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  1. cany

    Anyone else notice this?

    Never vaped CBD WISH i COULD HELP
  2. Happy Halloween
  3. cany

    Howdy from Dallas, TX

    Welcome aboard
  4. Yowzaaaaa bit out of my price range for a Mod lol
  5. I thought the same thing when I saw it Guess I gotta get a hold of it now 😎😎
  6. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Its tough getting 5 spaced wraps on the mini RDA
  7. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    @FXRich spaced or tight wraps ?
  8. Very nice Walt cool looking Mod
  9. cany


    Welcome aboard
  10. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Thanks Rich yes Im using the RBA that came with it
  11. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Rich I have some 26ga ss316 Anything I can do with that until I can get 22?

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