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Found 6 results

  1. So I have a Snowwolf 10w-200w, 0.5-3.0 resistance. It came with a 0.2 60-100w coil and a 0.16 100-230w coil. I started out on the 60-100w coil when I first set it up. Had no issues. My coil got dirty and I switched it out for the other and now it's constantly popping and splattering hot juice in my mouth. I usually run at 30-45watts. I went back to the first coil after cleaning it out. I just rinsed with distilled water because it got a bit of dirt on too from going in my pocket. I only used it maybe a few weeks. Not an all day every day use though either. Made sure to let it dry out and it's doing the same thing. Are my coils just bad?? Or could it be the vape juice is too thin?
  2. So, I am fairly new to the vaping world. I bought a Smok Qbox kti thios past Saturday with some campfire outdoors and smores [70/30] Ejuice. The juice that I got is super tasty. My issue is that I seem to be burning cotton and the coil quite frequently. I changed the coil last night [which is a .25Ohm tfv8 baby beast M2]. I primed it and let it sit overnight jut to make sure I was going to get any dry firing. The first part of the day seemed to be just fine, but I'm already getting dry burning rips off of it, and its only a day old!!! If anyone has had or knows of any issues with these mods or coils, I thank you ahead of time for any assistance,
  3. (Tfv8 baby beast tank with a q2 .4ohm coil on a smok alien 220 mod) So tonight I went I fired my coil and it sparked, I pressed ito again and it sparked, it made an odd burning scent that i couldnt pinpoint what it smelled like exactly i also couldnt tell where it arked or sparked from. so I turned the mod off and drove home to check it out. When I gothink home I took the tank apart and didn't see any issues so I went to turn the mod on and fire it and now it keeps saying ohms too low and is reading 0.000 ohms. The batteries are fine lg hg2's. The mod seems to be fine as well I have no idea what is going on. Any thoughts?
  4. So, I know its probably not broken but I didn't know where to put this (I am new). Okay, so I have a Eleaf iPower 80w 5000mAh battery with a kangertech protank 4 ceramic coil (registering 0.64ohms on mod). Vaping at 50Watts with 6mg liquid from Rejuiced (European company). I've had this mod a little over a week now & I fell in love with it completely. I have been vaping for a year or so, but, only recently started to take it seriously I've had other mods such as MPV 3.0, Nebox, Smok R80. Anyway, going off topic there. I have been vaping this juice called Bunch of Coconuts. When I first started to vape it, it was lovely and smooth and when I refilled my tank with it, it seems to be burning my mouth/throat/tongue. I just can't enjoy the vape because it gives me a horrible sensation and I keep coughing. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I've tried turning the watts down but I cant taste the liquid that much and I don't get much vapour off it. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello, before I get started I just want to clear up a few things. I always prime my coils correctly, let it sit, for 10 minutes, put juice on the cotton, everything I'm supposed to do. Iver these last 2 months I've had an annoying problem with my Kanger subtank. The old 60 watt OCC coils constantly burned, no matter which wattage and which mod I tried it on, and now the same thing with the new oval shaped ones. Sometimes it's a brand new coil, first hit and every hit after is burnt, I've gone through so many coils and so much money I need to figure out what is going wrong. I consistently put my tank through an atomic tank cleaner once a week. I've also tried the needle trick where you poke the cotton inwards to the coil. I took it to 2 local vape shops and they can't figure it out. It happens on all PG/VG mixes but more so on the 70/30 mixes. This is really annoying and any advice would help, thanks!
  6. I have read all the forums and still don't have a solution. I am not new to vaping either. I have an Aspire CF Sub Ohm with a 2000 mah battery running at 4.2V. I bought a 15 ML bottle of Indulge vanilla with 3 MG of nic. Absolutely loved it. I wanted a different flavor with a bigger bottle. So I bought some Vaporfi Pixy Stix and Grape. It's a 30 ML bottle with 6 MG of nic. It has 70% PG/30%VG. But now when I take a bigger pull, it burns my throat and chest, makes me cough, and shortens my breath. I was thinking it was the nic but isn't 6 MG in a 30 ML bottle the same as 3 MG in a 15 ML bottle? It could be the blend but Indulge was the same and it didn't bother me at all. I need some help here.
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