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  1. If I could do that I would , I'm in a tough situation right now.
  2. I have an authentic Russian 91% RTA , I can send in return for some plain nic liquid or Tobbacco flavored ejuice.
  3. Hey guys , I will spare you the sob story , none of us have it easy right now. Someone was nice enough to send me some DIY mixing supplies and all I need is nicotine . If anyone has any amount of plain nic or mixed juice they could donate my way , it would be hugely appreciated! I'm stuck in my house and starting to slowly go bananas. Thank you much!
  4. When I started vaping a few years ago , there was no choice , everyone had to vape chinese liquid. Unregulated and large manufacturing plants in china making our juice and it begged to ask the question , "is this stuff safer than cigarettes?" from that was born companies like , E liquid planet , Myfreedomsmokes , Totally Wicked , Liquidxpress and they were the pioneers that gave us the highest quality juice in small batches and in most cases mixed to order. The difference was huge , there were no more chemical taste , also they were the first to offer custom liquid mixed PG free and above all it was "safe" . Now fast forward to the current day , there are countless USA and EU sourced E juice vendors and handcraft artisans that provide us the very best in e liquid and although everyone has a right to choose what they enjoy to vape , it confounds me everytime I read someone that is claiming Dekang is right there with the best of juice makers???? Hey if thats what you enjoy and choose to put in your body ,thats your call but dont put those awful chinese liquids in the same category with Alice in Vapeland , Ave Juice , BWB , Goodejuice (house brewed) , Kick Bass Vapor , Pink Spot , ect......... , it is just shameful and do not come remotely close these artisans. If in your mind , it is the price that makes those chinese liquids taste so good to you , then I suggest you give Mt. Baker Vapor a try , comparable in price , yet sourced 100% from the USA safe nicotine and flavoring. Regardless of the regulations and especially in these difficult economic times , show some pride , spend a couple dollars more and support a USA made liquid vendor! Let me tell you , if you havent had the pleasure of vaping some of the best we have to offer , you are missing out! Not to mention you sound rediculous singing the praises of that garbage from china that you put in your atty.
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