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Found 16 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem. The up button of my t-storm mod is stuck. It is not stuck in a sense that it’s constantly increasing the wattage. I am unable to click the button itself. The down button is working properly where the button physically moves and registers the click. I am barely able to click the up button resulting in the physical part of the button not registering with the mod. The vape has been knocked over from a standing position a few times hitting the table it was standing on. I’ve had no juice spills. I’ve been able to use the up button a few times by trying to pry the button upwards. But this is hard to do and hasn’t resulted in a permanent fix. If you google a photo of the mod, you’ll see that the up and down buttons share a bar that uses to press them. thanks
  2. I have a smok 22 light edition pen and it's been barely used. Whenever I put it to charge it stops after a few seconds. The red light just turns off. The band doesn't flash or anything. Any suggestions as to what's going on?
  3. Hey I just got my new smok vape pen 22 and just fully charged it. At first I thought that the four blinks were just the battery was dead but now when its fully charged it still happens what do I do?
  4. so after leaving my smok xpriv/p25 (xpriv box-p25 tank etc) i pressed the button and inhaled only to hear a POP! i have a look around and there isnt no visable damage untill i take the drip tip off and find a shard of the bottom or the tip lying underneath the tip (very top were the tip slides into) should i be worried its current setting with a v12 p mesh tank coil using at 60W and 0.137 ohms
  5. I just put a new coil in my tank after cleaning it (since I hadn't changed my coil in a month) and my mod keeps saying "Check Atomizer." The ohms are all reading 0.00. I unscrew it, empty the new juice, take it all apart again, put another NEW coil in it, new juice, I screw it in and the first thing it says is "Check Atomizer." The ohms are still 0.00. I unscrew it again, get a dry q-tip and clean out the inside of where the atomizer screws into the mod, I took the atomizer apart and soaked the bottom of the tank in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, i rinsed it off and let it sit before putting it back together. It's still reading 0.00ohm. It never asks me the "new coil?" question, so I'm wondering if it's just something wrong with my mod? Please help, I really just wanna hit my vape. I just got a yummy new juice so I'm bummed I'm not using it.
  6. Hello.. Im. Kind of New vaper and im having an issue. Just got the Smok v8 stick and just unboxed and put a few drops of eliquid, wait about 15 min for the resientence to get wet with the esence and then use it. First small vape and then started to leak right where it shows at the picture in the air Flow entrance.. Went to the store, explained what happenned and they gave me a New one. Got home. Did the same.. And again.. Leaking.. Im loosing my mind.. Am I doing something wrong?? I usted to have a IStick Pico and never had that issue. Can somebody help me please (sorry if I made any mistake with my english.. Im trying to improve it)
  7. Disclaimer: Certified products are preferred to knock-offs. Check your Authentication on ALL Smok coil purchases...especially if the price seems like a steal compared to what you see locally. My Hardware: Smok Alien 220w with Big Baby Beast tank, running at 80w of pure bliss. As I posted about in my other post, I bought some Smok V8 Baby-T6 six-element coils through eBay. I got a crazy deal, so I figured that they are probably not authentic. The first two worked fine, but with all coils, you get a limited life on them. I found more than a dozen posts on how to "fix" some of the issues you see with these, and thought I might share some more findings I have with them. I am not an expert, and certainly still retain my N00B status on vaping... In the other post, I posted my results with diluting MaxVG liquid with distilled water for these coils. This worked like a CHAMP, but I needed to swap my coil finally (yeah, I REALLY like to chain-vape). I noticed a few odd things about the coil I put in. I noticed that when the tank was fully installed, I could still turn the top, and could see the coil itself spinning inside the tank. I thought it was odd, but only noted it in passing. After priming nicely and getting several good hits from it, I started noticing that the coil wasn't producing the normal number of bubbles of air in the tank. For the newbies, those bubbles are caused by the liquid refilling the cotton inside the coils (wicking), which allows the vapor to work. I kid you not, the next hit after noting the lack of bubbles, was BURNT, and I choked for a good minute or two. Seeing that I was having a wicking problem, I tried some of the methods I had seen on the YouTube videos: lowered wattage to 50W and primed 2-3 times before each hit. This meant I got 4-5 hits without burnt, after letting sit for 30-40 mins. Verdict: Partially worked, but not for a chain-vaper like myself. using a pin to make a hole in the side of the cotton to allow more liquid to enter the inner cotton. This actually did nothing at all, and I noted that the pin wouldn't penetrate very far (very important to note). Verdict: Didn't work for me, but for a very important reason. dripping some liquid directly into the stack. This will literally ONLY work if you have multiple elements in your coil because the idea is to drip the liquid into the inner cotton directly. This worked, but it meant I had to keep my refill bottle next to me at all times, but I would only get a couple hits from 6 drops before it was burnt tasting again. Verdict: Works, but not efficient or sustainable. Fix Ok, here is where the lightbulb came on for me. Anyone who knows vaping and troubleshooting is probably WAY ahead of me right now, but I was feeling a bit slow without my pick-me-ups. I put in 6 drops to the coil through the stack, pulled on it a few times to create pressure, and took a couple regular hits. Once that was complete, turn the top (where you open to refill it) clockwise slowly until you see bubbles start to come out of the vents on the sides of the coil. Once you see this, turn it just a little more (talking 1/16in). Take a couple hits to confirm bubbles are still going out. If you notice that the taste is lacking a little, turn it another 1/16in clockwise because it means you weren't fully lined up on the inlets for the inner coil. Obviously, this wasn't an issue with the coils that came with my Big Baby Beast, and really points to buying directly from the Manufacturer or a reputable dealer. It also means that if you buy cheap, then you are asking to use your brain a bit to work through any quality issues you will see. Happy Vaping!!
  8. Hi! I have a smok stick V8 and I burned one core. Now I need to buy new ones but can' find the exact replacement. So I was wondering if it was possible to use a different core like the V8 -X2 instead of the V8 baby M2 core that came with the vape. Thanks
  9. I am sharing a finding. Backstory: I have been vaping off/on for the past 4 years. My first ecig was a iTaste VV3.0, and I put a KangerTech PROTank on it first thing. I loved that little pen for a long while. I recently upgraded to the Smok Alien 220W and put a Big Baby Beast tank on it. The tank comes with a single-element coil installed, and a V8 Baby-T6 in the box. I am allergic to PG (MAJOR headache, upset stomach, and asthma), so I have to use Max VG mixes which are incredibly thick. My normal pulls are around 2.5sec. I ran the coils at 80W since that is the sweetspot for the coils, and that was recommended. I am also a chain-vaper when I am stressed and usually go with either 0mg or 3mg to mix. Scenario: Using the single-element and MaxVG, I LOVED all the smoke and the flavor I was getting. I got about a month out of that coil before it was burnt beyond use, even using Menthol Ice Drops. I swapped to the six-element coil, and enjoyed that just as much for a couple of weeks...but started getting a lot more burnt hits and that coil only lasted a couple weeks. I bought a bunch more of the T6 coils, though, because I found them at a crazy price. Only issue is that I get way too many burnt hits...to the tune of about 1 in 5 hits was burnt to the point I wanted to throw up and would choke for a couple minutes. Research: I looked all over various forums and most noted that the burnt hits were due to the liquid being too thick for the coils, or that I had the wattage too high. Testing: I tried dropping the wattage in 5W increments all the way down to 50W (below the recommended range), and adjusting the airflow, and recently tried thinning the liquid. Findings: Dropping the wattage all the way down to 50W really didn't achieve anything other than a cigarette-sized cloud, and still resulted in regular burnt hits. Changing the airflow, didn't really accomplish anything at all. Thinning the liquid, has done WONDERS. There are several ways to achieve the thinning, but the cheapest by far is Distilled Water. I few drops in my tank, and chain-vaped through the whole tank at 80W and no burnt hits at all. Some forums were trying to say the 6-element coil doesn't handle Distilled Water well, but I beg to differ. I agree that the flavor is somewhat lessened by this approach, but I will take a little less flavor over choking for 2mins from a burnt hit ANY DAY.
  10. So, I recently purchased a Smok Al85 mod. It came with an 18650 3.7V battery. Its worked perfectly these last couple weeks. I went to charge it yesterday and today, and it wont go anywhere past 46%. Not only that, but even when off of the charger, it still says the battery is charging (even though it clearly isnt). If someone could help me pinpoint this issue, it would be a great help.
  11. Hi! Iam really new to vaping and know nothing. I bought a Smok v8 stick. The first time I tried it, it was good but the second time a used it , it started to create a burning sensation in my throat. I never filled my tank to the fullest and I usually just pour 5-6 drops. The liquids Vg and pg are 60VG/40PG. So please tell me how to reduce this sensation. Thanks for your time.
  12. Just bought a replaceable V8 T8 this morning for my smok TFV8. Got home and primed it let it sit, went to take a hit and immediately gotta horrible taste. So I put it back down and let it sit for an hour more. Just tried it again, still tastes horrible. Is it a bad coil? Or am I doing something wrong?
  13. So, I am fairly new to the vaping world. I bought a Smok Qbox kti thios past Saturday with some campfire outdoors and smores [70/30] Ejuice. The juice that I got is super tasty. My issue is that I seem to be burning cotton and the coil quite frequently. I changed the coil last night [which is a .25Ohm tfv8 baby beast M2]. I primed it and let it sit overnight jut to make sure I was going to get any dry firing. The first part of the day seemed to be just fine, but I'm already getting dry burning rips off of it, and its only a day old!!! If anyone has had or knows of any issues with these mods or coils, I thank you ahead of time for any assistance,
  14. Hey I’m a new vapor, started out with the Alien Smok kit and I didn’t want to have to purchase pre coils, to save money over time. So I just purchased the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. I’m using the TFV8- RBA on my Smok Alien (purple). I’m getting droplets of juice on my tongue when I inhale. I’ve changed the cotton twice, Avoided putting to much juice in the tank. Can anyone help me fix this issue? ! ? ?
  15. @Adversarious1 Ok, bonded with the GX350 in a day flat. Obviously I can't speak to reliability over time but here is what I got: First thing I noticed on removing the mod from the box is that without batteries the battery door does not want to stay shut. No latching without batteries. Battery door is well marked for battery orientation and the batteries that I used fit nicely in the sleeves provided. It takes a fair amount of pressure to close the battery door with batteries installed. The battery door bows slightly with batteries installed. Sitting on a flat surface the mod will rock slightly from front to back. It sits flat from side to side. The mod is not easily knocked over. Griping the mod is absolutely perfect for me. I have fairly large hands. The shape of the mod fits the natural hand grip the best of any mod I've used to date. Very substantial feeling mod with no rattles. The firing bar is extremely stable with no movement beyond it's intended travel for firing. It is not extremely "clicky" but has a subtle but noticeable firing point. There is a very short delay in firing. Seems instantaneous to me. Obviously the mod has some weight to it per four 18650 batteries. I have carried it in a fleece jacket pocket but it is a lot of bulk for most pockets. I really enjoy the top mounted screen. I like looking at the screen after most every vape (no idea why) and it is very handy. It also came in handy testing TC. Too close to focus on while vaping but I could tell when it was going in and out of firing. A friend who works at a vape shop mentioned that other top screen mods have had failures on top mounted screens due to juice getting into the display. Time will tell. The screen is raised. I have up to 25mm tanks and they fit well. A 25mm is close to max without hitting the screen. The center pin on the 510 is stiff. I have one tank that will not screw flush with the mod. Zero problems with connectivity to tanks/RTA's/eieio. The screen itself displays all necessary information including a puff time which latches between puffs. There is a puff counter but to view it you must enter the menu system. The puff counter also latches and must be reset via the menu. The mod is designed to detect atomizer changes and query input, new or old tank. I find this somewhat accurate. I like to fire the device once without a tank between changes to ensure the new atomizer is recognized. In TC the unit appears to be using the initial atomizer resistance as a base line as there is no facility for locking resistance. Temp control is simple. NI, TI, and SS. The menu prompts you for available wattage and TCR value. I am using a value of 88 for 316L and am getting a very smooth, very well regulated vape without obvious on and off periods. In TC the temp itself is the primary display and is adjustable via up/down buttons on the mod. There is no ramp adjustment in TC. Both TC and VW modes latch. Most menu adjustments can be achieved with only the fire button using either short or long presses. Values have to be changed via the up/down buttons on the mod. The up/down switches are under a rocker style button which can be pressed in center to lock the mod. I have found no facility to lock settings while allowing the mod to fire. Pressing the fire bar along with up or down button will take you to short cuts for changing wattage and mode in TC. In VW mode the short cuts are ramp strength and mode. The mod powers up with five clicks and powers down via menu. I am estimating battery life to be between 700 and 750 vapes. Low wattage vapes ( 30 - 50) @ approx 6-7 seconds, high wattage vapes (90 - 110) at 2-3 seconds. The USB port has a rubber cover. IMHO, nice touch. Paint; Smok and paint; I already have three small chips in the paint. Although tiny and on sharp edges, I am assuming it isn't the best paint job on the planet. Opinion: I love using this mod. Fits like a glove and all functions work well and are easily accessed. I actually like the weight. Feels substantial. Sits well at the desk or end table. Rides nicely in the console of the car. It's small enough for me to palm shift while driving and holding the mod. I think my other mods are going to get lonely.
  16. Smok TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank FULL VIDEO REVIEW BELOW WHERE: GEARBEST COUPON CODE: TFV4 (price after coupon $28.00) PROS: Easy to fill 5ML Juice Capacity Complete kit Good Flavor Price Multiple Coil Options Comes With Rebuild-able Deck Great vapor production CONS: Not 22mm Cost of replacement coils Guzzles E Liquid
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