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  1. Good for you and your mom to switch to vaping. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  2. If you clean your tank that often I would be looking for a damaged or missing gasket somewhere on your tank. If things are sticky then it's eliquid seeping out, not so much water condensation. Once you find and replace the gasket that's leaking I would not be cleaning the tank quite so often. I clean mine maybe once a month or so as needed? Also, you don't need to change coils that often either, that can get expensive fast! When you notice flavor dropping off, not tasting as good, or it makes you cough, then change out the coil. Otherwise, if you don't constantly chain vape, a coil should last you a little longer than a week. Hope that helps a bit.
  3. Hey, rant away, if it helps keep some semblance of sanity. In Colorado we're at stage two of opening. At the college I work at we have to have masks whenever people are around (and keep 6 ft. social distancing). If we're alone in our office we can take them off, likewise, if we're alone outside or far away from others. Right now, the campus is still locked down. Faculty and staff have key cards that unlock the doors but we have to go to one central place at the beginning of each day we're on campus to get our temperatures taken and a short questionnaire about our health. Once we do that first thing, then we can come and go throughout the day without having to repeat the process. All other students and prospective students can only come on campus and into the buildings after making an appointment. Only 50% of employees are allowed on campus at the same time so I still work from home three of the five weekdays, having to go in only two days per week. While I think the entire world is tired of masks and the hyper vigilance of social distancing and sanitizing anything that moves or doesn't, I'm enjoying the respite of not being around people, especially those who make a habit of wearing so much perfume/cologne/scented everything. Even if some do, with the masks I can't smell it and it doesn't tend to give me sinus infections. Trying to find the bright side of things.
  4. Just saw this and thought you might be interested.
  5. While I don't have anything I'm looking to sell, DiscountVapers is a company I've done business with for years now and do not hesitate to recommend for people looking for more inexpensive things. The link below is for their complete kits. The only brand I prefer not to buy anymore is Smok. In my experience, Smok products haven't performed well for me and I find their tanks tend to leak like a sieve. Others my like it but I don't. My preferred brand is ELeaf, although Aspire, Kangor, VooPoo, and Joye eGo are all proven brands. When I started vaping (over 8 years ago now), my first kit was an eGo variable voltage stick battery and a CE4 clearomizer. I hope some of this helps a bit. Good luck!
  6. I've never had to show my driver's license with a vendor before but then again, these days I only buy from vendors I've shopped with for years. It could have something to do with all the new laws and regs but I'd find a different place to shop.
  7. Eleaf iStick 30, 40, 50...whatever. They all use the same 510 connection type of tank. If you've been using a tank on one, it'll fit the others. I've been an Eleaf fan for quite a few years now and have many of each type. I hope that helps.
  8. Have you tried a different pod or atomizer in the tank?
  9. Tam


    Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  10. How interesting. Thanks for the link. I'm glad you're in a place that's so low in infections. The county I live in has low numbers, too, but then it's also got very low testing done. When more testing was done, the numbers of people infected shot up. I have a feeling that, if/when more tests become available in our area, the numbers will increase.
  11. Bend has a low rate of people getting sick, is that why so many people don't wear masks? Also, did you?
  12. What do you mean by a 60w coil? What's the resistance of it? In any case, yes, turn down the heat settings if you experience a burnt flavor, although you might have already burnt the wick. If you turn down your setting and still taste something burnt, then change your coil to a new one, prime, wait several minutes and start lower this time.
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