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  1. I believe she's talking about the Zero made by Vaporesso but I could be mistaken. That sounds like an interesting pod. I'm curious to hear more from @DebC about her experiences with it.
  2. Hi Deb. Glad to hear you and your husband are getting back into vaping. Vapor Talk is for regular vaping and eliquids, we did at one time allow for CBD but no longer allow that subject on the forum. If our members can help with anything else that involves vaping of nicotine-based items, we're all in! Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  3. @KoltonOliver, do you want to get an alternative to vaping or are you looking for something else?
  4. Glad you're liking the pod now. How did you fix the harsh vape issue?
  5. Of all the pod systems I've tried I liked GhoStick the best but they discontinued making those some time ago. Otherwise, the pod systems I've tried haven't really impressed me much. AKSO by HCigar SLM by Smok jc01 and jc02 by OVNS weren't horrible but they were so small I'd have a hard time finding them in my purse. My main complaint about any of the pods I've used is that they all seem to wind up leaking all over the place. Good luck finding one you like! I hope you let us know what it is and maybe do a short review when you find it? I'd love to have something small and more portable than the rig I use everyday.
  6. I'd be interested to see what you think of those Kanger minis. It's what I use on my old Vision batteries, which is the same as your EVOD.
  7. Have you tried a Kanger Aerotank mini? They're discontinued but you can still find them here and there. The link is to a vendor I'm not familiar with but it gives you an idea of what they look like. You can also use the regular Kanger Aerotanks but those are wider than the battery and look weird. They work perfectly fine but it will look top heavy. All of these use the same coils as your EVOD tank. The Aerotank mini has a tendency to leak just a little into the bottom of the well where the tank and battery meet. I just use a tissue or Qtip to clean it every once in a while. https://vapingcorp.com/product/kanger-aerotank-mini/
  8. What tanks are you using right now?
  9. First, it would be helpful to know the brand name of the unit you bought. What is the percentage of the nicotine in the liquid? That would help us to troubleshoot your issue. Second, I would try taking a small hit off your vape and holding it in your mouth for just a second before inhaling. That might help your coughing. When I start coughing is when the wattage is too high in my battery and I need to turn it down but everyone is different and your setup might not allow for that. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  10. Wow, that's a blast from the past, haven't heard of anyone using Kanger Subtank mini tanks in quite some time. Just curious, what's the resistance on these coils?
  11. Hi Keith. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  12. What flavor is it? I miss Comp's Cinnamon, it was so amazing!
  13. Welcome back, and congratulations on such a long run off the cigs. The forum's pretty quiet these days but there are some still around. See you again in another 2 - 5 years.
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