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  1. I guess I'll take one for the team and vape as much as possible to see if my immune system improves. For science.
  2. I'm fairly new here so I don't know the difference but things have certainly felt quiet here! Hopefully more former users return to chat soon. My life has been full of working and time outdoors, plus going out with friends pretty often now that the weather's warm and we're all fully vaccinated. Trying to have as much fun out in the world as possible now that society's gradually reopening. I've also been attending school online since the start of COVID, and I'll finally be finishing college in the Fall as a first-generation graduate which I'm really excited about! @Tamand @VapeMama, congrats to you both on retiring!! Hope it brings you lots of R&R and time with those you love. I'm sorry to hear about your grandson's accident, VapeMama - glad he's on the mend now. I ride my bike on the trails in my area every day, thanks for reminding the cyclists here to be careful.
  3. My SMOK Novo went through the dryer last month...twice...totally blameless there, right? Lmao... Splurged ordering a PAX 3 from an online vape shop, used to go to the actual store near me in Denver a lot pre-COVID and knew they wouldn't rip me off or whatever. Anyway the PAX is a serious upgrade IMO but the NOVO isn't bad either, especially for the price.
  4. All of the above. Impressive gadgets, tasty juices, and dope clouds. For the perks compared to cigarettes there's nothing better than breathing more easily in day-to-day activities and exercise, not coughing constantly (especially since COVID hit) and having a room that smells like cotton candy instead of ash and smoke
  5. Vaping to quit cigarettes and gradually cut down on nicotine. Don't think I could kick it completely (for awhile at least).
  6. Any update OP (if you're still around)? I started overusing mine too when it's right within reach all day, and feeling noticeably more agitated as time went on. I have to leave it across the room now to avoid absent-mindedly puffing it nonstop. I second Tam's recommendation to get some ejuice with a higher dosage of nicotine.
  7. From what I've read, the batteries on most disposable pens span an average 1-3 hours of active use, which sounds about right from my (semi-limited) experiences with a few cheaper ones.
  8. I only smoked for about two years. Been vaping for three years now with a few months or more of overlap before kicking cigarettes.
  9. I love them all, though I've mostly bought berry flavors lately!
  10. I do! Don't know how much of a difference it makes, just a habit at this point haha
  11. I don't track my usage too closely, but I'd say 20-30ml a week on an average week & more if I'm unusually stressed.
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