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Found 11 results

  1. Sent from Eleaf for review. This was a hoot to do.
  2. Stainless construction Top Airflow 22mm 510 Thread 4ml capacity Utilizes SS NotchCoil .24 head or Dual .25 SS head Side fill Comes with RBA head Bought two of these on clearance sale. One worked fine out of the box. Nothing special. Pretty finicky. Very little latitude between no vape and scorch when using temp control. Second unit spit. Spit like an active volcano. Tried everything I could find on the net and both drop in coils. No change. Unusable tank. I am keeping it to try with the RBA. Noted quite a few mentions on net about spitting. Can not recommend this tank. Obviously, from my experience, it's a crap shoot.
  3. I'm using a 50w eleaf battery, Atlantis rebuild able tank, and a 30w coil. I have been vaping for two years, started at 30 mg nicotine, but got all the way to 1 mg. Then it's too harsh. I can't puff it without coughing. Right before the harshness I changed the coil and refilled the tank with a new bottle (always from same shop, they know what I like). Took juice back to store and they re-did it, still too harsh. Changed coil (about 9 times now), still too harsh. Redid juice again, changed tank, changed battery, changed tank (again), messed with wattage (before was always 3.8w) found that if I purchase a 30w coil rather than my usual 50w it is not as harsh (can puff twice before I'm coughing up a lung versus the first puff on 50w coil). Messed with air flow over and over. I'm feeling like the vapor shop bought some new PG that's too harsh. The smoke has been less than what it was too. I have asked them for help each time I changed liquid. They told me to let more air in, which does create more smoke, but still just too too harsh. Then they said to turn my battery up...I have been doing my method for two years-two years..I don't think it's suddenly where I put my battery at!! But now I'm just smoking and I really want to let them go again. Any thoughts, ideas on what the problem is??
  4. I have a Eleaf Istick TC60w and I want to put a Ti or Ni ec heads in my Melo 2 tank, can I leave it in Wattage mode or do I have to go to TC mode?
  5. What is a good set up for Fahrenheit and watts for my Melo2 tank with Ti EC head on a Eleaf Istick TC60w battery?
  6. I'm thinking about getting the Aspire Triton V2 (Clapton) because the uWell crown has been leaking a lot. Any suggestions or advice, comments?
  7. im am new to vaping. my friend gave me a cheap eleaf a while ago but i want something stronger. i am looking for something that is no more than $60 70-100w, lots of clouds, and easy to use. i was looking at the UD BALROG 70W TC STARTER KIT on vapordna.com but i dont know yet, there is so many vapes i dont know which one to get but please help! also i dont want a pewnie little vape, i want something big and powerful!
  8. i just got an eleaf istick v1 and im using a kpt2 on it... 1. is that a good setup in general? 2. on the lowest voltage (3.6W/3.0V) it still kinda burns my throat. is that typical with my setup? it says its at 2.5Ohm's on the screen. 3. any other advice for my setup? I also have the Aspire Mini Nautilus tank. I know that this is a better option for the istick but I don't have a coil for it yet so im using the kpt2 for now.
  9. I just got an iJust 2 kit a couple of days ago, and so far its been great. Its a good kit for someone wanting to try sub ohm vaping, without spending to much money. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2600 mah battery iJust 2 sub ohm tank 1 0.3 ohm coil micro usb charger manual PROS: easy to use affordable good flavor rechargeable battery able to fire down to 0.15 spring loaded connection built in protections into the battery small 5.5ml capacity cant take aspire atlantis coils and ijust 2 coils CONS: Adjustable airflow ring button rattle battery life With the coupon code posted in this video, this kit comes out to only $25.00 with free shipping. Below is the full review.
  10. I purchased an eleaf 30 about a week ago. I have on it a horizon tank at 2.0 ohms. I'm vaping it around 3.9 volts. After vaping pretty steadily on it for couple hours, it dies. My ego batteries last longer than this. Do you think I have a faulty device or is it something I'm doing wrong?
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