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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I have a smok stick V8 and I burned one core. Now I need to buy new ones but can' find the exact replacement. So I was wondering if it was possible to use a different core like the V8 -X2 instead of the V8 baby M2 core that came with the vape. Thanks
  2. Stainless construction Top Airflow 22mm 510 Thread 4ml capacity Utilizes SS NotchCoil .24 head or Dual .25 SS head Side fill Comes with RBA head Bought two of these on clearance sale. One worked fine out of the box. Nothing special. Pretty finicky. Very little latitude between no vape and scorch when using temp control. Second unit spit. Spit like an active volcano. Tried everything I could find on the net and both drop in coils. No change. Unusable tank. I am keeping it to try with the RBA. Noted quite a few mentions on net about spitting.
  3. Hey I’m a new vapor, started out with the Alien Smok kit and I didn’t want to have to purchase pre coils, to save money over time. So I just purchased the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. I’m using the TFV8- RBA on my Smok Alien (purple). I’m getting droplets of juice on my tongue when I inhale. I’ve changed the cotton twice, Avoided putting to much juice in the tank. Can anyone help me fix this issue? ! ? ?
  4. Found this on the Vaporesso website. Pretty neat! I may just do this. USD $49.80 from Vaporesso.
  5. i have decided im going to buy the joyetech cuboid 150w. i cant decide on a tank as there are to many out there, all with great reviews. i have narrowed it down to: aspire clieto, uwell crown, and tfv4. i am vaping on a budget so the tfv4 probably isnt really for me. i need a solid all around good tank and something that every once in a while i can mess around with and have some really big clouds. nothing that performs in super low watts like 20 - 40 watts. i would like something that is best in 50 - 100w probably. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. also what coils do you suggest for an
  6. I'm wondering which sub ohm tank I should go with? I have a wismec realeaux 200 watt box mod and I want a sub ohm tank that produces good clouds as well as has good flavor. My top choice right now is the Herakles plus tank I think it's called. Any comments?
  7. Hey guys, very new person to vape over here. So I bought a iStick 30W (don't know tank name, picture provided) and I had 3 coils provided for me. The first one I used I think I burnt so I replaced it with another. After my first 30 Ml of juice, I bought new ones (I don't smoke anything with nicotine so I got 0 MG). But the thing is, my first juice, I was able to smoke up to 30W for atleast 5 seconds. Now with this new one, I can't even go over 15W without giving up after 3 seconds. It tastes harsh and hurts my throat. Could it be because it's 50/50? The liquid I just bought today looks ve
  8. Just for fun (and to satisfy a curiosity), when you first started vaping, what was your first tank and battery? With me, it was an eGo-T pass through 650 mAh battery and a CE4 tank with the short wicks. You couldn't even change the top coil on these things, just use and throw away the $8.00 tank that only lasted for a week or so if you were lucky. In that day and age, it was the baddest thing out there. How about you?
  9. I bought a Kanger Evod Glass Tank on friday. By friday night the tank wasn't working. Couldn't figure it out. Tried all my batteries on my wife's tank and they worked just fine. Then I pushed the battery button to start it while screwing my tank on before it get's all the way down it starts to fire up. So now I'm using my tank with it loose at the top. Anyone else had this issue and know what it is? Plan on taking my tank back to the store I got it from on Monday. I didn't drop the tank, haven't over tightened it because my batteries are working just fine with all other tanks. HALP! l
  10. Hello, quick questions about the the tank on my IPV4. 1) The best tank on the IPV4. 2) Tank that is affordable and still good 3) Tank that works with the Temp control 4) Tank that has good flavoring. Thank you so much for the help every time !
  11. So I've been vaping the standard Atlantis tank with my SW150 for months now and to my surprise new coils came out! So I put the new .3ohm coils in and it says check atomizer... hmm. I readjust the pin on my atlantis tank and it fires! After a few days I change it out and another V2 Coil .3ohm wont fire no matter what. I figure I have to get the atlantis v2 tank for the new coils so I do and bam... new tank completely and wont fire. I check my spring on the S150W and clean it.. still no go. I try my Stillare RDA top at 60W and it fires fine.... My old atlantis tank WITH the v2 coils fires in my
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