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  1. RDTA Help

    Know that saying "less is more"? Yep yep. So true when it comes to cotton...glad you figured it out.
  2. Its a miracle! Thanks Christopher! Does this mean everyone lost their colors? Any, I can certainly read it better. Thank you.
  3. Oh. And a side note. Not all of the forum members are the same color.. for instance you and Tam are Red, Walt and others are purple but the most difficult ones to read are the black or grey ones as in my screenshot.
  4. I don't know why that screen shot is so bad, lol
  5. Related, I swear...er, I think....er, I hope Cab anybody tell me how to change the color of member's names? I can't read most of them. I use my phone or iPad almost exclusively to view VT. What I have now is member's names are black or dark purple on a black background and it's next to impossible to read them. Any help?
  6. Tc

    Just a tip! TC loves airflow. Too little airflow action makes coil ceiling out at max temp and shuts it down. That's just my experience and my advice on getting most out of TC. YMMV.
  7. Here in nor cal we'll get about 75% of the eclipse. Enough to notice it anyway...
  8. Hey it's summer time! This is the time of year when I fondly look over at the Harley next to me and lapse into a daydream ....
  9. Hi my beloved vapor peeps. My participation has dropped off considerably. I apologize. I still manage to drive by a couple times per week, not always posting but definitely checking in on you guys. I'm still going strong, vaping away, making my own juice, rarely trying anything new these days. Still actively promoting vaping to others in need. Very much an advocate. And I especially love checking in to the goings on around here. Always entertaining haha I've just been busy. Travelling. I'm moving next week (not far, but a move is a move!). And I've been involved in a pretty big music project that's got my attention for many hours a week and I only have so many on-line hours to spend. I'm redoing my whole home work station. Plus it's summer and when my teaching schedule lightens I'm all about getting busy on my own stuff. I'm expanding my business. I've never worked harder in my life but I love it, it's just time consuming!! I love you all and hope you're doing well. I will always appreciate Vaportalk and what it has done for me and I thank each and every one of you, and those long gone, for your contributions and insight and advice. I'll be around. I promise to stop in now and again. This is no farewell. Rock on Vaportalk!πŸŽΆπŸ”ŠπŸŽΆ Mike
  10. SMOK OSUB Mini low battery

    Oops. I didn't see Tam's post. Yeah if the indicator isn't even telling you your drop-off then that can be annoying.
  11. SMOK OSUB Mini low battery

    Yeah when that thing starts flashing you're on your last few hits... But you should also take a look once in a while and you'll see the indicator shrinking away. I believe your battery is only 1300 mah? That's not terribly large, especially if you are vaping lower than 1ohm coils.
  12. SMOK OSUB Mini low battery

    It appears to be just a standard battery Icon in the display. I don't know about yours butg mine starts blinking when the battery goes low.
  13. Steep times

    I just drop my mixes in to a warm bath for about 10 minutes - enough time for the ingredients to "melt" in to a consistent viscosity. They seem to blend nicely like that. Then let them drop back to room temp and good to go. Frankly, I haven't noticed steeping making much of a difference if you get them to blend well at the start.

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