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  1. wizard46304

    Whatcha Vaping?

    Napalm - Mr E-Liquid
  2. wizard46304

    Lets See Your Vaping "toys"

    I kicked mine out in February, so I have acquired a lot of stuff in the last few months.
  3. wizard46304

    A Post from Indiana

    I'm in Chesterton
  4. wizard46304

    A Post from Indiana

    Welcome, what pat of Indiana are you from?
  5. Nonsense, and what about all the other crap that makes a cigarette much worse.
  6. wizard46304

    *Share Your Coil Builds*

    The Helios was my first rda, very easy to build.
  7. wizard46304


    I have a pile of .357's now, I occasionally use a couple of rda's that I have. Not a single tank left these days. Haha, I've caught the drip.
  8. wizard46304

    Lets see ur mod storage case

    I've grown a little from the wooden box, though it still stores some odds and ends.
  9. Well, I was so busy, I missed it. Thanks to everyone in the forum for your help in getting me this far.
  10. wizard46304

    New member looking to move up from an e cig

    Your the bomb, and you know it.
  11. wizard46304


    Pluid is awesome.
  12. wizard46304

    Whatcha Vaping?

    Its a real taste treat. DO IT! LOL
  13. wizard46304

    Whatcha Vaping?

    Custards last stand - nicoticket
  14. wizard46304

    just got into the dripping world and loving it

    Already have extra drip Shields and tips. Now I'm waiting for the spinners and lanyard I bought so I can drip at work.
  15. wizard46304

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    You expecting a zombie apocalypse? That'll last a couple people a while. LOL

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