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  1. Steam engine question

    Good choice IMHO. I guess it's interesting. If you change materials it remains the same. It only changes with gauge of wire. Smaller wire gauges produce more heat per area of wire. But it takes more length of smaller gauges of wire to match the the area of larger wire. How to take this into consideration while building a coil is beyond level of interest. I'm fine with winding up what I have at hand and seeing if I like the vape.
  2. Steam engine question

  3. Vk red and white

    Oh hey, Welcome to VT BTW. As I'm sure you already noticed, It's a great place.
  4. Vk red and white

    Lol. That's funny. Yeah I don't want to have too much smoke, but I don't have hardly any. I am gonna check into another type of fluid and see if that does the trick. I run my MOD at 55 watts Good choice. If a higher VG juice doesn't do it, look into higher performance coils. If I remember right the baby beast has a few options.
  5. Vk red and white

    I've got a couple of friends that are into the cloud chasing thing. One built up some crazy 8 coil RTA monstrosity. He hits it with a couple hundred watts. The build is down at point one something. He looks like a friggin locomotive, lol. He used some kind of exotic clapton coils. Watching his tank go down is like watching a toilet flush.
  6. Steam engine question

    Yup, it does that, lol. When the black starts flaking off I replace it unless I already have because I want to try something different. I've brushed a couple of them with a mini wire brush but can't get all the way around of course. I'm not into the dry burn cleaning method.
  7. Steam engine question

    You nailed that one!
  8. Steam engine question

    Yup, for a single coil it would be right about 4 wraps.
  9. Tam, You are amazing! Thanks as always! Holy molly, look at the colors......
  10. Groove! I've got some neverdull from cleaning up parts on the motorcycle. I'm going to try this first. I would rather have the polished metal finish if I can get it anywhere near the sheen you achieved.
  11. Those look really sharp. What did you use to polish it with?
  12. So far, I have two mods that have had paint peal. A Smok Alien and this Triade. I have an IPV8 with some scratches but I understand how that happened. This Triade has to be a prep issue. There are areas where a light rub with my fingernail takes off the paint and other areas that are stuck solid.
  13. Sounds better all the time. I'm sure glad it isn't one of my Therions. I would be bummed out. This thing kinda looks like a brick anyway. This is my weird thinking but it is my everyday carry so I don't expect it to look pristine. I still may try painting it just to see what I can get out of the exercise.
  14. Ok, I know what needs to be done. Now to ponder if I want to do that much work or no for a while. The bare metal is starting to look better all the time! By the same token, I do have the compressor and the gun, so maybe? Who knows.
  15. That makes good sense. The thing about this mod is that the paint is not rubbing off or scratching off. It's raising off the surface. I really don't think the paint ever adhered properly to the metal. The mod strikes me has having a utilitarian esthetic so the loss of paint isn't a social crisis.

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