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  1. In the news

    I'm not holding my breath.......... http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_CONGRESS_VAPING?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT
  2. NPR disappoints me with this article

    Yup, as long s you don't vape/smoke you're free to put as much crap in your, body as you can hold. I'd bet real money the same people sit around sucking down diet sodas loaded with aspartame.
  3. NPR disappoints me with this article

    Amazing how the folks interviewed continue to piss all over vaping while at the same time saying they really don't know enough, but it's still bad cause they think it is. Wonder just how difficult it is walking around with their heads stuck up where the sun don't shine.
  4. Colored Vape

    Yep, what she said ...... and him ....... and what he said ....... dangerous idea. Methinks the screen name and original question are in direct conflict.
  5. My suggestion would be for you to find a vape store that gives a rats-*** about you and understands the value of customer service for building repeat customers. Evidently the sales guy just wanted to sell you something with no regard for your lack of experience. E-cigarette aren't rocket science, but there is a small learning curve. The above also is directly related to your desire, or lack of, to give up cigarettes. If your goal is to drop cigarettes, then start with an inexpensive entry level rig, learn what's going on and proceed from there. Don't allow yourself to be talked into getting the latest 'n greatest cloud chaser equipment. You've already discovered how expensive and discouraging that experience can be. There are some of us in the vaping community who are still using pretty basic equipment ..... and are quite satisfied. Many vape shops just want your money and send you on your way. Finding the right vape store can be tough, sometimes.
  6. DIY

    Trying to mimic the flavor that got me off cigs 3 yrs ago ....... Johnson creek's autumn crisp. Seems to be a green apple/carmel. sent from my fancy doo dad
  7. DIY

    Looking for some opinions......... Who has best apple flavor, either red or green, TFA, CAP, LA? Best carmel? sent from my fancy doo dad
  8. DIY

    Seems we're both pretty much in the same situation. Abused my taste buds for 50 yrs. as well. Guess it's payback time. As long as my mixes don't taste like soap, I consider it a success. sent from my fancy doo dad
  9. DIY

    Backwards=flavor getting worse instead of better. Don't care for the hit/harshness of very much pg. Maybe 10% so it won't be too thick. Trying to compensate for the lower pg with more flavor doesn't seem to be working. Or ..... my taste buds are just plain shot. Been almost 3 years now, and I have yet to land on a flavor to get excited about. sent from my fancy doo dad
  10. DIY

    Question for you DIY guys n gals. Is there a point in the mix percentages where the flavor starts going backwards. sent from my fancy doo dad
  11. Sorry Tam, but drilling a hole in a tuit lets all the good juju leak out. Sent from my SM-G900V using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  12. FDA new PMTA FAQ's

    Well, so much for being the "information age". The U.S has become a nation of sheeple. I've just about given up trying to steer someone away from the dark side. I get looks like I'm trying to sell snake oil, or get excuses- "I've heard it can cause pneumonia", "ecig are just as bad as cigarettes", "I'm afraid it might blow up". Ya just can't fix stupid. The U.S and Europe are going in opposite directions with vaping. Just doesn't make any sense. Sent from my SM-G900V using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  13. Hmmm, timely question. I've been thinking about my drip tip(s) lately. Not so much as to the preferred shape, but where my DT goes during the day. It goes in my pocket, both pants and shirt, on the car seat, on the dash (and on the floor), on table/counter tops of eateries where they're sometimes "inspected" by someone interested, and occasionally on the ground......and in my mouth. Which got me thinking about making a special one just for me with .999 silver. Pure silver has some amazing antibacterial properties, so, since I have the equipment, know-how, and the "want to" I'ma thinking I'm going to make myself a one of a kind DT. Right after I decide on a shape......and source some proper O rings .........and find a few of those "round tuit's" Haven't caught anything from my DT that I know of (yet), but ......... Could be an interesting project.
  14. Something I have noticed....

    A little bit of advice. When looking for VG, try to make sure it is kosher. Don't know what makes the difference, but any non-kosher VG I used from health food stores made the juices taste pretty bad.
  15. I just don't see the govt. trying to totally "kill" vaping. Vaping is too big and there's just too much money being passed around for govt. to ignore. Regulate the crap out of vaping, yeah. And, get their pound of flesh, Oh, Hell yeah. But "kill" vaping, I don't think so. Not only would the vaping community jump up and down yelling and screaming, and become a bunch of bootleggers, and "criminals" in the eyes of govt., but China has a pretty big stake in what's going on. (That's not to say BT and BP wouldn't like to see vaping disappear) If some of the articles I've read about vaping are correct, vaping is much bigger than just ex-smokers and active smokers, so I'm sure the money guys in govt. have run the numbers and what they have come up with is the Big Dollars they are, and would be missing out on were vaping to go away. I see the vaping issue is just about the money...... the anti-smoker zealots, you'll never make them happy. I think that making vaping go away would be a totally asinine move. Yeah, I know, we're talking about the govt., and asinine moves are pretty common, but still, killing a money cow just doesn't make sense, and I'm pretty sure they know it, too. I really don't think the govt. gives a rat's *** what we vapers do as long as we pay to play. I do see vaping being more expensive in the future. I do see panic buying and shortages till everything settles down. The govt. bastards just want what seems to be a pretty big (and undeserved) piece of what's going on. I feel they're overstepping their authority, but what's new in this unconstitutional govt. we've seen these past few years? (Hopefully that'll change in the near future, but that's a topic for another time and place). I'm not saying I'm happy in the least little bit with what's going on, but tossing a few cents per ml tax on a bottle of juice to feed the govt. bears, I can live with. I haven't seen any hard numbers tossed around about the sin tax on juices, so I'm probably in for a big surprise I won't be too happy about. I've heard taxes are kinda like plucking live chickens: See how many feathers you can grab at one time before the chicken starts screaming too bad. That's the govt. way. Like someone once said, "that's my opinion, I could be wrong".

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