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  1. Hey All! Its been a while since Ive been on VT. Happy Memorial Day. Now it 3 years since my last cigarette and yeppers, I'm still vaping. Hope y'all are doing fantastic!
  2. Cherry is a tough one to get right, the only time it's worked for me is with double dark chocolate in a cordial type mix. the trick is letting it steep a really long time in really small amounts. I use 0.5ml to every 20 ml's of juice and add to it a drop at a time until it's just noticeable then after the steep period it pops out without the medicine taste. I hope that helps a little.
  3. Congratulations! What a great way to start the new year!
  4. Just picked up some odds and ends from the VT store. RATZ....Didn't know about the sale ...darn it ....or I would have hit it before everything was gone :( Oh well, I got some stuff to vape it forward there's still some thing's I'd like but gotta behave this time of year.
  5. @Tam thanks so much. Life's great on the farm , lots of homegrown veggies, eggs and milk. It's a lot of work but my daughter and I are loving every minute of it.
  6. Thanks all! I've missed being online. It's great to be back
  7. Just checking in It's been quite a spell since I stopped by. . Things are progressing nicely here on the new homestead and with fall finally getting into high gear I have some time to say hi. I've reached my year and a half analog free mark and it's wonderful. its nice to see all the familiar faces are still here. I'm looking forward to the down time to spend time on the fantastic VT Forum.
  8. Did you ever figure the recipe out. It sounds good Please share
  9. Nice Review. The side fire button seems a bit misplaced but I'm guessing muscle memory would take over after you've used it for awhile. Thanks Earthling
  10. @Earthling789 sounds like quite the project . Have fun. I'm repurposing 2 sheds into a chicken coop/goat area and another huge shed into a bunkhouse type quarters for visitor overflow. It's quite a undertaking but fun.
  11. I haven't bought anything in quite awhile (juice wise) and I've been using wizard labs as well. I can't say I'm becoming a vape snob but it's like home cooking it's always better homemade compared to store bought. Truthfully though, I am considering getting a mini fridge for my craft room for my VG and flavors to free up fridge space in the kitchen It's canning season and I have no room in there.
  12. @Walt Sorry you had a rough night. Think about it this way most major GOOD rock bands go through many member changes and then hit their stride ....Maybe a platinum record is in your future... Greg Allman passed this weekend (RIP) but think about how many times the Allman Brothers had member changes after Duane was killed in the wreck. Southern Rock endured and so will you!
  13. I lean towards terrified lol
  14. @Christopher Thank you kind Sir! You're a gentleman and scholar and completely Awesome !!!!
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