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  1. Hey buddy life has been OK. Recently had to stop working to take care of my mom but other than that I’m OK
  2. Hey guys just checking in wanted to say hello it’s been a while. Hope you are all doing well I haven’t forgotten about you guys
  3. Hey guys just checking in long time no see
  4. The Sigelei 150tc is a 150w dual 18650 device capable of Wattage mode and Joule(temp control) mode.Wattage on this device ranges from 10w-150w.Joule mode ranges from 10j-100j.Output voltage is 1.0v-7.5v and input voltage is 6.4v-8.4v.Temp ranges from 100-300 degrees •C/212-572•F.Atomizer resistance is 0.1ohms - 3.0ohms.Max current is 35A.Dimensions are 103x57x25mm and weighs 190g.Low voltage protection,Low resistance protection,input high voltage warning,Output short circuit protection,reverse battery protection,Overheating prevention as well.The texture on the Sigelei 150TC is really nice with a rubbery type feel.proper battery venting.Buttons are nice and clicky.Nice bright screen displays all the info you need,ohms,voltage,wattage and battery life.Spring loaded 510 everything I have put on this has sat nice and flush.It did come with a clear silicone sleeve also.The only con I have found with this device is the battery door.Although they are held on by magnets they aren't strong enough to keep it on the device very well so unintentionally the door can come off if you don't use the silicone sleeve.Besides that it works very well and does what it advertises.My honest opinions on this device are good but not amazing .i would give this a 7 out of 10 rating IMO.Thanks guys! Go check out GearBest's subforum on the main VaporTalk page! This was sent to me from GearBest for the purposes of this review.
  5. I'm thinking about getting the Herakles tank and running the Atlantis nickel coils in it and see if I like temp control.ive messed with it in the past but it never clicked for me.
  6. The ipv D2 takes one single 18650.The wattage output is 7w-75w and the Output voltage is 3.6v-7v (under power mode).The output joules are 10j-50j and the output voltage is 1.0v-7.0v (under joule mode).Input voltage is 3.2v-4.5v.Output current is 1.0A-25.0A and the Input current is 1.3A-30.0A.Standard resistance is 0.2ohms-3.0ohms and the Joules mode resistance is 0.05ohms-0.3ohms.Temp Limit centigrade is 100 degrees c-300 degrees c.Temp limit Fahrenheit is 212f-572f.And the chip is a Yihi SX130H.In the box you get your device,a user manual and a micro usb charging cable.There are several safety features on the ipv d2,low voltage protection,low resistance protection,High input voltage warning,output short circuit protection,reverse battery protection and temperature overheat protection.Typical 5 clicks to turn the device on and the rest is very self explanatory.Overall I've been really impressed with this device,very well built,battery sled is neat and clean.Spring loaded 510 and everything I've put on this has sat flush.Proper battery venting and there is a charging port for external charging but I Do not advocate doing this.Charge your batteries in a separate charger like a nitecore for example.I also forgot to mention that is also comes with a nice silicone sleeve.I will give this device a 5 out of 5 rating.Top notch and I am impressed with it,I don't really mess with temp control but this device has got me wanting to give it another shot.Feels good in the hand and is a pleasure to vape on.This was sent to me from GearBest for review,and please go visit their subforum on the main page of Vapor Talk.Thanks Guys!
  7. Got the iPV D2 today,so far this thing works really well.Review coming soon!
  8. Tug


    Welcome to the forum! ✌
  9. Me too I love the campy style that Sam Raimi brings to all of the Evil Dead movies.Greg Nicotero did not do the makeup on this mini series but I'm not surprised since he has TWD to deal with.
  10. Anyone else seen it yet? Classic Bruce Campbell can't be beat,this might be my new favorite mini series!
  11. Cany, just a warning...dripping makes you go through juice like its going out of style.Lol but I do enjoy the rich flavor that an RDA gives out
  12. lol it's a torch.Its just the camera angle,it was completely by accident the way the picture turned out.
  13. The Hexohm V3 is an aluminum box mod.It is 106mm tall,24.7mm thick and 53mm wide.The battery sled is very clean and neatly assembled.This device has a maximum output of 180watts and takes two 18650's.The voltage can be adjusted from 3.5v-6.0v.This device has a Panasonic MOSFET just for safety(which is extremely important).The specs that came with this device are very vague.But from what I'm reading this will safely fire down to a 0.15ohm resistance.The screen only displays voltage.Thats all,it doesn't show battery life or resistance.It has a voltage regulator dial on the side of the device to tune to your liking.The button is nice and clicky and it has very little ramp up time when you fire it .The battery door has four nice strong magnets and proper battery venting on the bottom of the device.The 510 is very similar to the fat daddy vapes style and the pin is spring loaded.Its a very simple design and straight to the point,no complicated settings or any of that.Im pretty certain this is a clone but honestly it is built so well I can't tell much of a difference.Every tank or RDA has sat perfectly flush for me on this device.I really have enjoyed the Hexohm V3 and I really don't have anything negative to say about it.This was sent to me from GearBest.com.So go check out their site if you're interested in this device or any other vape gear.Thanks Guys!
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