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  1. Getting the best out of you’re mod

    Try Vaping at a higher wattage. I like my alien at 90 to 110. I don't know what the coil is rated for , you might try a dripper. You can get premade coils will make all the difference. You can get clone or any of the Rda's that came out this are great. Dripping is the way to go. On a regulated device you can't get in trouble. Were here for questions.
  2. Spending money...

    I have a goon and an anarchist. My latest favorite is the dead rabbit. Great in either mode. Eciggy has it for $22. Happy birthday hope it's a great one.
  3. Diy supplies

    Flavor art is in Italy for flavors. There is nic river you are going to ask vendors if they ship there. Good luck. Sign up for there newsletter to get discounts.
  4. Dead rabbit squonk pin

    I purchased a dead rabbit from eciggy and installed the squonk pin and was getting dry hits. Looked at the pin and the hole was never drilled. Contacted hellvape and eciggy. Eciggy responded with in a few hours and will get another pin out right away. Top shelf Coustomer service. Well done. I will update when the pin arrives.
  5. Mooch is now doing videos!!!

    Bummer Walt. Mooch is the battery god. Making and putting out content cost $$$.
  6. Best tasting tobacco e liquids

    The great thing about e liquid is there are thousands to try I agree with everyone just try a variety of flavors . You don't know what you will like. There are great juices at all prices. Online retailers are tough cause you can't taste it. There are great juices there too. Try it all welcome to the forum.
  7. Mixing batteries in rx200

    I have been playing with these batteries for a long time. I fly RC planes. In a regulated device the reason for marrying you batteries is a battery will only have so many charge cycles and the theory is to keep the batteries together You will get the most life out of them. They will all were out evenly. In a regulated device it will only run as well as the weakest battery (like a chain, only as good as the weakest link). Witch is why you should not mix battery's. Not because it might blow up but that it will only perform as well as the weakest battery. So marry them to get the most out of them.
  8. Issue

    You my be sensitive to PG or VG. Try high PG juice if it helps.
  9. Vape

    Hello cedd. There's a pa Dutch saying "how Long is a string?" The answer is I don't know. When the bottle is empty count the days x packs a day. As far as nic. To figure it out go to ELR and use there calculator.
  10. Happy Trails

    Congrats and just fill the box with resin if someone wants a smoke. Sorry.
  11. Thank you all! I made it One Year!

    Congrats Walt. Now the building and learning goes on. I hope to get a lot of box mods built this year. The more off the beaten path the better.

    Hello Kondova The first thing I see. Is that a high VG juice? 80/20 mix is for dripping not for tanks get a 70/30 mix. The way I learned about my alien was to watch you tube videos.
  13. Issue

    Does this happen with all juice you have used? What equipment are you using? I am sure we can help.
  14. Dripping an RDA with squonk pin installed

    The only issue you will have is if you over drip because the juice will run down the pin and into your 510. Most mod are designed to allow for this. Should not be a problem. Don't over drip.
  15. Bad Coils

    Odd that all the coils in a box are short lived. Do you prime your coils?some coils need to broken in at a lower wattage. The juice your using, did it Work before you started using these coils? Juice is a coil killer if it has sugar in it.

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