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  1. Lol I started making my own I forgot I had stuff I bought
  2. I think I have some 10ml unopened bottles of them here somewhere
  3. Yes it was He sure did his hydra bones was amazing
  4. Its a combo flavor I cant quite pt my finger on it It one of the last things he put out it came in a clear skull bottle
  5. Welcome Only thing I can think of if the fire button it sticking
  6. The subtank mini ones the red ones .07 I think
  7. The one thing I didnt get were old Kanger coils and they are hard to find now
  8. @Tam I have a closet full of old shinny stuff I stocked up lol
  9. Welcome aboard I wish I could help I dont use any of those my sub ohm setup it a Kanger subtank mini on an 80W Istick
  10. We could only hope its true
  11. Im going from my 87 soft tail to an 01 road kind all customized out
  12. Been busy working Now that the nice weather is here I can finally get out and ride Dad is finally letting me ride his bike since he dosent ride it anymore
  13. Miss how it use to be no one posts seems like its all vendor posting
  14. Miss seeing this place full of people posting/asking questions
  15. I agree squid seems all that posted lately is product spam no real topics like the old days when I joined here
  16. Alls good here covid free hope it stays that way That sucks about the Truck @Tam were dealing with nasty pot holes here now
  17. Never used this company or product https://www.nicvape.com/grape-eliquid-flavoring-concentrate
  18. https://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/p-6865-grape-juice-flavor.aspx
  19. Some people steep some dont it all depends on your preference
  20. Welcome aboard bud glad to see you made it
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