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    • Hello everyone! Just letting you know that my survey (https://exetercles.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9WBHuKV6ggJOEF7) will only be live for another couple of weeks! Thank you to anyone who has done it already, we really appreciate all the responses! It only takes 5 minutes and would really help the research    
    • Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Bantam Box Revision Kit from SXK and Pro-Vapes. The SXK Bantam Box Revision was supplied for the purpose of this review by Linky from Sacowin, SXK's marketing company. Introduction SXK possibly best known for their one to one clones have teamed up with a UK company Pro-Vapes to bring us not a clone but a mini Billet Box influenced device called the Bantam Box. The Bantam Box was released a few months ago but here we have a revised edition which includes as well as a Billet Style Boro tank a pre-installed pod style tank with quick fill method especially designed to work with the included Nautilus coil adaptor. The Revision version also comes with an included 18350 battery and with everything that's included concentrates on stock coil use rather than rebuildables as it also including an Kangertech EUC adaptor, let's give it a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1x Bantam Box Device 1x 18350 Battery 1x Refillable Pod Unit 1x Refillable Tank Unit 1x Quick Release Connector 1x Flush Fit Connector 1x 1.8ohm Aspire Nautilus Coil 1x 1.5ohm Ceramic MTL Coil 1x EUC Coil Adaptor ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The Bantam Box Revision came in cardboard box packaging with everything included having it's own compartment within the box. Both side panels on all versions are Black G10 and the device comes in 7 chassis colour options, i received the Green. The colour options are Silver, Purple, Brown, Red, Black, Orange and Green, the chassis material is Aluminium. The device is Billet Box Styled but a small square mini version making it very convenient as a carry about device and very comfortable to use. Up top we have both a mini screen and 510 drip tip housed in the drip tip adaptor which is also to secure the internal tank. Towards the bottom on one edge we have cutout sections to allow air to the tank and on one side we have a round fire button. The panels have slight play but we have no button rattle and overall build quality is very good. ___________________________________________________________________ Bantam Box Specs and Features: Anodised Aluminium Construction, G10 5.5ml, 2ml Capacity Tank Unit (EU) Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 24.5mm Output Power: 5W - 30W Output Voltage: 1V - 8.0V Resistance Range: 0.4Ω - 3.0Ω Input Voltage: 3.3V - 4.2V Display: 0.49” OLED Quiescent Current: <50uA On-board USB Charging Colours: Silver, Purple, Brown, Red, Black, Orange, Green ___________________________________________________________________ What You Get And What's Available Pre-installed we have a pod style tank with a 5.5ml capacity especially designed for the included nautilus adaptor which will also fit the Billet box. We also received a Boro style tank with pre-installed EUC adaptor and an 18350 battery so the device is ready to go as soon as you receive it. Of course the Boro style A tank will is also compatible with all the available Billet Box bridges including the Vapeshell, Exocet, Xeta, Insider and Crossbow. If i have any con for what's included with the Bantam Box Revision edition it's the fact no rebuildable bridge is included. ___________________________________________________________________ Pod Boro Tank Pre-installed we have a pod influenced Boro style tank with pre-installed Nautilus adaptor and 1.8ohm nautilus coil. The tank has a quick fill port with bung on the front so the glass doesn't need sliding down and we also have a large arch open at the bottom allowing good access to the base of the adaptor to adjust the airflow, yes this nautilus adaptor has adjustable airflow that works very well and knurling on the ring makes adjusting very easy with the tank still installed. ___________________________________________________________________ Drip Tip Adaptors We get two drip tip adaptors one which sits flush and one which gives an higher profile, these adaptors also screw to the top of the Boro tank to secure in place. The fitting is 510 so you can fit your own 510's if you prefer. ___________________________________________________________________ Inside The Device Both panels have notches towards the bottom to help with removal and underneath the panel that houses the fire button is where we can find the USB port if you wish to charge the battery in the device. Removing the other panel gives access to the Boro Tank, navigational buttons and battery. The device accommodates an 18350 battery and a battery ribbon is fitted. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The small display which is found on top of the device has all the information required and is bright and sharp. Top we have the Wattage, underneath we have to the left the resistance and to the right the pre-heat. At the bottom of the display to the left we have the voltage and finally to the right we have the battery status bar. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating The Device The device is very simple to operate and is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off. 3 clicks of the fire button flips the display and 3 clicks again flips it back, also pressing both navigational buttons together locks the navigational buttons but the device will still fire. I really don't understand the lock feature as the panel in place will prevent any adjustments so surely if any lock feature locking the fire button would of made more sense. Finally pressing the left navigational button with the fire button scroll through the pre-heats allowing the choice of Normal, Soft or Hard. The wattage adjusts in point one increments between 5W and 30W and round robins. The device will have all the usual safety protections but no information is given, i would imagine firmware upgrades will also be possible but again no information whether the device is upgradeable is given, finally on-board charging is supported. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience And Thoughts When trying the usual Boro tank with supplied ceramic coil i really found the flavour very muted which surprised me as i normally find ceramic coils superior in flavour. The star of this device though is the Pod influenced Boro Tank with Nautilus adaptor. Filling this tank is so much quicker and a lot less messy than the usual Boro type tanks with sliding glass and with the supplied adaptor having adjustable airflow it's a real winner. The flavour from the Nautilus coil is as expected and possibly still the benchmark for MTL stock coils and readily available. The device has all the same pros and cons as other Billet Box type devices which really are possibly more subjective than with any other device as people like different things and whats a major drawback to some can be quite petty to others with worth while benefits. I must say the whole idea of just fitting different bridges to the same device giving multiple options is something that will appeal to many including me and with this mini type device it adds a stealth option. With the device only accommodation an 18350 battery of course battery life isn't great compared to larger versions but then 18350 batteries are tiny and personally i have no issues carrying a spare safely but then i guess some people just prefer not having to remember and having bigger capacity which is fair enough. Also the original Bantam box included a rebuildable bridge which i really would of preferred also including with the revised version. Not sure how the TPD version has it's capacity reduced (i would guess just a removable bung in the pod type tank with the spare Boro tank being full capacity). The capacity is really good, i have mainly been using the pod style tank with Nautilus coils and it lasts all day before needing to refill. A combination of the Bantam Box and the Nautilus coil is giving me a beautiful MTL vape with airflow halfway at 13W. The draw for me at halfway is semi-loose but the adjustable airflow allows for also a tight and loose draw, really good adjustability! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good build quality 7 colour options G10 panels Small and portable Pod style Boro tank (quick to fill) Adjustable airflow with Nautilus adaptor Top flavour Nautilus coil 2 drip tip adaptors included Can fit own 510 Spare Boro tank included EUC coil adaptor included Compatible with many available bridges Battery included Bright, sharp display Easy to navigate Cons No rebuildable bridge included 18350 battery (small capacity) Slight play with panels Included ceramic coil had muted flavour I would once again like to thank Linky from Sacowin for supplying the SXK Bantam Box Revision for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
    • I don't have one of these, but after looking at the link Tam posted,I have a suggestion/question. Have you tried cleaning between the magnetic base, or swapping the base with another cart? Could be a bad connection there. A bad or dirty magnet may be your issue.
    • Hi everyone, For my university dissertation, I am looking at vaping behaviour/e-cigarette use and how much identification affects your general wellbeing. The survey will only take about 10 minutes and is completely anonymous. To participate you MUST be over 18 and a current vaper/e-cigarette user.   Please click the link below to complete the questionnaire. https://exetercles.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9WBHuKV6ggJOEF7   Thank you very much in advance, it’ll be much appreciated!😀
    • Hi Vapor Talk, In this review i take a look at the SX Auto by YiHi SXmini. The SX Auto was supplied for the purpose of this review by David from YiHi SXmini. Introduction The SX Auto is the third portable device to be released incorporating the latest technology from Yihi, the ESS(Electronic Spray System) Driver integrated with the latest third generation temperature control technology. Don't shoot me if i'm wrong but as far as i can work out both iPV (Pioneer4You) who brought us the first portable device using the technology and VSticking are owned by Yihi SXmini so while SXmini concentrates on high end products we have iPV bringing us more affordable products while the aim of VSticking is to offer luxury but at an affordable price. I made no secret of the fact i love this new technology when i first reviewed the iPV version and was quite blown away when VSticking then brought us a version with a more functional TC DIY mode along with Rebuildable ADA's. The SX Auto was supposed to be released early August and i have been expecting my sample since the end of July but due to YiHi SXMini wanting the device to be as perfect as possible constant updates before release has caused a 5 month delay, in fact their was yet another firmware update since it was sent. The SX Auto offers 3 rather than 2 preset modes for each type of ADA in Auto mode and a more in depth menu system in both Auto Mode and especially in DIY mode than was offered previously, add to this the high end build quality that i can only describe as outstanding and the SX Mini SX Auto is definitely worth a look! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 SX Auto Device 1 0.2ohm SX-ADA Atomizer 1 0.8ohm SX-ADA Atomizer Silicone cover on each ADA 1 Micro-USB Cable Manual Warranty Card ___________________________________________________________________ What You Get And What's Available? Looking at the back of the boxes that the ADA's come in (2 per box) there are 3 different ADA's available a 0.2ohm Ni and a 0.8ohm SS316 both of which are included and also a 0.6ohm ADA which i assume will also be SS316 that needs to be purchased separately. You don't receive the rebuildable SX-RSA Esea which again is available separately. Extra 3.5ml e-liquid tanks can also be bought separately again with 2 in each box. ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics and Ergonomics The SX Auto came in the usual White cardboard packaging familiar with SXmini products and i was lucky enough to receive a number of different versions. The options are Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Carbon Black, Carbon Gun Metal and Elegant Black, all versions look very classy. The Zinc Alloy constructed device has both a high end feel and look to it and even on close study is immaculate. For a small device it has some weight to it but is still very portable and ergonomic in fact it feels quite luxurious in the hand. It has a C type frame with a top cut corner and cylindrical spine. The large protruding fire button has a top cut corner to match the device and towards the bottom of the face of the device we have 2 diagonal pill shaped protruding navigational buttons. Between the fire and navigational buttons we have the screen, the buttons are also zinc alloy that give a stiff satisfying click and we have no rattle or movement whatsoever. Towards the bottom of the cylindrical spine we have the e-liquid tank that can be pulled downwards then moving to the base we can also see the bottom of the e-liquid tank, safety stamps and the USB port, which i wish was anywhere on the device other than the base. ___________________________________________________________________ SX Auto Specs and Features: Powered by the YiHi SX685J processor Battery capacity: 1400mAh Reservoir capacity: 3.5ML Reservoir material: PETG Temperature range: F' 356° - 446° C' 180° - 230° Max Charge: 5V/1A Quiescent Current <1 μA E-liquid pump speed: 15-80 Device size: 81.8*48*20.3mm Colours available: Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Carbon Black, Carbon Gun Metal, Elegant Black ___________________________________________________________________ How The System Works The SX Auto is a temperature control and bottom feeder device. The YiHi chip also controls the supply of e-liquid to the atomizer by pumping just enough e-liquid as you vape so when you press the fire button it heats the coil while simultaneously spraying the atomizer's build with e-liquid via the electronic pumping system, the system is called ESS (Electronic Spray System) Driver. The idea is that the e-liquid is completely isolated from the heating core apart from when you actually vape so you are always vaporising fresh e-liquid, so giving improved flavour. Although it's a temperature control device it's a proprietary system although unlike the iPV V3-Mini it does have a DIY mode which offers much more TC functionality. In Auto mode the settings have been tailored to suit the available ADA's and is very user friendly so those that only normally vape using power mode will have no issues using the device as it's very simple to use. ___________________________________________________________________ The SX ADA's The SX ADA's look just like little 16mm RDA's and work the same way just are not rebuildable so once you are not getting satisfactory flavour you need to replace it with a new one. The all in one top-cap and mouth section can be turned to adjust airflow and of course it has a BF pin fitted but like with the ELF and SMA ADA's that came with the iPV V3-Mini and VKSma it's not standard 510 threading but proprietary. The threading is much shorter but wider than the usual 510 threading and the connector on top of the device is shallow and has a fixed BF pin, the real bummer here is despite being proprietary like with the iPV V3-Mini and VKSma they have managed to have it a slightly different size so the ADA's from each device are not compatible with each other. Also available is a rebuildable ADA which is called the SX-RSA Esea which is very similar to the rebuildable ADA that is available for the VKSma. Although for those not into rebuildables will find the iPV version a really good device having a rebuildable ADA and DIY mode takes both the VKSma and SX Auto to the next level. ___________________________________________________________________ The E-Liquid Tank The e-liquid tank holds 3.5ml of e-liquid and towards the top there is an indented section to get your finger into for grip, just pull down and it slides out of the device. Looking at the device their is a pipe that feeds all the way down to the bottom, when fitting the tank just feed the pipe into the main hole at the top of the tank and slide back into position, it fits perfectly. Looking at the top of the tank we have a hole which is used for both filling and feeding the pipe into as already described. We also have a second minute hole which allows air to escape or suck air in depending on the requirement, make sure you leave enough volume for the pipe when filling. I found filling and both removing and refitting the tank quick, easy and a 100% mess free experience. ___________________________________________________________________ The Display The display is very simple but sharp and very bright, all the pictures included does show the display to be blurred but it's simply the case that it's too bright for my camera. To the left we have the battery status bar then centre we have the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending what unit you have set. Finally we have the wattage boost setting which will be either P1, P2 or P3 depending which you have selected. The display when in DIY mode is very similar but displays the settings you have made including Joules. ___________________________________________________________________ Navigating And Operating SX Auto The device is turned on by 5 clicks of the fire button but turning off needs to be done within the menu system, once on 3 clicks of the fire button locks the device, this locks the entire device and it will not fire, to unlock it's again 3 clicks of the fire button. The device is very easy to use once you have used it for a while but is a device that to get to grips with quickly needs the manual handy and i feel the device could with the addition of a select button be much easier to navigate from the off. With the device on clicking the fire button 5 times changes the display to have your preset highlighted along with the temperature and you can cycle between P1, P2 or P3, another press of the fire button allows the temperature to be set. A further press of the fire button highlights exit but a further press allows you to select the menu which first brings up temperature unit. When the temperature unit is displayed a further press of the fire button gives you the option of shutting the device down and finally it goes to Update for when you want to update the firmware. When on the normal operating screen single pressing up or down alters by one unit the speed of the electronic pump, 15 being the lowest and 80 being the highest. If you find the vape is cutting out due to their not being enough e-liquid being delivered just increase the pumps speed. you can also hold down the up button to pump e-liquid to the atomizer without vaping. If you find the pumps setting is too high causing the deck to flood or giving spit back you can initially hold the down button which will suck the access liquid back into the tank before lowering the speed of the pump to a suitable speed. That's it! Just vape and the e-liquid will automatically be pumped to the atomizer at the same time. The Presets Represent: Ni wire 0.2ohm ADA: P1 = 15-20W P2 = 25-30W P3 = 30-35W SS316 Wire 0.8ohm ADA: P1 = 10.5-12W P2 = 12.5-13.5W P3 = 14-16W The variations in wattage is because it's not a constant output device so the power will decrease (i barely noticed) as the voltage of the battery drops. ___________________________________________________________________ DIY Mode The SX Auto offers DIY mode to use with the rebuildable SX-RSA which to enter you need to press both navigational buttons together. When you first enter DIY mode it briefly shows the software version number before going to the working screen which displays the battery status bar to the left, joules central and wire type to the right. When in DIY mode Pressing the fire button 5 times changes the screen to have joules highlighted left and the temperature to the right. The joules can be altered or another press of the fire button highlights temperature. The menu works the same as when in Auto mode but added to the menu is choosing wire type or TCR, an option to go back to Auto Mode and setting resistance which needs to be done for a new RSA build to work. The DIY Mode really isn't ideal for beginners as it's a bit complicated and if you are not familiar with temp control my only advice would be not be afraid of it and although they are not the same treating Joules as Wattage will uncomplicate things and be a good starting point. ___________________________________________________________________ My Experience Using The SX Auto To start with a bit of background as when i first heard about the ESS Driver technology i read up about it and was immediately intrigued. Also this is the third device i have reviewed using the technology and i have enjoyed using all 3 devices. The SX Auto works exactly the same as the previous 2 devices although the pump is quieter than on the VKSma. The only alterations made to this device are all pro's which are an added preset for each ADA and much more extensive menu system especially using the DIY mode. Being usually an RTA user of course i loved using the device in DIY mode with the rebuildable SX-RSA but even both ADA's gave RDA quality flavour and the way the system works the longevity of the ADA's are different league compared to other disposable products like stock coils and disposable tanks. Although the Ni 0.2ohm is best for DL and the 0.8ohm SS ADA for MTL with the adjustable airflow either can be used with both styles although if using the SS ADA with airflow fully open it does become a cool vape. Although the e-liquid tank holds just 3.5ml of liquid i have been finding due to the way the system micro manages the e-liquid supply it's outlasting a 7ml bottle on a standard bottom feed device. Finally the battery life is very good, because i have used the device for a few hours per day for the past 3 weeks rather than whole days it's difficult to be exact about battery life but i would say most vapers will find it lasting all day with the 0.8ohm ADA although with the 0.2ohm ADA (which i preferred) it will probably need one charge during the day, with the RSA it will depend on the build. The only cons for me is the lack of compatibility between the ADA's for the three available ESS Driver portable devices, the fact the menu system does take some time to get to grips with and the USB port is not Type C. The device took 1 hour 45 minutes to charge and i would of liked that to be nearer 1 hour but it does support pass-through although the USB port is on the base which i also don't like, finally the device is firmware upgradeable. ___________________________________________________________________ Conclusion For me how good is a device is mostly down to how much you enjoy using it so it will be different for everyone. As i started testing the SX Auto late December i can quite honestly say it's the best device i used in 2019! Likes Outstanding build quality Aesthetically pleasing Many classy colour/design options Portable Innovation ESS (Electronic Spray System) Driver Integrated YiHi Chipset Easy to use temperature controlled device (Auto Mode) 3 Wattage presets E-liquid isolated from heating core until you vape Can manually pump e-liquid to atomizer or suck back into tank if needed MTL or Restricted DL Device lock Device can be turned off and on Clean leak resistant BF set-up 3.5ml tank of e-liquid goes a long way due to micro management system Removing, Filling and reinstalling tank very quick, easy and mess free Adjustable airflow RDA flavour ADA's give very good longevity Rebuildable RSA can be purchased separately RSA easy to build and performs well (restricted DL or loose MTL) DIY Mode Very good battery life (1400mAh) Supports pass-through Firmware upgradeable Cons Slight drop off in power towards end of battery life (barely noticeable) Takes 1 hour 45 minutes to charge (could be quicker) USB on base of device and not type C DIY mode not ideal for beginners (a bit complicated setting up) ADA's not compatible with other ESS Driver devices I would once again like to thank David from YiHi SXmini for supplying the SX Auto for the purpose of this review. ___________________________________________________________________
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