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  1. Can you post a pic of the gasket?
  2. Dont open battery clean it from the top where the 510 connection is
  3. Sounds like its sticky try using a Q tip with some alcohol too clean around the pin the try too move it up n down a bit with the tooth pick
  4. Wishing you and yours a happy healthy new year
  5. cany


    Welcome aboard
  6. cany


    That juice should have nothing to do with you failing a drug test
  7. cany

    Vape burning throat and tongue

    Could be the 12mg are you vaping it at the same watts you were the 6mg?
  8. cany

    Howdy from Dallas, TX

    We were all noobs at one point.............You will find all the info you need here
  9. cany

    Best tank

    Ive got a few tanks lol...... my go to daily is my kanger subtank mini great tank with no issues
  10. cany

    Anyone else notice this?

    Never vaped CBD WISH i COULD HELP
  11. cany

    Howdy from Dallas, TX

    Welcome aboard

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