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    • The bottles for the Kanger dripbox (both 60w and 160w) have a limited lifespan, they seem to eventually split at the seam. A few weeks ago one split on me again. I still have a couple of spares still in the box, but have noticed they are getting hard to come by. I figured out how to fix the bottles after they split, use a 18650 battery cover, cut in half and you will have enough for two bottles, slip the shrinkable cover over the bottle (its a little tight) then use a blow dryer to heat and shrink the cover. I have been using the fixed bottle for about a week now and it hasn't leaked yet. I hope this fix helps someone.
    • Hey I thought you must be  a promoter of this product because you explain this with covers all the factors and ingredients which shows you must be loved this or you may be the vape lover with lot of knowledge of products
    • Talk of CBD products is prohibited on the general forum. I've moved your post to the area where CBD discussion is allowed. Read the rules of the forum for more information. Thank you.
    • Brand new to vaporizers.  I plan on using cbd flower in a dry herb vaporizer for health reasons (to be safer than smoking). How healthy are dry herb vaporizers by themselves? (assuming you are getting good quality flower from a reputable farm)? Is a ceramic or stainless steel chamber safer/healthier? Are there any risks with either?  What about vapor path? Do any brands/models stand out as focusing on health/safety of their devices? More concerned about that than huge clouds etc.  Basically I just want the safest possible way to vaporize cbd flower. Really appreciate any input!
    • Hi Vapor Talk, In this review i take a look at the Wasp Nano S RDA from Oumier. The Wasp Nano S RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Oumier. Introduction The original Wasp Nano created a buzz at it's launch three years ago at the UK Expo, a tiny flavour banger from then an unknown manufacturer that cost a fraction of other RTA's at the time. Since then we have seen the Wasp Nano re-launched in different colour and Resin finishes and also we have had the Wasp Nano MTL RTA, Wasp Nano RDTA and the Wasp Nano RTA. Oumier not just with their flagship creation but also releasing other well received products have now grown in three years from being a new kid on the block to becoming a mainstay of vaping product manufacturing! The Wasp Nano S RDA is a dual coil version of the original Nano RDA which is 25mm in diameter and comes with both standard and BF Pins. It offers a deep juice well, unique build deck and airflow from each side dedicated to each individual coil. Coming in 4 colour options and Goon fitting drip tip there is once again a buzz in the air, let's check it out! ___________________________________________________________________ In The Box Contents: 1 x Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA 2 x O-Rings 2 x Coils 2 x Slotted Set Screws(M2.5*3.5) 1 x Philips Screw 1 x Organic Cotton 1 x Flathead Screwdriver 1 x Coil Jig 1 x BF 510 Squonk Pin ___________________________________________________________________ Aesthetics The Wasp Nano S RDA comes in small square cardboard box packaging which is identical to the original single coil version but just slightly bigger. I do like the honeycomb design on the box and for those that don't know Oumier are not getting confused with Bees as Wasps make honeycomb paper nests. I received the Gold version which has a gold coated Stainless Steel base with deck section and much more of a bright Yellow PEI cap and drip-tip rather than Gold. The colour options are Black, Gold, Stainless Steel and Blue, all options have a base with deck section in the colour of choice and also a transparent cap and drip-tip in the chosen colour option apart from the Stainless Steel option which has a clear cap and drip-tip. At first look it appears to be the same all in one moulding for the cap and mouthpiece as was the case on the single coil version but the mouthpiece pulls out to reveal it's a goon fitting 810. The base is constructed from Stainless Steel and has etched branding and safety stamps, it also has a negative post screw to keep it secured and gold plated brass 510 pin (a BF pin is included). Going back to the sleeve/cap it has dual airflow that consists of two short but wide slots each side, it fits to the base over 2 prominent Black o-rings which are clearly visible through the transparent cap and part of the aesthetic look. Although 25mm in diameter the Wasp Nano S RDA is only 30mm from the bottom of the 510 pin to the top of the drip-tip so maintains that very small appearance and while Oumier products are not expensive they can't be faulted on build quality! ___________________________________________________________________ Wasp Nano S RDA Specs and Features: Size: 25x30mm Material: Stainless Steel PEI top-cap Solid and bottom feed 510 pins included Dual post expansive deck 5mm deep juice well 810 drip tip Dual coil configuration Peek insulator Dual side adjustable airflow Thread: 510 Colours: Black, Gold, Stainless Steel, Blue ___________________________________________________________________ What You Receive? As well as the Wasp Nano S RDA you receive some Cotton and a bag of spares, tools and a pair of coils. There are no specs given for the coils but they are fused claptons with a 3.0ID. You receive spare base 0-rings, 2 spare post screws and a philips negative screw. As well as the pre-installed standard pin you also receive a BF pin for squonking, finally you get a coiling rod and famous Blue screwdriver. Strange you only get 2 spare post screws rather than a full set of four but i suppose it's quite rare to lose one in fact i have never lost a post screw to date so no big deal. ___________________________________________________________________ It's Various Parts! The Wasp Nano S RDA consists of a PEI 810 Goon fit drip tip so you can fit your own but the supplied one blends with the PEI cap/sleeve so well it appears to be one complete moulding. We have a silicone ring around the opening to secure the drip-tip but it seems to be fixed in position rather than a removable o-ring and indeed no spare is included. The PEI cap/sleeve fits over dual o-rings on the base section both securing it and giving it a seal but it still turns with a nice tolerance. Then we have the Gold finish Stainless Steel base section with Gold coloured deck. Pre-installed we have a Gold plated Brass standard Pin which i swapped for the included Gold plated BF pin. ___________________________________________________________________ The Airflow In theory this dual coil version keeps the exact same airflow design as the original. So a short but wide slot which fully open lines up with the same size opening on the post wall. The air then gets directed through the post wall at a slight downwards gradient so you will get both side and bottom airflow. The airflow adjusts which again in theory means that the outside slot opening is no longer centred with the coil but there is plenty of distance through the post wall airflow opening which remains fully centred to the coil for full coverage so it works really well. The problem with keeping this same design with a dual coil configuration is the design requires thick post walls for that slight downwards gradient so even expanding the Nano S to 25mm in diameter would leave limited space to fit dual coils. This has been resolved by the coils being installed off-set to each other and having an airflow extension wall (like an annex) added to the side of both main posts. Next the airflow slots have been doubled up so one each side lines up with the main post airflow which lines up with one coil while the second slot each side lines up with the airflow opening on the annex which lines up with the other coil. So dual airflow slots each side, one for each coil and any adjustment made gives the same adjustment for each side and each individual coil, solving this problem as also given the added benefit of each individual coil getting direct airflow from both sides rather than just the side facing the exterior of the RDA which is the case with most dual coil configurations. ___________________________________________________________________ The Deck And Build I have part described the deck in the airflow section, we have 2 posts either side both of which has an added wall to it's side for a second airflow inlet. Each post has a side terminal with large lip and then a small terminal between the post and extended airflow wall section both sides. You need your coil leads going in opposite directions and one slots through the terminal between the post and added wall one side while your opposite lead slides in the side terminal. The screw for the terminal between post and airflow wall screws down to clamp your coil in place while the screw for the side terminal more traps your coil with the lip stopping it popping out as it's secured. You need to install the coils one at a time and hold the coil in place while fixing your leads, holding the coil the best you can where you want it is more important than usual because the deck design and how the coils are off-set means you can only get the coiling rod through the coil one way not both so how much the coil can be moved once fixed is limited. Once your coils are secured and in position recheck the screws are tight, snip your leads and give them a quick pulse. Apart from the screws being tiny flatheads which does make loosening and tightening them quite fiddly actually getting the coils installed in a good position is a lot easier than it sounds, i would say not an easy build but nothing someone use to building will have any difficulties with. Wicking is not difficult just a little different as you need to install the cotton in place through one coil before you can put the cotton through the second coil. It's easy enough though and this has a large juice well so you can leave your cotton ends a reasonable length. So feed the cotton through one coil and then tuck one end into the well as usual while your other end gets tucked down the side and underneath the other coil being careful not to obscure the airflow outlet opening. Once done just repeat the process for the other coil and that's it, juice up and you are good to go! ___________________________________________________________________ How She Vapes? And Thoughts! Some of my recent reviews have been quite mixed with a good list of cons but the Wasp Nano S is a real winner delivering a giant bite rather than a sting, it's a little beast. When i first started to vape with it i braced myself for the expected odd vicious spit which just didn't materialize instead i just got a smooth draw with flavour which is up there with the very best! Fully open this gives a full on DL vape with little if any restriction, the supplied fused claptons came out at 0.15ohm so 0.30hm per coil and i had the Nano S at 75w on the Aether which is almost at it's limit but it could easily of took another 10 to 15w but at 75w it gave awesome flavour and plenty enough cloud for me. Preferring more restriction i settled for half open airflow which gave a semi restrictive draw which allowed me to dial down to 65w for a fantastic flavour banging vape. This is a small RDA but the airflow is so versatile and can be dialled right down to a very restricted DL if you prefer, just reduce that wattage further to maybe 50 to 55w (build dependant). Of course the Wasp Nano S would work great as a standard dripper but is ideal as a BF option and i also had no issues with leaking or dry hits even when chain vaping. Some standard 810 drip tips will look a bit funky on this but then if it was one solid moulding not being able to fit your own would of been a con so it is what it is. Doing a build on the Nano S isn't difficult just a little different with my only real issue being the tiny flathead screws that are fiddly. Really cons for this are hard to think of, i suppose although many love the look of the Wasp Nano series some might find the PEI cap and drip tip cheap looking but that would be entirely subjective to the individual rather than a nailed on con. I do suppose the transparent nature of the Wasp Nano S doesn't make it ideal to match up with devices if you are a matchy matchy type but again a little clutching at straws. I could waffle on more telling you how awesome this dual coil flavour banger is but i think you probably get the message, it's a winner! ___________________________________________________________________ Likes Good build quality 4 Colour options Good value Awesome flavour Smooth draw Full DL spectrum from VRDL right up to full on DL fully open Innovative deck and airflow design Cap turns with nice tolerance Goon fit 810 drip tip (can fit your own even if they might look funky) Build not difficult (just a little different) Included coils and cotton Deep juice well Included BF pin Worked excellently with BF pin Cons Tiny flathead post screws Maybe not for a first time builder Not ideal to match up with device if you are a matchy matchy type No specs given for coils (they are 3.0ID fused claptons 0.15ohm per pair) I would once again like to thank Oumier for supplying the Wasp Nano S RDA for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe! ___________________________________________________________________
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