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    • Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Wenax Stylus Pod Starter Kit from Geekvape. The Wenax Stylus Pod Starter Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Elliot from Geekvape. Introduction It's refreshing to see a product release from Geekvape that isn't part of either the Aegis or Zeus series and equally as refreshing that it's a product aimed at MTL vapers. We have seen an increase of quality MTL products over the last 12 months but when it comes to pod/AIO devices they haven't really delivered being more suited to RDL vapers giving a loose MTL vape at best. The Wenax though helps fill that void and uses the same backwards compatible coil heads that came with the Aegis Pod, a device which was more suited to RDL. We also see the release of a MTL KA1 round wire 1.2ohm coil head to go with the previously seen KA1 Mesh 0.6ohm coil head for a more cigarette type draw. The Wenax boasts an 1100mAh battery, both draw and button activation, 3 different auto draw settings, battery status indication and comes in different frosted and rubberised matte finishes, let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x Wenax Stylus Kit (Pre-installed: G Coil 0.6ohm Mesh Coil) 1 x G Coil Pod 1.2ohm 1 x Coil tool 1 x Delrin drip tip 1 x USB cable 1 x User manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Wenax comes in quite simple cardboard packaging and on opening i was met by a cylindrical device. On picking up it's both light being of Aluminium construction and my Ocean Blue version has a nice tactile rubberised finish. The colour options are Army Green, Classic Black, Space Gray, Devil Red, Granite Grey and Ocean Blue, some have a matte rubberised coating while others have a frosted finish. On the front we have "WENAX" printed centrally and on the reverse "STYLUS" towards the bottom. Both front and back towards the top we have what looks like 2 airflow holes lined up vertically but the top one is a dummy which doesn't go all the way through, the bottom holes i would guess are 0.6mm in diameter. On the reverse underneath the airflow hole we have the micro USB port and then up top we have the rounded top section of the pod protruding with standard 510 drip tip. Moving to the base we have a recessed round fire button with translucent surround and central Geekvape logo to allow the LED to shine through. The device feels nice in the hand, seems of good quality and comes in both vibrant and classic finishes! ___________________________________________________________________ Wenex Specs and Features: Dimensions: 112*18.85 with installed pod Auto fire: 0.6ohm(14/15/16W),1.2ohm(9/10/11w) Button fire: 0.6ohm(16W),1.2ohm(11W) Coil resistance: 0.5-3ohm Battery capacity: 1100mAh Charging specification: Micro USB 5V 1A Low voltage warning: 3.2V±0.1V PCBA Temperature alarm: 80°C Longest vaping time: 10S Working temperature: -10-45°C Stand-by current: <15uA Best for 50-70%VG juice Redefined simple design Auto-activated function and button function Lightweight aluminium construction Colours: Army Green, Classic Black, Space Gray, Devil Red, Granite Grey, Ocean Blue ___________________________________________________________________ The Pod You only receive one pod but 2 coils one of which is pre-installed, the pod capacity is 2ml. The pod is quite darkly tinted but lighter in the bottom section although even the top despite being dark it lightens were liquid is present so although not ideal i didn't need to remove the pod to check the e-liquid level. Only a small thing but i love how the pod has a standard 510 fitting drip-tip, the pre-installed drip-tip is more suited to a loose MTL or RDL draw while you also receive a taller drip tip with narrow bore more suited to a tighter draw, i preferred this narrow bore drip-tip when using with either of the included coils. Although i didn't need to remove the pod to check the liquid level it does need removing to fill which for me is a con, it has a side bung which lifts easy enough to reveal a very large fill port for a pod and filling was both quick and mess free. Looking at the base of the pod we have the round opening for the coil head to be press fitted into place but no magnets as the pod just gets press fitted into the bay! ___________________________________________________________________ The Coil Heads The Wenax uses the same G Coils that we saw introduced with the Aegis Pod were Geekvape did say they would be releasing future products compatible with the same coil heads. Pre-installed we see the 0.6ohm KA1 Mesh coil head which is rated between 13 to 18W and also included is the new 1.2ohm KA1 vertical round wire rated between 9.5 to 11.5w. Both have narrow bores with the 1.2ohm round wire coil head having just a slightly narrower bore than the mesh coil. As mentioned previously the coil head just get's press fitted into place and for when removing you also receive a coil removal spanner but i didn't need to use it! ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Pod Looking inside the pod bay we can see the 2 Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and what looks quite an impressive membrane switch (they are getting better all the time). We can also see the small hole either side for airflow and various tabs which i guess are present to assist the secure press fit. As hinted at the pod just get's press fitted into the bay but is a nice tight secure fit, to remove just grip it and give it a tug, nice job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The airflow as mentioned enters the pod bay via the small hole front and back and then enters the coil from the side near the bottom, we have no adjustable airflow so it's controlled by a combination of the airflow that's allowed to get to the base of the pod and the inner bore of the coil. ___________________________________________________________________ Operating The Wenax The Wenax is the usual 5 clicks of the button which is situated on the base to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, when turning on the LED surround and logo of the fire button will light up in the current battery status indication colour. The device is both draw activated or can be fired using the button on the base which is the same sort of action as firing a bottom switch mech device. When vaping either by pressing the button or by draw activation the surround and logo of the fire button lights up giving the current battery status indication. You can either just give the button a quick press to check or because the light is quite powerful you can just put the palm of your non vaping hand below the light and your palm lights up to show what colour the LED is, the indications are the following percentages: Green = 70% to 100% Blue = 30% to 69% Red = Below 30% The device also has different constant output settings for when using the Auto draw, to swap between the different settings is 3 quick clicks of the fire button with each 3 clicks taking you to the next setting. The LED lights up for 2 seconds in the new setting colour to confirm, the settings are represented by the following: 0.6ohm Coil Head: White = 14w Blue = 15w Green = 16w 1.2ohm Coil Head: White = 9w Blue = 10w Green = 11w When using the fire button to fire the settings don't take effect and you just get full power which is 16w with the 0.6ohm coil and 11w with the 1.2ohm coil. Finally when fitting the pod with the device swiched on the LED lights up the current battery status indication for 2 seconds and when removing the Pod it flashes Red 3 times! ___________________________________________________________________ Charging The Wenax supports 1A charging and it's 1100mAh battery charges in just over an hour which is par for this type of device so happy, it also supports pass-through. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Wenax And Thoughts! Quite a short review because it's an uncomplicated device yet it does what it does well. The flavour from both coils is above par and i got six refills of flavour at it's best with both but it didn't fall off the cliff but kept acceptable flavour for another 3 or 4 fills so about average longevity. The draw with the 0.6ohm coil head was a medium loose MTL although you can put your finger over the back airflow hole for a medium tight draw if you wish but in my opinion if you want a tighter draw the best option is using the 1.2ohm coil head. The 1.2ohm coil head gives a medium tight draw which isn't far off a cigarette draw but again you can cover that back hole for an even tighter draw but without doubt this device is for MTL with both coils. I really like the narrow bore drip-tip and being able to fit your own is also a pro, the 1100mAh battery isn't bad with the 0.6ohm coil head but i did need charging halfway through the day while with the 1.2ohm coil it will last most pretty much all day! The difference between the different auto draw settings is very subtle so to tell the difference i needed to go from the lowest to the highest which confirmed they are different, which one to use will entirely be down to personal preference. Auto draw switches are just getting better and better and on the Wenax there was no performance difference other than the auto draw settings between using the fire button or draw activation. (i honestly wasn't sponsored for including different or difference as many times as possible into a paragraph) Some might find the button on the base being strange to start with but those who have used bottom switch mechs will probably love it. Battery indications are nicely spread out and although the dark tinted pod isn't ideal i didn't need to remove the pod to check the level. The only cons i have is the pod could be lighter and i would prefer to be able to fill the pod without having to remove it. Also the only way of checking the auto setting you are on is by 3 quick presses to take you to the next setting but then you have to cycle through the settings again to get back! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good quality Light and ergonomic 6 Colour options (frosted and matte rubberised finishes) Auto or button activated Constant output fire activation 3 Different constant output settings (draw activation) Impressive performance from switch Medium loose MTL 0.6ohm coil Medium tight 1.2ohm coil Cover back airflow hole for even tighter draw Above average flavour both coils Average coil longevity Well spaced battery indications Pod fits very securely Good battery life Charges in about an hour Supports pass-through Cons Need to remove pod to fill Can only check setting by going to the next one Could see liquid level but could be easier (lighter pod would be preferable) Bottom button some will find strange at first Airflow not adjustable I would once again like to thank Elliot from Geekvape for supplying the Wenax Stylus Pod Starter Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe! ___________________________________________________________________
    • Hi I'm glad to be in. I'm a former regulated mod user, a Rx2/3 by wismec to be more specific. But I stop vaping couple of months and now I think I should come back again in vaping because I'm being a chronic smoker. Now I'm using a mechanical mod that is made in my country PH. I just want to know more about safety using mechanical mod. That we all know that this kind of mod is unregulated. Hope that I will get more information on this forum. Thanks
    • Hope you enjoy its my first video! 
    • I noticed there weren't any video reviews on the Hopper IO. I made a quick one since there isn't any others. The Vape Master      https://youtu.be/-uvJds8NI14
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