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  1. Steeping time

    In my experience, some fruit mixes that start out smelling perfumy need to sit for a bit to let it settle down. Most creams, like @VapeMama said, need to sit awhile as do many of the bakery flavors.
  2. Not all pods use the nic salts, it depends on the brand. Some of the newer pods like the GhoStick have a 1.0 ohm coil and you can refill the pods with the juice of your choice. Same goes for Smok's Infinix, it has a 1.4 ohm coil inside the pods so you'll want to use a 50PG/50VG juice at a "normal" nic level such as a 12 mg or 18 mg depending on what you prefer instead of going the lower nic (3 mg or 6 mg) like you would in a sub-ohm set up.
  3. Joytech eGo A10

    Even though this is an old video, the premise is the same and might help you with your issue.
  4. Thanks for having me!

    Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  5. Help

    You learned quickly so it was a pleasure to "larn" ya.
  6. Help

    Gotta love those back ups!
  7. Help

    With this post being in the modders forum, I'd presume it has something to do with a mod?
  8. We don't know if he's trying to create a whole new type of mod...
  9. Just curious... what does this have to do with vaping?
  10. vaping

    First of all, we don't kick people off the forum just because we assume they're underaged. If you don't understand their question - no matter how much it might not make sense to you - that's on you. I understood it perfectly well. Everyone is welcome here. Even you.
  11. vaping

    Why would you want to do that? It would make your vape pen all sticky.
  12. I figured it was either that, or you started writing a poem. :D
  13. https://www.vaportalk.com/us/ Scroll down and it says Ace of Spaces instead of Ace of Spades under Recent News. Thought you might like to know...
  14. What language is this, @cany? LOL
  15. Was wondering why the forum had suddenly gone quiet... Glad @cany was on top of things!

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