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  1. Recipe help

    Did you ever figure the recipe out. It sounds good Please share
  2. Kangertech Juppi Review

    Nice Review. The side fire button seems a bit misplaced but I'm guessing muscle memory would take over after you've used it for awhile. Thanks Earthling
  3. Slowly expanding

    @Earthling789 sounds like quite the project . Have fun. I'm repurposing 2 sheds into a chicken coop/goat area and another huge shed into a bunkhouse type quarters for visitor overflow. It's quite a undertaking but fun.
  4. Slowly expanding

    I haven't bought anything in quite awhile (juice wise) and I've been using wizard labs as well. I can't say I'm becoming a vape snob but it's like home cooking it's always better homemade compared to store bought. Truthfully though, I am considering getting a mini fridge for my craft room for my VG and flavors to free up fridge space in the kitchen It's canning season and I have no room in there.
  5. Maybe the SMOK baby beast RBA deck if there is such a thing. I now have found myself with two baby beasts and I hate not having a rebuildable backup deck Thanks!
  6. @Walt Sorry you had a rough night. Think about it this way most major GOOD rock bands go through many member changes and then hit their stride ....Maybe a platinum record is in your future... Greg Allman passed this weekend (RIP) but think about how many times the Allman Brothers had member changes after Duane was killed in the wreck. Southern Rock endured and so will you!
  7. Image of Vaping

    He's adorable @Tam
  8. Image of Vaping

    I lean towards terrified lol
  9. @Christopher Thank you kind Sir! You're a gentleman and scholar and completely Awesome !!!!
  10. Thanks so much @VapeMama and @gadget ! That graphic you did is awesome I hope you don't mind I saved it .
  11. LOL @Walt I'm the one who told you about home science tools and I have enough beakers and such to open my own lab I just never splurged on a magnetic stirrer.
  12. @Walt Thanks I just ordered the magnetic stirrer, I wanted one for awhile and I used the excuse that my daughter will need it for her chem lab next fall but I need to fully test it first LOL
  13. @Walt and @Earthling789 Thanks to both of you Now to go shopping There's a 10% coupon on it too...so I saved 15% using my amazon card ....YAY
  14. @Tam and @cany and everyone else.... thank you so much!

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