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  1. What kind of tank are you using this on? What resistance coil? Is it a premade coil or an RDA? If it's premade, did you prime the coil/wick before vaping?
  2. What mg of nicotine are you using? Also, what's the PG/VG and flavor ratio?
  3. Chris M Dunster on Facebook

    At the very least I hope they can nail him for theft across state lines.
  4. My vote would go to the batteries. Bad batteries can also affect how your coils act.
  5. Throat and Lungs sore

    First, I would like to say to you that, if you are not a smoker, I would not recommend anyone to start vaping. While we believe that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes, there are no long term studies to show it is totally safe. Why did you want to start vaping in the first place? You never said what you are using to vape the 0 nic eliquid. Eliquid in general tends to have a dehydrating effect. We always recommend increasing your intake of plain water - not juice or soda or coffee or tea - just plain water. If I were you, I would look for something different to start and leave vaping to those who are trying to get off cigarettes. Just my opinion.
  6. Chris M Dunster on Facebook

    Sorry you got burned so bad, @MRSpivey What can the FB Vape Court do for you other than to ban this guy?
  7. Drip liquid

    If you're still smoking cigarettes and vaping along side, then 3 mg of nic in eliquid probably is too low. I would go up to a 6 mg, if I were you. The Baby Beast drinks eliquid, which is why you're going through so much of it. If you're also vaping a lot at 3 mg, you'll go through that much more in order to satisfy your nicotine cravings.
  8. Thanks, Chris. I really enjoy the flavor and I'm down to my last pod.
  9. Hi @Christopher The fruit fusion pods have been out of stock for some time now. Do you have an estimate of when they might be restocked?
  10. E Juice Not Delivered

    It's also unusual that a new forum member names himself/herself with the name of the eliquid vendor and posts the link to their site and then complains about their service. Please do not spam the forum with spammy links or you'll find your account banned. If you have a legitimate post, you're more than welcome on the forum. Thank you for your cooperation.
  11. 26 32 gauge clapton

    Holy cow, Jack! You should only post about your issue ONCE and then wait for a reply. Please do not spam the forum by posting the same thing multiple times in different topic areas. Thank you.
  12. Who's using a Pod system?

    For me, the SMOK Infinix is a good stick "pod" system. I like that it has a side fill and refill option. The thing I'm not crazy about is that juice will get into your mouth if you suck just a little too hard, but it's good otherwise. It's between the GhoSTick and the Infinix so far. Both are refillable, the coils seem to last -- I'm still on the first pod without having burned it out just yet.
  13. Don't know if syrup is safe to vape or not, but personally, I wouldn't chance it. Use it for your pancakes instead and go get a vanilla flavoring that's most commonly used for vaping to be safe. You also left off the "e" in "cane." LOL
  14. Who's using a Pod system?

    Not all pods require salt nic, some refillables can take lower nic, just make sure you use 50/50 juice. I'm using the SMOK Infinix with 3 mg regular nic and am perfectly happy.
  15. Who's using a Pod system?

    With the refillable pods, since they have 1.0 - 1.2 ohm coils in them, you really don't have to increase the nic if you don't want to. Just sayin'.

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