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  1. New to VT

    Welcome aboard
  2. I love it, zero issues so far. Aside from the tank, i got only a day out of the installed coil. I have yet to replace it with the spare that came with the kit, but then again I am not into tanks anymore. Awesome Thanks
  3. Joytech eGo A10

    Sounds like a short make sure coil is tight and there is no juice between the coil and firing pin
  4. Let us know how you like the Mod I was looking into it
  5. I have juice I mixed over 2 yrs old its still vapes fine
  6. Thanks for having me!

    Welcome aboard
  7. Help

    And Im sure a few ML mixed
  8. Help

    Good thing you wont run out
  9. Help

    Be Patient
  10. Help

    Any luck??
  11. Are these safe?

    I wouldnt use them get them wrapped or get rid of them I had a batt that started out like that then one day taking it out of the charger it shorted out scared the heck out of me
  12. Vaping And Runny Nose

    Do you exhale thru your nose?
  13. We still up and running Im not showing any new posts since Monday

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