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  1. Steam engine question

    OkI did the 4 wrap coil Im not getting nearly as much flavor as I did with my NI build
  2. Steam engine question

    Thanks Noclue what that means Im gonna ignore heat flux lol
  3. Steam engine question

    In steam engine what does heat flux mean??
  4. Steam engine question

    Cool Im gonna try that I love TC
  5. Steam engine question

    Thank you Sir
  6. Steam engine question

    Thanks Rich I wanna put the build on the Kanger subtank mini deck
  7. Steam engine question

    Which one lol
  8. Steam engine question

    @Walt would they be spaced wraps or tight ones?
  9. Steam engine question

    Thank you Sir Im always uncertain of using calculators
  10. Steam engine question

    Im not good (unsure of using) online coil calculators put in my Kanthal A1 28 Ga 3.0 inner diameter for a target ohm of 1.0 it came out too 4 wraps does this seem right?
  11. @Christopher Thank you Sir and the wonderful folks at the VT store
  12. What have you mixed today?

    Been about 2 yrs since I have had it but it came out pretty dayumm good with no steep too
  13. What have you mixed today?

    Just finished making a clone batch of Space Jam Eclipse
  14. Their not called slow tech for nothing

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