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  1. Hello all. It's my first time handling RTAs and getting into pre-made coils and such and really wanted one because I heard the vaping experience and flavor is beyond better than a sub-ohm tank considering i have been vaping on a sub-ohm tank for 2 months and i would like to try the experience of an RTA. I just ordered a Reload RTA by Reload Vapor and it's on it's way. The mod I'm using is a SMOK Alien 220w with an LG 18650 battery. Now, could anyone recommend me a great pre-made coil that could match with this RTA, and safe as well with the mod and battery I listed? I heard Claptons are good and awesome coils but theres other ones out there so im not sure which other ones to get if its better than Claptons. How much ohms do I need for each coils? Im looking to vape at around 35 watts minimum and 80 wats maximum, so 35-80 watt because I'm planning to do a dual coil build. Also, is there any tips I could get with RTA, safety in general, and what gauge, wires, mm needed, and what coils to look out for in the future, etc?
  2. I started smoking vape if you guys go and quit smoking and right I mean I have a muscle I don't know my muscles really kind of money I can't I can't turn my neck to the right without a sharp pain not too much to laugh and having pains in my chest with it if I went to the hospital. Blood work and EKG and a lung X-ray and nothing was wrong and I'm the doctor said it was probably from vaping and told me to stop vaping and start back smoking so I don't know I don't know if that's what the cause of it is but I can't I can't turn to the ride I was using a PG VG 50/50 naked 100 35 mg Nic salt and also Mighty mint 70/50 50 mg Nic salt which on that I started with two high nicotine that's one thing but I don't know why I started back smoking cigarettes today and you know my neck was getting a little bit looser but I also took a couple muscle relaxer and then I just hit the Vape because I looked at it research and you know I'm still thinking that vaporize would be better alternative and now my neck is hotter again and I can't turn myself any help would be much appreciated
  3. Hey vapors!! Im new to vaping and looking for a new flavor! I found this picture on instagram and It looks good but I hate buying liquid online. So can anyone tell me if its good or not? Does it look like its worth trying? If you have any recommendations as well please lmk!!
  4. I have been using the Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer, and I noticed when fully pushed, the cart tilts slightly to one side. When I try to rip it, it blinks twice and doesn't rip. Blinking twice means the batt does not recognize a cart. It's unable to be pushed back into place and stand still, so I can't seem to get it to rip. Also, it's not the cart's fault because it works on other batteries and other carts don't work in this one. How do I fix this?
  5. I just put a new coil in my tank after cleaning it (since I hadn't changed my coil in a month) and my mod keeps saying "Check Atomizer." The ohms are all reading 0.00. I unscrew it, empty the new juice, take it all apart again, put another NEW coil in it, new juice, I screw it in and the first thing it says is "Check Atomizer." The ohms are still 0.00. I unscrew it again, get a dry q-tip and clean out the inside of where the atomizer screws into the mod, I took the atomizer apart and soaked the bottom of the tank in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, i rinsed it off and let it sit before putting it back together. It's still reading 0.00ohm. It never asks me the "new coil?" question, so I'm wondering if it's just something wrong with my mod? Please help, I really just wanna hit my vape. I just got a yummy new juice so I'm bummed I'm not using it.
  6. Hey there! I've only ever had little e-cigs and prefilled tanks before.. But, I just decided to go the full mod route. I got my SMOK T-priv kit in the mail yesterday and decided to keep the Baby-Q2 coil on it. Everything was going great but lately, after just 2 pulls, the LEDs will blink and the screen will say "Wattage Mode." The only way for me to then get it to fire (it will respond to me pressing the fire button but won't actually do anything) is to go into Mode > Temp > and go through those options. Here's my set up: Baby Beast Tank Q2 coil (recommends 55-65 watts) Ni200, .006 .4 ohms I've tried anywhere from 35 - 60. I prefer 55. 350f And each regular pull for me is anywhere from 1.5s to 1.9s. It doesn't feel hot, the flavor is great, the coil doesn't appear burned or anything. Plenty of juice and plenty of airflow. Oh, and it's set to "Normal" Thanks in advance for any help, guys. I've been trolling around on Youtube and other help sites but even the owners manual doesn't say anything about a "Wattage Mode" warning on the screen with blinking lights. In fact, it doesn't actually address blinking lights at all. -Tern
  7. Hi! I have a smok stick V8 and I burned one core. Now I need to buy new ones but can' find the exact replacement. So I was wondering if it was possible to use a different core like the V8 -X2 instead of the V8 baby M2 core that came with the vape. Thanks
  8. Hello. I just bought an eleaf melo2 from a friend. I have been messing with the settings and am not sure what I am doing. I don't have an instruction manual or anything. I'm not even sure the type of coil he put in it. I am using it for cbd oil. I don't understand the wattage and temperature....from what I have been reading on Google it's a matter of personal preference. And this particular model apparently works best at 60w but from what I understand that will blow through my liquid quickly. Can you help me out with a good place to start?
  9. Hey guys new to the forum My name is Earth. I have been a vapor for a while but only I do sub ohm tanks. Just bought the doode RDA by squidoode Because I want to try to build coils myself This is the list of things I use normally -vaporflask lite -uwell 1 sub ohm tank I do 38watts and getting 0.55 ohms, 4.58V "good flavorful cloudy vape." ------------------------ after building my coils with the DOODE RDA I got from vaperoyalty. I do 38watts, It reads 0.37 ohms and pulls 3.76V but I feel that -the flavor and cloud is not as good as when i vape on sub ohm tanks -It pulls battery faster than the sub ohm. -occasional "short atomizor" warning -does not heat up as quick and need to press button for a few seconds to actually get it to burn the wick. -mod and RDA tank becomes hot What did I do wrong here guys and girls?
  10. I have the mini pegasus by aspire but I have lost the charger does anyone know where I can buy a new one thanks
  11. Hello, guys, i am quite new to vaping and I'd like to ask you a couple of questions. Yesterday, I bought myself a vape with the following configuration:1) smok tfv12 tank (with preinstalled smok v12-t12 atomizer)2) CigGo Praxis Vapor Banshee 150W TC box mod3) 2x Avatar 2000 mAh 20A 18650 batteriesAs far as I understand, the coil that I use has a low resistance (0.12 Ohm), and therefore i should vape at 120+ watts. I notice that after a few minutes of vaping the tank and the mod become warm. The tank seems to be getting warm due to the heating of the evaporator, but now with the mod itself I had a question. I conducted an independent investigation, and I realized that the batteries were getting warm. I read a few articles and understood that the batteries should not become hot on their own. Tell me please, what could be the problem. Are these batteries bad for this vape or what? Moreover i see that my mod has temperature control. Is is OK to use stainless steel TC mode with my atomizer? Or better just use 120+ watts?
  12. Hi, so I just bought a vape pen, and it came with absolutely no directions, which I thought was weird. But anyways, every time I press the button on it, it makes a sucking noise and starts smoking at the top and smelling like burnt rubber. Can someone help me please?
  13. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Morning to All, I am looking for a chart that has all the different coil resistances and range of watts to be used with these different ohms. I am not interested in "Volts" but rather coil resistance to watt range. Smiles are Contagious, Lenny1966
  14. Hi, I'm tab. I'm new to this site. I'm hoping to get some help with my snow wolf 200w. Yesterday, the screen started to dim and go out and it started to go in and out as well as show "high temperature" even though it isn't hot at all. Is there a fix for that? Can anyone help me?
  15. What is a good set up for Fahrenheit and watts for my Melo2 tank with Ti EC head on a Eleaf Istick TC60w battery?
  16. I just put in a new atomizer on my crown tank, and it's reading .52 ohms, and it's running on 70 watts. Is that bad?
  17. OK so I tried to Vape years ago and it didn't last,tried again this year due to my job banning tobacco everywhere on the premises, so I had to give in and get rid of the little ecig I had ,went to the local Vape shop,was completely lost ,went in and the smell was weird,like walking into a head shop for the first time,then a Vape enthusiast came towards me,I showed her what I was using and said ,its not working ,it doesn't cut it,she was blown away and said yeah you need something better,walked out with two kanger sticks,and two twenty dollar 30ml bottles of juice after being pushed and pushed to try strawberry ,TO THIS DAY I REFUSE STRAWBERRY ANYTHING .....lol anyways,they got me good,some intentional some the price you expect buying from a brick and morter place. After a week I just wasn't getting the hit I needed ,went back and after talking to the next worker ,he offered the eleaf istick tc60w kit,85 bucks,came with everything,even a cell,I had no clue ,actually im still learning ,what u was buying ,I just said I need bigger hits,after buying it and ANOTHER 20 DOLLAR bottle ,this time 6mg up from the recommended 3 -.- .......I enjoyed the hell out of it. For two weeks,maybe less until I found my self charging the crap out of it. Mind you I worked twelve hour shifts,so ....4 /10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch,it would just be dead by the time I was on last break ,then it was getting hot. When he sold it to me ,he litteraly flung some juice around ,squirted it in the coil,some there ,some here,threw it together and put it on 40w,which I now know is watts,and the coil was a 0.3 kanthal,then sent me on my way. Well that coil burnt to hell from there HOUSE MADE JUIXE FULL OF SWEETENERS,so I was left with apperantly the two other coils the kit came with ,titanium and nickel,I AM LOST,read the manually,even went back up there and asked questions ,and they stood there saying yeah resistance,yep,uh huh. Yep. So I did it myself and burnt my lungs and throat and threw the coil away . in the process my melo 2 glass tube broke so I got sold "a sick deal " a super tank,not mini but the big one. If your still reading this,I appreciate it. Because they didn't have replacement tubes . Now to the points. The cell it came with 1. He reached in a cardboard box grabbed a green battery labeled 18650 2500mAH 3.7v ,is this what I should be using ?Is the life normal ? Should it be getting this hot ? I use it at around 33 watts . is there a better battery I can get for longer life ? 2. In lamens terms,is it worth using titanium or nickel coils or are kanthal where its at ? What is the setting resistance all about .and what about the getting the coil to room temp before setting ? 3. Should I be using different wattage levels for each 0.3 and 0.5 's?also what's the difference BESIDES RESISTANCE LEVELS LOL. 4. Also,after the horrible nickel coil incident I now have no urge or desire to ever use nickel or titanium again honestly,is there a mod you would suggest that has a large tank,doesn't have the options for the other coils ,basically just a beast,simple ,strong,beastly,and long lasting . I definitely want to keep the wattage adjustment option though. I am so sorry for the novel I really love vaping and when my stuff messes up I have a small panic attack lol,I actually want this instead of cigarettes now,so its important to me. Thank you all for your time ,peace .
  18. I know I will get a range of answers depending on a lot of factors but generally speaking, how many bottles would someone be looking to purchase if they were starting a new juice brand?
  19. For several weeks now I have not been able to get the base off of my KangerTech Pro tank 2, and i have been able to refill the tank by unscrewing the glass but i need to get to the coil because a) it's very burnt out, easy to tell that, and b ) it's flooded. I've tried twisting a rubber band around the part that unscrews the base from the tank, but it didn't help. I've tried everything i can think of like pliers, having strong guys try it.. What can i do?! Please help me!
  20. I just bought a aspire triton 2, and I have never vaped before, what is the best battery to use this on? Can I use this on a ego twist? And what is the difference in the 1.8ohm atomizer and the sub ohm atomizers (like 0.2, 0.5) what is volts, ohms, watts? If I vaped a sub ohm coil on a stick battery like a cheap clone would I mess anything up or would I get less vapor? Thanks in advance.
  21. i am now thinking of buying a INNOKIN COOLFIRE IV PLUS 70W ISUB g full kit or Innokin Coolfire IV Plus 70W iSub Apex Kit i dont know which one to buy. the only difference is the tanks. i am so confused which one to buy because some sites have one, some have the other. i know the apex has a top fill and the isub g has 4.5ml of e juice room but i dont know which one to get. please please help i am very interested in this vape product. thank you so much for any kind of answers and help.
  22. i am looking for a new tank. i started vaping a few months ago and not happy with my current tank. i am looking for one with the best cloud production. i am an ex smoker for about a month now and would like to keep it that way, please help keep me interested in vaping! thanks alot!
  23. i have decided im going to buy the joyetech cuboid 150w. i cant decide on a tank as there are to many out there, all with great reviews. i have narrowed it down to: aspire clieto, uwell crown, and tfv4. i am vaping on a budget so the tfv4 probably isnt really for me. i need a solid all around good tank and something that every once in a while i can mess around with and have some really big clouds. nothing that performs in super low watts like 20 - 40 watts. i would like something that is best in 50 - 100w probably. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. also what coils do you suggest for any tanks you recommend?? also how is the tobbeco super tank? thank you so much for any help given it will be greatly appreciated.
  24. i want to step up from my previous vape, (one my friend gave me, i dont know what it is) but i would like one that is easy to use and makes good clouds. preferably something in a kit form. i looked at the joyetech evic vtc mini and heard really good things but it looked very confusing to use in the videos i watched. i like simple to use things. i also looked at the coolfire 4 plus and loved that the tank was so easy to use and heard it was a good tank but the mod has no tc, and im really woried about that. i also know that the joyetech handles tc very well, as i heard. also is there any other great kits out there? im not really interested in the kanger topbox. thank you for any answers and help!
  25. i have found a few good vapes to use, (for my first time vaping) thanks to some people today who helped me find these, but i cant figure out which one to get, they all have great reviews, recommendations, and similar prices. please help me find the best one i should use. the vapes are: SMOKTECH MICRO ONE 80W TC STARTER KIT http://www.vapordna.com/SMOKtech-Micro-One-80W-TC-Micro-TFV4-Starter-Kit-p/micro1.htm KANGER TOPBOX MINI 75W TC STARTER KIT http://www.vapordna.com/Kanger-TOPBOX-Mini-75W-TC-Starter-Kit-p/topbxm.htm UD BALROG 70W TC STARTER KIT http://www.vapordna.com/UD-Balrog-70W-TC-Starter-Kit-p/ulbalr.htm
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