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Found 25 results

  1. So recently the one and only brand of E-Juice I would vape (POP! Vapors) has gone out of business. I vape 70% VG 30% PG, and I have tried other bands with the same VG/PG mix, but I have not found any that have the same smoothness as POP. Any help with a new brand I can try?
  2. I have recently bought the Vape Pen 22 and have not used for some 15 odd days and now when I am trying to use it the battery is blinking for 4 times and when I charged it for almost 3-4 hours I am still facing the same problem. Vape Pen 22 battery is blinking 4 times
  3. My subvod blinks 3 times when i try to vape. The battery has a full charge and I tried putting other coils in the tank and still nothing no smoke at all. When the tank is off the button functions normally and the light stays on as long as I hold the button.please help me pleaseeee
  4. I'm kinda new to vaping and I need advice on what tank to buy. I currently have an alien 220w with a freakshow RDA made by wotofo and I feel like I need a better tank in order to produce more vapor any dripper RDA'S in mind?
  5. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Morning to All, I am looking for a chart that has all the different coil resistances and range of watts to be used with these different ohms. I am not interested in "Volts" but rather coil resistance to watt range. Smiles are Contagious, Lenny1966
  6. Hey guys, Would be really appreciated if you could take time and join our new vape group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/906447339453874/ It's only a small group, very friendly people there. Just something to have on your facebook if you ever want to talk about vaping and also we have several giveaways. Very laid back casual group:) Thank you in advance Carol.
  7. So, I know its probably not broken but I didn't know where to put this (I am new). Okay, so I have a Eleaf iPower 80w 5000mAh battery with a kangertech protank 4 ceramic coil (registering 0.64ohms on mod). Vaping at 50Watts with 6mg liquid from Rejuiced (European company). I've had this mod a little over a week now & I fell in love with it completely. I have been vaping for a year or so, but, only recently started to take it seriously I've had other mods such as MPV 3.0, Nebox, Smok R80. Anyway, going off topic there. I have been vaping this juice called Bunch of Coconuts. When I first started to vape it, it was lovely and smooth and when I refilled my tank with it, it seems to be burning my mouth/throat/tongue. I just can't enjoy the vape because it gives me a horrible sensation and I keep coughing. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I've tried turning the watts down but I cant taste the liquid that much and I don't get much vapour off it. Thank you in advance!
  8. I'm using a 50w eleaf battery, Atlantis rebuild able tank, and a 30w coil. I have been vaping for two years, started at 30 mg nicotine, but got all the way to 1 mg. Then it's too harsh. I can't puff it without coughing. Right before the harshness I changed the coil and refilled the tank with a new bottle (always from same shop, they know what I like). Took juice back to store and they re-did it, still too harsh. Changed coil (about 9 times now), still too harsh. Redid juice again, changed tank, changed battery, changed tank (again), messed with wattage (before was always 3.8w) found that if I purchase a 30w coil rather than my usual 50w it is not as harsh (can puff twice before I'm coughing up a lung versus the first puff on 50w coil). Messed with air flow over and over. I'm feeling like the vapor shop bought some new PG that's too harsh. The smoke has been less than what it was too. I have asked them for help each time I changed liquid. They told me to let more air in, which does create more smoke, but still just too too harsh. Then they said to turn my battery up...I have been doing my method for two years-two years..I don't think it's suddenly where I put my battery at!! But now I'm just smoking and I really want to let them go again. Any thoughts, ideas on what the problem is??
  9. Hi guys just a couple of simple and possibly annoying questions. First of i have just bought and istick tc40w, can i use a triton mini on this? Also do i need to use specific coil resistance? And if i can use this tank can i use 50/50 liquids in it? Sorry for it being such basic questions but i am new to vaping and i am struggling to get my head around a lot of stuff. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. Hi I'm new to vaping, got an Areo tank Mega that I can't get any air flow. Have taken it apart & cleaned still no air.. replaced coil, nada. tank only worked for a week. Please help. Thanks
  11. My subvod blinks 3 times when i try to vape. The battery has a full charge and I tried putting other coils in the tank and still nothing no smoke at all. When the tank is off the button functions normally and the light stays on as long as I hold the button.please help me pleaseeee
  12. So the either day my vape was working perfectly fine, and suddenly I noticed that every time I fired it, nothing happened. I switched the batteries and same thing, so it's not the batteries. I switched the tank, it wasn't the tank. I have the koopor plus 200w and was running it at 85w and I use the tfv4 tank. When I fire the mod the mod fires, but the tank doesn't heat up at all, and the voltage meter stays at 0. I don't understand why it's doing this, I got it around 3 months ago. Could it be a wire the I could fix or a part? Any ideas and suggestions would be great. I cleaned all of the conecters and the tank completely afterwards and it made no difference.
  13. Thoughts on the ipv5?? Pros and cons?
  14. Hey guys so I currently own the wismec rx200 but I'm looking for another box mod for a few specific reasons. 1.) a box mod that is thinner and easier to fit in my pocket than the rx200 3.) one that can do atleast 100 watts 4.) one that has atleast 2 batteries and has good battery life so I can use it throughout the day plwase help!
  15. This is my boyfriend's PV. I LOVE it, but the only markings on the mod are in the two pics I've included. The pics aren't very good, but I thought that one of you knowledgeable folks would recognize it. He has THREE mini USB ports on it. Now, I've been looking for a while, and the only box I could find with just ONE USB port is the iTaste. Any advice much appreciated.
  16. J_V_5


    Hello I am thinking about purchasing the ipv5 from pioneer4you and I was wondering if anyone has this device or knows anything about it could they let me know how they feel about it! Thanks!
  17. This is my boyfriend's PV. I LOVE it, but the only markings on the mod are in the two pics I've included. The pics aren't very good, but I thought that one of you knowledgeable folks would recognize it. He has THREE mini USB ports on it. Now, I've been looking for a while, and the only box I could find with just ONE USB port is the iTaste. Any advice much appreciated.
  18. Hello fellow vapers. Just promoting this newly launched a new channel on the most creative platform! Check me out, maybe subscribe if you like it. I'm looking for honest opinions here. Do I have what you like so far?! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOENFtVSO9EMxkHwiURCyQ Also, you ca check out my review age as well and give an opinion? http://prhymalreviews.wordpress.com I know this community is supportive of itself, and I'm not afraid to ask for some help, either. Ha SO! What do you guys think between the Sigelei 150w TC and the Smok X Cube II?
  19. Hi, sorry for my english but never learn. I have ask, which box, battery etc is one of the best. Very durable, big vapor and good flavor. My budget 200$
  20. Ok so this is a weird question, I've been vaping for about a month and would like to think I generally know stuff about it. I stopped smoking a long time before I started vaping as more of a hobby and tried lot's of different vapors from the same company which all taste different and I grew to love. I've also got different vapors with higher vg to pg ratio so I know this can't be it. Let me start with the basics, there are 4 of us in the family that have the same model (Eleaf iStick 20w, except here in the UK it is called the TECC curve 2). I tried a new flavour and thought it was disgusting, then I realised my atomizer was probably time for a change, so I changed it and the fluid to a different flavour just to see the difference, cleaned out the tank and let it absorb. I'm still getting the same flavour and I've changed it to two different and stronger flavours with different PG/VG. I've also tried the same flavour through other family members tanks and tasted it totally fine. There is just this weird disgusting flavour. At first I thought it was possibly something to do with the fact I got a scope down my nostril to my voicebox last week with local anesthetic so maybe affecting my taste, but when I realised I can taste the same flavour differently from theirs (and even when I put their tanks on my battery) I'm really confused as to what the problem could be. They say that mine tastes fine to them as well, on both mine and their box, So I can't put it down to vaper's tongue. They were heavy smokers just getting their taste back, I never was and didn't smoke for long, is it possible that they are still experiencing the sudden experience of heightened taste compared to me, or can you just kind of go off vaping that fast? I usually exhale through my nose to get full flavour. (sorry for the repeated use of the UK spelling of "Flavour" but it's just habit) For example Raspberry Sorbet and Ice menthol both have the same disgusting flavour but I love both of them. Is it possibly temporary? The other weird thing is that I used to go up to 11.2w which would be 4.0v with an ohm reading of 1.5, right now the highest I can go for similar is 9.7w for a 4.0v reading with a 1.7ohm reading, could that be affecting the flavour? I do know some things but I'm still quite new to the whole thing so any feedback is really appreciated. PS I'm not dehydrated, no allergies are affecting me and I'm not ill at the moment, so any pros keep that in mind.
  21. Hi all I have heard that caffeine based e-liquids are a new thing! Caffeine vapers release 2 milligrams of caffeine per inhalation, which is less than your average cup of Americano, but all those inhalations add up to a considerable caffeine hit. What does everything think? Will you try it to replace your morning coffee?
  22. What do yall think about the alliance rda?
  23. Has anyone else tried the custom FOG MODZ boxes?
  24. I thought that would intrigue alert readers. Yes, I've died. That is if you are inclined to believe everything the Social Security Admin tells you. It began this way. The second Wednesday of May, was the day my Social Security retirement benefit was supposed to be deposited in my Bank of America account. Nothing happened, and initially I thought nothing about it as there are 12 hours difference between time here and Eastern Standard Time, so I just figured it was off by some hours. Then as time went by and still no deposit, I checked my B of A accounts and OMG everything was empty. Checking, savings, CDs credit cards, all gone! Sheesh! So I called (of course) and was told that the SSA had informed them that I had indeed died. I of course informed them that the weren't talking to Casper, and they asked a bunch of personal questions that I answered correctly and thus my accounts were magically restored. Resurrection! And it took Jesus 3 days, yet I did it only a few hours and 7 ringgit in phone calls. He must have had to meet with a committee. (This experience has given me a lifetime of one liners) Then the bubble burst. I died again and now after many weeks and many many phone calls to SSA, B of A, the United States embassys in Kuala Lumpur, and Manila where SSA Southeast Asia is located, and everyone else who would listen, my bank accounts are re restored, credit cards working, but so far no retirement payment. Still waiting on the SSA who like most government agencies move at the speed of snail. Now to the original subject. I thought you would like to know that my vaping habits, supplies and equipment didn't change one bit during my death. It must be comforting to know that vaping is infinite, everlasting. To quote Mark Twain, "I was dead a long time before I was born, and it didn't inconvenience me at all." I'll leave you with a few thoughts. This gives new meaning to the little kid curse of "Drop dead twice!" I can now be a proper gwailo. Gwailo is a Chinese word meaning "ghost man" which I am frequently called here in Malaysia. A warning to all. Your social security number is tied to almost everything you do in life in reference to employment, banking, education, licensing, retirement and who knows what. I'm about to find out if it affects my passport as I try to go on holiday in Thailand next month. If your social security number is declared dead, you might not even know unless someone, as in my case, an as yet unknown third party notifies your bank, or employer or some other interested party. Cheers! the late Jon
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