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    Bebop reacted to Squid in Who's using a Pod system?   
    So the point of the salt nic is to deliver high nic without being harsh?
    If that's the case, then I need to stop thinking I need to try it. About 3 months ago I started cutting 3mg in half. Been trying to reduce my nic intake since March of 2011 when I started vaping.
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    Bebop got a reaction from Walt in Who's using a Pod system?   
    everything I've read so far seems to suggest that the idea behind salt nic is to give the high nicotine addicts the advantage since the sub ohm trend really went the way of huge vapor and low nic which was unsatisfying for those trying to kick  cigs but keep their nic levels high. 
    I remember all too well  vaping 24mg my first 6 months, which did the job for me.   but I always had the goal of reducing nic from the beginning.  For those who never wanted to reduce nic they were stuck with harsh, high nic juice....until salt nic which boosts the nic levels and yet smooths the flavor out of high nic.  totally makes sense.
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    Bebop reacted to FXRich in Who's using a Pod system?   
    Another setup that I use sometimes, but not very often is a KPT2 with a 1.5 coil on a subvod battery. I don't get as much vapor as a subtank mini, but get enough and using a 1.5 coil I get decent battery life. I seem to be going backwards instead of trying new things.
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Who's using a Pod system?   
    yeah.  the truth is I just want to vape less (horror!) be a little more stealthy, After 5 years I've got it down!..........well, sort of......😄
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Who's using a Pod system?   
    just wanted to add.  that's one thing I found in all me experience.  at first I wanted  cigarette flavor. then it evolved to vapor production.  then I weaned myself down to 3mg where I sat for a long time.  but I was vaping like a chimney.  so went back to higher ohm coils and back to 6mg but I vape a lot less.  and that's where I'm sitting today Vaping 6 on and .90 coil but only putting away 3 - 5 mils a day instead of 10 or 15 Haha. 
    yeah.  I will report back what I find....
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    Bebop reacted to Tam in Who's using a Pod system?   
    I'm interested in what you find while you experiment. You'll have to report back when you find something good.   
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Who's using a Pod system?   
    lol.  I let you know how it goes, tam.  I feel my wallet opening as we speak.  I'm definitely going to give something a whirl while I'm out here.
    I've heard that salt nic is less harsh.  Only one I tried was a menthol though and I don't do menthols (although I have to admit , was exactly like a Kool that I remember).  well I'll definitely get out and do some 'sperimenting.
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    Bebop reacted to FXRich in Who's using a Pod system?   
    For the past year or so I have been using the nano RBAs from fasttech, they are the same design as the original subtank mini RBA,  I had to modify them a little bit by making the juice slots a little bigger. If you don't use more than 60% VG they work pretty good, I use them with a Subvod battery, and battery life isn't very long, but I can't expect a 1300 mah battery to last as long as a 3000 mah LG battery. I still mostly use the larger mods with a subtank mini, but like using the smaller setup when I'm not gone for very long or I take 2 of them with me. (the car has a USB port in the dash) and I ordered extra subvod batteries so I can charge one while using the other one.
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    Bebop reacted to Tam in Who's using a Pod system?   
    You rang?  
    First, congrats on your five year mark. I remember when you first came on to this forum... you've been missed lately. 
    I've been trying the pods lately. Like you, I'm tired of lugging around a fist sized brick although I do still use them at home.
    The first pod I've tried is Vapor Talk's Amethyst with the nic salt pods. I'm in love with the size, it's perfect for stealth vaping and so easy and light to carry around. The mixed berry flavor is amazing (the kit comes with four pods - menthol, tobacco, mango and mixed berries). That said, it's small -- something like a 250 mAh? and the pods are small so they don't last long. I could live with that - to a point, but the major downside to it is that many of the pods leak ( @Christopher  said they can be refilled but Vapor Talk doesn't sell the liquid by itself, you have to buy the pods). When it leaks enough to get into the battery part, the battery stops working. Chris is aware and said they're working on it but for now, the leaking pods being so expensive ($12.99 for a 4-pack), it's not my favorite although it easily could be if they fix the leak and sell liquid by itself.
    Bought the SV MiPod, it's a little square thing with a refillable 1 ml pod. You can refill 5 - 7 times before the coil goes out. Of course, if you're using sweeter, darker juices... you know the drill. While it's cute, I'm very disappointed in the little button (five clicks on/off), it never turns off and the vapor is hot. I've burned my lips a couple times already despite changing out the pods -- of course I bought extras! This one is a no for me.
    The GhoSTick is another pen style refillable pod system. The pod holds 1.5 mls of liquid, 2.0 ohm coil, 350 mAh battery and comes with the charge cord and two empty pods. All the pods take a minimum 50/50 juice. Any more VG and the coil burns up faster, too much PG and the pods leak, which is what I think is the problem with the Amethyst pods, it's too high in PG. Anyway, this is the winner so far for me. It's got refillable pods, it's a little longer than I'd like, the Amethyst's length is perfect but you give up battery life for shortness. I've been using this one a lot lately and have bought some of my favorite juices in 50/50 at 12 mg regular nic (higher nic so I don't vape it as much).
    I have a SMOK Infinix on its way with some extra empty pods, they should be here tomorrow. It's very similar to the Amethyst so we'll have to see how that one works.
    If I were to recommend one of the ones I've tried, so far I'd say try the GhoSTick and mix some juice to 50/50 and give it a whirl.   
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Getting a little worried   
    it's important to research where the article came from and the date.  Some times old articles that have long since been debunked pop up "new" but it's really a regurgitation of an old article that is made to look fresh but it's based on old data.
    A few years ago there was a damning article about the horrible effects of heating a coil and all the bad properties it was giving off but the article failed to mention that excessive voltage was being pushed through the coil (way way more than you and I will ever see).  that article kept popping up under various guises because the "powers that be" think we're stupid.
    I have yet to see any article published that has any merit to the claims you refer to.  And the vaping industry advocates keep a pretty close eye on those articles and respond to them rapidly.  
    we're all concerned about the safety of vaping but many of us have done a lot of research on this so this is still only an opinion but there is no way in hell vaping can be compared to smoking in terms of destructiveness.  They are completely different animals no matter who wants to position vaping alongside smoking.  They are too easy to position as evil bedfellows and the anti smoking lobby knows this and uses it to their advantage.  Ironically enough, instead of finding allies with the vaping industry  - a move that would have pratically wiped out cigarette smoking by now -- the anti smoking lobby shot themselves in the foot and rendered themselves impotent with regard to health and instead, lobbied billions of tax dollars on inefficient campaigns and a regressive tax.
    Now I'll tell you how I REALLY feel, lol
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Getting the best out of you’re mod   
    note: 1.8%  is Eurospeak for 18mg.
    If you're not getting throat hit at 65 watts on 18mg then I would check to make sure you have a throat!
    (said with great humor if not easily assimilated)
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Vape pen all messed up   
    well if it's the X20 starter kit I found it's a pen style ego battery and that means your mouth piece is the tank and coil and most likely you broke the coil or damaged it In a some way and now it is shorting out.  so the short story is you need a new tank and I would head back to the store and shop.
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    Bebop reacted to Tam in Help! New TPriv still tastes like metal!   
    I was just making fun of my own lower power setting, @Walt.   
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    Bebop got a reaction from popeskill in First Kylin Build   
    I agree.  excellent. All builders can get something out of this
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    Bebop got a reaction from Walt in Bad after-taste   
    what is your Nic level?
    could be too much nicotine, either in the juice or after many hits.....
    just pitching in....
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    Bebop got a reaction from Walt in Bad after-taste   
    what is your Nic level?
    could be too much nicotine, either in the juice or after many hits.....
    just pitching in....
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in NEEDS HELP CAN'T SET UP   
    wattage mode is correct
    your battery is capable of TC Mode (temp control) but your tank is not.
    with a .15 coil I would start around 50 watts and bump up from there.  watch your voltage.  when you hit 3.7 - 4.2 you should be hitting the sweet spot for that coil. take note of what wattage it is and work it from there.  higher wattages will tend to burn out the coil faster.  lower wattages will be weak and not produce clouds.
    Very important to have your air flow wide open.  low air flow will also produce unsatisfactory clouds and tend to burn out coils.
    hope that helps.
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    Bebop got a reaction from Tam in Bad Coils   
    a 1.2 ohm coil will fry quickly at 50watts.
    get some .5ohm coils
    otherwise keep that 1.2 ohm coil at 20watts or less or or your just going to burn through coils like they're nothing.
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    Bebop reacted to Walt in Issue   
    Personally if you want to get into that high of a power range I recommend that you learn to build your own coils and use a rebuildable atty.  Commercial coils are simply unreliable at high power.  They can be pretty "hit and miss".  
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    Bebop reacted to leadpipe58 in Smok baby beast coil setting?   
    One other reason could be that you need to break in a coil. You prime a new coil with a couple of drops in the coil?
    Drop you wattage on a net coil. Start at say 50 watts use it for a few hours then slowly up the wattage. Good luck.
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    Bebop reacted to Christopher in I've done the unthinkable   
    ...Back in my day, mechanical mods are all we had. And we had to vape them uphill, both ways. 
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    Bebop got a reaction from leadpipe58 in Cleito problems?   
    This is common with new vapers in my opinion because they hate to conserve energy. Haha
    The simplicity of it is that you are craving the big hit and you're simply burning out your coils prematurely but running them too high a wattage.  Especially if it's true that you are using 80pg 20vg.  
    You don't say watt your coil resistance is so it's hard to comment exactly on your power/wattage issue.  
    You are transitioning from smoking to vaping and they are VERY different inspite if the fact that they look so similar.  
    My advice is to lower your wattage to the most acceptable vapor production for YOU and learn and understand that you are getting your nicotine in a WAY different way thsn smoking.  
    It just takes a little while to get used to it.  It's going to cost you a little more to figure out. Ease up on the pedal a little and enjoy the experience and you'll make it.
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    Bebop got a reaction from mattythornton in RDTA Help   
    Know that saying "less is more"?  Yep yep. So true when it comes to cotton...glad you figured it out.
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    Bebop reacted to mattythornton in RDTA Help   

    So I revisited the build- cut my wicks just under top of tank level- shorter length probably wick easier to coil- more cotton thru the actual coil and less in channels. Also put an extra loop on my coils as it could easy handle it space wise and changed juice.

    Not sure what it was- probably mixture of juice (seemed to have no flavour on the dripper too but was tasty as hell few days ago) and cotton clogging up channels but good times ahead!
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    Bebop reacted to Squid in ISTICK 50W   
    One of the 2 cells could be weak. LiPo cells act funny when they get old sometimes. I have a couple batteries for my RC cars that do that too. I took one apart and one cell was dead, the other was fine. No fix for it that I know of.

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