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  1. VapeMama

    Happy New Years

    Happy New Year to all!
  2. VapeMama

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a good one! No snow here in NE Ohio but Mother Nature does that to us some years!
  3. Not sure that this place has the color you want, but I get Hubby's pen-style batteries from ejuicemonkeys.com.
  4. VapeMama

    New here

    You've come to the right place! Some very helpful folks here!
  5. VapeMama

    Hi Everybody!!

    Welcome to VT!
  6. VapeMama


    I have the juice flow control about 1/2 way open and the air flow about 1/3 open and the flavor is on point. I did notice the tank gets pretty warm when I chain vape. Ha ha. I'm running 0.3 ohm at 50w.
  7. VapeMama


    tank for me! Just got the Vandy Vape Kensai 24 in rainbow to go with my Battlestar200W in rainbow! It's not too hard to build on. Easy to wick! (Of course YouTube videos helped with that!)
  8. VapeMama

    Mother's day fruit explosion

    Sounds good. I'm a gonna have to give this a try!
  9. VapeMama

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    That's what DIY is for, to make juice the way we like it. I got a recipe off a recipe site and while it was ok, I changed the % of the 2 main flavors to my liking. Now it's good (to me and the hubby!). Some of my recipes I have tinkered with for what seems like months till I get them where I want them!
  10. VapeMama

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    I use Wizard Labs too, but have purchased from Bull City Flavors too. Their service is excellent and their turnaround time from ordering to shipping is fast.
  11. VapeMama

    Hello Everyone

    Hello! Welcome!
  12. VapeMama

    Does anyone have a tiger's blood recipe?

    Here's mine: PG/VG base of choice. I make mine 40PG/60VG with 2mg Nic. Then: Strawberry (Ripe) [TFA] 13% : Watermelon [TFA] 9% : Coconut Extra [TPA] 2% : Sweetener [TPA] 2%
  13. VapeMama

    Steeping time

    I find that my fruit mixes with 1-2 fruits tend to be more shake and vape than mixes that have 3-4 flavors in them. Most of those I sit on the shelf and shake every day or 2 for about a week. My mixes that have creams in them also need more time to "meld" the flavors. Usually not ready for about a week to 10 days.
  14. VapeMama

    Gimme fruits!!!

    I did pay it. It's the recipe titled Bumbleberry. I did post it, darn that autocorrect!
  15. VapeMama

    Gimme fruits!!!

    I make a mix of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. It's one of my favorites. I think I posted it in this area somewhere! If I didn't I'll post it.

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