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  1. The wick is what soaks up the juice then the coil heats it into vapor
  2. Best one too me is the one I mix
  3. Welcome aboard I would suggest going to a local vape store ask them some questions let them show you what they have and see what you like Buying something online not knowing if your gonna like it or not is a crap shoot I can tell you my first setup was an Egco twist that got hooked on vaping Now I have too many setups too count lol
  4. Welcome aboard Yes on your settings start low and increase until you find your sweet spot
  5. Shen I didnt think I would I still have and use my direct tanks but something about what got me started on vaping is keeping me going
  6. Thanks @VapeMamaIm gonna give it a shot
  7. My bud says its an old geni tank but I cant find a pic online of it
  8. It came on an Istick pico I got in a box of stuff for free but I cant find it on the net
  9. Sucks it happened but they are some dumb crooks
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