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  1. Question!

    Like Walt, I use Wizard Labs for flavorings, but have been thinking of trying Bull City Flavors. I use Wizard for Nicotine since we don't use all that much. My PG and VG also come from Amazon.
  2. Question!

    Thanks guys!!
  3. Question!

    @Walt Hey thanks.
  4. Question!

    I have a friend that I recently started making e juice for. She would like menthol or Koolada added to some of the juices I make for her (she was a menthol smoker). I've never used them in my juices so I don't know how much, percentage wise, to put in to start with. I know everything juice wise is subjective. Can somebody help me? Please, pretty please!
  5. DIY recipes

    I personally like TFA's Apple and Green Apple. The green apple goes especially well with Caramel or Butterscotch in my recipes. Check out some of the recipes for ideas.
  6. Greetings :)

  7. Congratulations!!
  8. The Christmas Thread

    Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Carmel Sunday with pretzels

    I've never had luck with any Cherry I've tried. Just couldn't get it dialed in so it was "just right" or at the very least acceptable. I just stopped trying!
  10. Today is baking day!

    The staff on my unit are some of the best people ever. We have a few "rotten eggs" but what workplace doesn't have a few of those. Overall, we are a TEAM. (our units are A, B, C, D) WE ARE THE A-TEAM! We work together for the best care, caring and dignity of our residents. They are the reason we are there. And the boss lady is a 9.99/10. (Nobody's perfect!)
  11. I use Witch Hazel, straight, undiluted. I put it in a spray bottle and use it like window cleaner. The first couple of times I had to do it twice to get all the film off, now I do it about 1x a week to keep it clear. I know @Earthling789 uses something commercially made. Hopefully he'll jump on here before long.
  12. Cookies in the oven. I am baking cookies, cookies, cookies! My Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are done and the first pans of Chocolate Chip are in the oven now. Next up will be the the chocolate chip recipe with Craisins instead of chocolate chips. All of us nurses at work have teamed up to make the nurses aides' Christmas gifts. A couple of weeks back we decorated plates with fabric to put a variety of cookies on, for all of them for Christmas.The plates will be made up on Thursday, ready for our unit Christmas party on Friday. The aides appreciate that the gifts are handmade There may or may not be 4 dozen of each kind...... just sayin'. I gotta sample you know for quality control purposes!
  13. 'Sup!

  14. Those holiday ciggie cravings

    Yay! Always a plus to have strong support!
  15. Happy Black Friday Score?

    Flavor restocking from Wizard Labs since they had 20% off entire order today. My discount ALMOST paid the shipping.

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