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  1. Shen I didnt think I would I still have and use my direct tanks but something about what got me started on vaping is keeping me going
  2. Well done Walt😎😎
  3. That looks like it Thanks Tam 😍😍
  4. My bud says its an old geni tank but I cant find a pic online of it
  5. It came on an Istick pico I got in a box of stuff for free but I cant find it on the net
  6. Sucks it happened but they are some dumb crooks
  7. What ya got lying around Christopher
  8. @Earthling789I had two left over from way back I have to check the box of stuff I got from my friend theres probably more in there
  9. friend gave me all hid vape stuff the other day he had a lot of older stuff I charged up the Istick50 and it worked so Im cleaning up his Naut mini and I put mine on thats been sitting for yrs Im diggin it as @FXRich said good flavor less cloud
  10. 1.6 coil on a Nautilus mini powered by an I stick 50W I wonder if Im gonna continue all the ways back to my Ego C twist
  11. Watts too high for coil?
  12. The connection where the tank screws into the Mod

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