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  1. Thank you, I was think of mixing 1/2 3mg and 1/2 0mg, will see how that turns out
  2. I just got educated a bit on this. It is 1.5% so 15mg, no wonder I am getting a nicotine buzz. I am a weekend smoker and only go thru about 1 pack Friday to Sunday, would like to find something that is 1mg-2mg, that should be about right, at least I think Thanks for your reply !
  3. Hello all, my name is Joe and I am new to vaping and have a question. I have smoked Marlboro Mellow Silver pack for years and have never felt a nicotine buzz. Now am I trying a Vuse Ciro using 1.5 juice, why do I get an immediate buzz when I take a puff ? I never had this from cigarettes and sometime I even get a slight headache. I had read the vapes deliver less nicotine than cigarettes. Any info would be appreciated. Joe
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