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  1. When the coil goes bad you throw the pod away ?
  2. I have so much brand new stuff still in boxes
  3. I miss the days when something new came out we always had someone review it here guess thats why I have a closet full of "shiny stuff"
  4. Not sure under stand what you are asking
  5. Have you tried here https://docsvape.com/index.htm Im not from TN but I follow them on FB they seem to be a nice shop with lots of stuff
  6. I usually vape two different flavors during the day If one starts to loose flavor I switch to the other
  7. cany


    Welcome aboard
  8. Chemical X is Apple jacks........ Frosty science has a hint of apple with out the cinnamon
  9. My new go to juice I have only tried two of their flavors (Frosty science apple) and Chemical X they are cereal flavored and excellent
  10. Yes using that and the 0.4 one
  11. They are very durable too I cant tell you how many times I have dropped them/fell out of my pocket and not one issue
  12. Digging these Nord 4's been using a few months now no complaints
  13. Been two days using it two different flavors seems good so far
  14. Thanks Tam Guess Ill give it a try
  15. I have been looking online at juices they say they are contain tobacco free nicotine Im guessing its synthetic
  16. Anyone using it? Its new to me looking for thoughts on it
  17. Vaping Jam Monster Custard Vanilla while enjoying this
  18. My bad smok made a nord X I thought it was called the zero
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