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  1. Cloud size effects

    As I am studying the best way to use CBD oil. I have been told that just squirting it under your toung and hold it for 10 seconds works best.
  2. Wife got sick from njoy vape

    Sorry to hear that. Fx is correct. The pods use a different type of nic and being allergic to PG is a possibility.. Trying an open style vape with tobacco nic the next step is a high VG juice. I hope that helps.
  3. vaping

    No putting honey in you pen will just make a mess. E liquid is made from concentrates mixed with PG and VG. Sounds like you have an interest in making your own juice. The is tons of info on making e liquid on the web. I have been mixing for over 2 years now. We are here to help
  4. This is insane

    Did you discuss what went wrong? To low a build or stitch or wrong type of battery? Be safe
  5. how to tell if a juice has gone bad?

    Hello Paul. 2 years is pushing it. Was it stored in a dark cool place? Try a drop on the finger and try it. If it tastes ok the nic level will have degrade a bit. Lastly juice is more them half the price of juice 2 years ago. Get a few 30 ml and use the old stuff later. Still cheaper then smoking. Welcome back.
  6. Max Puffs Reached

    3 things to do. 1 ,read the manual. 2, Google the problem 3,look for a totoral on you tube. Good luck.
  7. What have you mixed today?

    Mixed mango,papay and passion fruit with some baverian cream just .05% of whipped cream and super sweet. I need to play with the persentages a little.
  8. How Long Should I Vape?

    Oh and making juice and coils is not hard at all.
  9. How Long Should I Vape?

    I have no plans to stop vapeing. I will cross the 4year mark in May. I started at 32 mg then quickly to 18mg now I am at 3mg because I like the throut hit. The way the world See's vaping we all need to know how to take care of our own. I make my coils juice and mods. I still like to get new gear too. If it all stop's I will be covered. To quit vaping it will have to come like smoking. When your tired if it you stop. I wish all good luck in your vaping adventure.
  10. Smok Alien 220w Kit help!

    I have been making drip tips for that very reason. The stock tips get to hot. Her is one of my tips.
  11. Best tasting tobacco e liquids

    One that I like is by infamous e liquid. Here's the link. https://www.infamousjuice.com/search?q=Tobacco
  12. Wismec predator 228?

    Just baby it. Mine lasted 6 months of hard use. It did not help that I dropped it off a counter and snapped the top screws off. Finally it died. I hope you got a good one.
  13. Gday from Perth Western Australia

    Welcome Paulwjjeep to the world of Vaping. When you have a question just ask it. No shaming here.
  14. My itaste 134 doesn't work.

    Did a search and found this. http://vapingunderground.com/threads/itaste-134-8-blink-redlight.39016/
  15. My itaste 134 doesn't work.

    Sure it can but is it worth it? You might call the company they could help and search the problem on the web Good luck

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