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  1. Like you, @Bebop, I started with the eGo batteries, but the latest and greatest at the time was an eGo-T. Shortly after I got my first kit the eGo-C pass through came out and I upgraded. Then the Vision Spinner came out (very like an eGo Twist but with a slightly bigger capacity battery), and the rest is history of an empty bank account.
  2. Reading and researching before jumping in is a very good thing! Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  3. While the specific Ego-C may have been discontinued, you can still purchase many similar batteries that will work with your ProTanks. http://www.discountvapers.com/ego-batteries/ I've done business with this company before, and it's very reputable, in my opinion.
  4. Tam

    Emergency coil construction

    Not familiar with your set up but one former member said he used bread ties (twisty ties), stripped the paper off and used that. He said it worked for him. Might be an idea? Yes, boil the medical cotton balls to use as wick. Let dry thoroughly before using. Good luck!
  5. You're in good hands with @Bebop giving you sound advice. He's good at troubleshooting issues. Hey, would you turn off the caps lock, though? You're among friends. No need to shout. Thank you.
  6. Tam

    Vaping After Having A Tooth Pulled

    Like @cany said, it's not sucking that's the point of the "no smoking" suggestion. When you suck anything after having a tooth pulled you run the risk of getting a "dry socket" (pulling the blood clot out of the hole where the tooth used to be), and that is some of the worst pain you'll ever feel.
  7. Tam

    “Best” Coil setting?

    I just merged your two identical posts into this one. You only need to post something once, please do not spam the forum with duplicate posts. Thank you.
  8. Tam

    “Best” Coil setting?

    Dark, sweet eliquids tend to gunk up coils faster, as does vaping at higher wattages. Less sweet (like fruits), and lighter colored eliquids don't tend to go through coils as fast as they usually like lower temperatures.
  9. Tam


    Weird. The link loaded just fine for me...
  10. Tam

    Cant seem to find an answer

    Any 510 threaded tank should work. If I were you, I'd get a tank about the same size as the ello to make sure it fits.
  11. Tam

    New vaper

    Now that you have one mod (your Smok Mag), tank, batteries, etc. You will want to start collecting back ups. Don't just trust that one will get you where you want to be. If you want to give up smoking and keep off the cigs, get another mod (or more), more batteries so you can switch them out fast, probably an external battery charger, definitely get yourself cases to store your unused batteries (NEVER put them in your pocket or store them without having them in a case unless you want to find yourself in the hospital and the newest news story about how a battery blew up in your pants). You will also want to get more coils in whatever resistance level that you prefer for your mod. They typically last about a week or sometimes more depending on your juice, but will need to be changed. And sometimes... you'll get a bad coil so you want back ups. Then, get back ups of your back ups. You can never have too many.
  12. Tam

    Finding My Way

    Welcome to Vapor Talk! You've gotten a lot of very good advice from @Walt. I'll add a few things too, even though I'm not familiar with your mod. First, we call it 'juice' or 'eliquid', there isn't (or shouldn't be) any oil in the liquid you use to vape. If there is, I would dispose of it and get liquid that has VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), food grade flavoring, and nicotine (as Walt said, either regular nic or salt nic). Sometimes there's also food coloring but I tend to not go that route, I don't want anything more in my liquid than minimally possible. That said, since you're just starting out, I wouldn't buy any quantities of one flavor of e-liquid right now. The reason behind that train of thought is that you are just now quitting smoking. Your body is going through a lot of changes detoxifying from all the carcinogens that cigarettes contain. Your taste buds are changing too. What tastes good to you today in e-liquid form may not be as good to you tomorrow. When I first started, I went through flavors until I had well over 40 (that's probably on the low side as I went a little overboard experimenting) and switched around as my mood took me. If you're switching flavors, you'll want to have a different tank and coil to keep it in. Using the same coil for different flavors may wind up giving you a happy accident of a good flavor or it could be a disgusting mistake. There is a wick inside the coil that soaks up e-liquid. This wick will retain traces of the old flavor so you really want to have a different tank - it's easier this way to just change out tanks. Repeating Walt again, start with a low wattage level, you don't have to use what's advised, just start at something low and vape. If that's not doing it for you by giving you the flavor and vapor you want, turn it up just a few notches and vape. Repeat until you get a slight burnt taste. Back it down a bit. That's how you find your "sweet spot." As your coil ages, you may need the turn it up a bit. When you use your coil to heat up the e-liquid, the e-liquid will leave some gunk behind. The more build up you get, the more resistance it creates. The more resistance your coil has, the more power you'll need to heat the e-liquid to get the desired results. The darker, sweeter e-liquids will gunk up your coils faster. Vaping will dehydrate you so start drinking more water. Don't increase your liquid intake by drinking soda, coffee, tea, juice... whatever. Just plain water. You'll thank me later. Sorry for the long post, but I hope some of this will help. Good luck, and ask lots of questions. We've all been there, done that, and want to help new vapers get off cigarettes.
  13. Tam

    Need help!

    When is the last time you charged it?
  14. Getting used to the nic salts took a little time, I've taken to adding a 3 nic custard to the mixed berries eliquid to smooth it out even more. The nice thing is that I take a few hits and then I'm good for quite some time. No more being stuck chain vaping to feel satisfied.
  15. Please stop inserting spammy links into your posts. If you persist, you may find yourself banned from the forum.

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