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  1. Yeah that sounds about right. I usually use anywhere from 20 to 30% of combined flavorings. Maybe try a little less peanut butter and also use some vanilla and/or something creamy sweet along with some marshmallow.
  2. I would take a 30ml bottle and dump 2 drams of Lorann's peanut butter and on dram of marshmallow straight in. Sometimes I would use a better marshmallow and peanut butter flavoring but the guy down the street sells those dram size bottles of Lorann and that works fine. Then I would add enough nicotine(pg base) to suit my needs. Then top off the bottle with vg and a little pg sometimes. I know that's not an exact recipe with all the % thrown in but that's how I make that one. I am only accurate with the nicotine ensuring that I hit my target mg. Sometimes I will use more or less vg and so
  3. I used to make an apple pie juice from a recipe I got from kitsune years ago. I'm gonna look up a few different recipes for that and use my own judgement. Apple pie is one of the few flavors I like. My own favorite is fluffernutter -- peanut butter, marshmallow. (It's a New England thing).
  4. cany got it right. That is what I did. A small flat screwdriver down the airflow and I backed it out. I did turn it too tight and wore off the catch that allows it to grab and open so now I always have to use the screwdriver but it still works fine. Not a big deal. I like the Templar a lot but not a fan of child proof caps.
  5. Ok, so I know you have to push down and turn like a medicine bottle but I think what might have happened is that I tightened it too much last fill. Now no matter how hard I push down I can't get it to catch. It just spins and I can't feel the catch lock. Is there any remedy to this?
  6. Welcome back I've been gone for a while too. It's good to be here again.
  7. Lol. I'm not into huge clouds and fog either but I wanted to know how for similar reasons. I play guitar in a band too and that would be cool to let loose on stage.
  8. It might have but it was a small 2ml sample and I didn't read it.
  9. This is what I thought. I couldn't remember the resistance to the "low resistant" atties I used in the past but I think it was 1.5 ohms and standard was more like 2ish. And wattage is something I didn't consider either. 4.8 volts was fine for me in the old days but that was then and this is now. I'm really liking this Templar AIO and I'll use this for my main vape and keep the Smok ProColor for a backup. The Templar is easy, just hit the button and vape, I just gotta figure out my nic level for it. Chris sent me a sample(and it's a real tasty black label flavor) How much if any nic is
  10. ok, So I am a vape veteran but I have a newbie style question. How much nic should I use? how much mg/cc? Why has this changed so much. Do the modern devices vaporize more juice than the older ones? I can remember vaping 24mg or even 36. then I settled into 18mg for a few years. I was using eGos, ProVari, 510 and 302 and 901 drip attys, etc. 18mg per cc was considered medium..medium high. 12mg was low and 6mg was almost nic free. Why is it now that 6 mg is strong? I was told to use between 4 and 5mg when I bought a Smok Procolor(not impressed with it) and I just got my vt templar(l
  11. Thanks. That's why I'm back. Things have changed since the original 510 and eGo. lol. I'll catch on
  12. Single? As in single coil? Is this a variable watt device also? I'm still trying to figure out these new devices. I've been out of the loop for a while.
  13. Wow Squid, you've been vaping longer than me. I discovered vaping in late Oct, 2009. I vaped 24mg and sometimes even 36 but then went down to 18 where I'm still at. I don't think the addictive properties of vaping or smoking has too much to do with how much nic. ur getting. It does make it easier if ur not using as much nic but the biggest thing is the hand to mouth thing and blowing out clouds. I've gone all day a few times to see if I felt like I would be jonesing for it and although I did think about it often I didn't have that withdrawal feeling like when I tried to quit butts so many
  14. I think I said a long time ago that I smoked analogs for 20+ years and it would be ok if I was to vape for just as long if I felt like it. Well, I like my vape and been doing so for nearly 6 years but know I'm thinking I just might want to let it go. It's been great. It got me off of the stinkies in just a couple of months. It saved me thousands of $$$ by not buying tobacco. I discovered VT and made lots of friends and learned how to make my own mods and juice. Mostly everything positive but I am thinking now that I want to be done with it. I just don't want to have to remember to have
  15. I mixed Comp's Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie with his Banana Bread. I call it Elvis Presley Sandwich.
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