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  1. Hi Kai2299. I'm a big Malaysia fan. Lived in Rawang 20+ years. Forced by pandemic to return to US. Negaraku! Sorry never heard of that resource.
  2. Hi Hi Nasar. Denpasar? Stuck in my home country of USA till the pandemic is over.
  3. It's been almost two and a half years since I started this great experiment in living without tobacco. If I were writing a commercial the slogan would be: "A Change I Can Live With!" I think it took! Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labour in ways other than greatly improved health, new interests in equipment, the quest for the perfect flavour, not hacking myself to death with self inflicted activities, etc. etc. I'm gonna buy a shack on a few acres in northern Maine. A project to begin the next time I return to North America, with an eye on more acreage just a hop skip and jump over the border in Canada; a more benevolent, more enlightened, more forward and progressive thinking country. I've been looking into that since I learnt that there is actual testing for nicotine pre employment screening which caused me to reflect on the fact that you also need to be drug tested just to be a greeter at Walmart. I grieve for my country for those issues and so many others. Ok enough of the political soapbox. It would take a forensic accountant to figure the savings I've accrued by vaping for two and a half years because of so many gifts of mods, atomisers, tanks, coils, batteries, juice etc. I've also mixed my own juice very cheaply but also bought way over priced commercial liquid just because it was there. I've overpaid for equipment in the form of abusive import duties, and foreign profit margins, so who knows. My counter shows I've saved something like 15000 thousand dollars, but that's not even close because I entered the money in Malaysian Ringgit because that's what I earn and what I spend. But 15000 dollars is the magic number to buy, so I as my personal Chancellor of the Exchequer will authorise the expenditure from the general treasury. The reality is that I'm sure I've saved money from the apocryphal ten dollars a day I think I would have spent if I still lived in Connecticut. Honestly, I've no idea of the price of cigarettes in Connecticut and am too lazy too look it up, but at that rate, not smoking nor buying anything, I'd have saved over nine thousand dollars and that's good enough for me to splurge on something very cool (you can read COLD if you want) So, what cool plans does anyone have for using their savings?
  4. Avion, Mr. Christopher was most helpful and accommodating to me when I wanted to order some products sent to Malaysia. Thailand shouldn't be much different. Interestingly, I was in Phuket a short time ago and was amazed at the number of people vaping everywhere, well at least in Patong.and Karon.
  5. I was recently chatting with a waiter at my local and he mentioned after trying my sub ohm mini that the tip was too big and the air volume was too well I guess loose? I mean too easy to draw, So for just trying I pulled the tip of my Puritank (not threaded) and tried it on the mini. Fit like a glove. Perfectly. It's about the same size as the Iclear 30 and restricts the draw a bit. Worked fine for him. That Puritank thinggy I found online and it cost 22 ringgit. With the current exchange rate it should be about 5 bucks if you can find it. The Puritank also works ok on its own.
  6. Recently, Singapore banned completely all E Cig hardware and activities. They have no logical explanation. They have no printed justification. They still allow smoking, chewing, but not snuff. Living in Malaysia, Singapore is a convenient destination for my colleagues from Aus. and other places to meet and have some R. and R. It has a lot to offer in a small area and is very clean and efficiently run. Taxis are fantastic and hospitality ranges from the very budget conscious to five star and above. Prices with American dollars are fairly reasonable. But now I won't go there. Their ban is capricious, unwarranted and probably big tobacco lobbied. I've written to the health ministry, Prime Minister's department and tourism ministry but don't expect to hear back.
  7. I'll consider it when at the pub I don't still watch others casually whip out their packs and offer around and feel the temptation to take one. If I didn't have the vape, I think to this day I still might succumb, even after two plus years. I know intellectually from my slips in the early days how awful and unsatisifying they are but I'm as yet not over that temptation. I am one of the few that still loves the second hand smoke. I still follow smokers on the street like a sniffing dog in heat I still in smoker's lounges in airports, admit I have a second hand smoke deficiency. I know now from personal experience that nicotine isn't as addictive as the idiot FDA would have you believe. I'm sure its the other components of tobacco smoke that keeps us hooked. I really don't miss vaping when it's not possible but sure do in those group bonding smoking places and times.
  8. So, if I want to apply to a hospital for the neurosurgery position, I will automatically be disqualified if I happen to live on a diet of eggplant parmesan and chew tomato leaves as a hobby? I fear for my country's sanity. Oh yeah, there's another disqualifier; I know nothing about neurosurgery.
  9. Thank you for this, I think it's quite useful. I just found the vape shop to visit when I buy my shack in Maine from all the money I saved by not buying cigs!
  10. Today, I didn't actually learn, but finally accepted that my eyes are also 63 years old and I can't see all those O ring thinggys and miss some. Some even have the audacity to be clear. So today I designed my new setup: A 12 volt Die Hard battery connected through an HO train set rheostat to a MacPherson strut coil spring installed in a copper moonshine still tank, and liquid by the liter. Barring that, a 12 volt solar water tank coil, installed in a 20 gallon Sears mobile home electric water heater with a plug for all the holes except the hot water egress and screwed into that would be a series of descending diameter pipes ending with a designer tip. Shold be portable with a big enough carrying case. I should now be able to see all the anti leak gasketing thinggys.
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