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  1. Here's a pretty stable mod In my humble opinion. Very good battery life. Pretty good temperature control for stainless steel but you do have to use the manual TCR setting. Nothing real fancy but feels nice in the hand especially if you like to thumb fire a mod. https://www.fasttech.com/products/3099/10019269/8903603-authentic-think-vape-exus-ark-200w-tc-vw-apv-box
  2. Ya, I really think you're hosed. If you can't activate the catch the top aint-a-goin-nowhere.
  3. VG/PG Mixtures

    Never had heartburn from different ratios of e-juice myself. As per flavor, PG is said to carry flavor better. I dyi and make different blends for different ratios of PG/VG so I can't really attest to the difference. You can certainly dilute an e-juice and try it but you will also be diluting the overall concentration of the flavor concentrates. If you have 60ml of 70/30 that means that you have 42 mills of VG and 18 mills of PG. You could add 24 mills of PG and have 84 mills of 50/50. You will have also diluted your flavor concentrate by 28%. Might end up with a pretty wimpy tasting vape.
  4. Vape conventions

    There was just one in North Carolina. The next closest one I caught wind of is in Ohio. Not sure of the date.
  5. Battery issues

    What are you using for a charger?
  6. They got me for one. I've been luck regarding the 510 but most of the paint fell right off the thing. They look sharp the the fire bar really intrigued me. They are also masterful with their marketing. They're good at making things that get by the reviewers.
  7. Alright!!! Did ya check out the rivet? Hey, as long as it works, all good.
  8. Yes sir! Glad to see you back. Missed ya. That's why I suggest investigating the center pin of the 510 on the mod. Could have easily slide over and shorted out the way they are constructed. If they are pressed too far down they can move out of their detente. Sorry to hear you got a lemon. Anyway, look forward to chatting more hopefully about better circumstances.
  9. Smacksy, Dude, you've been around for awhile now. Why do you buy Smok? A guy on another site just did a tear down of one and found that they use the inner portion of a Jeans rivet for the positive connector in their 510. I know they are good looking mods and really feel good in the hands but the quality is just not there. Were it me I would send it back and get another brand. VooPoo, Vapresso, Think Vape, Hcigar, Lost Vape, Kanger, just off the top of my head are putting out reliable mods at similar prices. You can try wiggling the positive pin of the 510 connector around and see if that will eliminate the short.
  10. Intro..... new here and to vaping

    Welcome to the Hotel California! Mwa hahahahaha. No, seriously, It's a great place. Welcome aboard.
  11. Per my experience, vape manufacturers in general will not budge. The best customer service on the planet is right here at the VT store. Good chance if one stripped the next one will too. I'd bite the bullet and buy something better.
  12. Let's talk coils...

    I've tried a few more exotic coils and like yourself been underwhelmed. Could be just me. I don't look for a huge amount of fog. I concentrate more on flavor. The other thing that becomes cumbersome for me is the sheer girth of some of the builds in conjunction with the small resistances they yield. For awhile now I stock 30, 28, 26, 24, and 36 gauge simple wire in Stainless and Kanthal. I either use simple wire or 2 wire parallel wraped in 36 and get results that I am very pleased with. All depends on how much space I have and how much resistance I want. I also vape everything from tight MTL to wide open two coil buckets. I build for everything from mech mods to a four battery car jumper. With just these few wires I can cover everything nicely.
  13. Tingly/Pins and needles sensation from vaping.

    Were it me I would take vaping out of the equation and re-evaluate the condition. If it persisted say over a couple of weeks, I would bring it to the attention of a medical professional. I've pinched nerves in the past and have had tingling for periods of a few days or so.
  14. Tingly/Pins and needles sensation from vaping.

    It all worked out wonderfully. A week later my balls fell off and I could sing really high notes. Now I'm a celebrity in Beverly Hills and drive an Aston Martin D11 and wear support stockings on my hands.

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