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  1. Nic in juice.I tried a cigarette once a year ago I was out of juice,broke and stressed out.one about did me in.the only slip up I ever had.the plan is to ween off.I know for certain I could never ever tolerate a cigarette! my mom smokes,and actually the smell makes me sick,literally!
  2. six 18ml bottles of cafe cream from vapemoar, 2 crown 2 coils,1pack crown coils. . from vt..my last round of coils ever...I'm laying down the vape soon. after the coils run out I will strictly be dripping until I get all the way off.I screwed up and got back on the nicotine. I know if I don't lay down the vape,I will keep on doing it.I've weeded out all of my addictions, coffee,caffeine ect.working on the sweets.I will still support vaping as far as legislation goes! Always!!It has helped me stay smoke free almost three years.I hope y'all will let me pop in and check in the off topic lounge!!
  3. No pics but...I love my Atlantis mega with the .3 ohm coils at 75 watts on my cuboid 150 watt,and I run a mutation xv2 at 75 watts on my rx200 ,but I have not had the time to drip lately so the Atlantis mega on both.my honey gave me the dripper, and the tank.....♡♡♡ Sent from my SM-N910V using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  4. Well it was January now it's April. All good all around.I had no idea all the good things I was in store for!! We hit three months the 24th. And I am happy and in love ,and folks,this time there is no shaking it,and I don't need to!! He has survived my family....that's something. My heart is happy. I met my future husband in january. We have already discussed marriage, but we are waiting a year to do it right.....I'll let ya'll know when I get a ring on a very important finger ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  5. @Walt dripping becomes second nature after you do it a little while.just don't drip and drive!!I love the mutation x v2 my sweetie lovingly let me keep!! Every dripper is different,but one thing's for sure,I love mine,so no fuss to rewick,awesome sauce flavor too!! And buuhbuuummmppp!! My cuboid 150 watt ,lGHG2 's and .3 coils for the atlantis mega arrived today from here at vt. LOVE the cuboid!! Also in the mail this week,some pg from amazon, my cola,amerretto, chocoate hazelnut, and mint chocolate chip by lorranne flavors from ecig express. It's been a good week!!!
  6. Buhhh bump!! Cuboid 150 watt tc, two lgh2 batts, 3 atlantis v2 .3 ohm coils,all from vt. 2 bottles pg, amazon prime ,1oz chocolate hazelnut, 1oz chocolate mint, 1dram cola, 1oz amaretto by lorranne flavors from ecig express. And to all a good night!!
  7. Yep!! I just need a back up, I use lGHG2 in my rx200 every day, I'm not crazy about the mod itself,but it serves it's purpose,runs all day no matter if I have the mutation or mega,I just need something lighter to tote. The dripper will stay on the rx200,and the mega will be on the kbox, the lowest resistance coil I will use will be .3 ohm..so I think it's good! I already figured in the price of the batteries. Thanks alot!!
  8. Thanks @FXRich I won't be running temp control, at least not for now. We'll see when I get back to building.....if I do...LOL these days tinker time is down to a minimum,I just want to be able to enjoy my homebrewed juice,and chill a little while right now!
  9. So I posted this and now I'm considering the cuboid 150 watt....help please!,oh decisions,decisions!the cuboid looks much nicer,and I think it would be a better buy in the long run, I'm on a tight budget right now,so 40$ is pretty much my budget. ..suggestions? I'm trying to order here at VT so I can get my coils for my atlantis mega,and my batteries in one swoop!! Thanks in advance!! I plan on oder in tomorrow morning, I guess I'll just have to decide, haha! It's funny how you outgrow your trusty back up mod, and then it konks out at the same time....yes...the death of an I stick 40 watt tc....she served well!!
  10. I was wondering if anyone has one? At this point I just need a dual battery workhorse that I can run up to eighty watts max on. The only tanks I will be running are my atlantis mega, and the mutation x v2 with a .29 ohm build on it...yep honey lend me dripper became honey gave me dripper. ..LOL. Any kinks I should know about before I pull the trigger? Thanks ya'll! !
  11. Good luck!! You will love it,I am partial to the mutation because I love the side airflow holes...yeah I claimed I could not vape above 45 watts...I'm at 75 LOL.
  12. I ordered from blovape once,and had no issue,their processing time us a little slow,but I got my juice in three days right after processing..so I do not know!
  13. Well I learned this a while back, but a dripper bottle is not necessary to dripping! It becomes second nature, after a little while you just know how much juice to put in,how many hits you get,ect. I love the dripper!! P.s....shhh I learned shinyitus is contagious!!
  14. Baha....bahahaha!!honey lend me dripper yes...spoiled!! Happily dripping! !
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