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  1. You might be right because I feel like one right now
  2. Maybe its just me but Im getting sick of all this everyone I know thinks Vaping is gonna kill me but IM STIll alive
  3. Jeeshhhh Tam I would of thought by now you would be making your own drip tips
  4. Mee too people are only hearing the bad stupid chit thats going and they have no clue how much vaping has helped so many people Its sad
  5. Was out with my boss and another friend from work today My boss brought up the recent vaping deaths Frankie said it was only a matter of time got up and went to get a drink I told my boss what little I knew about the deaths and vaping ald told him they didnt die from the stuff I vape and about the THC AND Vitamin E he looked at me and said WHAT I said yeah people putting bad chit out there
  6. Welcome aboard Was it working fine then just started giving you these issues? or was it like that from the get go
  7. Its kinda scary what going on out there with the flavor ban
  8. It blows my mind how people believe every thing they read
  9. Now hes posting articles flavors that get mixed are deadly
  10. Love these got them off a friends FB page when the "electronic cigarettes" first came out they used only water vapor. Then some head shop "dudes" decided to start adding flavor to it.....from there someone decided that different scented oils were better than water........might as well be smokin motor oil The chemicals in that stuff is just as deadly as cigarettes. Nasty stuff.
  11. I wonder if more people are gonna take up mixing their own
  12. Im getting tired of people telling me Im gonna die from vaping now
  13. The wick is what soaks up the juice then the coil heats it into vapor
  14. Welcome aboard I would suggest going to a local vape store ask them some questions let them show you what they have and see what you like Buying something online not knowing if your gonna like it or not is a crap shoot I can tell you my first setup was an Egco twist that got hooked on vaping Now I have too many setups too count lol
  15. Welcome aboard Yes on your settings start low and increase until you find your sweet spot
  16. Shen I didnt think I would I still have and use my direct tanks but something about what got me started on vaping is keeping me going
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