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  1. 0.5 Put one in yesterday Im running 32W its rated 35-30 so far Im liking it great flavor. I love the subtank minis Im running two daily
  2. Anyone use the Ceramic coils I just got a package I have never used them looking for Pros/Cons
  3. Wow was googling this and this thread popped up see some old school peeps here
  4. Lol I started making my own I forgot I had stuff I bought
  5. I think I have some 10ml unopened bottles of them here somewhere
  6. Yes it was He sure did his hydra bones was amazing
  7. Its a combo flavor I cant quite pt my finger on it It one of the last things he put out it came in a clear skull bottle
  8. Welcome Only thing I can think of if the fire button it sticking
  9. The subtank mini ones the red ones .07 I think
  10. The one thing I didnt get were old Kanger coils and they are hard to find now
  11. @Tam I have a closet full of old shinny stuff I stocked up lol
  12. Welcome aboard I wish I could help I dont use any of those my sub ohm setup it a Kanger subtank mini on an 80W Istick
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