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  1. Bebop

    from chew to vape

    you might be a candidate for a pod system with salt nicotine. Higher nic content and less wear and tear on a coil. check it out
  2. long live the ego-C! That was my ticket off the cigs so long ago. simple and effective. ah, those were the days.....
  3. Bebop

    Emergency coil construction

    very interesting. I see now it's a vertical coil. but why can't you just pull out the cotton and then stuff some more in there? I know, easier said than done but it might be a fun project.... it's probably a press fit top on that coil so would be tough to get to.....
  4. Bebop

    Emergency coil construction

    remove cotton gently burn off old coil and clean (Heating, then rapid dip in cold water) rewick should buy you a week
  5. Bebop

    Help setting SMOK AL85

    here's a pretty good tutorial
  6. Bebop

    Help setting SMOK AL85

    Smok AL85 Click the fire button 3 times semi rapidly. that allows you to get to the menu. the 1st menu item should be "mode" hold down the fire button and the screen will switch to "modes". set the mode to "watt" click three times to exit. set the watts to 25 and adjust to taste from there. If your using the stock coils for that tank it's a .6 ohm coils and 25 - 30 watts should be about right. good luck
  7. Bebop

    Pre-Made Coils

    sounds interesting, shen..... I dont use my RDA very often, mostly because it's just a deal when I want to change flavors and stuff but I wouldn't mind having a stash of premade for special occasions
  8. Bebop

    Amazing cotton

    I have tons of cotton bacon and I've always liked it (minus the break in) but I'd be willing to try something new. I just bought a couple bags of cotton bacon premium but I dont know if it's any better.....
  9. let us help you. tell me what you did to turn it on again. is the top box not turning on at all? or is it just not producing vapor? I'm assuming you have the subtank mini tank on there? what coils are you using? do you have a separate charger? and please take the batteries out and make sure they are not rusted and corroded..... hey, I'm just trying to talk you off the ledge. the sub tank mini is one of the most reliable vapes I've ever owned. I'm sure we can work it out.
  10. Bebop

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    You mentioned earlier "3 dry draws" which in my opinion does next to nothing to help prime a coil. You CAN close off the airflow and do a couple little draws which essentially pulls a little juice in to the coil but I would be gentle with that because you could flood the coil if too much. pulling air over a dry coil does next to nothing. hope that helps
  11. Bebop

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    ok yes that may have contributed to it but not sure how. always safest to check your wattage when installing a new coil. Tip: On a new coil or one I haven't tried before I set my voltage, not the wattage. (wattage will adjust automatically). I set voltage to 3.9, to start, up to 4.2. Then I see how it vapes and adjust up or down accordingly to performance. I dont know if your device displays wattage and voltage at the same time (most do). Also, that T8 is a large coil (8 coils actually each with their own cotton) so I would make triple sure it is well primed. that means letting it soak for a couple minutes minimum no matter what else you do to prime it.
  12. Bebop

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    the T8 and the Q2 are very different coils. the Q2 is a .4 ohm coil which should run very nicely at 50 watts or so. The T8 is a .15 ohm coil which should take way higher watts around 60 - 80w easily. Are you verifying your wattage change when you switch the coil to the T8? The T8 would barely heat up at 35w. It's a mystery that it would burn on one hit at 35w. doesn't make sense. Did you verify your smok 225 is in wattage mode and not TC (temperature Control) mode? I don't know what else to tell you at this point. It's a mystery. you may need some hands on help because it doesnt make sense.
  13. take that sucker apart and find out what it is! I'm so curious...
  14. need more info. do you build your own coils? only store bought? are you a heavy vaper? like lots of vapor and power? what are the specifics on your beloved set up? what resistance? what wattage do you set? how much do you vape? what nicotine content do you use?
  15. Bebop

    “Best” Coil setting?

    this is just my opinion based on experience and nothing more. Fresh coils seem to be able to take more wattage initially but tend to burn out faster if pushed to heavily. there seems to be a happy medium which produces adequate flavor and vapor if the coil is not pushed to hard. usually on the lower side of the range. 2 things lead to early coil burn out (well, 3 things but I'll get to that). 1. high sugar content. 2. darkness of juice ( high particulates in juice). the combination of both is a real killer. the third thing is airflow. Too little airflow does not allow for full evaporation and the juice cooks on the coil. There is a happy medium here too. Too much air and it skips the coil. Generally, the higher the wattage, the more airflow you need to keep up. to get the most time out of a coil, use moderate wattage, vape clear or near clear juices and use proper airflow.

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