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  1. @Christopher, since you updated the forum I've noticed that there's no way to tone down the background of the pages. It's super bright and is hard for me to read. Any chance you could add a "less bright" version for easier reading?
  2. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  3. Haven't heard of that brand in several years. Good luck finding some, though!
  4. You're more than welcome to ask lots of questions but please leave off the spammy links to the products. If you persist, it'll make you look like a spammer and get you banned from the forum. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  6. Talk of CBD products is prohibited on the general forum. I've moved your post to the area where CBD discussion is allowed. Read the rules of the forum for more information. Thank you.
  7. Can you give the name/model of your mod? That would help us to help you better.
  8. Good luck in your search, and I'm glad you're out of the hospital and feeling better!
  9. The first thing I'd suggest is to change the coil to a new one. I find that, when my coil is getting gunked up it tends to make me cough. If you're vaping less and getting cranky, then try a juice with a little more nicotine in it. That will give you the same amount of nic while vaping less that you got when you were vaping more. Does that make sense? Good luck, and let us know if any of this works for you!
  10. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  11. Glad to hear you got it figured out! Sometimes you just get a bad coil or three or five. Anyway, thanks for the update.
  12. Also, what PG/VG are you using? Higher VG content will gunk up a coil faster. The sweeter the juice will do the same thing so the coil doesn't last as long before getting a burnt taste.
  13. Sorry, I'm not familiar with your set up but just a couple of generic things to look into might be... Once you put in a new coil and let it sit, are you opening up the ports so the juice can get to the coil rather than in "fill up" mode? You should be able to see the the coil through the open ports. If you have it open but can't see the wick opening, you might need to take it apart enough so you can back out the coil just a little so the port can show. Also check to make sure your air flow is wide open. I hope it's something that's this easy to fix. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  14. The flavor of your eliquid would also make a difference in how smooth it vaped. I don't care for much throat hit either but I vape 60 PG/40 VG chocolate malt by EC Blends and it is still very "smooth." Lower heat on your coils will also lessen the harsh factor. Fruits, some candies, anything with a high citrus or acidic flavor could be seen as "harsh" while creams, baked goods, and anything on the sweeter, creamier side would be smooth. Hope that helped?
  15. Good for you and your mom to switch to vaping. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
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