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  1. cany

    Amazing cotton

    Thanks shen Ive been looking for a new cotton too try
  2. cany

    Vaping After Having A Tooth Pulled

    Its more the sucking affect compared to what you are inhaling
  3. cany

    Three new recipes

    Mixing on the fly I like it
  4. The closing of the batt door hit the nail on the head for me lol;
  5. Nicely done Walt the shape of the Mod reminds me of My Rx200's
  6. cany


    Did you use same OHM coil?
  7. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    When your juice starts loosing flavor its usually time to change the coil or if you strt getting a lot of spitback/spatter when you take a puff it it could mean the coil is getting gunked up and needs to be changed
  8. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    Ok I thought maybe your coil was starting to burn But if flavor is good that's not it Im stumped on this Im sure someone who is familiar with that mod will chime in and help. Sorry I couldn't
  9. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    Ok its not a high NIC issue how is the taste of the juice does it taste different from you started?
  10. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    Its fine we are too help you havent told me what NIC lvl juice you are using
  11. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    It should say on the display screen what OHM coil is in it and what is the NIC lvl of the juice you are vaping
  12. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    Which coil is in it? are you using a high NIC e liquid?
  13. cany

    My vape is hurting my throat.

    How many Watts are you running it at?
  14. cany

    Hello I'm new to this jonnmikey1111 or John

    Welcome aboard, Like Walt I know nothing about mesh
  15. cany

    Cloud chasing

    Depends on the tank setup/VG/PG ratio juice

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