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  1. Still having issues with the lungs but just had to have some choco banana 12mg in a carto. Very sweet so you dont want much. Much sweeter than even the honey line. Nice tho on the throat.
  2. I dont spend so much anymore. Just juice really and the occassional box or 3 of cartos. I have an 1100 battery, a 900 battery, an 800 battery and 650mah battery so feel I am covered for now. I have been fighting the infection in my lungs lately so have not vaped much. I have that juice still untouched! Anyway, compare the minimal cost of batteries and such to being able to breath again. (well, except for the infection lol) Tobacco is death. This aint that!
  3. I am sorry for your issues dear. After my strokes I had the same issues with certain things. Certain things I used to love I now hated. Some I hated were just meh but not hate. Lots of things just taste bad or chemically to me. Strong tatstes can reach me but I dont always like them. The choco banana is only banana to me. Its good tho. Some of them (the tatstes) do slowly come back or I learn to like them differently. Maybe it will be the same for you. I hope so. There are so few things that bring us joy when we are older that it is important to try and keep them all.
  4. I wish it got to a low of 85 here! And now that it is fall I will start to see some of that here I hope soon. 60 to 75 would be ideal for me. Today I am seaking some halo Peppermint 16mg. Tasty, clears my sinus, and doesnt gum up a cart. Nice.
  5. Choco banana hiding in my office. I am on antibiotics for bronchitis infection right now and if she caught me might do violence to me. Just a couple of puffs! (blow blow blow!) Nothing dear! Be right there!! (snicker)
  6. Thats what I do dear. I had a couple of strokes (T.I.A. actually) and ever since then I also have tastes that are absent to me. I love the choco banana from vape dudes but cant taste any chocolate. There are others like that. Fortunately the banana is extra yummy to me.
  7. Halo 601 tiny filter cart with small battery. Halo was not giving me much of a hit and I was languishing and miserable. A very special lady send me a real battery and some carts and juices and tanks. It opened up another world for me.
  8. What Irwink said. I am liking Vape Dudes for juices right now very much. Choco banana is scrumtious! My local store is expensive beyond common sense so I go to Brian at Veteran Vaper for carts.
  9. Im not supposed to but cant stop. Vape Dudes Chocolate Banana. It is sweet and banana yumminess! With a chocolate background!
  10. Not vaping yet as I have / had a bad virus and now infected lungs. Antibiotics and nasty narcotic cough medicine for a few days and I should be back!
  11. Thats the reason I havent tried cinnamon yet. It does tend to burn one's tongue. It also can crack tanks and make other juices taste like poo. It is fire with sweet. I dont know how to tame it, wish I did. Use sparingly.
  12. I like the idea also! I had an alligator case for my cigars. Why wouldnt I do as much for my Vapes? Work up some drawings and lets see!
  13. During war time you can get whatever you want. I was 17 when my load crew Sgt gave me my first Cubano. He clipped and he was a real man. He kept most of us alive thru very bad times and killed way more than his share of bad guys. When I was wounded he gave me a box of Cuban Partigas Lusitanias. (the great Lucy) We learned not to ask how or where he got them! (but it was 1971 things were possible!) Sgt Glen Yarbrough was quite a guy. I smoke cigars and some cubanos for around 40 years. (almost never ciggs) I have breathing issues now so had to quit them. I didn't go willingly. I sti
  14. Boge LR cartos is all I use , well mostly. I just like the way they taste! You can go thru a lot of them however. I use at least 18 to 20 a month and that number is growing. Trying new juices makes it expensive. I am thinking about a drip setup to use for trial of new juices. The cartos are a really awesome way to go!
  15. I had written to them about the chinese customs problem with batteries. They of course new about it and were planning a counter. They said that they were transporting by truck to Hong kong for HK post. And would continue to do that if needed. It must work as I got my order from FT in 1 week and 2 days. It was post marked Hong Kong. So all orders that are *not* being held already by Chinese customs will see your order quickly. If you notify FT about your issue they will resend the order or refund. Your choice. Yaay!
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