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    • Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Grimm Kit from Hellvape. The Grimm Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Hellvape. Introduction Hellvape are best known for their various RDA's, RTA's and Subohm Tanks including the Rebirth, Drop dead and Dead Rabbit and wasn't tempted by the pod craze which is now slowing down. The pod craze has started to be replaced by the AIO pod mod which has tempted Hellvape into a collaboration with Grimm Green and Ohm Boy. The Grimm Kit houses a screen and offers both variable wattage up to 30W and Variable Voltage modes. The 2ml capacity pod/cartridge offers full visibility to see your juice level but is darkly tinted and houses a choice of replaceable DL or MTL coil. The Grimm Kit has adjustable airflow and a MTL airflow option making it a kit suitable for both styles. The device accommodates an inbuilt 1200mAh battery and keeps things as simple as possible with no TC or bells and whistle features. The Grimm Kit on the face of it ticks a lot of boxes to suit both those trying to quit cigarettes and more advanced users, but how good (or not so good) is it, i give my opinion! ___________________________________________________________________ Discrepancies I can only go by what i receive and what information i can find and although it says on the manufacturers site the pod/cartridge capacity is 3ml standard edition and 2ml TPD edition every place i can find the Grimm Kit whether it's in the UK, China or the US, it only seems available with 2ml capacity so i have to assume it's only available with a 2ml pod/cartridge. Also on Hellvape's website it shows that the base of the pod with installed coil head is just push fitted into place which is incorrect they need to be screwed into the pod. ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1x Hellvape Grimm Pod Kit 0.7ohm H3-01 Mesh Coil 1x 1.2ohm H3-02 Regular Coil 1x USB Cable 1x User Manual 1x lanyard ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Grimm Kit comes in open cardboard box packaging with clear plastic lid so the device is on show before opening. I received the Black Carbon Fiber version which has a Black rubberised paint over the Zinc Alloy chassis and Carbon Fiber panels front and back. The kit comes in a number of plain or Carbon Fiber options which are Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Black, Rainbow, Red & Carbon Fiber, Blue & Carbon Fiber, Purple & Carbon Fiber, Black & Carbon Fiber and Rainbow & Carbon Fiber. Above the panel both front and back we have generous venting slots and on the face we have a square fire button at the top and a rectangular navigational rocker towards the bottom, both have the same rubberised finish as the chassis. The small OLed screen is housed centrally on the face between the buttons but the micro USB port is on the base which i don't like, on the base we also have printed safety stamps. Up top we have a fully visible tinted pod with a standard fit 510 drip tip. The build quality is good and as mentioned mine has a really nice rubberised finish, it's a nice portable size, quite light and fits in the hand very comfortably. ___________________________________________________________________ Grimm Kit Specs and Features: Collaboration with GRIMM GREEN and Ohm Boy Dimensions - 93mm by 44.5mm by 19mm Integrated 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery Wattage Output Range: 5-30W Voltage Output Range: 0.5-6.0V Resistance Range: 0.7ohm / 1.2ohm Zinc-Alloy + PCTG Chassis Construction Single Firing Button Two Adjustment Buttons OLED Display Screen 2mL Refillable Pod - Replaceable Coil Sliding Top Fill System Hellvape GRIMM Coil Series 0.7ohm H3-01 Mesh Coil 1.2ohm H3-02 Regular Coil Threaded Coil Installation Threaded Coil Based Airflow Control Ring Snap-In Pod Connection MicroUSB Port -1200mAh large internal battery capacity -Threaded Coil Based Airflow Control Ring -Collaboration with GRIMM GREEN and Ohm Boy -Equipped with GRIMM Coil Series for perfect vaping -Bright OLED Display Screen inform you essential parameters Colours: Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Black, Rainbow, Red & Carbon Fiber, Blue & Carbon Fiber, Purple & Carbon Fiber, Black & Carbon Fiber, Rainbow & Carbon Fiber ___________________________________________________________________ The Pod/Cartridge The cartridge comes fitted to the device without a coil fitted and has a 2ml capacity. The whole pod/cartridge is visible when fitted to the device so in most lighting your juice level can be easily seen but the pod is darkly tinted so in certain light it can be a bit of a struggle. Once a coil with base is installed we can see on the base the central positive contact with a negative surround. I love the easy top-fill method employed by these pods. We have a large plastic piece which has an arrowhead and grooves for grip that just needs sliding open in the direction of the arrow. This reveals a very large filling port and once filled simply slide shut, possibly the quickest, most efficient method i have used yet so no issues whatsoever! ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Coils There are 2 different coils on release available and both are included in the kit. We have a Kanthal mesh 0.7ohm which has been given an ideal rating of 22W and a Kanthal vertical round wire 1.2ohm which has been given an ideal rating of 12W. The 0.7ohm is for DL and the 1.2ohm for MTL although i also got a decent loose MTL from the 0.7ohm coil. This is a first on me but despite the coils screwing inside the base section when you receive each coil it comes screwed into it's own base section. I have seen coils supplied like this before but when the base and coil have been a complete unit not when the coil heads screw into the base. I am a bit indifferent about this as yes it saves a bit of time and you don't have to worry about losing the base as you would have plenty of spare but isn't this going to unnecessarily put the price of the coils up? must do surely! To change coils simply unscrew the base from the pod and then you can either use the same base section and screw a new coil head into it or just fit the new coil head with it's new base into the pod. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow On the outside of the device front and back we have generous airflow slots where the pod/cartridge is inserted. These have been referred to as airflow slots but in an earlier section i called them venting slots because although they allow air to access the bottom of the pod it's the adjustable airflow and bore of the coil head that dictates the airflow and the main purpose of these slots it to keep the pod cool (heat dissipation). The base that the coil head gets screwed into has adjustable airflow in the form of dual small slots. Closing these slots down gives a really nice loose MTL draw or if you shut completely it opens a very small airflow hole instead for a much tighter MTL. The control ring moves with a nice tolerance (not too tight but not too loose) and has grooves to get a good grip. ___________________________________________________________________ Fitting The Pod/Cartridge Looking inside the pod/cartridge bay we can see to one side 3 Gold plated, spring loaded contacts, the central positive and outer negatives. Towards the edges of the bay we can see very strong protruding clips, one either side, we can also see by the light entering the bay how much air is getting to the pod from what i will refer to as venting slots. The pod/cartridge gets pushed into the empty bay and you can hear the strong clips snap into place securing the pod, absolutely no play, great job! ___________________________________________________________________ The Screen The Grimm has a small OLed screen with old school display which many still prefer. Top left we have the resistance then underneath we have the puff count. Positioned centrally we have the wattage or Voltage depending which mode you are using. Top right we have the battery status bar and underneath this the time of your puff. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Grimm The Grimm is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, once on there is a number of combination button press features. Up and fire together locks and unlocks the device and down and fire together is stealth mode, when the device is locked or in stealth mode it still fires. The final combination button press feature is up and down together flips the screen. To switch between variable voltage or variable wattage is 3 clicks of the fire button, both the wattage and voltage can be adjusted using the navigational rocker in point 1 increments (wattage 5-30W and voltage 0.5-6V). The Grimm also displays your puff count which to access is 4 clicks of the fire button, once pressing the fire button 4 times the puff count flashes and a long fire press will reset it. The Grimm also has all the usual safety features which when any kick in various messages are displayed on the screen. The device needs to be charged via the micro USB port and supports 1A charging, it takes just over an hour to fully charge which for a 1200mAh device is very good. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Grimm Kit I have to say i really like the Grimm a lot and it will be a device i continue using. I can get both the direct lung restriction and loose MTL i prefer but the Grimm offers more by also having a separate MTL airflow hole giving a much tighter draw very similar to a cigarette pull making this both a true MTL and restricted DL Kit. There are quite a few kits that say they offer both MTL and DL but very few actually deliver and only offer a loose MTL at best. At the time of writing there are a couple of unknowns like will supplying each coil with it's own base make the replacement coils expensive and is there actually a 3ml version going to be available as advertised because i can't find it, also In most light i can see the juice level perfectly well but in certain light it can be a struggle due to the darkly tinted pod/cartridge so at least it gives me a con to list because i am struggling. It's pros all the way, an AIO/Pod system with fully adjustable wattage and voltage modes, adjustable airflow that works really well and a great quick, efficient top-fill system. The 0.7ohm coil worked well using for a restricted lung hit but worked equally well closing the airflow slightly for a loose MTL. The 1.2ohm coil using the small airflow delivers a cigarette type draw ideal for those trying to quit the stinkies but i also tried using the dual slots and it also gives a good medium tightness and even loose MTL if you prefer. whichever coil or draw you prefer the flavour and warmth of vape can then be controlled in conjunction with your set wattage or voltage and the recommended 22W and 12W for the coils are a good starting point to adjust from so can't argue with these ratings. I tried all sorts of e-liquid from 50/50 nic salts right up to 80%VG and both coils handled all the various e-liquids i tried. The flavour isn't going to blow anybody away but compared to other pod/AIO set-ups i have tried i have absolutely no complaints with the flavour from both coils. I have been switching between coils regularly trying different airflow and wattage configurations and both coils have got through what i would consider enough e-liquid for acceptable longevity and both coils are still showing no signs of flavour drop off. Battery life is fair when using past the 20W mark with the 0.7ohm coil for a restricted vape to very good when being between 10-12W with the 1.2ohm for a tight MTL vape, the battery charges in just over an hour while supporting pass-through so all round very satisfactory. The Grimm shows how vaping chips have advanced because here we have a simple AIO/Pod device that fires instantly with immediate ramp up (most full size mods wouldn't deliver this performance a couple of years ago). The fire button is very easy to find and delivers a satisfying click when firing, i also like on this occasion the point 1 increments the wattage adjusts in as MTL vapers need more precision. My gut feeling is that the Grimm will sell very well so i would expect more Grimm coils released making the device even more versatile than it already is. ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good build quality plenty of plain and Carbon Fiber finishes Very easy top-fill system Replaceable coils Pod/Cartridge clips into place (absolutely no play) Adjustable airflow 510 drip tip (fit your on if you prefer) True MTL or restricted DL device MTL and DL coils provided Dual airflow slots + MTL airflow hole Old school display Adjustable wattage 5-30W point 1 increments for MTL precision adjustable Voltage 0.5- 6V Fires instantly From cigarette type pull to restricted direct lung draw Good flavour (both coils) Good longevity (both coils) Both coils handled various PG/VG ratios Puff counter Battery status bar Good battery life Charges in just over an hour Supports pass-through Very versatile Multiple safety features Cons Darkly tinted pod (can struggle to see e-liquid in dim light) Micro USB port on base of the device I would once again like to thank Hellvape for supplying the Grimm Kit for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
    • The Independent published this article from a doctor. He is saying what we've known and is actually using common sense. I'm an American doctor. Here's the truth about Juul, vaping and legalizing marijuana https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/juul-ban-flavors-vaping-marijuana-legalize-a9161971.html
    • Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the STNG MTL RDA from Wotofo. The STNG MTL RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Antonio from Wotofo. Introduction The STNG MTL RDA is a collaboration between Wotofo and the Russian YouTube vape reviewer Vapor Place (a.k.a Uncle Stas). The STNG utilises post clamps for a very easy build and split airflow directly underneath the coil, the airflow adjustment is very limited so be careful you don't get stung by the ST(i)NG! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1pc STNG MTL RDA 1pc Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil 1pc Single-Strand Coil 1pc User Manual 1pc Extra Drip Tip 1pc Standard pin 1pc Cross Head Screwdriver 1pc Allen Key 1pc Cotton Strip 1bag O-rings ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics The STNG came in packaging that comprises of a cardboard base and plastic clear lid so you can see the STNG before opening. I received the Black version which has the band of the Silver base visible and comes with what i would describe as an old fashioned MTL drip tip. The colour options are Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Blue, Gold and Rainbow, all versions have a Silver band visible at the base as none of the base sections are painted. The top of the RDA has many tapered steps to the drip tip giving a quite rounded look, the front has the STNG logo carved into the metal which is the only feature apart from the single sidewards teardrop airflow inlet. Moving to the base we have a Gold plated, protruding standard 510 pin pre-installed and on the base itself plenty of branding and safety stamps. The build quality is nice and the finish on mine very good, i find the shape and logo aesthetically pleasing but i'm not a massive fan of the supplied drip tips despite them being comfortable but all that's entirely subjective. ___________________________________________________________________ STNG MTL RDA Specs and Features: RDA Type: MTL RDA Build Deck Diameter: 22mm Coil Configuration: Single Coil Wattage Range: 5-30W Recommended Ohm Value: 0.4-1.8ohm Overall Height: 43.15mm (with drip tip and 510 pin) Threading: 510 Thread Body Material: Stainless Steel Juice Feeding Method: Drip / Squonk Insulator Material: German PEEK Split bottom airflow All in one screw clamp system Colours: Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Blue, Gold, Rainbow INCLUDED COIL SPECS 1. Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil Recommended for normal nicotine vaping Material: Ni80 30G*2+38G Resistance: 0.75ohm Inner Diameter: 2.5mm Number of Wraps: 6 wraps 2. Single-Strand Coil Recommended for nic salts vaping Material: Ni80 28G Resistance: 1.2ohm Inner Diameter: 2.5mm Number of Wraps: 9 wraps ___________________________________________________________________ It's Various Parts and What You Get The STNG comprises of a 510 delrin MTL drip tip, one piece sleeve and base section which of course includes the deck. You receive 2 very similar style 510 drip tips that both have a 3mm inner bore but different outer diameters although i expect a lot of people will use their own 510. You also receive spare O-rings, screws, allen key, good quality screwdriver and cotton. Finally you also get supplied with 2 different Ni80 coils. The STNG comes pre-installed with a standard pin but a BF pin is included. ___________________________________________________________________ Supplied Coils You get two different coils, one of which is supposed to be more suited for freebase and the other for nic salts but really i always find that marketing mischievousness. One coil is a Ni80 dual core fused clapton 0.75ohm, the other is a Ni80 single wire coil 1.20hm, both coils have a 2.5mm ID. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The airflow has very limited adjustability and comprises of just one inlet which is about the same size as the largest hole on a typical MTL tank that gives you various holes with different diameters (i estimate the hole to be about 2mm). The airflow is adjusted by moving the sidewards teardrop hole on the sleeve so if you have the more narrower end of the teardrop over the hole it's reduced and can be adjusted till the opposite end of the teardrop is fully over the hole which is wide open. The air goes into the inlet and travels underneath the deck until it reaches the centre of the deck, it then gets diverted upwards where it is split between two small outlets underneath the coil. They are calling it a splitted air supply but it's nothing innovative and has been seen many times in the past. Looking inside the sleeve we can see it's very domed and also on the side we have 2 notches that allow the sleeve to be lined up when fitted. In conjunction with the side of the deck the sleeve moves on a rail system giving the airflow adjustment hard stoppers. ___________________________________________________________________ The Deck And Build I am not a big dripper fan especially with MTL RDA's so before starting my first build i swapped for the BF pin and kept this installed for both the builds i did. The 22mm deck has 2 posts directly facing each other that utilise spring loaded "T" shaped clamps so as the screws are undone from above the clamps rise up giving shelves for the coil leads. The screw is positioned centrally on each clamp giving a shelf either side so it doesn't matter which way the coil is wound. This makes for such an easy build simply place your leads on the shelves and while holding the coil in position with a finger screw the clamps down. Once done if needed fine tune the position of your coil with a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool then snip your access leads. Wicking is a doddle simply cut your cotton to the second o-ring on the outside of the deck, fluff up and then tuck down in the quite deep wells. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The STNG The problem with the STNG is the limited airflow options and it's simply giving variants of a medium to loose MTL draw, some may even manufacture a very restricted DL vape but i would say not. To put it into context the airflow inlet is about the same size as the largest hole on the Berserker which then has 4 smaller options and although the teardrop does allow slight adjustability this is not suitable for those liking a really tight draw. The Clapton coil just seemed a strange vape as if it didn't suit the tank at all it felt it needed more air and wanted to be used as a DL draw but there is not enough air to satisfactory allow this. When using the supplied single wire coil it was much better and it did give very decent flavour but it felt the flavour wasn't optimised and could of been improved if the airflow could be closed down further, so although this gave a decent vape a tighter draw would be better yet the other supplied coil needs more air than the STNG offers. It worked well as a BF RDA but only after getting use to not being Zealous pressing the bottle so at first i did get leaking through the air inlet but after a learning curve it was fine. The STNG isn't a bad MTL RDA as long as you vape in it's narrow airflow range, and for a vaper who likes a medium to loose MTL draw but is new to building then doing a build on the STNG is as easy as building gets on an RDA but compared to an RDA like the Berserker it is somewhat lacking in performance! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Nice build quality Nice looking 5 Colour options Simple airflow adjustment Locking top cap rail system Drip tip standard 510 fit (can use your own) Very simple to build Clamp post system Quite deep juice well Decent flavour (single wire 1.2ohm build) BF and standard pin Plenty included including: 2 Drip tips 2 Different coils Cons Limited airflow adjustability Not as tight as most MTL dedicated RDA's No Innovation on show Really didn't find the supplied fused clapton suited the RDA If over zealous when squonking it will leak through inlet Not a massive fan of the supplied drip tips (subjective) I would once again like to thank Antonio from Wotofo for supplying the STNG MTL RDA for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
    • I work with a girl who's SO became deathly ill "due to vaping". (When I questioned her, she admitted that it was black market THC her SO was vaping EXCLUSIVELY for a week, when she became ill and then CONTINUED TO VAPE THE STUFF!) Some of the other employees were blasting vaping on the spot because of this person's illness. So I posed the question, "ok, if vaping as a whole is responsible, why am I not ill or dead? I've been vaping for nearly 6 years." The room got totally silent. Then I explained, that I KNOW what's in my juice, because I make my own. What they NEED to be upset about is WHAT this person vaped and WHERE they got it, NOT with vaping as a whole. A few of the employees actually apologized, stating, if they had known that there was black market/tainted juice out there and that could have been the cause of the illness, they would have kept their mouths shut. I just reminded them there is  always more to every situation than just what you hear/see on the surface, get the facts before you blow off steam.
    • Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Barrage RDA from Asmodus. The Barrage RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Saly from Asmodus. Introduction The Barrage RDA is a collaboration between Asmodus and Vaping with Thesis and a very interesting innovative design. The RDA has airflow that is hidden within the heat sink fins and deflects off the bottom of the deck to "barrage" the coil with air. The concept is supposed to give the ultimate single coil performance giving copious amount of cloud as well as impressive flavour from the same RDA. So is the Barrage both a cloud chasing, flavour rocking RDA that's going to stand out from the crowd, let's have a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: Asmodus Barrage RDA 2x ONI pre-built Triple Fused Clapton coils 2x Allen key BF Squonk 510 pin Spare parts bag User manual ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics I always look forward to see what packaging an Asmodus product will arrive in as they like to be different, and this time around the RDA comes in a very sturdy triangular box with shallow lid. I received the Rainbow version which comes with a Goon style wide bore delrin 810 drip tip sitting up top, the colour options are Black, Gold, Rainbow and Silver. The Barrage is very easy to describe as it's only feature is 2 heat sink fins at the top of the sleeve before tapering towards the drip tip, the rest of the sleeve is plain. The base has branding and safety marks printed in Black and a Gold plated, slightly protruding standard 510 pin which can be removed with an Allen key. The machining is very clean and the build quality is a very high standard. ___________________________________________________________________ Barrage Specs and Features: Size: 24mm diameter Single coil rebuildable deck Drip or squonk compatible – solid and BF 510 pins included Stainless steel body 5.3mm deep juice well Non-adjustable top airflow 810 Goon style drip tip Gold plated 510 pins Gold plated coil clamp screws 3.5mmx1.4mm post holes Coil positioning guides in deck Thread: 510 Colour: Black, Gold, Rainbow, Silver ___________________________________________________________________ The Barrage's Various Parts The Barrage consists of an 810 Goon fitting drip tip and a one piece sleeve, then we have the base section housing the single coil deck. The Barrage comes pre-installed with a standard pin but a BF pin is included as well as 2 Allen keys, spare o-rings and screws. Also included is 2 triple fused claptons which are Kanthal(26Gx3+38G) but no cotton. Of course you can use your own Goon fit 810 if you prefer(me thinks another of Nick's stabwood drip tips will be making an appearance!). ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow The airflow inlets are hidden within the heat sink fins and non adjustable. When looking inside the sleeve we can see a cavity either side that act like chute's which funnel incoming air straight down until it comes into contact with two angled slopes milled into the deck that then directs the air towards the bottom of the deck. Some of this air will skim the side of the coil on the way down (how much will depend on the size of the coil) while most of it will bounce of the deck underneath the coil and come upwards giving bottom airflow that will wrap around the coil. On both sides at the bottom of the inside of the sleeve we have a small indent and on the lip of the base 2 corresponding notches so the sleeve locks in place with everything lined up. ___________________________________________________________________ The Deck And Build The way we have just got angled milled slopes on the deck for airflow and with it being a 24mm deck i can't think of a single coil deck that has so much room. We have 2 posts diagonal to each other that have angled side openings (act the same as having a lip) which are fastened down from above via the hex screws. The terminals are huge compared to on most decks and with all that room you can fit a very large coil if you wish. There are two curved cutouts in the wall of the base so a coiling rod can be placed to help guide where to position the coil or just set it centrally by eye. Simply place each coil lead in the terminals and hold the coil in place while tightening down the screws. Once done you can use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to improve the position of your coil if needed and then snip your coil leads. Wicking is straightforward and the Barrage has quite a deep well, just make sure you don't place any of your cotton obscuring the milled airflow slopes. I did 2 builds first using one of the supplied Oni coils with the BF pin fitted and then a second build using a coil supplied by The Doctor which was an Alien 3*28+36 using Juice Junkie Ni80 with an ID of 3.0mm. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The Barrage RDA The barrage is innovative yet quite a simple design making this one of my shortest reviews. This RDA laughs at the usual concepts that encourages flavour and likes dual build wattage thrown at it despite being quite restrictive. There is only one con i have for the RDA which is the glaringly obvious fact that the airflow can't be adjusted. As mentioned the airflow is more restrictive than most RDA's so not for those that like a Goon like airflow wide open but despite this i was at 70W where i got flavour for days and copious amounts of vapor to match. I did take it right up to 90W(it's just a single coil RDA) and the flavour still rocked with no sign of the juice cooking. I'm baffled with the restrictive airflow why it's lapping up the wattage so comfortably and why it's giving such good flavour without all the usual flavour encouraging attributes, but the Barrage really is both a cloud producer and flavour machine all in one. The very spacious deck is so simple to build on and both the room and large terminals will allow for a big coil if that's what you like. As mentioned the pictured build i did was using one of the Doctors coils and i will be switching the pins to go back to the BF pin but keeping this build for many a re-wick! The Barrage works great with the BF pin installed having an airflow design which makes it very leak resistant as well as having quite a deep juice well. Although it has a very friendly BF design it worked equally well just dripping liquid straight down the drip tip. The last thing to mention is again looking at the design i was expecting some turbulence but the airflow is as smooth as i would expect from a honeycomb airflow design. Another one of Nick's handcrafted Stabwood drip tips looking stunning on top of the Barrage RDA! (Check them out!) ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Nice triangular packaging Cleanly machined and very good build quality Aesthetics entirely subjective (i like the look) Heat sink fins Airflow hidden from outside Goon fitting drip tip Innovative airflow deflecting off deck bottom before surrounding the coil Very spacious 24mm build deck Very large terminals Very easy build Leak resistant Equally suited for using BF or dripping Smooth, restrictive lung hit Bags of flavour Cloud to match Included BF pin 2 Included Coils Locking sleeve Cons Non Adjustable Airflow I would once again like to thank Saly from Asmodus for supplying the Barrage RDA for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
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