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  1. Ooos. I take that back. Your kanger mini does not support TC
  2. Does your Kangertech have Temp Control mode? That coil is a TC coil. Ti am I correct? If so you have to set your kangertech to TC mode Ti. Otherwise it's back to the .4s
  3. Good news! What we really need to do is convert the anti smoking lobby - that'll be a tough row to hoe. But maybe it's enough to drain the swamp of overregulitis prone nanny men. Some day our government and our planet will be sane. I am hopeful.
  4. Can't wait to see it.
  5. Can you post a picture of your settings on your battery?
  6. Thanks Walt. All of our tastes differ of course. Haha .5% sweetner? What sweetner do you use? 6% nic? Did you mean that? What mix are you using?
  7. And the recipe pray tell?......
  8. Welcome Post em up
  9. That's funny. I have a Dodge Ram Hemi and I'd like to get 25 to the gallon. Sorry. I know I'm being a smartazz. Why frustrate yourself. Bump your coil up to the .5 - .8 range and knock your wattage down. Only other advice is more airflow. TC mode may help you as it will effectively behave like an airflow increase. But I kinda don't get TC used on super low ohm coils paired with really high watts. Kinda defeats the purpose. The TC function is just going to bump the watts way down anyway automatically (which is why it's going to behave like more relative airflow). Make sure you have your mode matched to your coil material (nichrome??) then set your temp to like 450 or so and work from there.
  10. Happy holiday all. I'll be in beautiful Halfmoon Bay all day Sunday with family, doing the beach thing - prolly looking at 70s. It's going to be fun and relaxing in a much needed way.
  11. Someone needs to invent a fong *cough Walt cough*. (Fog bong)
  12. I do what Walt does. I use a wide bore tip and I don't get my lips or tongue in front of the vapor. I bite the tip and get my tongue out of the way hehe....
  13. Jammin! Nice Walt!!

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