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  1. The last time I traveled on a plane, which was a few years ago, as long as it was in one of those 3 oz. bottles and fit into the quart-sized baggie, it went through with no problems. Anything bigger and it won't be allowed on a carry-on. Just double check with the airline you're booked on. They all have a page that tells you what's allowed and what's not.
  2. Hi Steve. Welcome to Vapor Talk. Please keep your posts about vaping regular eliquid, we do not allow talk about cannabis, CBD or THC on the forum so please be sure to steer clear of those things. Good luck with your new gear!
  3. As I'm not familiar with a Luke XR max, I'm not sure I can be much help but will give it a try if you pose a question. As for you using 50 mg of salt nic, that's way too high! Salt nic is a bit stronger than regular nic. 24 mg of regular is the equivalent to a whole pack of Marlboro reds.
  4. Without knowing the brand and model of your vaping device, it's hard to give you instructions, but most pen-types will work if you just suck on it. If there's no button, it's one of those. If there is a button, click it five times. There should be a light that will flash a few times. I hope that helps.
  5. Asking questions in an introductory post is fine. Glad you found us, we're always happy to help others to make the journey off of cigarettes to vaping. The forum is quieter these days than it used to be, but we still have good folks ready to jump in when needed. I hope you find the answers you're looking for here. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  6. Tam

    Lip issues

    What's the PG/VG ratio of your eliquid? Depending on what kind of tank you're using, too much VG can gum up the coil. VG = thicker liquid, slightly sweeter, more vapor PG = thinner liquid, more throat hit, less vapor If you can change the ratio of PG/VG, do it a little at a time, vape to see if that's enough to stop the cracked lips. Also, try to be more conscious of how often you're licking your lips (especially around the corners). Because of the cracking, it might be that you're licking your lips more often therefore exacerbating the problem.
  7. First, I would ask why you want to try vaping? Are you currently a cigarette smoker trying to quit?
  8. Tam

    Lip issues

    From what you wrote, it could be a number of things. First, when you "hydrate", are you drinking plain water or are you drinking sodas, coffee, tea or energy drinks? Plain water is best from my experience. Next, it could be the flavors you're vaping. Try something bakery related or a non-acidic fruit, if possible. Give those a try and let us know if it helped. Vaping can be a lot of hit and miss things. Once you get past that, it can be a lot of fun as well as a way to get off nicotine. Good luck!
  9. Never used puff counters even when my batteries had them. My vaping would vary so much depending on stress factors that it wouldn't be of any use to me. Some days I would chain vape while other days I might go hours without taking a hit. I know some people like to keep track so it's useful for them. Do you use it?
  10. Welcome to Vapor Talk, Winnie!
  11. This topic has been moved to the "Polls and Questionnaires" area. Please look around the forum to see what topics are available before posting. You may get more responses if it's in the correct area. Thank you, and welcome to Vapor Talk.
  12. Hello, and welcome to Vapor Talk! Glad to hear you've picked up vaping and put down the nasty alternative. How do you like your new pod system? Is it working well for you?
  13. For me, I didn't notice any difference at all, but that was some time ago. Since then I've cut down the nic amounts and now I vape 0 nic - when I vape at all. Working on putting that down as well but I'm in no hurry.
  14. Hi Alexone, welcome to Vapor Talk. When I first started vaping my favorite flavors were all over the place from fruit to bakery to candy...until I finally settled on mojito for awhile. Then, it went to blueberry with a hint of peppermint (I know it sounds strange but it's tasty!). For several years it was a candy bar flavor that tasted like a Mounds bar, chocolate with almond and coconuts. The past few years I've been stuck on chocolate malt, it's a smooth, subtle flavor. What's your favorite?
  15. Please do not spam the main discussion part of the forum. News of new products should go to the "Share the Latest Vaping Products" area, which is where I moved this post. You can also post these in the regular Vendor's area as well. Thank you.
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