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  1. Plane tickets for all your groupies at VT. 😜 Looking forward to more vids
  2. I love premade coils..........for about a day or two. 😜 Always have gotten better results from home made coils although I find simple is best for me. I don't go for fancy built coils except for the hobby aspect of it. Simple, spaced singles or duals work just fine for me. I can clean a tank, build a .5 ohm single and wick it in about 10 mins and it will last me 3 weeks with a couple of rewicks. Simple and happy. Works for me.
  3. Yes. The Halo will go as low as .05 ohms so you're good
  4. Serious? That's awesome. What wire?
  5. Okay. I get it now. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Ok. If it's helpful, MOST of the negative reviews are likely to be user error. Is it that you want the tank to match the mod? I'm not sure what you mean by "built in tank" .
  7. Well, 2 of the more popular mods in that category are the Smok Alien and the Wismec Reuleaux. Try starting there.
  8. That's awesome! All he needs is a vape in his paw!
  9. Yeah, it counts. Just squeeze him in to your avatar and you're good. 😀
  10. I'm not sure you have really described what you are looking for. You used the term "AIO" , yet it sounds like you want to use your existing tanks. Any particular reason why you specify AIO? If you're just looking for a box style mod, do you want a built in battery, or removeable batteries? How much power do you need?
  11. I'm thinkin you should dye him purple....😎
  12. For bulk ejuice I've used EC Blends and Valley Verde Vape EC Blends has a huge selection and you can fully customize your juice in whatever mix levels and flavors and nic levels you like. It's a bit of a zoo, though. There are so many flavors and choices as well as customer created mixes that it's a bit hit and miss but I've found some winners there. Lots of desert flavors. Valley Verde has way fewer flavors but they are consistently good. Not nearly as much customization. They also run specials that really reduce the cost. It's a good deal for bulk purchases but the selection is limited. Both are in similar quality category but I wouldn't consider either "premium" juices but consistently good and great value.
  13. It's a built in battery. After a year or more it will gradually hold less and less of a charge and fade away eventually just stopping but it won't matter because by then you'll have 5 or 6 different devices 😀

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