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  1. Wow, I can't seem to save juice, I buy it I use it..... LOL
  2. hydra bones was my favorite! The PBF brownie was good but a bit sweet for me. His coffee was good too.
  3. That was a "Halloween Special" if I remember correctly.
  4. I have been doing this for about a year now. it works for me.
  5. Touche.... Did I spell that right? LOL
  6. No disrespect intended Kaya, but the "bikes" being discussed don't have pedals. Cany, Hope you are liking your up grade. Not my type of ride personally, but as long as you like it, keep riding!
  7. Been working the whole time, as I work for a government contractor. Got a new Goldwing back in September. 2018 Leftover as a dealer demo, only 200 miles on it. Have since added 2400 miles to the Odo with the wife on the back, something we couldn't do with the bike in my avatar. Still have a soft spot for the old CBR, but she is showing her age (CBR not the wife ), I have to track down a vacuum leak causing a studder at low RPMs. Trying to figure out the mail order thing too, as the local shop is all but closed and what they do have is so expensive it my be cheaper to go back to reservation cigs,but don't want to.
  8. Best part of my day is walking out of work and taking the damn mask off. About 5 to 10 people I know or work with have had Covid and they all say it's not fun, about like Flu but worse. To my knowlege no one I work with has passed it on to any one at work, they all have caught it outside of work. Best description from the few I know that have had it is, and I quote roughly, "felt like Flu but worse, I didn't know blankets could be so heavy". I work at a large corporation with over 1500 people on site and we have to take our temp before going in and "attest" to a bunch of affirmations that we weren't exposed before we enter the building. I am so ready for this to be over and get back to a normal life. I would just like to hang out at the local bar, or any where public with my friends and not be treated like an outcast for not wanting to wear a mask every where I go. I wear it where I "have to". My wife just went through a double ear infection with a sinus infection because no doctors would see her with out a covid test even though it is documented that she gets sinus infections every winter 3 or 4 times. 4 days after getting a test her result was negative and she finally got antibiotics, a week later she is at last feeling better. Only once or twice more to go through this before spring hits. All due respect to those that have had it, died from it or have had some one in their lives that did not survive Covid, but for such a small percentage of the population affected I think the response has been over the top, at least in my personal experience. On a better note, glad to see someone is still posting on here. I check in almost daily, but nothing much has been posted for me to reply to.
  9. Is it charged? Did you mistakenly put it in Stealth Mode? It won't look like it's working if it's in Stealth mode. I would suggest changing the coil, but I don't believe a bad coil would make it not light up the screen. Link to the manual: https://www.joyetech.com/wp-includes/download/EXCEED-Grip-Pro-User-Manual.pdf
  10. Most people here are really starting to get tired of all things covid. Especially at work. The powers that be there made masks mandatory about 6 weeks ago after the cases started to drop in the area, and the official schedule for dealing with this is we will be wearing them until January at the minimum. The official wording includes having vaccinations started before we can ditch the masks. Don't get me wrong masks have their place, but most of us can stay 30 feet from other people 90% of the day, but they are mandating masks 100% of the time. Out and about in public we are supposed to wear them "if social distancing is not an option", but the "mask police" start yelling at you if you are the only person besides them in a store parking lot and "you have the gall to not have your mask on", I was actually told that in the middle of a parking lot with no one else in sight and the person telling me was 10 plus yards away. I am avoiding all but necessary weekly trips to the store for perishables, fruit, veggies, etc. just to avoid them. I have about run out of Vacation time from work, as I just have to get away some days. Sorry for the whining rant, but it felt good to get it out.
  11. Depends on which one you are talking about and how much you use it. There are many different disposable pens out there.
  12. Probably has something to do with all the new laws being slipped in with the covid relief. New York Slipped in NO Flavors with Nic. Only tobacco flavored juice can have nic. No supplies from out of state mail order, only can buy juice and hardware at Brick and mortar stores. That is just the easy to list things Heir Cuomo slipped into the NYS covid relief package.
  13. No guarantee it will work, but clean it up really well and put a couple drops of super glue around the out side edges of the recess the disk sits in and carefully set the disk in place. Just be careful, as too much glue could cause some to get between the disk and it's contact points.
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