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  1. Yes they are great I have one. I use it as a cigarette replacement with the MTL coil. I don't really care about flavors or vapor etc but I have really only found one that I'd say would be smooth, good throat hit. Brand is called Mystic. I am living in Thailand so not sure if what is available here is available in the states. I think a lot of our stuff comes from Malaysia actually. I set wattage about 12w really good. it's a Cola flavor. Have tried other flavors the same brand and at least 5 other entirely different brands but they all seem rough on the throat to me. One I am using now (regula
  2. Just wondering if anyone out there using a Nord. Using 0.8 ohm coils with nic salt. Just wondering where others have their wattage set? My sweet spot seems to be 14 watts but other times 10 or even 12 watts seems to make the flavor better. I never let the pod run dry but it seems to be better when it is close to full and I find it is better if when not in use if I lay it down, rather than stand it up. Maybe the coil not getting enough juice? Any advice or experience from other Nord users appreciated
  3. Quit the cigarettes about 4 months ago and started using a pod / nic salt vape. Never looked back and never had another cigarette. Forgot how good it was to breathe! After about 2 - 3 months I started getting a bit congested again, similar to when I was smoking, in fact I find I have to use a decongestant to get stuff up off my lungs. Am I doing something wrong? I have a Nord 2, 0.8 ohm coil which I set between 10-14 watts. Use a cola nic salt 40 mg. It seems like to me I maybe inhaling raw juice and it is building up in my lungs. I am not sure of that just guessing. Is it better to
  4. Hi, was a long time reasonably heavy smoker and took up vaping around 6 months ago. I had used conventional nicotine vapes before but never found they satisfied. Then I bought a Smok Nord 2 pod with 35mg nic salt and it was perfect. At first I couldn't believe it. My first pull on the pod vape was the minute I gave up cigarettes and haven't had one since. First 2 months my breathing was so clear. Slept better than I had for years. Felt better, absolutely amazing. But last few months I seem to be getting a lot of congestion in my lungs which is very hard to cough up and can make breat
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