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  1. Ill check my bottles for an expiration date
  2. Going thru my stash and I see I have a lot of flavors that are few yrs old whats your take on how long they last?
  3. Seems like a nice tank just too throw away can the coils be changed or rebuilt in them?
  4. Make 3 posts then your good to go
  5. Sad most people I deal with only believe the one side trying to explain the other side too some is like talking too a wall
  6. Thats just nasty some people are so stupid
  7. Strange but Im seeing more JUUL type device commercials I wonder whos backing them
  8. Your welcome Bebop I was happy when I watched/read the info
  9. https://time.com/5688229/cdc-thc-vaping-deaths/?fbclid=IwAR2XVVwDYyl3OEkRiu5cknvq7BBF2kq3OJuM1TmS2Wk8kg96AU7HnQAmE1s
  10. So whats everyones take on the shelf life how long do they last Ive had some for a few yrs now stored in a dark closet
  11. I cant see how they can pull off a flavoring ban
  12. I hope they actually listened too him
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