes the device light so it's a dual battery device that's portable and suited for out and about. The Stabwood doesn't have the most polished finish, in fact it's quite rustic which might add to it's charm for some people but if you do wish to work on it to get a more polished finish then emery boards are included to aid you. The face of the device is recessed again to help ergonomically and has a large domed round fire button top, micro USB port bottom and the colour touchscreen between. The base is heavy on the printed branding and also display's safety stamps while moving to the top of the device we have more printed branding to one side. The opposite side to the branding we have the 510 plate with Gold plated, spring loaded 510. The build quality is excellent with no gaps at all between the stabwood and frame, a really good job has been done! ___________________________________________________________________ EOS II Specs and Features: Dimensions: 26mm x 58mm x 87mm Battery: 2×18650 (not included) IPS colour Capacitive touchscreen Full stab wood body with Aluminium frame Firmware upgradeable Chipset: GX-180UTC Modes: Soft, Normal and Hard Output: 180W max Charging: Balanced 5V/2A Accommodates tanks up to 26mm Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm Net Weight: 113g Main Colour (Refers to Stabwood body): Black, Blue, Green, Purple ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Batteries The EOS II accommodates dual 18650 batteries which are installed via the latch door on the base of the device. I like these type of doors over those just relying on a small piece of metal or plastic not failing. The door needs sliding forwards before lifting up and once the batteries are installed press the door down firmly before sliding secure. The door does need pressing down with some force to allow it to slide secure but i don't mind this as it means no battery movement or rattle whatsoever and once shut the doors going nowhere. Finally as normally it would be something i moan about we have battery orientation very clearly marked White on Black which is good to see, cracking job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The EOS II has a colour screen which is sharp, bright and very well laid out and i had no issues at all reading the display outdoors. At the top we have the mode then underneath the mode we have 2 battery status bars (1 for each battery) the status is also given as a percentage above each bar. Below the battery status bars we have the wattage that displays temperature instead when in temp control. Further down to the left we have the volts then under this seconds vaped, to the right we have the resistance then underneath the resistance is your puffs. Finally at the bottom of the display to the left is the preheat or temperature control wire type when in temperature control, bottom right we have a padlock which indicates if the touchscreen is locked or unlocked. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The EOS II Those that have used Asmodus touchscreen mods in the past will be familiar with how the device operates but if not it does take some getting use to. Some people just won't get on with touchscreen devices while others like me like them and once a bit of time is invested in how everything works i find Asmodus mods are amongst my favourites to use and navigate. The device is 5 clicks to turn on but to turn off needs to be done in the settings. With the device first switched on the touchscreen is locked (when it's locked you can still vape) and to unlock simply swipe downwards and it stays unlocked until the fire button is pressed which re-locks it. With the screen unlocked swiping up or down changes your pre-heats between Normal, Soft or hard and swiping side-wards where the mode is displayed scrolls through the various modes which are Power, TFR, TCR, Curve and Temp. When it displays temp long pressing "TEMP" brings up where you change between the various wire types and pressing the displayed temperature changes to wattage and then another press displays temperature again, a long press when the temperature is displayed allows you to adjust the temperature and when you change it to wattage displayed long pressing allows you to set wattage for temp control (you can only set wattage up to 120W for temp control). Going back to Power mode and again long pressing the wattage allows you to adjust the wattage which adjust in 0.1w increments from 5w right up to 100W before switching to 1W increments the rest of the way to 180W. The scrolling isn't the quickest and a little confused why it's 0.1W increments right up to 100W before switching to 1W increments up to the maximum wattage as most Asmodus powered mods switch to 1W increments once past what would be considered MTL wattage making getting from a low to mid or high wattage setting much quicker. There are plenty of other features that are accessed by 5 clicks of the fire button which brings up your first icon which is the power icon, long pressing the power icon powers the device down. When the power icon is displayed side swiping scrolls through the various icons which need pressing if you want to select the feature. Amongst the features are adjusting brightness, changing how the touchscreen locks and unlocks, resetting and limiting puffs, adjusting screen timeout settings and many others. Finally 3 clicks of the fire button locks the whole device so it will not fire. ___________________________________________________________________ How It Vapes and Thoughts! The first thing to say is i do not use equipment to get data so simply review devices as i experience them so when it comes to accuracies i am relying on gut feeling and comparisons. I will start with any issues which are mainly subjective the first being touchscreens aren't to everyone's liking but personally i find the Asmodus touchscreens excellent both from a user interface point of view and response, they work very well and are user friendly along with the operation of the device after saying that if you haven't used one before there is a learning curve. Next some would much prefer a more polished look to the stabwood which is entirely subjective and although emery boards are included you will have to be careful not to scuff the frame if you decide to work on the wood. Finally the only issue i had which isn't subjective is it scrolls in 0.1W increments and isn't the fastest, because i was constantly changing atty's at times during testing i found if going from a MTL atty to a much higher DL atty adjusting wattage took far too much time than i would like. I am not a big TC user and unless using Replay on a DNA device tend to stick to power modes but i did have a little play and although if you are a TC user i would read or watch other reviews that deal more in depth with TC i found when testing dry burning protection it worked fine and prior to that i was getting a smooth vape. I used the device with various atty's from 12W up to 90W and all wattage's i vaped at seemed accurate although for the main as i was also in progress of testing out a few MTL atty's i mainly used it at low wattage's. It fires instantly with immediate ramp up (very much like the Minikin 2) and the fire button is both easy to find and very clicky. It was also very noticeable how efficient the device is giving really good battery life, well over the average i would expect from dual 18650's. The menu works well and all the features worked as they should, i particularly like the curves feature with Asmodus chipsets and no difference with the EOS II. The device supports 2A balanced on-board charging although i wouldn't personally recommend charging in the device, it is also fully firmware upgradeable (their is a firmware upgrade to change to a monochrome display if that's your preference). Finally the EOS II will accommodate up to a 26mm atty without any overhang so the vast majority of atty's will look good up top. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Excellent build quality Light Stabwood body Included emery boards to work on wood Included Velvet pouch for device Each device unique IPS Colour Capacitive touchscreen Excellent user interface touchscreen very responsive Feature packaged TC seemed OK (more research needed if TC user) Curves and preheats worked as they should Performed well in power mode Fires instantly with immediate ramp up Seemed Accurate Achievable top wattage Very efficient Nice Colour display Solid battery door Labelled battery orientation White on Black 2A balanced charging Up to 26mm atty's will fit with no overhang Firmware Upgradeable Monochrome display firmware version available Cons Stabwood could have more polished finish (subjective) Touchscreens don't suit some (subjective) If not used Asmodus Touchscreen before there is a learning curve Adjusts in 0.1W increments up to 100W I would once again like to thank Linky from Sacowin for supplying the ULTRONER EOS II 180W TC Box Mod for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
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