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  1. Are using I stick power with the baby beast Tank. Rn I'm using a new coil and idk what it's called and yes I did change juice but but the same flavor in.
  2. I just changed my coil in my baby beast and it still tastes burn. Help
  3. I don't have any rubber bands with me but I can use the pliers. Thanks so much Sent from my iPhone using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  4. I can't get my baby beast tank open to change my coil. Any help?
  5. I'm useing a sweet juice and it's 70/30 I believe. Also there is a W on the far right hand side also I'm using the coil it comes with
  6. I'm not getting as much clouds as I did when I first got it. I might have switch the settings so which one would u think would be good because I have the baby beast tank on it.
  7. I just got a istick power 80watt, when I fist got it it was great but I woke up and it's now just like my old 40 watt. I might have messed with the settings on accident but don't recall it. Help!!
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