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Found 10 results

  1. Hey does anyone know if I can use SMOK TFV-MINI V2 A3 coils and TC control. What temp are best , and what is the coil made of? Couldn’t find anything about it . got a smok morph 219W TC
  2. Hey! I've recently bought a Vaporesso Swag and I absolutely love the thing. The only issue I've had with it is that my coils will burn in a couple of days. I started out using a traditional coil and the two that came with the kit lasted about a week. I went back and picked up new juice and mesh coils, and it's been the same story. I've been vaping around the lower end of the preferred wattage (60W), haven't been chain vaping at all, and it's always filled to the brim with juice. On the old coils, only one spot would burn, but on the new mesh ones, the top of it burns. I've used 70VG/30PG and 65VG/35PG juices with 6mg of nic. It's just been getting super annoying buying coils every weekend, but I was really hoping these mesh coils would help. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello guys. I' m new in vaping and i have bo idea how to set up my vape. I have SMOK Alien Kit 220 W TC and i ' m using TFV 8 baby beast tank. The problem is that eaither i' m burning myself when i start vaping either there is no cloud at all ( and i' m a big fan of the huge clouds) . Also i have no idea which mode is good for me and what are the proper setting for the temperature .Here are some photos to the settings that are now and to the vapor liqild. Please HELP !
  4. So, I am fairly new to the vaping world. I bought a Smok Qbox kti thios past Saturday with some campfire outdoors and smores [70/30] Ejuice. The juice that I got is super tasty. My issue is that I seem to be burning cotton and the coil quite frequently. I changed the coil last night [which is a .25Ohm tfv8 baby beast M2]. I primed it and let it sit overnight jut to make sure I was going to get any dry firing. The first part of the day seemed to be just fine, but I'm already getting dry burning rips off of it, and its only a day old!!! If anyone has had or knows of any issues with these mods or coils, I thank you ahead of time for any assistance,
  5. Hey all, I have been vaping for about two months and I am tired of constantly having to buy new coils for my sub ohm tank and sometimes the coils being either a hit or a miss wether they will be defective or not. I am considering switching to RDTA's but I have a few questions. I am wondering how long I would be able to go with the rebuildable coil before having to replace them? Number two I am wondering how if any of you guys know of any places or sites that I can just buy the already wounded coils and or already set decks similar to how the iJoy RDTA has an already set deck included. Thank you for any advice as I am a noob with all of this but looking to learn as much as I can.
  6. I've had nothing but help with my vape the moment I got it from friends, the internet and the guy whom it to me. I seem to have the ability to create a problem with every action when it comes to this thing. I noticed my coil was dying a slow death so I got a new one. I've been using 5volts and its been great so I asked for 5 volts. I'm not 100% what I got but it doesn't look the exact same as the old burnt out coil. Anyway, I put it into the tank right side up placed alittle drop on each exposed bit og cloth around the coil. and a tiny inside it. Did it exactly like I've seen others and the guy at the shop whose half chimney. I pressed the button on the side and nothing.. its not burning its not making the star trek sound like I'm lazily beaming up vape into my lungs. When I press the button it seems to just flash, I opened it up again tightend it, tried again, then opened again untightend alittle more. It just doesn't seem to be working at all now. And its fully charged.
  7. Hey guys, very new person to vape over here. So I bought a iStick 30W (don't know tank name, picture provided) and I had 3 coils provided for me. The first one I used I think I burnt so I replaced it with another. After my first 30 Ml of juice, I bought new ones (I don't smoke anything with nicotine so I got 0 MG). But the thing is, my first juice, I was able to smoke up to 30W for atleast 5 seconds. Now with this new one, I can't even go over 15W without giving up after 3 seconds. It tastes harsh and hurts my throat. Could it be because it's 50/50? The liquid I just bought today looks very runny (unlike the other, which was like syrup). Should I buy 70/30 instead so I get more PG?
  8. Hello, I just found out about coil winders and while I really like when I make a beautiful coil by hand, it hurts to do so. I have a lot of pain in my knuckles so I have to be really picky about when I can build a coil. If I just make one when my hands are bad, I end up with crap coils. So, what coil winder should I get that is both good and a good value? Thanks a bunch ^^
  9. Hello, I'm here once again asking more questions. I have purchased IPV 4 ( Atty is Mutation X V2) with some Kanthal 24 GA wires for some new coils. I was wondering if its possible if i can do twisted coils instead of regular wrapped coils. Also whats the benefit of using twisted coils ? Always thanks for the help!
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