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  1. Viper Ron

    Vision Spinner V2 1600mah

    Yeah, I see that now. Still a good battery but may need to work it in a bit, thanks guys!
  2. Viper Ron

    Vision Spinner V2 1600mah

    I read that thread and don't remember seeing my question asked? I understand about the unplugging and plugging part. My question is: is it best to charge it when the button turns orange like the instructions say or run it out till it flashes?
  3. Viper Ron

    Vision Spinner V2 1600mah

    I finally needed a new battery so I picked up one of these. The instructions say too charge the battery when the light becomes orange? I thought it was always best to run the battery all the way out till it flashes? Is the best way the instructions way? Please fill me in on your experences.
  4. Viper Ron

    Menthol Liquid BEWARE!

    I have vaped menthol liquid from day 1 and have never had this happen. May be the vendor's error? Just a thought.
  5. Viper Ron


    Welcome to the forum
  6. Viper Ron


    Yes welcome
  7. Welcome to VT, the poster above is correct, don't jump in to making your own till you get the hang of vaping first. One thing at a time
  8. Viper Ron

    New From SE Texas

    Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping
  9. Viper Ron

    1 year smoke free

  10. Viper Ron

    Craving water!

    Vaping will dehydrate you so drinking water will help alot!
  11. Viper Ron

    New vapor! Wanna make friends and learn a lot!

    Welcome to the forum
  12. Viper Ron

    So long, analog.

  13. Viper Ron

    Hello to everyone!

    Yes welcome
  14. Viper Ron

    Halo Vapors

    I'm into Menthol Ice

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