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  1. That juice should have nothing to do with you failing a drug test
  2. Could be the 12mg are you vaping it at the same watts you were the 6mg?
  3. We were all noobs at one point.............You will find all the info you need here
  4. Ive got a few tanks lol...... my go to daily is my kanger subtank mini great tank with no issues
  5. Yowzaaaaa bit out of my price range for a Mod lol
  6. I thought the same thing when I saw it Guess I gotta get a hold of it now
  7. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Its tough getting 5 spaced wraps on the mini RDA
  8. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    @FXRich spaced or tight wraps ?
  9. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Thanks Rich yes Im using the RBA that came with it
  10. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Rich I have some 26ga ss316 Anything I can do with that until I can get 22?
  11. cany

    Kanger Subtank Mini

    Im looking for a wire to build on my subtank mini for TC been using Nickel for a while now in my Invader mini it only supports nickel. I want too use the tank on other mods that support more TC options Looking for a build around 0.15 and a wire I can use for it and a build if anyone has one. Thanks
  12. It is a great little stealth vape for sure, but for someone like me who likes to chain vape. The battery tends to go quickly, but I also run it on it's highest settings (40 watts in Power mode) other than that it is a decent little box. They do however have a newer more powerful box called the Mega-Volt which does 80w, TC and has a bigger battery. It really depends on what you are looking for. Thank you Sir
  13. How is that mine Im looking for something smaller too use
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