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  1. Most people here are really starting to get tired of all things covid. Especially at work. The powers that be there made masks mandatory about 6 weeks ago after the cases started to drop in the area, and the official schedule for dealing with this is we will be wearing them until January at the minimum. The official wording includes having vaccinations started before we can ditch the masks. Don't get me wrong masks have their place, but most of us can stay 30 feet from other people 90% of the day, but they are mandating masks 100% of the time. Out and about in public we are supposed to wear them "if social distancing is not an option", but the "mask police" start yelling at you if you are the only person besides them in a store parking lot and "you have the gall to not have your mask on", I was actually told that in the middle of a parking lot with no one else in sight and the person telling me was 10 plus yards away. I am avoiding all but necessary weekly trips to the store for perishables, fruit, veggies, etc. just to avoid them. I have about run out of Vacation time from work, as I just have to get away some days. Sorry for the whining rant, but it felt good to get it out.
  2. Depends on which one you are talking about and how much you use it. There are many different disposable pens out there.
  3. Probably has something to do with all the new laws being slipped in with the covid relief. New York Slipped in NO Flavors with Nic. Only tobacco flavored juice can have nic. No supplies from out of state mail order, only can buy juice and hardware at Brick and mortar stores. That is just the easy to list things Heir Cuomo slipped into the NYS covid relief package.
  4. No guarantee it will work, but clean it up really well and put a couple drops of super glue around the out side edges of the recess the disk sits in and carefully set the disk in place. Just be careful, as too much glue could cause some to get between the disk and it's contact points.
  5. Personally, it's almost business as usual for me. I work for a government contractor deemed essential. Everyone that puts what we make together is still working. Almost all of the support staff, engineers, planning, and anyone else that doesn't need to physically touch the product to do their job has been given a laptop and told to work from home. The people that are at work range from those that seem to think it is inevitable, and they are going to get it anyway and have not changed habits at all to those that you can't even talk to because if you get closer than 15 feet or so they start yelling to not get too close. One in particular gets nearly hysterical if someone walks in the room she works in, it's approx 20X60 feet and there are 6 others that work in the room, well spaced out. All schools, colleges, barbers, etc have been closed. The schools until mid April at least. Auto mechanics, grocery stores, liquor stores (yup), auto parts stores, construction and contractors and a few others have been deemed essential and are able to be open. Small businesses that can be run by one person are allowed to stay open, but must limit the number of customers inside at one time. A couple car garages have closed but not many. Restaurants are take out only no eating in, fast food and coffee shops are drive thru only. The local roads are mostly empty of cars. A few, apparently family, groups of 3 or 4 walking together, way more than usual. I travel I-90 to work and there is slightly less traffic, more trucks, but still a lot of out of state cars.
  6. I don't have one of these, but after looking at the link Tam posted,I have a suggestion/question. Have you tried cleaning between the magnetic base, or swapping the base with another cart? Could be a bad connection there. A bad or dirty magnet may be your issue.
  7. Took me a minute, was there a NSFW warning in the tittle? Maybe a PG13? LOL
  8. A judge in NY issued a stay on the ban of flavored juices while an appeal brought by local companies is heard. We still have our flavored juices for now.
  9. New York ban link If you live in NY State you have a few more days to get stocked up to last out the 90 days.
  10. Effective Oct 2 (I believe, have heard different dates) NY has banned all but cigarette flavors, and just heard last night Mass has banned all ecigs including hardware, not just juices.
  11. Talked to an employee at the local Vape shop yesterday (first chance I had to get there since Heir Cuomo banned flavors), I live in Central NY, Rome to be exact. According to what the employee told me Bebop is pretty close to the truth. The employee told me that from what he understands the ban on flavors will be approx. 90 days. When the state will look to see if there is a swing in the purchases of juices and cigarettes, if there is a downturn in juice sales and an upswing in cigs, they may change the ban, or keep it going. This is all hearsay at this point from 1 vape store employee. The way I see it, I have less than a week to stock up on juice and find out if I can still get the ingredients to start making my own. The worst case I guess I can go back to the smelly, expensive guaranteed to kill me analogs. I have gotten down to 1.5mg of nic in my juice, but can't seem to make the last step to zero. Good luck to those that can!
  12. I don't have links, but had some down time at work so was surfing on my phone. Sounds to me like from what I read,some were vaping THC from street vendors. Like I said don't have the links to prove it, but that is what I read. It was also referenced in a couple of the articles I read that some of those affected were going thought 2 to 3 Juul pods a day. From what I understand that is equal to 3 or 4 packs of cigs a day. And all of the articles were from something like a 10 mile radius.
  13. After doing a little research, as I do not have one of these, I think I can explain. If you go to info page on Smok site you will see that the tank does not come off like a traditional tank. The bottom of the tank is the top of the battery. You have to empty all the juice out, take the glass off, then unscrew the coil. At that time you can then access the center pin to gently lift it as described above, or clean out any juice that has seeped past the o-rings, or clean out what ever is shorting the coil to the battery. A search of the web for "Smok 22 troubleshooting" revealed a bunch of issues with these either shorted or open, with suggestions on how to fix each issue. Way too much for me to try and list here. Hope this helps.
  14. Squid

    Mod problem

    Silly question, but is it charged? Only asking because you didn't mention charging it.
  15. Depends on what the specs of the battery are. Not enough info to even begin to answer your question.
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