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  1. nicotine and vape devices

    I agree with Walt. When ce4 was all we had a 30 ml bottle would last a few weeks. A small amount of juice needed a lot of nic to satisfy. Now I go through a 30 in a day and a half. So before you less volume and more nic now there is 10 times the volume so less nic is needed because more juice is being vaporized. I bet it works out to the same. I vape 2 to 5 % nic depending in what I mix. Welcome back MIke
  2. What have you mixed today?

    I ordered golden sponge cake (ooo) and gave it a try. 3% sponge cake 3% Bavarian cream (FW) 2% toasted marshmallow (TFA)2% French vanilla deluxe (TFA) Not bad as a shake& vape. I hope the cake come out front more with a weeks steep. I might add another.5% of it does not.
  3. Staining in your mouth??

    Sounds like your getting burnt juice. It is black and nasty. I️ never used a ce4 for more then a week of steady use. Time for an upgrade. Black Friday is coming.
  4. Pins and needles wakes me in the night

    I️ have the same issue. It is called neuropathy it is nerve problem. It can be treated with medication. Go to the doctor check for Diabties. Don't think Vaping has any thing to do with it. Go and get better.
  5. Getting weird side effects from new juice

  6. Getting weird side effects from new juice

    If the new brand is the only one causing side effects of course don't vape it. Lol. To save it you might try mixing a similar juice together. The only way to know for sure is to mix your own juice. DIY one shots are great. Add pg/vg and nic if you want. Check ooo.com One on one diy site. To much to choose from.
  7. Adding nic to ejuice at store?

    It will be a bit harsher shouldn't be a problem. See something say something.
  8. Giving vaping another chance.

    Ccvapor go for it. All the negative study’s you read you need to read the condition the study was done. 99% are propaganda. The vape industry is under attack by the people that make money because of smoking. If your not dieing they don’t get paid. Vaping is a god send and I am sure it has added a bunch of years to my end date. The cleito 120 is a great tank. I would have thought 3% nic would be enough. Great that it’s working. I will celebrate 4 years next month. You have al you need. If you get the craving go to you local vape shop or jump on line to the ton of podcast and forums. Welcome. Were here if you need us.
  9. Too harsh

    One last thing. Let steep for at least a week. Creams are funny that way. I mix a lot so the new mixes go to the back of the shelf and move the older ones up. That way I get 3 to 4 week steep. Steeping is mixers hell. Lol
  10. Help

    Does it do this with all tanks?if it only does it with the tfv8 the problem is the tank.
  11. No added sweeteners please

    Only in my DIY mixing. Sorry. Everyone should know at least how to mix a one shot or as I do. Mix my own with the thousands of recipes on ELR. If I hear of any I will Post.
  12. On YouTube rip tripper has a video on fixing that problem. He opens up the cotton to allow more juice through. Go and watch
  13. Vape no Vapor

    Rogue here is the link to the updates. Contact wismec directly too. http://www.wismec.com/software/wismec-tc-software-for-upgrading-reuleaux-rx23/
  14. Vape no Vapor

    Hello Rogue and welcome. I am using my 2/3 reading about your issue. When you fire the mod your puff timer is counting up and showing the amp out put? The video Walt referenced I did to fix mine but it read no atomizer on the screen. My suggestion is to flash the fermwere again. There may be an update too. Keep us informed.
  15. General Vaping Discussion

    The fact the big pharmaceutical,the fda and tobacco companies are going to destroy the vape industry.unless they are stoped. Should answer your question.

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