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  1. What do you mean by a 60w coil? What's the resistance of it? In any case, yes, turn down the heat settings if you experience a burnt flavor, although you might have already burnt the wick. If you turn down your setting and still taste something burnt, then change your coil to a new one, prime, wait several minutes and start lower this time.
  2. We just got the "use non-medical masks" whenever you go out order a few days ago, too. My SO was telling his boss that he's thankful I never throw anything away because a few years ago I purchased a box of 50 charcoal infused masks when there was a lot of flu going around. We had them on hand and now they've become very useful. I feel vindicated. *sniffs*
  3. Thank you and your husband for your tireless service to the community, @VapeMama! My SO's father just moved into a memory care facility two weeks before the Governor called a lockdown for seniors. It's been hard to get him to understand why we're not around. To him, with late stage dementia, all he knows is that we don't come to visit him anymore. The staff have been so wonderful trying to facetime and Skype with him but without being able to see us in person he just doesn't get it that it's us and he can hardly hear us. He was given a wonderful birthday party last week that they recorded and sent to us. He turned 90 without family around. The good in all of this is that he's still healthy, the staff are working hard for all the residents - just like you do - and we really appreciate the special care you give. Stay safe and I hope your family stays healthy.
  4. I'm being lazy and cut and paste my reply on Cany's post. In the town of Colorado where I live, so far we haven't seen much of the virus (3 confirmed cases only right now but that's probably going to change). People don't seem to be taking it very seriously, which scares me because that's how this thing spreads. The social distancing thing is being adhered to by some, not by others. All the schools (K-12) are closed, the colleges and universities are closed to people but open and running for "essential" personnel needed to teach and support online classes. It's been weird coming into a parking lot that only has 5 cars instead of the usual terror of a time finding somewhere to put your vehicle. Then, when I come out to go home, there might be one other car than mine. Of course the people panic about the wrong things and panic buy everything out of the stores. I haven't even been able to get bird seed for the past three weeks. What's up with that? Also haven't seen one roll of toilet paper in that time, either. Because I believe in having back ups and back ups of back ups for everything in my life... we've been okay and living off of stuff I have on hand and restocking where I can a little at a time. Tomorrow is a day off, the college is totally closed and we've all been told not to work from home so I'm taking a much needed rest and maybe take my dogs to the park for a little outside time. Everybody stay safe and healthy! Don't forget to wash your hands!!!
  5. This poster was not asking about CBD, the question was about nicotine. Talk about CBD is not allowed in the main forum areas. There is a place that's specifically for CBD related discussion. This post is not it.
  6. The "correct" way of doing things in vaping is whatever works for you. Everyone is different so what works well for one person won't work so well for another. If the 25 mg works for you, stay with it for awhile until you're totally off the cigarettes. Once you feel comfortable, go down a little - I would suggest down to 21 or 18. If you go down too fast you'll either wind up back on cigarettes or you'll just wind up vaping more often to get the nic your body craves.
  7. Your question takes me back some years... anyway, we used to tell people that if you smoked lights, 12 mg would be a good starting place (not salt nic, the regular nic). If you were smoking regular cigarettes like Marlboro reds, then a 24 mg would be a better starting place as that would be a closer equivalent. Does that help?
  8. Going by what you've written, "...it's barely been used," it sounds like it's on a full charge and doesn't need to be recharged at this time. Does it work okay otherwise?
  9. http://www.discountvapers.com/kanger-socc-ssocc-coils/ https://www.fasttech.com/product/2010102-authentic-kangertech-subtank-vertical-occ-coil
  10. Sure, you can put it in the dishwasher, the washing machine, etc. just so long as you never want to use it again. Other than that, at least it'll be really clean!
  11. Can you give more description other than "it's popping?" How long did you let the new coil sit in the eliquid before you took a hit? How many volts/watts are you using?
  12. Be sure to take safety precautions when you start making your own juice... use safety glasses and gloves and keep the nicotine well away from kids and pets.
  13. Do NOT wash it with any kind of water, hot or cold. This is an electronic device and water doesn't mix well with electricity. Do NOT spam the forum with links to other companies. This will get you banned, which we don't like to do but will if the behavior is repeated. Thank you for your cooperation.
  14. Could it be that the button is stiff when you click 5 times to turn it on? Might press very firmly and click 5 times quickly. This video might also help.
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