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  1. Who's using a Pod system?

    well, I have to say. kind of a bust. I didn't see anything that grabbed my attention. was shown the Sourin Pod which I'm already sour on. one place I went to the "clerk" was not helpful at all. Everything was "awesome", his words, not mine. It didn't matter what you asked about, everything was awesome! drove me up the wall, lol. I saw a couple of "no name" brands of pod systems that just looked cheap or were too big. So I kind of struck out, which was fine for me. I'm not in a rush but I've pretty much come to the conclusion that, for me, the only advantage of the pod is "stealth/compact" system. So, for me this will be a limited novelty type of use on occasion. I guess the short review is nothing really blew my skirt up so my wallet is save for now.
  2. Who's using a Pod system?

    everything I've read so far seems to suggest that the idea behind salt nic is to give the high nicotine addicts the advantage since the sub ohm trend really went the way of huge vapor and low nic which was unsatisfying for those trying to kick cigs but keep their nic levels high. I remember all too well vaping 24mg my first 6 months, which did the job for me. but I always had the goal of reducing nic from the beginning. For those who never wanted to reduce nic they were stuck with harsh, high nic juice....until salt nic which boosts the nic levels and yet smooths the flavor out of high nic. totally makes sense.
  3. Who's using a Pod system?

    yeah. the truth is I just want to vape less (horror!) be a little more stealthy, After 5 years I've got it down!..........well, sort of......😄
  4. Who's using a Pod system?

    just wanted to add. that's one thing I found in all me experience. at first I wanted cigarette flavor. then it evolved to vapor production. then I weaned myself down to 3mg where I sat for a long time. but I was vaping like a chimney. so went back to higher ohm coils and back to 6mg but I vape a lot less. and that's where I'm sitting today Vaping 6 on and .90 coil but only putting away 3 - 5 mils a day instead of 10 or 15 Haha. yeah. I will report back what I find....
  5. Who's using a Pod system?

    lol. I let you know how it goes, tam. I feel my wallet opening as we speak. I'm definitely going to give something a whirl while I'm out here. I've heard that salt nic is less harsh. Only one I tried was a menthol though and I don't do menthols (although I have to admit , was exactly like a Kool that I remember). well I'll definitely get out and do some 'sperimenting.
  6. Who's using a Pod system?

    And thanks, Rich. hope all is well. yeah I've done some experimenting with the subtank on various batteries too. I'm spoiled by the consistency and ease of the subtank and a brick battery but dang. it gets tiresome sometimes.
  7. Who's using a Pod system?

    Hi Tam! I just flew out of Denver a couple hours ago and just arrived in Florida for a long week here. we bought a place out here so we'll be coming more often haha... And, of course, had to pack up all my stuff and once again was like so much stuff lugging around chargers, tanks, juice ( which was a mini nightmare this trip - major leakage) I'm Leaning toward the compact set ups that pods offer. but, I don't think they are quite there yet. My stepson got the Sourin pod and I think it lasted a week. it leaked into the unit and stopped working. Well, I had the chance to pull it apart and thought that the pods themselves were pretty cheaply constructed and although I loved the size and vapor production was pretty awesome I'm concerned about the reliability. (and the expense but it might be worth it for outings) I'm still looking in to it. jury is out right now. thanks for all the info! good stuff! Vape stores all around our here so might do a little shopping and research Haha. I know next to nothing about salt nic. frankly I haven't been wanting for years now. those dang Subtanks are tried and true workhorses but the bulk is getting to me. 5 years. hard to imagine it's been five years already. I peek in now and again but I've been very busy with my business and now I'm thinking of transitioning it out here in the next few years and see where it takes me Haha. life is good. I'll be around. Have always appreciated VaporTalk.
  8. Just realized I hit the 5 year mark a few days ago. the last 2 - 3 years I've been using only the sub tank mini essentially. about a year and a half ago I started making my own juice and have not looked back. I love the fact that I'm spending virtually nothing on vaping these days. I haven't needed cotton or wire for years. my Juice requirements are a drop in the bucket. It's been great. but recently I've grown tired of the boat anchors I carry around to vape with and I'm seriously considering changing it up in one of two ways: 1. get a smaller set up that is equally as easy to build on as the sub tank. 2. try a pod. I'm not sold on the pods yet. Mostly don't want the expense. sell me?
  9. Merlin mini rta

    yeah, Walt's right. it won't work well at all. air flow over the coil is a really important factor when it comes to flavor. you would just be adding lots of air that isn't passing by the coil so you are effectively reducing your flavor by as much as 75%. the air is just going to find the path of least resistance and that is straight through the open air port to the mouthpiece. no bueno.
  10. maybe he means the variable pen style like the Ego Twist ?
  11. After opinions -

    she's purdy fer sure. I would be inclined to wait for more power, captain. Although with TC on that coil you need a mod that has a quicker ramp up. Not sure if your fix will help or not. maybe. but sure is purty build gotta say that.
  12. Walt's Weird WarWolf

    that's pretty groovy, Walt. looks to be right up my alley as far as design. does it toggle between voltage and wattage? does it give you a readout on resistance of your coil? I like it.
  13. Getting a little worried

    it's important to research where the article came from and the date. Some times old articles that have long since been debunked pop up "new" but it's really a regurgitation of an old article that is made to look fresh but it's based on old data. A few years ago there was a damning article about the horrible effects of heating a coil and all the bad properties it was giving off but the article failed to mention that excessive voltage was being pushed through the coil (way way more than you and I will ever see). that article kept popping up under various guises because the "powers that be" think we're stupid. I have yet to see any article published that has any merit to the claims you refer to. And the vaping industry advocates keep a pretty close eye on those articles and respond to them rapidly. we're all concerned about the safety of vaping but many of us have done a lot of research on this so this is still only an opinion but there is no way in hell vaping can be compared to smoking in terms of destructiveness. They are completely different animals no matter who wants to position vaping alongside smoking. They are too easy to position as evil bedfellows and the anti smoking lobby knows this and uses it to their advantage. Ironically enough, instead of finding allies with the vaping industry - a move that would have pratically wiped out cigarette smoking by now -- the anti smoking lobby shot themselves in the foot and rendered themselves impotent with regard to health and instead, lobbied billions of tax dollars on inefficient campaigns and a regressive tax. Now I'll tell you how I REALLY feel, lol
  14. well if it's the X20 starter kit I found it's a pen style ego battery and that means your mouth piece is the tank and coil and most likely you broke the coil or damaged it In a some way and now it is shorting out. so the short story is you need a new tank and I would head back to the store and shop.
  15. First Kylin Build

    I agree. excellent. All builders can get something out of this

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