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  1. I think that will depend on if the bans are extended to concentrates or not.
  2. Well now that Empress Whitmer and King Trump have spoken, the sheep are jumping in. Looks like pharma, tobacco, and the like of Bloomberg are going to win this. Of course the Philip Morris heat don't burn made muster just prior to the hammer hitting the gavel. Nothing new. Gooberment at it's best.
  3. Happy Memorial day! Good to see ya! It's been 2 1/2 years for me and it's been a blast! Only one way to start the day....
  4. Unfortunately, there's no "one size fits all" for nicotine. You will simply have to try different levels to find out what satisfies you. Power applied can effect the nicotine level as with some coils the higher the power applied the greater the nicotine effect. Where this is most pronounced is between MTL coils which are generally greater than one ohm in resistance and DTL coils or coils that are less than one ohm. It largely has to do with the amount of vapor and therefor nicotine delivered in a vape.
  5. Wow, that brings back memories.
  6. I agree with both @cany and @VapeMama but be prepared to have to do some trial and error. For me it was a little like going to the doctor. Pretty good but now I have this going on. Change prescription. You get the drift. And then there's the "oh look, something new!" In search of the ultimate vape! Wonderful hobbie if you look at it like that. Like @cany, I would be embarrassed if I divulged how many mods, atties, and juices I have went through and or have. Regardless, it brings me a lot of joy both in the activity and knowing I'm not on analogs any longer.
  7. Welcome! Sharp lookin unit!
  8. Walt


    In general the higher the resistance the lower the power needed, kinda, sorta..... The mass of the coil, the heat flux of the coil, and the design of the vapor chamber of the atty also play a big part in this. Two exotic coils @ .5Ω will require a lot more power than a simple wire single coil @ the same resistance. As far a flavor, the design of the atty is the most important factor. I have atties that will produce wonder flavor at 20W and 1Ω and others that require more exotic coils to reach their flavor potential. I have a Siren II atty that I build @1Ω and use with single 18650 mods and get great battery life. It is a single coil atty and I use simple wire and get great flavor. The draw is restricted although direct to lung and the vapor production is limited although satisfying to me.
  9. I'm headed the same direction lately. Rediscovering variable wattage mode and the beatitudes of simple wire. Not sure I'll ever go back to a AIO EGO but definitely enjoying the change.
  10. Too cool, too cool!!! We've done a lot of recordings by recording live tracks and mixing them for the purpose of letting potential clients know exactly how we sound. Mistakes and all left in. This is our first go around at actual "studio" recordings. Everybody is learning a lot. There is some pressure as one member has a benchmark quality he wants to achieve but the album will not be for sale. We plan on having it pressed into vinyl just for us and close friends. There is no marketing pressure involved at least.
  11. Good to hear from you again!!! A lot happened in a short time. I'm still vaping. Just over two years now analog free. Sitting at either 2 or 3 mg, home brew vs commercial respectively. Receiving less devices for review over the last three months. I'm afraid I was a little to honest, lol. Actually worked out pretty good. Beginning of the year I went from part time to full time and the band I'm with decided to produce an album over the span of this year and I'm engineering that. I'm finding myself pretty busy. Beyond that I guess the most exciting thing was getting an insta pot for my wife at Christmas time. Great meals come out of that thing!!!! Yup, I still love to eat.
  12. Happy New Year! All the best.
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