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  1. jasonculp

    Happy Vape-a-versary...

    Congrats! Those milestones sure feel good.
  2. jasonculp


    Yeah, it was kind of a bad deal. The one I ordered was really slick, when they never actually produced it, I was really bummed. I ended up getting the in store credit, and buying a brother to the one they never made, and it turned out to have one of the worst chipsets I have ever had. It is now sitting in my "I don't use these any more, shelf". I am getting pretty much like @bcartervol98 I have my mod/tank I really like for every day vaping, so I bought 15 of them. Shinyitus, has worn off, so it has to be a heck of a deal before I will jump out there and get something new. Since my last experience with preorders was so bad, I won't do it again.
  3. jasonculp

    What do I do now??

    I know I need to put it in smaller bottles , I'm just lazy. You are 100% correct, the amount of air in them can't be good. I didn't know about the plastic breaking down, but I could sure see it happening. I am going to have to get on the ball!
  4. jasonculp

    The deed has been done!

    Enjoy! I have really enjoyed making my own juice. I don't make many flavors, but my main flavor has 23 different fruits, and creams in it. I do change it up a bit by adding a bit more or less of some flavors to emphasize other flavors. I don't ever worry if I have enough juice on hand, I can just go mix some up when I need it. I also make flavor concentrates out of my flavors. Basically I just add all of the flavors in the proper amounts so that it equals 120ml of pure flavors. So I just have to add VG and Nic base. It takes like 3 minutes to make up 100 ml.
  5. jasonculp

    What do I do now??

    I use the same Nic base and really like it. I have about 2.5 liters left. I actually keep mine in the original bottles. I pull out about 50 ml at a time as needed. I also store the bottles vertically inside a heavy zip lock bag. I found out the hard way, that they leak if you just throw them in the freezer on their side. Luckily it was in a zip lock.
  6. I don't steep. I make my flavor base 120 ml at a time. I then mix up 100 ml of finished juice. I guess it does steep, or at least age, because it is normally a week, or longer before I vape the 2 50 ml bottles that i mixed up and 120 ml of the concentrate lasts quite a while. I normally have 2 50 ml bottles. I keep 1 in the console of the pickup, along with 4 fresh batteries, and an extra NEBOX, and a couple of rebuilt RDAs. I keep the same thing in my laptop bag. I have been on the road 4 days and 3 nights with this new territory. I take double backups just in case my pickup, or laptop bag and I get separated. Of course if something happens to my truck and the laptop bag is in it I'm screwed.
  7. jasonculp

    Nobody cares

    Welcome to Vapor Talk! I totally understand no one caring about our hobby. I try to talk to coworkers about my mods, making juice, etc. They get a glazed, bored look on their face...lol I have quite a few setups, but for day to day use, I am stuck on Kanger NEBOX. They are very temperamental, and not for most. They work super for me because they hold 10ml of juice, and at 25 watts they run all day on a battery. Congratulations, and Good luck!
  8. jasonculp

    480 Ml

    That does sound like a lot, but 115 is 24% of 480.
  9. jasonculp

    Here it is folks the first peek at the crown mini!!

    Sweet! I really like it. Thanks for the pictures and the write up.
  10. @Bebop I think that is one of the best analogies I have ever seen to explain the Ohm's Law!
  11. jasonculp

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. jasonculp

    Lock Your Mod!

    I hate to say I do this all of the time. You would think I would figure it out! I normally leave my NEBOX in the truck, but I will throw it in my pocket when I go to eat, or check into a hotel. I normally run 25 watts and it will be on 40+. It will knock the top of your head off!
  13. jasonculp

    Gonna try messing with Clapton wire

    This is the one I am using. I use the one that @Adversarious1 uses also. I can't tell a lot of difference, but for some reason I really like the Nichrome/Kanthal combination. For what it is worth, I have been running a standard 26 GA 316SS and it isn't a lot different. I do think the Clapton has more flavor, but the quick heat up time (standard wire heats much quicker because the mass of the Clapton is so much more it takes more time to heat)
  14. jasonculp

    Product Request Mega Thread

    I would buy one too if it is in the $50 range.

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