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  1. Yeah, buddy ...... legalize reefer, criminalize tobacco. You just cant make this stuff up
  2. Yep, then it'll become just like cannabis. ....... DIY home extraction, and another target for the DEA.
  3. Used, or tried to, the same rationale when talking to a couple people I know. Tried to talk them into at least trying vaping to get rid of all their coughing and hacking. Might as well have been talking to a sack of hammers. Some wise man once said ...... "you just cant fix stupid".
  4. It just makes sense that the problem stems from something recently added to vape juice, specifically vape containing THC. From things I've read about cannabis oil, the cannabinoid oils don't easily homogenize with either VG or PG. Um...... Vit E acetate?
  5. Bebop, you're probably right ..... the banning has nothing to do with the illnesses, BUT, the illness situation is the driving force behind this round of vape demagoguery. The general public is so under informed about vaping that anything negative about vaping is ammunition. And someone dieing while associated with vaping is a huge piece of ammunition that can and is being used to fuel the ignorant anti-vapers. It's just wrong!!! My feeling is the tobacco and pharma lobbyists are really enjoying this round of hysteria. According to my newspaper this morning, Michigan and New York have alread
  6. Nice article, but my thoughts are it is a bit light on pointing fingers at what's/who's driving the vape persecution. I smoked 50 years, was introduced to vape and vaped 4+ years till I quit everything about 2 years ago. Even though I'm no longer an active participant in the vape community, this vilification of vapers/ing still has me pretty pissed. I understand the anguish and hurt around the sickness and deaths, but a knee jerk reaction to ban everything is just plain wrong. From everything I've read or heard, the culprit seems to be a new ingredient to the vape scene, a type of vitamin
  7. To begin with, any "study" coming out of California, I automatically look at as suspect. When it comes to whether vape or smoke cigarettes, I much prefer my chances vaping over cigarettes. And ..... it may seem a bit morbid to think about, but I would choose to have "my lights go out" with a heart attack than spend my last days in agony with lung cancer from smokes. Now, with that said I'm not in favor of rushing either outcome. That's why after 50 years of smoking cigarettes, after a friend offered me his vape rig to try, I went out and bought myself a setup. The day I started vaping I p
  8. Well, looks like today's the day. April 18, 2913 a friend loaned me one of his rigs to try. 4 hours later at the agreed on meeting spot I gave it back to him. The next day I went out and bought myself a double set ...... 650 batteries and CE4 tanks. That day I wrote the date on the pack I had just opened, dropped it in the console and after 50+ years of cigarettes, I started vaping. Haven't looked back. Within the first 6 months i started diy'ing my own juice. Eventually i worked myself to 0 nic. Been there for over a year, now. Almost got sucked into the "bigger 'n better'n shiny stu
  9. I'm not holding my breath.......... http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_CONGRESS_VAPING?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT
  10. Yup, as long s you don't vape/smoke you're free to put as much crap in your, body as you can hold. I'd bet real money the same people sit around sucking down diet sodas loaded with aspartame.
  11. Amazing how the folks interviewed continue to piss all over vaping while at the same time saying they really don't know enough, but it's still bad cause they think it is. Wonder just how difficult it is walking around with their heads stuck up where the sun don't shine.
  12. Yep, what she said ...... and him ....... and what he said ....... dangerous idea. Methinks the screen name and original question are in direct conflict.
  13. My suggestion would be for you to find a vape store that gives a rats-*** about you and understands the value of customer service for building repeat customers. Evidently the sales guy just wanted to sell you something with no regard for your lack of experience. E-cigarette aren't rocket science, but there is a small learning curve. The above also is directly related to your desire, or lack of, to give up cigarettes. If your goal is to drop cigarettes, then start with an inexpensive entry level rig, learn what's going on and proceed from there. Don't allow yourself to be talked int
  14. Trying to mimic the flavor that got me off cigs 3 yrs ago ....... Johnson creek's autumn crisp. Seems to be a green apple/carmel. sent from my fancy doo dad
  15. Looking for some opinions......... Who has best apple flavor, either red or green, TFA, CAP, LA? Best carmel? sent from my fancy doo dad
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