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  1. Tank nostalgia!

    Love my V4 for clouds
  2. Mixing batteries in rx200

    Why you cant just put them in different slots? I dont understand Thats what I was taught to do with married batts The mod recognizes each batt I guess
  3. Mixing batteries in rx200

    So I can put them back into the same slots in Mod
  4. Mixing batteries in rx200

    I mark mine 1.2.3 all the same batts they get charged together and put back in same slots in my RX200
  5. Happy Trails

  6. Newbie

    Welcome aboard Popping could be a few things how many Watts are you using?
  7. Baby beast is a great tank beware its a juice hog
  8. Carmel Sunday with pretzels

    Sounds yummy from what Ive heard/learned cherry if used too much can be very strong
  9. Does the coil say on it "works best at 60w" ?
  10. I use a professional window cleaner Ardex 6215 I buy it buy the gallon mix 50/50 with water and use a cotton rag/towel no paper towels its awesome stuff. I posted about it here https://www.vaportalk.com/forum/topic/26878-what-did-i-learn-about-vaping-today/?page=10
  11. Hi again

    Welcome back

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