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  1. I finally did my wick like yours but not quiet as good. It's harder than it looks. But with practice it will get easier and better. Thanks so much for all your help guys. The part I had the most trouble with was cutting it close enough to the deck. I need better scissors[emoji13]
  2. Are the Davides as hot as the sub tank and do they have a rebuildable deck? I like my sub tank mini but like Glocknug said they are hot. I really like the Atlantis but wish they would make it with a rebuildable deck. It's not as hot as the sub tank mini and has good flavor.
  3. Use a old bottle with a dripper on it and drip water on it slowly and fire, that way you control where the water is going and how much. Just a suggestion.
  4. tazl37

    Kanger sub mini

    Probably the same reason I get dry hits on my lemo!
  5. tazl37

    Kanger sub mini

    Like like like ! Jason and Dragon your great![emoji11]
  6. tazl37

    Kanger sub mini

    Nice, thanks a lot Jason! I might have to see about getting some of that tiger wire. I didn't get a chance to work on it today but will get to it 2morrow and then let you know. Really do appreciate the time you put in to helping me out.[emoji4]
  7. tazl37

    Kanger sub mini

    what size wire are you using Jason? And looks like 7 wraps. I was trying to get 1.5 but ended up with 1.8. Im gonna copy your build on a 2.5 mm.
  8. tazl37

    Kanger sub mini

    I saw that video but im running 1.8 ohms with 50/50 so didn't think it applied to this build. Ok gonna try less cotton and will let ya know.
  9. tazl37

    Kanger sub mini

    I keep getting dry hits on my mini, I have a 1.8 ohm build, 28g 2mm 9 wraps I think. I do my wick like they show on the videos just enough to pull thru the coil and it be a little tight then put the tank on pulling cotton up and cutting it just above the edge of the coil tank(whatever it's called). Using Japanese cotton. My juice is 50/50. Please help. I am dripping to wet the wick before filling my tank.
  10. Hey NewDrip, seen your posts on ELC. Welcome
  11. Whad ya hear bout in Podunk I've been good lately? LoL![emoji14]
  12. I agree with Tug and they have the istick 50 w for $50 now. That is cheap. I love my Atlantis and also my sub tank mini.
  13. Go to fast tech they are cheap and they appear authentic but won't know quality till I start using them.
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