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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all. It's my first time handling RTAs and getting into pre-made coils and such and really wanted one because I heard the vaping experience and flavor is beyond better than a sub-ohm tank considering i have been vaping on a sub-ohm tank for 2 months and i would like to try the experience of an RTA. I just ordered a Reload RTA by Reload Vapor and it's on it's way. The mod I'm using is a SMOK Alien 220w with an LG 18650 battery. Now, could anyone recommend me a great pre-made coil that could match with this RTA, and safe as well with the mod and battery I listed? I heard Claptons are good and awesome coils but theres other ones out there so im not sure which other ones to get if its better than Claptons. How much ohms do I need for each coils? Im looking to vape at around 35 watts minimum and 80 wats maximum, so 35-80 watt because I'm planning to do a dual coil build. Also, is there any tips I could get with RTA, safety in general, and what gauge, wires, mm needed, and what coils to look out for in the future, etc?
  2. Good morning all, I recently purchased the tfv12 tank/rba. i am still waiting for it to arrive, however, i am wondering if the deck ( triple coil deck) is large enough for me to use fused clapton coils in the rba decks? if so what size core/wrap will fit the +/- deck holes/ diameter of the deck? if not, what size core/wrap should i use for a standard clapton core/wrap? thank you for your help!!! ^_^
  3. Walt

    I'm Scared now

    I'm honestly scared now. I built a two coil 1.2Ω deck in a Tsunami using 2x24 - 32 fused SS Clapton. The flavor and fog are like something I've never experienced. The mod, IPV8 is reading .07Ω while the meter was reading 1.02Ω. The mod is firing and @ 150W the setup is a fog machine. Is this thing going to melt down? It even sounds weird, like a leaky compressed air valve hissing only not as loud when it fires. Will the next episode of Wally Vapes be "Lost in a blissful fog" or "OoooPs, the big bang theory was right".
  4. Hey this might be a stupid question, and I'm somewhat new to advanced building.So I just found some 22g kanthal laying around and i was wondering if it is possible to clapton 24g kanthal around the 22g. And would the results be good? Thanks!!
  5. Claptons, for me, got a lot easier with this thing...............I bought the jig from vaped3d.com and got it about 5 days ago. I've made about 50 ft of fused Clapton so far in those 5 days and pretty much every inch of it is flawless.I bought an extra clamp just in case the clips would wear down over time. (I do plan on making 100's of feet a month)But the clamp shows no wear after all the wire that has gone through it thus far !Here's a couple fused builds I did, mostly used 24 gauge or 25 gauge for my core wires, 34 or 36 for the outer wire.Going to try some 38 and 40 gauge this week, ill let everyone know how it goes!
  6. I'm thinking about getting the Aspire Triton V2 (Clapton) because the uWell crown has been leaking a lot. Any suggestions or advice, comments?
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