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  1. Update as of today 6/23/17: I went back to the shop that I purchased my mod from and talked to them about what happened with those first two coils that came with my Qbox kit. The guy working there told me that apparently they've been seeing some issues with some of those coils that are coming with those kits for some reason, and he actually gave me a brand new coil for free today. I thought that that was pretty cool of him. So hopefully this will be the end of my burnt out coils so fast. I have also been able to find the TFV8-M2 coils on ebay for roughly $14 for a pack of 5. my local shop wants $28 for a pack of 5. I'm all about supporting local business and all, but that's a little too steep of a markup for me. Thanks for your guys' help also, I appreciate it.
  2. I'm running my mod at 35W. I was messing around before the first coil went out to see what was good, and 35 seems to be the best, and from what I've been able to find so far that's even the recommended wattage to run with that coil from smok. The juice is sweet, but it's not dark at all, pretty clear and not super thick when cold. I did not but replacement coils as I didn't think I would go through 2 of them in 5 days. My co-workers have said they get about a week and a half out of their baby beast coils. Sent from my SM-N920V using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  3. So, I am fairly new to the vaping world. I bought a Smok Qbox kti thios past Saturday with some campfire outdoors and smores [70/30] Ejuice. The juice that I got is super tasty. My issue is that I seem to be burning cotton and the coil quite frequently. I changed the coil last night [which is a .25Ohm tfv8 baby beast M2]. I primed it and let it sit overnight jut to make sure I was going to get any dry firing. The first part of the day seemed to be just fine, but I'm already getting dry burning rips off of it, and its only a day old!!! If anyone has had or knows of any issues with these mods or coils, I thank you ahead of time for any assistance,
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