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  1. Welcome Jim Ask away we are to help you vape safely. Can you build coils and understand ohm's law?? For big clouds this were to start.
  2. I would be willing to bet you have a juice with sugar in it instead of sweeter witch will kill coils in a day. If it is super sweet it is a good bet.ask when you by your next juice. Are you priming your new coil,adding a few drops on each coil then letting it soak for a minute? Do you brake in your coil? Starting at a lower wattage and working up to the perfired wattage. If we can be of help please ask. I have 2 juice co.to recommend. Higgycigs.com and tmaxx.com.great people to deal with.
  3. How old is the battery? I have the same issue on a few of my mods because the battery can no longer put out the amps. Get a new or known good battery and give it a try. I get about a year and a half out of my battery's.
  4. Welcome John. I to know nothing about mesh except that dry hits are killer. Look for the tank on you tube and watch videos on how it works.
  5. Do not vape e liquids with sugar in it. The only way is to diy your juice to be sure. Most vape shop juices are loaded with sugar. Hope it helps..
  6. Only if vaping devices are included in the products under the tariff. We will need to see.when a tarff is imposed it does not include everything a country makes.
  7. Hey Kerk. What type of atomizer are you using? If you're making the coils build a bit higher. Do the batteries act the same with different atomizers? Do the batteries drain as quickly in a different mod? If the drain is slower with a different tank or in a different mod it is the hardware if not batteries.
  8. leadpipe58


    Hi Nicki Please feel free to ask anything you like.there is no dumb question if you don't know the answer. Welcome
  9. What is the ratio of 100 ml nic to 6% nic salt? How much 100 ml nic to equal 6% nic salt? Thanks I do not want to buy nic salt for pod juice.
  10. Jack you can use steam engine to make Clapton coils. Click wire wizzard then Clapton in the drop down. It caulates 1 coil you must devide the ohm reading with the number of coils.
  11. The count for the flavor survey is 70000 witch is kind of sad when there's about 10 million vapors in the US. At least we got over the 30000 mark to be considered a valid survey and must be read by the FDA. Thank you for filling it out. Don't forget to right a e letter about your thoughts on flavoring and how it works to help you stay off the cigs. Thanks again.
  12. Agreed.straight sugar or corn syrup is not for vaping.ecigexpress.com and bell city flavors is a good choice. Sign up for all there news letters and get the best deals.
  13. What are you using to charge it?a power brick or computer? Try a different brick ,cord and a different outlet. Google the problem and check the manufacturer web site for troubleshooting tips. Check you tube for the problem to I bet you aren't the only one with this issue. Let us know what you find.
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