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  1. Tam

    Need help!

    When is the last time you charged it?
  2. Getting used to the nic salts took a little time, I've taken to adding a 3 nic custard to the mixed berries eliquid to smooth it out even more. The nice thing is that I take a few hits and then I'm good for quite some time. No more being stuck chain vaping to feel satisfied.
  3. Please stop inserting spammy links into your posts. If you persist, you may find yourself banned from the forum.
  4. With the world around us going nuts, I kind of like the pods that take me back to simpler times. No fussing with coils or settings, discrete housing, just take a new pod, some eliquid and a micro USB charger and I'm ready to go rather than USB charger, extra tank, eliquid, extra coils, tissues, and a few other things I need for my usual set up. I still use the iPower and Aspire Triton 2 at home but more often I use my GhoSTick for simplicity's sake. It's nice to have the option.
  5. How big is the battery on it, Walt?
  6. Tam


    Let's put up the bat signal and see if @Christopher will come to the rescue.
  7. Tam

    CDC Finally debunks toxin myths

    Sadly, the fear mongers will fail to read any of these conclusive studies and continue to spread misinformation. Still, it's nice to see that more studies are being performed and the same results are coming out. Maybe some day the mainstream news will pick up on it. One can dream... Thanks, Walt, for putting up this post.
  8. Man, but I wish I were a bot! That way I wouldn't be so freakin' tired all the time.
  9. Tam

    Smok Alien

    Have you tried a differen't/new battery?
  10. Tam

    Question about my Axp Vap..

    Hi Kyle. I removed your email address from your post as that is not a safe practice. When or if someone replies to your post, you will receive a notification in your email so they don't have to email you directly.
  11. Nicely done, @Walt, and you didn't even need to put in any spammy links with your explanation!
  12. My advice is to not post gratuitous spammy links with your question. Thank you.
  13. Still vaping the FLaN, but I find that I chain vape it too much because it's so smooth. The berry mixes are acidic, and with the higher salt nic, I find I can take a few draws and I'm good for awhile.
  14. Routines are good. I like not having anything unexpected happen. What kinds of berries do you use?

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