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Found 7 results

  1. I have the mini pegasus by aspire but I have lost the charger does anyone know where I can buy a new one thanks
  2. I'm thinking about getting the Aspire Triton V2 (Clapton) because the uWell crown has been leaking a lot. Any suggestions or advice, comments?
  3. I have the Aspire Atlantis tank with the CF Sub Ohm Battery. Straight out of the box, all stock. I started getting this funny taste. A little burn but not too bad. I figured the coil needed replacement so I threw a new one in. I let it prime for about 30 minutes. Did a few air fires before hitting the coil. After about 2 hits, this awful burnt taste came in, twice as bad as before I replaced the coil. I swapped out three more coils and got the same result. I cleaned out the air passageways in the pen and shook up the liquid real good. Finally as a last resort, I changed the TANK. Put a new coil in the new tank and still an awful burnt taste. I even tried an old coil to see if maybe every single one of my coils was bad. I know its not my liquid because I've been using Classified Indulge for a long time and its never given me issues. What could it be???
  4. I have an iLeaf 50w and use an Aspire Atlantis tank. It has been very hard to find local shops that have eliquids that don't give me such a harsh throat hit. A local shop suggested I try the Pinup Vapors. 75% VG and the 2 flavors that I have tried are Betty (6 mg nicotine)and Marilyn (3 mg nicotine). If I use a 50/50 juice, my coils can last up to 2 weeks. But as soon as I try the pinup vapors, I'm lucky if I get 2 days use out of it. I usually vape no higher than 15-20W when I'm using my high vg liquid. But that super harsh, choking, burnt flavor hits me so bad after a day or so. I've read other forums where people can get a couple weeks out of their coils using 100 VG. Could it be the fact that my juices are so sweet that's causing the coils to be burnt so soon?
  5. So I've been vaping the standard Atlantis tank with my SW150 for months now and to my surprise new coils came out! So I put the new .3ohm coils in and it says check atomizer... hmm. I readjust the pin on my atlantis tank and it fires! After a few days I change it out and another V2 Coil .3ohm wont fire no matter what. I figure I have to get the atlantis v2 tank for the new coils so I do and bam... new tank completely and wont fire. I check my spring on the S150W and clean it.. still no go. I try my Stillare RDA top at 60W and it fires fine.... My old atlantis tank WITH the v2 coils fires in my mech mod (just a single 18650 battery too). Does anyone know why the combination of Atlantis v2, with .3ohm V2 coils wont fire with my Sigelei 150w box mod? Its driving me up the wall at this point. (sorry for grammar, in a rush!)
  6. I am not new to vaping, this is just a question i have. I have the Atlantis sub ohm tank with the 2000 mah sub ohm battery at 4.2V which I adore by the way because I'm not into building my own coils just yet. My question is how often do i replace the coil heads? I read that you should do it every month or so but I went 3 solid months with no bitterness or changing taste and no change in vapor production. I finally replaced it just for kicks and there was no real difference. What's the deal here?
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