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    Happy New Years

    Happy New Year! All the best.
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    Welcome! Thanks for joining!
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    Best tank

    @Tam nailed it. You can watch and read reviews, but those all have to be taken with a grain of salt. Obviously it is expensive to try too many devices. Advertisements in this industry are worthless. Even most of the specifications published are dubious. Ask a lot of questions and network. Welcome and think you for posting!!!
  4. Walt

    Vape Related Question

    I think that is a reasonable article. The most accepted estimate at present is that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. The U.K. has adopted this qualification as has the U.S. CDC per fairly recent study. Health impact of second hand vapor is thought to be 0%. Battery safety remains tenuous per unethical practices of battery manufacturers and re-wrappers. Device quality varies greatly per differences in design and manufacturing practices. Chemicals used in flavoring are now disclosed in most all cases and some of the potentially harmful chemicals of the past are no longer present in e-juice. There is still an assumption of risk on the part of the vaper and some due diligence on the part of the vapor is still necessary to minimize risk. Cases of negative reaction to e-juice do happen and need to be addressed on an individual basis. These cases are generally thought to be hyper sensitivity to chemicals used in e-juice e.g. PG. Long term effects of anything evolve over time and while worth consideration are impossible to access regarding the decision to vape. My humble opinions of corse.
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    Welcome all new members

    Welcome @Jford, and yes, Congratulations!!!
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    Searching flavor

    Sorry, haven't used that to be able to compare. Welcome to VT regardless!!!
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    Howdy from Dallas, TX

    Just a hello and quick welcome!!!
  8. Update: Eleaf just contacted me and informed me that they have retested the mod and will have the battery percentage problem fixed prior to shipping finished product. They also mentioned that the unit will charge in 1.5 hours using a higher current.
  9. It's a YiHi. Most of them are $200 USD. With the 35% off it came to approx $90 USD.

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