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  1. I have had that issue a couple times also. I suspect the juice in my case, but as I say, I just 'suspect'. Buying only U.S. made seemed to eliminate it, BUT may have just been coincidence. ......... Unfortunately I hit the vape more than I did analogs, but then I don't vape clouds of steam that look like smoke screens either.
  2. Added note.......not only did they want a pic of my DL, they also wanted a selfie of me 'holding' my DL.
  3. Thanks Tam, yes, probably 'grandfathered in' elsewhere. ..... Last order was from ECBlend as an 'old custiomer', didn't have to go through all this.
  4. I only order stuff about 4 times a year, but my last order was placed (for the first time) with 'Central Vapors'. ....... I have never had to go through what THEY are requiring to prove date of birth, including a pic of my drivers license. ....... Are they all doing this now, or is it just these guys? If it is just them, I will order elsewhere.
  5. Probably batts, just hard to believe that the whole batch was bad........900 mah acting like 400 mah, in less than a month. They are so bad that it takes 5 of them to vape for 2 hours. LOL Thankfully I've pulled some of my throwaways out of retirement. They are working better than the new ones. Hanging on until the next order (different vendor) arrive.
  6. Can bad new coils drain your batteries? Got some new batts and they sure run down real fast, even with new coils. Been using same size batts for a few years, so pretty used to how much life I should get......but the coils could be the problem too, as they are not hitting that great on my USB pass-through either. It's like the software, and the hardware, pointing fingers at each other saying 'he did it'.
  7. I have an array of unorganized 3.7 batts. If possible, I would like to sort out the weak ones. I don't have a digital multi meter. I do have an analog multi meter, is there a way to check them with it? If so, what setting should I use, and what reading am I looking for? It, like all basic ones, only has a 1.5v and 9v setting on the dial.
  8. Thanks for the input, but you have all 'out teched' me. As far as 'ohms' and 'wattage', I'm still a newb. I settled on 1.8 coils with 3.7v batts quite a while ago. As I said, I like this juice ...... are there any simple changes a simple guy should make to accommodate it? I just use a Kangor T3D tank. That and the standard batts have been good enough for me.
  9. Ordered some juice from Mt. Baker. They post a 'darkness' rating on their juice, but I didn't pay attention to it. Like the juice, but it is really dark, and is destroying coils. Usually I get a week, with this stuff I only get about 3 days. Lesson learned.
  10. Just visited 'Five Pawns' via the link posted in this thread. I would guess that their juice is out of this world. It has to be at $27.50 for 30ml. I have to assume at that price it will fill my tank by itself and sing to me while I vape. Yikes. Went to 'Naturals e-liquids', but I guess you must have to pull hen's teeth to find pricing. If I can't find prices within a minute, I'm outathere. Guess I'll stick with Mt. Baker and EC Blends.
  11. Is it just me, or do 'cleaned coils' always lack the fire power they originally had? I soak them twice in water, let them dry, then let them soak in rubbing alcohol, then let them dry. So they are pretty clean, but using them always gives a pull similar to having a low battery (as compared to a new coil). Also wonder if using them draws more power from my bats, as I find my self lengthening my pull trying to make up for the weak vapor. Thoughts?
  12. Guess I'm out of luck. Provider says can't even get 6mb where I'm at.
  13. So, to use such a device, what speed service would you need? I also wonder, as of today, what taxes you are going to start paying, thanks to the FCC.
  14. Not bad ........ my basic 'Dish' is now over $90 a month (with 3 receivers)
  15. I'm not much of a techy. That said, TV access is getting expensive enough to make me have second thoughts about even having it. Just curious if anyone is utilizing any other options that may now be available, via other technology, for cable access.
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