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  1. Cleito problems?

    Might I suggest a month to lung tank or choke off the air flow so it resembles the draw of a cig. 70 vg 30 pg is better for that tank. Let's get off the cigar for 3 months then worry about clouds. Welcome to a healthy rest of your life
  2. The Pico mini or dule with a cleito us hard to beat when traveling
  3. Diy box mod cost?

    Here is my first squonk box. cost was around $25. Big daddy vapes were good quick ship.
  4. Charging vape 88 mod vapour pen

    Search vape88 mod and all will be shone.
  5. Filtered drip tip

    Larry what ever floats your boat. As long as your off the cigs. Look up California health department. Forged vape shop air quality teat. They found nothing in the air.
  6. Diy box mod cost?

    Here is my first attempt. I want to get a safetyfit. I have only found them in the U.K.
  7. *Share Your Coil Builds*

    My first attempts at a staggered fused Clapton
  8. [emoji52]

    Carly welcome When started there were not the great starter kits. So I did not completely switch till I got a vamo6 (20 watts)and a protank 3. Then there was enough of a throat hit to feel like the little cigars I was smoking. For the first 6 months I vaped indoors and smoked outside. If you need a stinky stick as long as vaping is what you do. Keep busy. Deep breathing helps. When your feeling weak go to your local vape shop and hang out till it passes. 3 1/2 years tobacco free. Smoked for 35 years. Good luck we are here.
  9. Recipe help

    Just FYI cherry concentrates are tough to work with. Good luck
  10. Wow 100% nic. Do not open it unless you the correct filter mask,chemical gloves and full protective clothing. The fumes from a bottle will kill you. If you have opened it and you were not hurt. It may not be what it claims. In any case give it to a college lab or someone that can Handel it properly and have them cut it to a lower strength. Give to to the police or a hospital. Do not **** with it.
  11. Replacement coils

    Go to www.vapecrawler.com and put what your looking for in the search box and it will search the web for that item and give prices. [emoji7] love it
  12. Baby beast burning coils???

    Might I suggest you brake the coil in on a regulated device. Start low and build the wattage up then put on your stick.
  13. DIY Juice Help Needed Please

    http://e-liquid-recipes.com/ is a great site and it stores everything in the cloud a good forum too Sent from my iPhone using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  14. How to build a easy and inexpensive display stand

    I made something similar and I used dollar tree foam board for $1 each. Add a few more braces and it is as good as wood for the load. Oh and a few sticks of hot glue Sent from my iPhone using The Vapor Talk mobile app

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