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  1. is it a "snakeskin" tip? there are other accounts of this happening too. clean it and replace with delrin or something
  2. looks like it screws in to the atomizer. make sure your atomizer is seated properly and the glass is seated properly.....that's about all I can think of off hand
  3. this device is pretty complicated for a noob. but I hope this helps. the short answer is you have to hold down the button for 10 seconds before you take a hit OR, hit the button twice rapidly then wait 10 seconds and the flash, then hold the button while you take a hit. hope this helps:
  4. Hi Tam! Yes, it's still every bit as disgusting...BUT, half of the "smokers" were vapers so, some consolation. I've sort of forgotten what it's like to be around smokers. Everyone in my circles has either quit or converted to vaping.
  5. It is SO wrong I have to use the smokers lounge here at Vegas airport. nasty! I'm not one of them!! (anymore, haha) How everybody has a great holiday weekend. Mike
  6. coils build up deposits with use which can't be washed off with soap. These are byproducts of the ingredients of the juice. it can also get in your cotton and won't fully wash out. I have never been able to "wash" a coil and have it perform better. I've never tried a sonic cleaner but I would recommend distilled water as tap water can leave unwanted deposits too. If you can take apart the coil, remove the cotton, then burn off the deposits and clean and then rewick with new cotton, I have had some success with this but not all coils will allow for this and I don't know if that's an option with the Tfv8. the only other way I know is to get a tank with a rebuildable atomizer and learn to make your own coils.
  7. you have to cut it with something less than 3mg otherwise you're fighting a losing battle. If I understand you correctly, you cut 80 ml with 20 MLS of 18mg which gave you about 100mls of 6mg juice. adding more 18mg is just going to increase its strength
  8. Bebop


    also, what battery are you using?, are you using dual batteries?
  9. Bebop


    I'm concerned that you feel you are not getting enough at 65 watts..... is your airflow open?????
  10. Tug! WTF?? How you been? Please tell me life is good. welcome back.
  11. Bebop


    you are right in the ballpark at 4.05 Volts You can bump it up if you like. try anything you like. I would guess upwards of 80 - 90 watts.
  12. Bebop


    Forget the wattage. it's not important. whatever coil you put in, set the voltage at about 3.7 V. then vape it and adjust up from there. somewhere in there you will find a sweet spot. Make a note of the wattage (watts are a product of voltage accross the resistance (ohm)) whenever you use a different ohm coil, do the same thing. If your using the same coil, vape the wattage you found works. the higher the voltage (or wattage - same difference) the more you will shorten coil life. So if you want longer life, be conservative in your power settings. A brand new coil will take higher power for a while. But you are likely to burn it out faster. there is always a trade off. I usually vape any coil I make at 3.9 - 4.2 volts and let the wattage fall where it may. (I get long coil life - 2 to 4 weeks). You can't adjust voltage and wattage separately. they are tied together. When you "raise the wattage" you are really just increasing the voltage across the coil. Raise the voltage and the watts goes up. lower the voltage and the watts go down. Its fine to remember the wattage and use that number to set your mod as manufacturers seem to realize that people focus in the wattage. But it's really the voltage you are changing. It's like a car. The speedometer doesnt make the car go. You dont "raise the speedometer", (wattage), you give it more gas (voltage).
  13. Is the center pin, down in the hole, on your mod spring loaded? or is it adjustable? the center pin on your tank is not reaching the center pin on your mod. some things to check: 1. if the center pin on your mod is adjustable, you need to raise it. 2. If it's spring loaded, it may be stuck down. use a small screw driver, needle or similar to pop it back up. sometimes on new mods the spring loaded center pin is a little rough. work it a few times to make sure its fully extended. Keep it clean and juice free so it doesnt get stuck down. 3. On your tank, when you screw the coil in, it needs to be in all the way. it pushes on the center pin of your tank and has to be all the way screwed in, or, you need to slightly pull out the center pin on the bottom of your tank. hope that helps
  14. I've been using the hg2 for a long while and they are great. I dont go Low Low ohm either but love the 3000 mah.
  15. Bebop

    Mod problem

    it's normal for it to change a little bit, it usually goes a little higher with use but that is a pretty big change. build your new coils and try again
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