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  1. As a service member and gun enthusiast I'm glad i live in Kansas. Open carry has almost always been legal and as of july 1st concealed carry with no permit is legal. I'll leave my opinions on muslims to myself. They're not the friendliest.
  2. Feel free to add yourselves to the list
  3. We can come up with all the rules and guidelines as a group if we get enough interest in it. I'll start the list so we know for sure who wants in. 1. Blucavvy
  4. Someone starts with a box say 8x8x8 or larger whatever. Adds a few things, we start a list of all the people who want to participate, and the next person on the list messages their address to the person who currently has it. You can keep the box a day or two, then u mail it out. Add to the box when u get it, maybe grab something.
  5. Should we get a certain number of participants? Say 15 20 and we'll get this thing going? I dunno you guys tell me.
  6. Bahahahaha don't even start jeff!
  7. I've used an aspire atlantistank with .5ohm coils on a 30w mod for the last 6 months. For the last month i got a new atlantis ver2 with .3ohm coils on a 30-70 watt mod I've been running at about 50 watts. I use all kinds of juices but they're always high vg juices. (70-80% vg). I run through about 3 tankfulls a day (6-9 mls), and on average get 3-4 weeks out of ONE coil. I never got that kind of life out of a pro tank coil. A week at best with those, plus those are like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose. These new sub ohm tanks are honestly amazing and i highly recommend getting into one. I've been vaping for 5 years and these things are by far the best vape I've ever had. Just my .02
  8. This. Sorry to hear about it jeff. If we can get some interest going we can do this if yall want to. Think it'd be something fun for the regular forum members. We could do diy juices, hardware, accessories, etc. Rules and guidelines can be decided assuming we get enough interest. I had fun with the last one for what its worth. That was years ago.
  9. Anyone interested in starting a new one?
  10. Wow, haven't seen this in a hot minute lol
  11. If money was no object whats the best battery i could use in my ipv mini 2 and why( or a list of top 5 or 10)? And charger? (I know i could find the info but I'm lazy and this new sub forum needs some threads/posts soooooo)
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