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  1. Don't know if you've tried them before but there's EC Blends. They have customizable e-liquids in hundreds of flavors. You can even create your own. They also sell 5 ml bottles so you can try lots of different flavors without breaking the bank. Just a thought....
  2. Putting up the bat-signal for @Christopher to come to the rescue!
  3. You know I love you, right? Thanks for giving me a much needed giggle tonight.
  4. Tried JUUL and didn't like it, too expensive to keep buying pods and way too much nicotine in the eliquid they use. Vape it too much at one go and you'll probably get dizzy from getting too much nicotine in your system. The same goes for the anxiety - too much nicotine or nicotine overload. I prefer the pod system that allows you to fill your own with eliquids of my choice... in a much lower nic level than the 35 mg in the JUUL pods. This is just my experience since I'm not a medical professional nor do I play one on TV.
  5. Hi, long time no see! Hope life's been treating you well. As of May 10th, it's been 7 years for me. Can't believe it's been that long.
  6. @Walt is giving you some good information. To add a little more of the... less scientific kind, I would tell you that if you find yourself chain vaping (vaping continuously), then I'd go up a little on your nicotine level until you hit something more comfortable so you only take a couple of hits and can put it down for a while.
  7. Back in the day when I was sill smoking I had a lay over there. The smoker's lounge was a smelly mess then, I can't imagine how bad it would be now. They need to give all the walls a good scrubbing, the ceiling tiles replaced, and the carpet a shampoo several times over and put in a better ventilation system to draw the smoke out. Nice seeing you again, Bebop!
  8. My first guess would be that it needs to be charged. When is the last time you charged the battery?
  9. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  10. EC Blends also has lots of bottles in different sizes made of PET, LDPE or HDPE plastic. https://www.ecblendflavors.com/empty-bottles-all-styles-all-sizes/
  11. Moved to General Vaping Discussion - this subject might get more replies here. When you say, "someone put juice in it," what flavor juice, what's the nicotine content, the PG/VG ratio of the juice? Have you vaped this exact juice before? All of these questions can point to the answer to your question.
  12. Moved this to DIY E-liquid Discussion area. You might get more hits over here where the DIY members are.
  13. Try googling "Smoktech RSST Genesis tank" and that's what you have - I think.
  14. I feel like I should know this... but I got nuthin'
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