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  1. @FXRich, thank you so much! I just had a "brain fart" trying to figure it out! Happy New Year!
  2. Ok, before I start, I will tell you that math was NEVER my strong point! Thank God for calculators!! I have always purchased the already-diluted-to-my-liking bottles of nicotine to make my juices (ie. 60mg/ml in 250ml PG bottles etc.) I am contemplating purchasing a 120 ml - 100mg/ml bottle of nicotine and diluting it to 60mg to use in my DIY juice, rather than purchasing 60mg/ml nic same size bottle, it is more economical as when diluted to 60mg/ml there will be more available than the 120ml. Obviously I don't vape 60mg! My mixes are usually 3mg/ml and I make 9mg/ml for a friend. straight as purchased in PG 120ml = 100mg/ml add ???ml PG added ?? ml = 60mg/ml Thanks for helping this ole granny out!!
  3. I miss his Coffee flavor, his peanut butter fudge brownie among others. He had really good stuff.
  4. @TamCongratulations on your upcoming retirement! Take the time for yourself! You deserve it. I did take some time off but probably should have taken more!
  5. I still poke my way in here to see what's going on. Since I retired last fall, I have begun to wonder how I had time to work! Seems I'm busier than when I was working full time. Still vaping, 7 1/2 years now. Have been DIYing juice for me and hubs for about 5-6 years. Between trying to keep track of the grandkids and kids, that keeps me hopping! Love every minute of it though. You guys be careful on those bikes! My one grandson had an accident on his in May. Thank goodness he's on the mend and doing well.
  6. Here in NE Ohio things are steadily opening back up. Retail, restaurants, beauty/barber shops and SOME entertainment venues are open (indoor trampoline parks, bowling alleys, etc.). Movie theaters aren't open yet. Most primary care physicians here are doing telephone visits or video visits. About 1/2 of the people wear masks in public. I do only because I work in long term care and I don't want to carry anything I may pick up from the general public to the residents. Assisted living facilities/areas are permitted to have visitors but only outdoors. ALL long term care staff have to be tested (and every one is negative) before the facility can re open to visitors coming into the building. (Our testing date this June 26.) We are all screened with temps taken and a health questionnaire prior to clocking in each day. Our facility has had ZERO cases, staff and residents. We are fortunate as several facilities in our general area have had several to many cases among their staff and residents. Life is good!
  7. Here all but the essential businesses are closed. The hubby and I are both in health care so we are still working. I'm in long term care and it's getting quite challenging with all the new procedures and so on in place. We have been on total lockdown for 2 weeks now. No visitors in, no residents out, staff screening with temps and questionaires regarding respiratory health every day before clocking in. We are all wearing masks when in contact with our residents, who are getting restless, bored and some are getting depressed at not seeing family in person for so long. Hubs works at one of the local hospitals. Most nights (he's on midnights) are slow. News reports say the surge hasn't hit us yet. In our area we have approximately 50 cases and there have been 5 deaths in our county. with most of those being fragile healthwise before contracting the virus. Fortunately in our city, there have not been any deaths related to this. Most people are abiding by the "shelter in place" order of the governor. Communities have stepped up their game in patrolling parks and so on to reduce the small groups that do gather. Restaurants are all carry-out or delivery at this point. We do grocery shopping for 2 weeks at a time and homebodies anyway!
  8. Thanks Tam, I did try googling a couple of the recipes I had gotten from that site, but nothing came up. I'm going to check out the link you posted. I just liked to browse and get ideas, that's all. Oh well, now I have to try and get creative on my own!
  9. happened to a website that I used to frequent the past couple of years, to get recipe ideas. It was called kritikalmass.net. (If this isn't allowed, delete it.) It was like, poof it was gone. Did any other of you DIY'ers use that site? I did find some decent recipes that I tweaked to my liking, and now they aren't there anymore. I'm not sure where they were based, but I don't think it was the USA. There were some references on the site to vape sites in South Africa. Just curious. I really liked their variety of recipes.
  10. I work with a girl who's SO became deathly ill "due to vaping". (When I questioned her, she admitted that it was black market THC her SO was vaping EXCLUSIVELY for a week, when she became ill and then CONTINUED TO VAPE THE STUFF!) Some of the other employees were blasting vaping on the spot because of this person's illness. So I posed the question, "ok, if vaping as a whole is responsible, why am I not ill or dead? I've been vaping for nearly 6 years." The room got totally silent. Then I explained, that I KNOW what's in my juice, because I make my own. What they NEED to be upset about is WHAT this person vaped and WHERE they got it, NOT with vaping as a whole. A few of the employees actually apologized, stating, if they had known that there was black market/tainted juice out there and that could have been the cause of the illness, they would have kept their mouths shut. I just reminded them there is always more to every situation than just what you hear/see on the surface, get the facts before you blow off steam.
  11. Anything I have read that Glantz has written (and granted that isn't much, because when I see he authored it, I'm done reading) has been quite different from other researchers. Makes me wonder if he's in BT's pocket.
  12. Hey! Hoping everyone is having a good holiday. I'm 5+ years tobacco free and feeling good about that! I never thought I'd ever kick that nasty habit but thanks to vaping I did.
  13. The Nitecore we have is a Intellicharger i2, I just purchased another Nitecore i2 but a 2016 version that will support the 20/21700 batteries. Thanks @FXRich for your imput!
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