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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all. It's my first time handling RTAs and getting into pre-made coils and such and really wanted one because I heard the vaping experience and flavor is beyond better than a sub-ohm tank considering i have been vaping on a sub-ohm tank for 2 months and i would like to try the experience of an RTA. I just ordered a Reload RTA by Reload Vapor and it's on it's way. The mod I'm using is a SMOK Alien 220w with an LG 18650 battery. Now, could anyone recommend me a great pre-made coil that could match with this RTA, and safe as well with the mod and battery I listed? I heard Claptons are good and awesome coils but theres other ones out there so im not sure which other ones to get if its better than Claptons. How much ohms do I need for each coils? Im looking to vape at around 35 watts minimum and 80 wats maximum, so 35-80 watt because I'm planning to do a dual coil build. Also, is there any tips I could get with RTA, safety in general, and what gauge, wires, mm needed, and what coils to look out for in the future, etc?
  2. I see it above all a novelty. It is however a very functional Atomizer. This is an RBA only. No manufactured coil assemblies for this one. The build deck is generous at 20mm. It is a pretty standard Kennedy style two post deep juice well deck. It comes with extra glass tank, clapton coils, grub screws, O-rings, and cotton. Assembling a simple two coil horizontal build is a snap. Wicking the thing was a surprise to me. There are six tiny holes for each of the cotton ends for transferring e-juice from the tank. My initial impression was that it would be best to make the cotton very fluffy and have the ends of the cotton just sweep the bottom of the juice well. Wrong! Niagara Falls! Bring a mop! Watched a few more YouTube videos. Cut the cotton long. Fluff it of course. Pack that cotton against the six little holes. Build quality is good to very good. Machined nicely. Opening up the air flow control only, the thing is a great little dripper, especially for those of us who over drip. The instructions say to remove the drip tip while dripping. I don't bother. It's a straight shot to the bottom of the juice well. The thing is wide open with a short distance from the drip tip to the coils. No chimney per se. The drip tip is also pretty loose with one O ring and proprietary. I like leaving it on. Open the juice control and you have a tank fed dripper. Even with the cotton pretty much packed against the juice control holes, I can't get it to dry hit. Filling the tank is a hoot. The filling slots are long and narrow. Juice tends to flow along the fill slots and vapor lock the tank stopping it from taking liquid. With ample lighting and patients I can fill it to the top. There is a juice control opening that you align with the holes by spinning the tank. I recommend closing the juice control completely while filling. I also recommend closing down the air flow control. The build I have in there are the provided clapton coils @ 0.2Ω. It is producing decent vapor and very nice flavor. The draw is slightly restricted in comparison to many cloud chasing tanks even with the air flow wide open. Definitely a mouth to lung regardless. There is a fair amount of "after vapor" that comes out the air control slots after vaping. Might want to have a cloth for the top of your mod. This is not something I will shove in a pocket and run out the door with. Vaping at home, or in a sit down environment and it's fine. It produces a very pleasant vape and is novel to look at. There is some versatility per it's ability as either a tank fed or dripping atomizer.
  3. Im very serious about cloud chasin but i cant seem to find good intel from anyone explaining how to build the right way and what to use in order to achieve what i'm trying to accomplish... I currently use a Ipv4s with a troll rda. I usually build with a 20 gage kanthal ramping at .12 ohms but still cant get my O's thick and stable enough. Therefore i am currently doing some digging on what mech mod to use. Seems like a lot of people who are really into chasing uses them. but i still need more info regarding the right builds. Can anyone help me out please
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