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  1. Hi mate. Thanks for replying. The forum seems very quite not sure why to be honest
  2. Thanks, I thought nobody was going to respond
  3. Sounds like an atomiser short . Try removing the coil and cleaning the pin.
  4. One of my approved vendors at r/vapinguk developed a fact sheet regards CBD products and usage .If I’m allowed I can post it or link it here.
  5. I got some to review recently. The menthol, cooling agent was a bit overwhelming to be honest, with that they are very non eco friendly. I fear if products like these take off the streets will be littered with these rather than *** ends.
  6. Hi, I’m a lead moderator and Team Reviewer at r/vapinguk on Reddit. I’m unsure if I can mention that sorry. I have been recommended to join this forum by some fellow vapers to broaden my horizons of the vaping community and to share and exchange content and the like also, the rules don’t seem to cover that base so some guidance on that part would be helpful. But regardless as I expect most members here are alike , hoping to learn , help and vape.
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