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  1. Too many people want pot. Politicians realized if they wanted to be elected they better jump on the legal pot train. Smokers and vapers are a small enough minority that they can be targeted without fear of election repercussions. My state of Michigan receives upwards of $5B a year from tobacco sales and donations. Big surprise we are the first to scream ban as smoking is at a historic low. No big surprise the feds are offsetting their tax losses either. Yes, they will kill people but they will get their money.
  2. Absolutely. And more adulterants added to kill and sicken more people as per the cause of what we are currently seeing. And maybe if the market is big enough, we can have cartel and gang members killing each other in the streets over territory. It's what gooberment does!!!
  3. And of course, what we have been expecting. If current proposed legislation is passed this will have a value of $2800.00. 1 ltr 100 proof
  4. Hey! Welcome to VT! That's really quite a question. First off, different devices, specifically the atomizers, will produce different throat hits. I'm not familiar with either device you are using so I can't elaborate. Next, the amount of vapor a device delivers has a lot to do with how much nic your are absorbing. A very loose draw Direct lung device delivers a lot more nic that a tight draw Mouth To Lung device. Next, adding nicotine can be confusing. There are two general types of nicotine, salts, and free base. Salts produce much less throat hit than free base. Nicotine comes
  5. Amen!!! I'll say it again, Amen!!! We've been vaping for over a decade and this so called crisis pops up. Give me a break! The first thing I tell people who question or condemn my vaping is that 2.5 years ago my BP was 142/80. I had an inhaler. I was in the beginning stages of COPD/emphysema. I constantly wheezed. All that is gone. 118/72, moving more air than I have for the last 20 years. The next thing I ask them is if they don't think it is a little telling that this sickness just popped up in the last few months after better than a decade of vaping and note that the vast maj
  6. My pleasure. Here is a link where DJlsb opens one up. You can see where the 510 is held underneath by a nut. That is probably loose. Unfortunately there is a good probability that the ground wire may have disconnected while the atty was spinning. You may have some soldering to do. You can watch how he puts it back together and get a feel for how much work might be involved.
  7. First you will need to determine what is spinning. Is it the base of the tank or is the 510 connector spinning inside the top of the mod? If it's the tank, it should be pretty easy to see where it is spinning and either fix or deep six the tank. If it is the 510 connector then things get a bit more difficult. I don't have this mod and have no idea if it can be taken apart and repaired or no. Hope this helps a little.
  8. It is sad. I don't think people want to believe how corrupt these agencies are. I don't blame them. I would love to believe these agencies were working to protect me. A person has to go through something like this vaping "crisis" on a personal level to accept the corruption, deceit, and deception these agencies propagate.
  9. People believe they are way too busy and over stressed even though they can babble endlessly about Game of Thrones or Walking Dead and the like. If they don't vape, they are not going to dig. They will just parrot headlines. We lost the biggest battle by not getting in front of this. We knew it was coming. Now the anties have got their agenda well published which is effectively the rules of engagement. We got slapped with proving them wrong which is exactly opposite of rules of law. It is their burden to prove their accusations are correct.
  10. When Michigan gets 2.1 billion dollars a year from the master tobacco settlement, sin taxes, and of course campaign donations while cigarette smoking is at it's lowest ever, the mystery becomes pretty clear. Add to that that Michigan issued bonds against anticipated master tobacco agreement income, and is, as always hurting for money. I'm not freaking out but I'm madder than a hornet. I've watched numerous "hearings" and they are paid political propaganda. Cherry picked panel members as well as politicians putting on a B rate movie. Hardly a thread of truth in the entire production. One p
  11. I think that will depend on if the bans are extended to concentrates or not.
  12. Well now that Empress Whitmer and King Trump have spoken, the sheep are jumping in. Looks like pharma, tobacco, and the like of Bloomberg are going to win this. Of course the Philip Morris heat don't burn made muster just prior to the hammer hitting the gavel. Nothing new. Gooberment at it's best.
  13. Happy Memorial day! Good to see ya! It's been 2 1/2 years for me and it's been a blast! Only one way to start the day....
  14. Unfortunately, there's no "one size fits all" for nicotine. You will simply have to try different levels to find out what satisfies you. Power applied can effect the nicotine level as with some coils the higher the power applied the greater the nicotine effect. Where this is most pronounced is between MTL coils which are generally greater than one ohm in resistance and DTL coils or coils that are less than one ohm. It largely has to do with the amount of vapor and therefor nicotine delivered in a vape.
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