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    • Explore the Huracan LX & EX, seamlessly merging classic design with modern metal aesthetics. Engineered for robust performance, it features a 0.96” TFT colour screen, five customizable vaping modes, and seamless compatibility with the Huracan Tank.   The common features of the Huracan LX and Huracan EX: 1. 4 BP coils compatible 2. Adjustable wattage up to 100W 3. Rotate to adjust airflow 4. Adjustable 5 output modes 5. Equipped with a spacious 0.96”TFT colour screen 6. Both devices come with 6 beautiful colours for your selection   Huracan LX vs Huracan EX: 1. The Huracan LX is equipped with a 3000 mAh internal battery, whereas the Huracan EX relies on a single external 18650 battery. 2. The height of the Huracan EX surpasses that of the Huracan LX. 3. The two devices exhibit different leather   For more details, plz visit:https://www.aspirecig.com/products/
    • I am the same as you; I gave up smoking years ago and now enjoy my vape. Thankfully, my cousin works for a vape supplier, so I could ask him for some reviews! There are lots of options out there for you. I have been quite impressed with a few alternatives I have tried myself. One company that my cousin recommended to me is West Coast Vape Supply. They sell many products, so surely something that fits your requirements. Good luck on your journey!
    • Without knowing the brand and model of your vaping device, it's hard to give you instructions, but most pen-types will work if you just suck on it. If there's no button, it's one of those. If there is a button, click it five times. There should be a light that will flash a few times. I hope that helps.
    • How do I turn on the pen it's charged but I don't know how to turn it on
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