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  1. Jeffb

    Hello Everyone

  2. Jeffb

    New to VT

  3. Doesn't glycerin give you the squirts?
  4. Jeffb

    Nicotine levels

    If you're at 9mg, I think 20mg would be way too high. I always recommend starting out low.
  5. Jeffb


    Drug talk is not allowed here.
  6. Jeffb

    Typo on VT store

    Chris has always been known as the typo king
  7. Jeffb

    EMERGENCY what does max puff mean ????

    You are very welcome. Glad I could help.
  8. Disregard. I guess I still need to learn how to use the Mac. I figured out how I screwed it up. Its amazing what you can find on Google lol
  9. I still have a problem. The font on the forum is really small and I can't read it when I open Vapor Talk. I use Opera on my Mac. It works fine if I open Vapor Talk in Safari.
  10. Jeffb

    Max Puffs Reached

    I would go through and reset it to never again.
  11. Jeffb

    Hi again

    Welcome back lord. Good to see you again
  12. Jeffb

    What's with the Firesale?

    You would think China would have awesome internet access since everything is made over there.
  13. Jeffb

    EMERGENCY what does max puff mean ????

    Glad it worked. Happy vaping
  14. Jeffb

    EMERGENCY what does max puff mean ????

    What device? If its the Smok XCube II make sure your puff count is set to "never".

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