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  1. well if it's the X20 starter kit I found it's a pen style ego battery and that means your mouth piece is the tank and coil and most likely you broke the coil or damaged it In a some way and now it is shorting out. so the short story is you need a new tank and I would head back to the store and shop.
  2. First Kylin Build

    I agree. excellent. All builders can get something out of this
  3. Mechanical mod

    take another picture from the side a little bit I think you have airflow problems. are you sure the airflow holes are matched with the coils? Are the coils and cotton positioned properly by the airflow chambers in your cap? is the airflow wide open(if it's adjustable).? you could probably use more even spacing on the wraps if possible. I'd start there
  4. note: 1.8% is Eurospeak for 18mg. If you're not getting throat hit at 65 watts on 18mg then I would check to make sure you have a throat! (said with great humor if not easily assimilated)
  5. Bad after-taste

    what is your Nic level? could be too much nicotine, either in the juice or after many hits..... just pitching in....
  6. Happy New Year Walt and congratulations on your milestone!
  7. Happy Trails

    congratulations aufin! Happy New Year to you and good luck! Happy for your success.

    I forgot to mention. If you are drawing the vapor in to your mouth before you pull it in to your lungs (known as mouth-to-lung) just as you would normally smoke a cigarette, then you are going to experience a harsh hit on that set up. If you do a pull directly in to your lungs (which we all know would kill us on a regular cigarette) you will get a much smoother vape. It's totally counterintuitive, but that's how vaping high wattage devices like your setup works. If you want to do mouth-to-lung draws you'll need to switch to a low wattage setup.

    wattage and voltage are "tied". changing one changes the other. no difference. once it's burnt, it's burnt. no going back. start with a fresh coil, make sure it's heavily primed first then start low and work up slowly.
  10. if I neglect my windows too long, I use a mix of Dawn and water with microfiber cloth, then finish with windex and paper towels. it's tougher in the winter with Windows rolled up all the time but defroster running helps mostly.
  11. Bad Coils

    a 1.2 ohm coil will fry quickly at 50watts. get some .5ohm coils otherwise keep that 1.2 ohm coil at 20watts or less or or your just going to burn through coils like they're nothing.

    wattage mode is correct your battery is capable of TC Mode (temp control) but your tank is not. with a .15 coil I would start around 50 watts and bump up from there. watch your voltage. when you hit 3.7 - 4.2 you should be hitting the sweet spot for that coil. take note of what wattage it is and work it from there. higher wattages will tend to burn out the coil faster. lower wattages will be weak and not produce clouds. Very important to have your air flow wide open. low air flow will also produce unsatisfactory clouds and tend to burn out coils. hope that helps.
  13. Merry Christmas to all!!! And to all a good night. Sorry I've been AWOL. It's been quite a ride. I got super busy with gigs. had to learn a bunch of new material, did some collaborating on the internet and went in to the studio to do some demos with another artist as well as did some update recordings for the band. it has been a very busy end of year plus teaching full time. Whew!! Right now I'm on holiday in Florida! no white Christmas here. It's shorts and T-shirts and nothing but relaxing, vaping and some family (wife's side) time. 10 days of nothing but chillin out. it's been a long awaited break. well for now just wanted to say happy holidays to all and I wish you all a new year filled with opportunity good luck. Now I will catch up on some if the postings and see what I've been missing for a while...... All the best, Mike
  14. RDTA Help

    Know that saying "less is more"? Yep yep. So true when it comes to cotton...glad you figured it out.
  15. Its a miracle! Thanks Christopher! Does this mean everyone lost their colors? Any, I can certainly read it better. Thank you.

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