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  1. Aspire k3 help

    Ugh. Sorry, I missed that part. :(
  2. Eleaf iStick TC60w

    Have you tried taking 3 - 4 short puffs before taking a long drag? That usually produces a denser cloud of vapor if you prime it like that first.
  3. Aspire k3 help

    You don't mention what the resistance of your coil is. That information would be helpful as well as how high a wattage/voltage you're using. Whenever you put in a new juice with a different PG/VG ratio or just a new flavor, you want to start low, vape. If that's not what you want, turn it up. Vape. Repeat until you taste a slight burnt taste then back it down a little. Not every juice/flavor/PG/VG ratio will use the same watts/volts.
  4. Mod coil ohm reader error

    Like @Walt said, try cleaning the 510 connection. Don't know if you have a fixed pin inside it or if it has a spring, but you can also lift the connector inside the 510 connection a little to make a better connection. Be very gentle and use a pin or a straightened paper clip.
  5. I'm ready to squonk!

    My... how squonking has evolved. Once upon a time we used squonkers for direct drip atomizers. Look how far they've come...
  6. Adulting....

    Congratulations on your engagement! You can find a nice balance between adulting and still having fun. Enjoy your new apartment for the time you have it all to yourself. Even though I love my SO to pieces, there are times when I miss having my own place.
  7. Don't forget the "Ooooh, SHINY!" generation that has the attention span of... oh, look! Pony!!!
  8. Does no one remember the tale of the goose that laid the golden eggs? Yes, let's just raise the tax so high it forces small businesses to close so the employees no longer have an income. Let's raise taxes so high on vaping supplies that everyone either resorts back to smoking and putting a further strain on the healthcare industry and Medicaid/Medicare, or they go online to buy what they need. *bangs head on wall* If these politicians would just stop and think, they could actually do something positi... nevermind. Thinking and politicians don't mix. Oxymoron. Ugh.
  9. Animal lovers

    So cute! Does he ever scratch at your door to get your attention? There was a tree outside of our old apartment. If I ever forgot to put the nuts (walnuts and almonds) out, Mr. Squirrel would climb the tree so she could see inside my kitchen window and bark at me until I put nuts out for her. My SO named her Mr. Squirrel. It wasn't until much later that we found out that he was a she. Gotta love the little critters. Now, I have a Great Horned Owl hanging out on our roof who is rather vocal. All. Night. Long. Mix that with the pack of coyotes that live in the culvert in the next lot over and we have quite a chorus at night.
  10. Needle mixers

    You guys are so funny... but in an ingenius, very inventive way. Carry on, I can't wait to see what you come up with in the end for the perfect DIY mixer.
  11. Vaping at the NFL

    And this is reason #583 why I prefer to watch the game on TV from the comfort of my own home. Only in smoking areas. I don't think so.
  12. ISTICK 50W

    I've got a couple of the iStick 50W that are nearing the two year mark. There were two that didn't make it past a year but for the most part I've had good luck with Eleaf's iStick and iPower mods. Guess we just get and use what we like.
  13. If I read your post correctly, and I could have misread it due to low levels of caffeine, it sounds like you're testing the coil resistance on your mods and not an independent ohm meter. If that's correct, the first thing I would do is to go out and purchase an independent ohm meter and go by that instead. They also make it easier to build coils on as they act as a stand of sorts.
  14. ISTICK 50W

    I had one do that and I put it into the battery recycle bin just to be on the safe side.
  15. Best place for Griffin 25 replacement glass?

    Kidney Puncher has them. https://www.kidneypuncher.com/griffin-rta-25mm-replacement-glass/ I've done business with them before and they give great customer service.

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