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  1. Squid

    Mud Tires

    Never tried Nitto, but I got a set of General Grabber X3's on my 08 F250 this past spring. I am quite impressed. I use the truck for hauling firewood, usually out of areas that you need 4X4 to get in and out of. They perform great in muddy soft conditions, and are actually fairly quiet on the road. http://generaltire.com/tires/light-trucksuv/grabber-x3
  2. Squid

    Build advice

    1st piece of advise using a mech mod, read, learn and understand Ohms Law so you don't become a statistic. That IMHO is the 1st step in using a mech.
  3. Squid


    3-4 weeks on a coil is not too bad. TC is not for kanthall coils, which is what the Smok tanks use. Stick with wattage and read up on TC, you need Ti, SS, or Ni coils for TC.
  4. Squid

    Help setting SMOK AL85

    What tank and coil are you using? From the info posted, you are using the stock Baby Beast tank. You should be in wattage mode as to my knowledge there are no temp control coils for that tank. I run .5 ohm coils around 20-25 watts. I believe you can download the manual from the Smok website for how to set it up. I don't have one, so I can't be much help on that. Good luck, hopefully someone who knows more about this mod will be along shortly.
  5. Got a better pic? My only guess is a sheet of plastic mistakenly put there in the factory, if that's the case I'd remove it.
  6. Squid

    Finding My Way

    Yes it will. A couple wxtra glasses of water a day are necessary when vaping.
  7. Squid

    new here

    Using e-cigarettes is vaping.....
  8. Squid

    Can I use a RDA on my mod?

    Yes you can. But before you dive in to a RDA, you will want to learn about Ohm's law, and get a meter to test your coils before you use them.
  9. Squid

    Needing advice

    The tpriv only will support down to.1 ohm. Your .15 ohm coil is very close to the limit, and due to production tolerances and other factors, the mod may be reading it as too low of a resistance or a shorted coil. I suggest a coil in the .25 ohm range. That should get you going.
  10. Did the orings fall out?
  11. Squid


    Welcome aboard
  12. Squid

    Who's using a Pod system?

    So the point of the salt nic is to deliver high nic without being harsh? If that's the case, then I need to stop thinking I need to try it. About 3 months ago I started cutting 3mg in half. Been trying to reduce my nic intake since March of 2011 when I started vaping.
  13. Older thread that may help
  14. The act of vaping is driven by heat. When you vape the cartomiser (your type of "tank") is going to get warm. How warm depends on the Ohms of the coil, the voltage of the battery, and how long and how often you drag on it. If you are chain vaping, it will get quite warm. My tank, a Melo3 gets quite warm on my way home from work while I take many long hits during the 40 minute ride home.

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