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  1. Hi again

    Welcome back lord. Good to see you again
  2. What's with the Firesale?

    You would think China would have awesome internet access since everything is made over there.
  3. EMERGENCY what does max puff mean ????

    Glad it worked. Happy vaping
  4. EMERGENCY what does max puff mean ????

    What device? If its the Smok XCube II make sure your puff count is set to "never".
  5. Insurance considerations

    When I got life insurance I had to have a physical. I knew they were going to test for nicotine so I vaped 0 mg for a couple of weeks prior to the physical.
  6. Hi guys!

    The Vapor Talk Store ( the ones who make this forum possible) have many different juice offerings. Click on the SHOP link st the top of the forum.
  7. I think we will see 60% coverage in SoCal
  8. Almost at 0mg

    ah I remember those high nic days. I would pass out if I vaped 24mg now.
  9. Do you snore less now?

    I would have to go back to what I weighed in Jr High to be considered at the proper weight. Aint gonna happen cuz I love In N Out too much
  10. Do you snore less now?

    Yes it could be realted to the fact that my doctor said Im obese
  11. Do you snore less now?

    I snore more now ( according to my wife) but I dont think its vaping related.
  12. Front Page Visual Change

    Ahhhhhhh... gracias mijo
  13. Front Page Visual Change

    Is there a "Mark Site As Read" button?

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